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OLIVER BOOK, MUSTC AND LYRICS by LIONEL BART (Based on charles Dickens! “oliver Twist") Book @ 1977 by Oliver Promotions Limited ALL rights eserved. & Lyrics ~@ 1960 Lakeview Mente Co” Ltd., London England, fs Yuste, The., New Tork controls all publicaton rights for he U.S.A, and Canada, International copyright secured. AIL rights ress: ‘a0-Be Property of: Tams-Witnark Music Library, Ine. 560 Lexingron Avenue New York, New York 10022 (212) 688-2525 CAST OF CHARACTERS (1) outvER TWIST (Bruce Prochnik) (A workhouse boy abou! 13 years of age) (2) MR, sumBLe ~ THE BEADLE (& large pompous man (Witloughby Goddaré) of 55) (2) wrnow conNEY (Hope Jackson) (A sharp-tongued, domineering widow of the Workhouse Mistress (4) Noatt cuaYpoLE (Terry Lomax) (the Undertaker's pinply apprentice) (5) MR. SOWEREERRY (Fred Wariner) (The Undertaker) (6) MRS. SOWERBERRY (Helena Carroll) (iis overseer) (7) cmaRLorm (cherry Davis) (rheir stuttish young daughter) (8) THE ARTFUL poDGER (ragin's brightest pup (ichael Goodman) an undersized 18) (9) FAGIN (clive Revill) (an elderly receiver - runs training acadeny young pickpockets) (10) waxy (Georgia Brown) (23 years old - a graduate of Fagin's academy, and Bill's de (11) CHARLES BATES, and other boys in Fagin‘'s establishme (22) BED (Alice Playten) (a 13-year-old lass ir Fagin's establishment idolizes Nancy) (13) OLD SALLY (Ruth Maynard) (® Pauper) (14) onp Lapy (15) BIEL SYKES (Danny Sewell) (A villain in his prim (16) MRS. BEDWIN (Dorothea Duckworth) (The Brownlows" Housekeeper) Principal vocal rarts CAST OF CHARACTERS MR. BROWNLOW (Geoffrey Lamb) (an 01a gentleman of wealth and breeding) DR. GRIMHZG (gonn call) (a doctor) Bor FIRS? WOMAN SECOND WOMAN NIGHT WATCHMAN FIRST BOW STREET RUNNER 2D, 3RD and ATE MAN CHARAN CHORUS OF (Workhouse boys: Norkhouse assistants: Bow Strect Runncrs: Street Vendors * (Criers) and crowd, etc.) Principal vocal parts