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JOB TITLE: LOCATION: Customer Service Representative Wellington

REPORTS TO: Team Leader Customer Service Centre

JOB PURPOSE: To respond to and act upon customer enquiries by providing the customer with a quality experience and to add value to the contact by providing excellent quality service, achieving sales and effective problem resolution. RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Service to Customers Provide superior service to customers and other staff and to assess and meet customer needs and wants as appropriate. Taking responsibility for and ensuring their needs are met and their expectations are managed in a friendly professional and competent manner. Follow established Quality procedures at all times. To understand and communicate using the appropriate medium the banks entire product range and services in a clear and professional manner to enhance the customer experience. Communicate and escalate identified faults/system issues as appropriate. 3. Availability To work within designated schedules and priorities ensuring an appropriate balance between customer expectation and other designated duties. To work autonomously within a team, supporting other members (eg with buddying as requested) and contribute to team goals and spirit. Adhere to company policies including health and safety and report any issues to the Team Leader. Contribute to FISH initiatives. Contribute to any user testing of new technology as required. 5. Performance management Comply with performance requirements of the role and willingly embrace coaching from your manager and team leader. Assist others, as needed; to ensure that overall customer service objectives and targets of the bank are achieved.

2. Communication

4. Teamwork

Note: These duties may change from time to time to meet operational or other requirements

COMPETENCIES: Competency and relevant value/s

Core Competency Level

Example Behaviours

Customer Driven
Do Whats Right / Make it Easy
For Core and Specialists this is about understanding and anticipating the needs of internal and external customers and always aiming to go the extra mile to deliver the best experience.

Responds to customers in a professional and knowledgeable manner Knows who their customers are Takes ownership and uses initiative when responding to customers requests or problems, meeting their needs and expectations Serves the customer in a straightforward and caring manner or focuses on how to better support the frontline Looks for faster, smarter or more cost effective ways of working Generates new ideas regarding their job Continuously improves performance in their job Encourages and acknowledges the creative contribution of others

Innovative Solutions
Make it Easy
For Core and Specialists this is about working to understand problems and issues and seeking innovative ways to solve problems and make improvements.

Business Sense
Raise the Bar
For Core and Specialists this is about demonstrating an understanding of Kiwibanks key drivers and financials, in order to help maximise our long term performance.

Understands the business of Kiwibank and their role in ensuring its success Recommends opportunities to make Kiwibank a more efficient and competitive organisation Demonstrates basic business sense in making decisions Understands better value and has a low cost approach Manages own safety and wellbeing requirements and immediately escalates issues they cannot resolve themselves Demonstrates a positive and open attitude towards change Has a how can we make this happen? response to viable requests for change Works constructively under pressure Uses appropriate coping strategies to deal with pressures Demonstrates flexibility to changing work requirements Builds and maintains cooperative work relationships with others Listens to and values the input and contribution of others Collaborates effectively in meetings and informal interactions Promotes respect for differences in the team and encourages tolerance and openness Takes ownership for resolving conflict Considers when appropriate to involve or inform people from other areas, outside of immediate team Consistently models our values Knows the Kiwibank vision and actively promotes that vision to our customers Displays a positive can do attitude Takes ownership for getting things done Actively seeks out personal opportunities to learn and grow

Raise the Bar
For Core and Specialists this is about being open and responsive to change initiatives and dealing with work-related issues and pressures in a professional and positive way.

One Team
For Core and Specialists this is about effectively working with others towards the achievement of Kiwibanks business goals.

Commitment to Kiwibank
One Team
For Core and Specialists this is about demonstrating a genuine belief in Kiwibank and promoting our values as our point of difference.

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS & EXPERIENCE 1. Banking operations 2. Technical 3. Communications 4. Problem Solving ability Has had previous practical experience in a bank in a customer service role. Working knowledge in a contact or call centre is desirable. PC and Keyboarding skills, i.e. E mail, MS Word, and general Office applications Oral, written, active listening skills Be able to analyse problems and provide valid well thought out solutions.

DECISION MAKING ABILITY Without reference to the Manager To waive fees to the value of $55.00 collectively for a customer relationship Discretion to assess answers to security questions and security passwords

KEY RELATIONSHIPS Internal External Other customer service representatives The banks customers Other banks