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Checklist of necessary items of Umrah

Islam insists on paying off all your debts before travelling to perform Hajj/Umrah. You must also write a Will before leaving as per the Islamic teachings.

The Umrah trip lasts for weeks and it’s necessary to make a checklist for all required items. Following list of essential items can be helpful for making preparations:


Small towel

Light weight umbrella

Pair of Sleepers

Tooth Brush and tooth paste. Mouth wash (if necessary)

Soap and shampoo

Few biscuit packs and dry fruit items.

Tissue packets and tissue rolls

Alarm Clock

Few main medicines including disprin, ponstan, flagyl, strepsils and cough syrups.

Detergent for washing clothes.

Two plastic and disposable glasses and cups.

Pair of socks

Nail Cutter


Small knife

Prayer mat if required.

Extra bags and suitcases(you will need them for extra luggage)

Travel iron

Petroleum jelly and face cream/lotions

Small rod and tea bags.

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Enhance your knowledge about Umrah

There are many rituals and etiquettes each Muslim must learn before performing Umrah. Standard

books are easily available both in soft and hard forms to address the growing concerns of pilgrims.

Reading is one thing to gain knowledge of Umrah but it’s always best to find an experienced person who

can explain other relevant details.

Make sure that you start preparations at least two months prior to your departure. This will enable you

to properly fathom the requirements of Umrah and you can perform it in the most fulfilling manner.

Umrah shouldn’t be all about travelling there, performing the rituals and completing numerous Umrahs.

It should be about performing each act properly and as Islamically as possible. Some people consider it a

race and wish to complete more Umrahs instead of carrying out one with necessary respect for each


Attending short training courses for Umrah can prove to be highly beneficial during the trip. Make sure

that you ask as many questions as possible. The Ulemahs have vast knowledge about each and every

aspect of Umrah and they will attend to your queries individually. They can provide a detailed and

satisfying answer with Islamic references. Take the ‘majlis’ as a rare chance to enhance your awareness.

Some travel agencies also arrange classes/camps for pilgrims. In fact, they can give you thorough

guidance from low cost umrah packages to food, residence, transport etc. Find more information

regarding umrah packages here.

The benefits of Umrah packages

Umrah packages offer great assistance to people who are ardent to visit Khana Kaaba. These plans include variety of features that are really beneficial not only in terms of ease but also in terms of budget. The flight reservations, accommodation assistance and processing paper work for visas aren’t something one can easily handle all by himself. Some of the plans offered by these agents are flexible as you can make changes in them based on custom requirements. Thus you are capable of choosing from a wide range of options instead of sticking to a generic plan. has years of experience in handling the flights, visa documentation and arranging residence abroad. This enables them to deliver services that match near perfection. They take full responsibility of your trip including the transport between Makkah and Madinah. It may also include visiting sites for ‘zayarahs’. Thus you are very clear about the total expenses that will incur during Umrah and you can manage the costs according to the available budget. There are inexpensive Umrah packages available for pilgrims who cannot afford the heavy cost of standard or premium packages. These plans can make it convenient to manage the Umrah expenses.

Essentials of Umrah

There are many essentials of Umrah including Ihram, Tawaf, Saii and Taqsir. Each Muslim who is about to perform Umrah must be fully acquainted with the following terms:

Ihram: Two unstitched sheets of white cloth are used to cover the body. The Ihram resembles the coffin and signifies the detachment of any person from the temporary world.

Tawaf: The seven rounds around the Holy Kaaba are known as Tawaf. In the beginning of every round, pilgrims raise hands towards Hijra-e-aswad. This is known as Istilam. In ancient times, raising hands signified covenants and agreements.

Saii: It is basically seven walking rounds between Safah and Marwah. This ritual reflects the struggle for Islam that must be followed in everyday life.

Taqsir/ Takhliq: At the completion of Umrah, each Muslim man is required to have his head shaved, it’s called Takhliq or Taqsir. The Muslim women are required to cut few strands of hair. This ritual is a symbolism of submissiveness and servitude to Allah. In ancient times, the hair of slaves was shaved to make the slaves easily identifiable.

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Guide towards the selection of Umrah Package

The performance of all obligatory rituals performed during Umrah depends on the physical and

monetary capability of each Muslim. Great stress has been laid upon Hajj as it is one of the pillars of

Islam but Umrah is also recognized as ‘mini hajj’. Those Muslims who cannot afford Hajj expenses can

perform Umrah. It’s affordable and can be done within a day unlike hajj which takes 5 days.

If you are living in UK and planning to perform Umrah, make sure that you give utmost attention

towards the selection of deluxe umrah packages. Each company offers different set of packages which

can be customized according to your needs. See these Umrah packages on for


Key features of Umrah packages:


Flights: (different airlines including Saudi and British airways)

Accommodation in Makkah and Madina: There are a wide range of hotels offered and the charges vary depending on the time period of your stay. Each room is charged differently depending on the number of people.

Transportation: Private full round transfers are offered as a dedicated facility.

Ziyaraats: For Makkah as well as Madina are included.

Support: Few companies also offer regular assistance throughout your stay.