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Baseball : The Masonic Sport?

Dec 19th, 2008 | By Vigilant | Category: Vigilant Reports

Appropriately called “America’s Pastime”, baseball is less a sport than it is a ritual. It is slow paced, the players
are immobile most of the time, standing on geometric shapes. The philosopher Morris Raphael Cohen
described baseball as a national religion.Almost all ancient civilizations had some sort of ritualistic sporting
events that mixed athletic prowess and religious beliefs. The Mayan’s ball game, which resembled somewhat
our basketball. The goal was to get the ball through one of the rings situated about 20 feet above the players
without the use of hands. This game was a solemn experience, filled with ritual importance. Religious leaders
attended, as did most chieftains and other government leaders. Sacred songs were sung and the games
usually finished with a human sacrifice. The ball, the shape of the court and the rings all had important
meanings in Mayan beliefs. Playing ball engaged one in the maintenance of the cosmic order of the universe
and the ritual regeneration of life. It was a game of chance, skill and trickery reflecting life. The team effort
engaged individuals in shared behaviour and culture, introducing, reinforcing and reinventing the game of life
and peoples’ place in the cosmic order.


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Are we that different from the Mayas, the Greeks, the Romans and almost all other civilizations? Well, the
Freemasons, the most prominent society in America, are IMMENSELY inspired by ancient cultures like the
Egyptians, Babylonians and Phoenicians. They study their rituals, their mythology and their forgotten knowledge
of mathematics, geometry and astrology. Is it possible that the Masons devised their own “ritual” game which
celebrates their sacred symbols?

American Freemasonry’s history goes back as far as American History… in some ways they are parallel. ■ How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation
George Washington was the Grand Master of a Lodge, and there were even actions taken to create the rank of About Secret Societies
Grand Master of the whole of the United States for him. According to the Grand Lodge of Texas, “On September ■ Korn’s Thoughtless – Selling Satanism
18, 1783, President George Washington dressed in his Masonic apron, leveled the cornerstone of the United To Suburban Kids
States Capitol with the traditional Masonic ceremony.” If you’ve watched, the documentary “Riddles in
■ Top 5 Most Sinister Corporate Logos
Stone” (available for free on this site), you’ve learned that masonic and occult symbols appear prominently all
over Washington DC. The White House is situated at the tip of a large compass created by Vermont Avenue ■ Pyramid and All-Seeing Eye – Their
and Connecticut Avenue as they lead north. Of course, the emblem of Freemasonry is a compass overlapping Occult Meaning and Use in Corporate
a square (the tool). Masonic geometry and numerology (the sacred numbers) are appear on the streets as it Logos
appears on the field. ■ Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos (pt.2):
Saturn Worship
A Little History
■ Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos (pt. 1)
The invention of baseball is usually credited to Abner Doubleday in 1870. Doubleday was a United States Army ■ Hidden Satanic Messages in Omarion’s
officer and Union general in the American Civil War. After he retired, he became a prominent member of the Icebox Video
Theosophical Society, an organization that researches the esoteric and the occult. There is no doubt that he ■ Beyonce to Sasha Fierce: Symolic Occult
had extensive knowledge of occult symbols, sacred geometry and numerology. Rebirth
■ Rihanna’s Disturbia: A Song about Being
Possessed by Evil
■ Princess Diana’s Death and Memorial:
The Occult Meaning
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The Square and the Compass

While almost all sports are played on rectangular fields or rinks, baseball is played on a peculiar shaped field
which contains figures considered “sacred geometry” in masonic teachings. The field bears an astonishing
resemblance to the Square and Compass of Freemasonry. The field, from home plate to the left and right field
wall forms a compass; the entire outfield wall is the semicircle which this compass draws. Upside-down,
overlapping this compass, the bases form the square. Thus, the baseball field is the emblem of Freemasonry. BROWSE ARCHIVES

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November 2008


KingJ: I have seen a lot of comments about

the Kabaa. Let’s be clear as to what is
contained in the Kabaa, a black stone...
idontbelieveitlikethis: Jonathan Davis
(Vocalist of KoRn) had a troubled life like
being called a faggot (even his nickname
Hollwood is sick.: Nicholas Cage and Kristen
Dunst suck the cocks of the elite.
kimpunkrock: Hollywood of the 21st century
This is what the Masonic Lodge of BC have to say about the compass and the square: is disgusting, I only hope that one day no
more new movies will be made and
The square and compasses are the oldest, the simplest, and the most universal symbols of LALALADebbie: nice…the first time i actually
masonry. All the world over, whether as a sign on a building, or a badge worn by a Brother, even saw the first national treasure movie was this
the profane know them to be emblems of our ancient Craft. Some Years ago, when a business year lol… n the for the...
firm tried to adopt the square and compasses as a trademark, the [USA] Patent Office refused airam: c’mon be serious. r u being 4 real?
permission, on the ground, as the decision said, that “there can be no doubt that this device, so only God knows who does what behind
commonly worn and employed by masons, has an established mystic significance, universally closed doors. r u gonna label her a...
recognized as existing; whether comprehended by all or not, is not material to this issue.” They dogface: A society that keeps itself and its
belong to such, alike by the associations of history and the tongue of common report. motivations secret from the the uninitiated,
that seeks to advance its brothers...


The numerology aspect of baseball is something to look at closely because it relates directly to the sacred
Entries (RSS)
numbers. You will notice that almost all numbers related to baseball are multiples or divisors of 9.
Comments RSS)
3 strikes
3 outs
9 fielding positions
9 innings
■ Vigilant
27 outs per game
81 homes games ■ _Harm One
81 games on the road
In Freemasonry, nine derives its value from its being the product of three multiplied into itself,
and consequently in Masonic language the number nine is always denoted by the
expression three times three. For a similar reason, 27, which is 3 times 9, and 81, which is 9
times 9, are esteemed ax sacred numbers in the advanced Degrees.
-Masonic Dictionnary

Every one is aware of the singular properties of the number nine, which, multiplied by itself or
any other number whatever, gives a result whose final sum is always nine, or always divisible
by nine. Nine multiplied by each of the ordinary numbers, produces an arithmetical
progression, each member whereof, composed of two figures, and presents a remarkable

9 . 18 . 27 . 36 . 45 | 54 . 63 . 72 . 81 . 90

So, 0+9=9, 1+8=9, 2+7=9 and so on. Look at the bar I’ve placed between 45 and 54. Numbers on each side of
this bar form a mirror image. For all those reasons, 9 and its multiplesare considered sacred.

To conclude

Was this game designed to get thousands of people to cheer around a huge masonic square and compass?
Are we tricking the population into a ritual celebrating masonic numerology? All I have to say is :

“Take me out to the ball game,

Take me out with the crowd.
Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack,
I don’t care if I never get back,
Let me root, root, root for the home team,
If they don’t win it’s a shame.
For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out,
At the old ball game.”

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1. weeping oak June 14th, 2009 8:25 pm :

wow, very well researched….

co-incedentialy my wife and i were talking about this yesterday and wondering this exact thing. the
numerology of the strikes and outs, innings, players etc…. the shape of the diamond, and a
pentagon for home plate. It’s good to hear we are not ‘crazy conspriacy theorists’ and that our
claims have some revelancy. It just makes sense it being the ‘American Pastime’ and the fact that
America seems to be built on satanism,freemasonry and occult practices.

2. tony June 30th, 2009 8:40 pm :

Rock Baseball DiamondBatter Up – On Deck – Bull Pen – Dugout – Diamond


On the chart below, the BATTER at home plate is actually the BAITER. The pitch appears to go one
direction, towards the northeast, the direction and position of the cornerstone of sungod worship.
Then it abruptly changes direction, and like BAIT, as the BATTER hits the Ball, the masses get
hooked in the excitement and just like MAGIC… lend their intense focus and energy to the
kabbalistic manipulation of world events, including the manipulation of the natural elements,
including seismic events. There is no way that the coming world devastation could ever come to
fulfillment without the use of mass media and the luciferian kabbalistic rituals we call sports,
religious gatherings, political rallies and elections, and just general entertainment. All this had to be
put in place first, or none of the killing and natural disasters could ever be accomplished on a
worldwide scale, and still be undetected as to who is responsible for them.

The pitcher pitches the ball with it’s world seismic plate stitching from the pitchers mound. This
mound is located at Yellowstone (Holystone), one of the world’s largest seismic super volcanoes.
The volcanic lava spewed forth from this region is gas and ash being formed by the melting rock
and organic matter, called pitch. It was pitch that good old Noah used to seal the cracks in the ARK.
Keep in mind also, according to the myth, that it was Noah and his family, the elect elite of the world
that were saved while the multitudes drowned. This is the message of the story of Noah. The name
NOAH also reveals it’s root meaning. NOAH reversed is HAON or the suggestion of the ION of the
electrically charged atom. The Ion is a beam of light, the Ray of the Egytian sun god Ra, and is the
Serpent ION of SION. The ion is able to self perpetuate and to keep winding endlessly as it snakes
and conjures up the 3 dimensional illusion. This is symbolized in the Caduceus of Hermes, or the
Caduceus of Mercury medical symbol, where we see two snakes intertwining around a pole with
wings that represent the spirit of god. It is this SION serpent, which again is the ZION serpent that is
the Serpent of duality that is the driving force behind all sporting events and the Olympic games.

On the Baseball Diamond (a Baseball Diamond is yet another Rock with a right angle and an arc),
the location of Death Valley is in mid centre field. This is the perfect location where the Sacrifice Fly
is generally directed in the game of Baseball. This location gives all the outfielders or the shortstop
and 2nd baseman an opportunity to put the batter out. The message here is that we, humanity, are
up to bat and we will be expected to be a sacrifice to gain a run, which is eternal life.

3. William F July 11th, 2009 4:18 pm :

Baseball was most certainly a spin the English game “rounders”, was that a Masonic invention as
81 home and away games only started recently, maybe 40-50 years ago, so they had the math
wrong before?
Baseball is a simple game that evolved as it was played to make it more interesting.

I am guess you never played, or never played very well to try to put some idiotic dark spin on the

4. Mike Alpha July 11th, 2009 4:28 pm :


If you look hard enough, you can find symbols in anything. Especially if you twist and pull and use
your imagination.

Baseball is a game that my kids play. It’s a game. Do you understand that at all?

5. CARY G DEAN July 11th, 2009 4:46 pm :

It’s just like all the thing’s these devil ’s do, It’s all hidden in plain site, just like all the main Capital’s
around the World, if you look at them from the Air thay are all built around masonic symbolism,
LONDON, WASHINGTON, MOSCOW, DENVER AIRPORT, Etc, same as the symbol’s they use for
thier Tv company’s And advert’s, if you watch, most of them have the all seeing eye or pyramid’s,
they are a bunch of control freak nutter’s who are doing it right in our face’s, the people have been
so dumbed down they just can’t see it, and sadly never will.
6. Norm harder July 11th, 2009 5:11 pm :

The game itself may very well be patterned after the masonic cult but most people just love the
game for it’s nuances ,excitement and skill level. God certainly will not hold anything against the
masses who do not know or even give a crap about it’s secret meanings. Just play ball and have
fun. To hell with the devil and his masonoic children.

7. Benjamin July 11th, 2009 5:59 pm :

Yes well Football is obviously about the Apocolypse as well, one side representing God and his
angels, and the other representing Satan and his Demons , and the Ball is the human soul….


8. WW July 11th, 2009 6:35 pm :

Nonsense like this tries to make mockery of the all too real conspiratorial deviltries that are going
on, such as the contrived wars without end and the false flag terror attacks that they use to set them
off and rally up the canon fodder,

9. Robert Schueler July 11th, 2009 6:45 pm :

My father was hired by a large manufacturing firm …because he was a really good baseball
pitcher…and a mason…with a company owned by a mason…my grandfather was a mason too…
and how much further down the line??? They all seemed to love baseball.

I thought baseball was boring. And secrets something that gave you heart disease. Still love playing
around with the magic of sacred geometry and ancient cultures and the ultimate game of life …and
how open one’s heart can BE… is a game WE ALL can play whole

thanks, i enjoyed the article…

10. mete July 11th, 2009 7:00 pm :

great article!

i think it’s also interesting the way that they mow the grass, so that it looks like there’s a masonic
checkerboard in the outfield. they do the same thing on golf courses… the mow the grass in a
special way (i have no idea how) so that it forms a checkerboard pattern… those filthy crafty masons

best wishes!

11. JAK July 11th, 2009 7:20 pm :

ALL so called “Sports” are Iluminatti, pure and simple. They are used for mind control and anyone
who thinks otherwise deludes only themselves.

“Games played with the ball are too rough for the body and stamp no character upon the mind”.

Thomas Jefferson

12. oasis July 11th, 2009 9:10 pm :

So why is the World Series a best of SEVEN event?

Why can a batter hit an UNLIMITED number of foul balls instead of being out after hitting three?

Why does a batter have to take FOUR balls outside the strike zone before he gets a walk?

Why can a ball game go to an UNLIMITED number of extra innings?

Why is the curfew for unresolved extra inning games usually at ONE am?

Why is the outer skin of a baseball made of TWO pieces of leather instead of three?

Why does the team at bat only get to have TWO coaches on the field?

Why is the strike zone shaped like a SQUARE and not a diamond?

Why is Home Plate PENTAGONAL rather than diamond shaped or triangular?

Unless you start attributing a secret Masonic meaning to Every Single Number, it is unrealistic to
pigeonhole baseball inside your neat little masonic template.

Two of the most magic things about baseball are its existence outside of ANY specific time
dimension, and the transendental interaction of humans versus the ball which moves so much
faster than we can. These attributes have little, if anything to do with Masonry.

13. highpriestess July 11th, 2009 9:49 pm :

Tin foil hats aside here, the game on the diamond was played out so that the accuser could not
rule over man, but the law would. The accuser stands upon the mound 66 gilgul, or the place of the
skulls the accuser’s dominion is the cycles of birth and rebirth, or if you are counting, 60 feet
6 inches.

I wrote all of this in my kabbalistic keys to baseball in 1989, so most of this stuff is already in my
ms. The accuser stands upon the mound to split you in two. He is trying to rule oveer you by
accusing you. The accusation splits you in two.

To understand this better, Jesus stands before Pilate, and Pilate gives the crow a choice,
Jesus, King of the jews, or Joshua Bar Abbas, Jesus son of the father. It’s the same person,
there is no other person there. What Pilate did is make the crowd choose, thereby giving
himself authority over the death of Jesus. The fact is Pilate split the name in two to create that
duality to use the power of death against Jesus. He accused him and split him in two.

Ok so back to baseball. The accuser is there to split you in two. The baseball represents the
pod, or the power of death, the BAT is beth (container) of et (whole image), the bat represents
the whole of the law. And by the law the accuser is thwarted, so that he can not use the power of
against the batter.

The batter is like Job, he takes a side, when you take a side, you leave a side unprotected. This is
why you must be successful at least one third of the time. So if three times then it is so, this is
why it’s three strikes and you are out. when you take a side, you are unprotected and the accuser
will surely broadside you, this is why the bat protects the side you have forgotten about. With the
breakdown of the law, the accuser finds your weakness and exploits it to make you fear the limit
of death, and make you believe he has power over your life.

The pitcher stands upon the mound to split the batter in two. This was seen as the greatest tyrrany,
in the world, those rulers who used accusation to thin the masses. To justify taking life by
accusation. so the batter to get away from the accusing finger of the pitcher, and the judgement of
his side, he must hit the ball (pod) or power of death, where they ain’t.

Yes it’s the game on the diamond that catches the eyes,
making the spirit within us
scream never say die.

So the bat is a branch of Jesse, or Rikki, depending on who you put your faith into. The bat
the law. If men are ruled by the law, then he will hit it where they ain’t.

The case of pete rose becomes very interesting in lieu of this, because Charlie Hustle hit the ball to
where they ain’t more times than any other man alive, and he’s judged in society. He standss
this was the destruction of the great game on the diamond by the Illuminati who are trying to
destroy the ritual.

Now the Ball represents the power of death. Death only get’s it’s power from your belief in it. The
of the United State had lived for a very long time without having to be fearful of the limit of death. That
too is being subverted. It started when Bush put the game on the white house lawn. He placed it
on the south garden, to overlook it, instead of facing the game north, where the law rules over all.
So the game has gone through terrific judgement since bush had done that. It was no accident,
he mean’t to do it. The constitution is being categorically destroyed, because the New fields that
are being built, are trying to change the sacred geometry of the game

Babe Ruth builded his house on the physical law of bat meets ball. And he hit it out of sight. but he
could not be the greatest home run hitter, simply because he began as a pitcher, and accused
who stood and took a side before him. This is why it was left up to Aaron, his brother.

Abner means my father is light, and Doubleday explains itself. Three measures of light to the
inventor, he chose that name for a specific reason.

kabbalistically the game was created as a ritual to make men every vigilent against the accuser,
to innately know when he was in danger of tyrrany because of the accuser. When you point the
accusing finger, three fingers point back at you.

The bat, the whole image of the law, and the ball the power of death, play out on the diamond, which
represents the three dimensional world of form, homeplate represents the body human which must
constantly beg the law to protect him against tyranny, or man’s rule over man. The bases are the
paths, that are open to all to roam, when someone puts the power of death, in this case the ball
out of reach of all judgement. That is the true seed of potential and why the home run hitter is the
ultimate hero. He has used the law to free himself of all tyrranny and in turn anyone on the path
at the time he has done it, all become free to roam the paths. This is kabbalistically the 32 paths
of humanity, all become open to tread upon and travel through….

This is important because it allows all men to reach their fruition in their time and in their place, the
timely hit, allows a seed of potential to reach absolute fame and fortune, and this is the crux of
the American dream.

I have written volumes about the origin of the game, it originated in Egypt as the game of rounders
it was played by the inhabitants of Goshen, who finally figured out the best way to use the law to free
themselves from the tyrrany of pharaoh.

The freemasonss at one time believed in individuality and the seed of potential and they certainly
believed in the law. On sinai, in Exodus, 24, 74 men or 70 elders (represented all the nations of the
earth) and
Aaron, his two sons, and Moses stand at the door of heaven and they see god. They sprinkle all the
masses with half the sacrifice and they are told they will bring forth the law onto a lawless earth,
they said “we will do it.”

fast forward 24 x 74 = 1776, and because the free Masons understood “Thou shalt not” by living it
for generations, they were given “you have a right to.”

Understand that the American dream is that every one is treated equally, everyone is the seed of
that any man can reach his fruitition in his time and in his place. The ritual on the Diamond is the
religious ceremony to make this possible for every single one.

Baseball fever catch it.

14. Brian July 11th, 2009 9:57 pm :

I think you have the right idea, but surely you could use more connections to make your point.
Have you considered that a home run and/or circling the bases equals the 4 levels of the Blue
Lodge ( I think that’s what it’s called ) i.e 1st base is the apprentice level, etc and completeng the
fourth stage of returning to home is a score to be celebrated. Baseball is an odd sport in that initially
it’s 1 batter against 9 defenders, where as most sports have an even number of players per side,
any connection there? Maybe the dugouts with their benches at either side where playere wait to
play has a meaning as well. Without a doubt umpires and judges both wearing black does have a
conection as judges are the umpires of a court ( tennis court etc. / field of play reference ) proceding.

15. An occultist. July 11th, 2009 10:32 pm :

This is only half of the origin. Look up this photo

The hexagrams which must be censed deosil or counter clockwise become the bases which must
be touched by the player, the spermatozoa is replaced with a bat, the egg with the ball. The triangle
becomes the catcher which is to be evoked (or rather the crowd mesmerized) and standing behind
the form, the formless force or voice as the “umpire” often astrally seen in evocation hiding behind
the material image, and the pentagrams redirected as the fielders and shortstop.

Research further you will note there have been some rather “strange occurrences” at some


16. Gizmo July 11th, 2009 10:45 pm :

Some of you people need help. Seriously.

17. Nemo Domi July 11th, 2009 11:09 pm :

What Gizmo said.

18. Jeff Campbell July 11th, 2009 11:47 pm :

27 outs in a game? No, I don’t think so. In a regular 9 inning game, there are either 51 or 54 outs,
depending on the score in the bottom of the ninth.
As for the “mirror image” numbers, this can be achieved with any number. “9″ works because it’s a
number, not because it’s 9.
Did you know: wherever Masons control water companies, all the cancer victims in that particular
area are water drinkers! And water is available in baseball parks! Water = 5 letters; park = 4 letters.
4+5=9. OMG!

19. John July 12th, 2009 12:03 am :


Just because you are not ’superstitious’ does not

mean other groups do not take things like numerology
seriously, whether or not it actually empowers them.

Some groups are VERY into symbology, and some are

VERY into trickery of the VILEST kind.

Any sports fan should know this, a lot of inherited

stuff shows up, and note that stupid children’s games
have been elevated WAY beyond their station.
The behavior of fools I say!


20. gavincurtis July 12th, 2009 12:10 am :

I never really cared for the game….. now I know why.

21. goldenage2012 July 12th, 2009 2:21 am :

wow here we go again on everything masonic……….its getting to be rediculous now,everything with

a pyramid or a triangle is evil……the next thing you will read is that snowflakes are evil because
there six-pointed…or that regular houses are evil because they have pyramid shaped hip roofs or
triangle shaped gable roofs….keep the dis -info coming it really shows me how stupid these
people are watch ,watch out for the boogie man..he could be under your bed….ha ha ha…

22. American Patriot July 12th, 2009 2:43 am :

Commenter #18 declared: “Did you know: wherever Masons control water companies, all the
cancer victims in that particular area are water drinkers!”

What we want to know is if ALL wells owned by Masons have customers with specific forms of
cancer? Then we want to know if wells not owned by Masons have much less rates of specific

23. American Patriot July 12th, 2009 3:15 am :

More mirrors are here than has been noticed…

9 . 18 . 27 . 36 . 45 | 54 . 63 . 72 . 81 . 90

Then it moves in reverse…

Also, 6’s are common as they are upside down 9’s and represent the devil and ancient King
Solomon who biblically represents the number 666 as a symbol of killing to gain material wealth.

The Rock, ION, Ra’s Ray, is what human sacrifice is committed on in ancient times (and on earth in
general). The pyramid was a representation of the sun. It’s also where humans were sacrificed to
gods in the hope that material wealth would follow. What did ancient Abraham hope to gain by
sacrificing his son on the top of the hill – material wealth in the form of more land and food.
Religions are full of expressions of desire for material wealth, followers know this but often don’t
want to admit that it’s expressed in such a sinister style in their religious literature. Who would
admit that Abraham killing his son to gain material wealth is considered a crime. If Abraham
succeeded who would have sent him to prison for murdering his son? The Babylonians (now Iraq)
were the only ones to put men like Abraham in prison for killing their sons. This led to the writing of
Deuteronomy in a Babylonian prison. In Deuteronomy, the incarcerated writer removed all orders for
religious persons to commit infanticide for personal profit. However, the writer-felon left behind
traces of the ancient evil practice of sacrificing children on mountain tops (represented by the
pitcher’s mound, the diamond, the arc/Ark). Those traces are found in the word Rock, as in the Lord
our Rock. The rock is what children were sacrificed on top of. The Rock is also the Ark. The Ark,
Noah’s Ark is actually a rock to sacrifice humans on top of. An Ark is also known as a coffin. Noah’s
Ark is a coffin. We live and die on the rock, earth.

There are still people sacrificing human lives for personal profit. Masons do it. Wars are fought to do
it. It’s done to steal wealth. Some don’t want to merit wealth, they’d rather steal from those who’ve
created wealth. Those who don’t want to spend the time to make money join with those who’ll help
them steal it. That’s the Masonic idea of the founding of America, it’s a trick. Many Americans are
like lobsters in a pot of water on a stove saying come on in the water’s warm, not realizing the
Speileberg (defined as a big game) is to rob them of the fruits of their labor, not just their first fruits,
but of all of their fruits: savings, stocks, children killed in war, ideas etc.

The unlimited foul outs are likely because when you foul out you create a radical ion that can strike a
fan in the face and reduce their power. The game controllers are more empowered when people
hurt each other.

The dug outs represent Boaz and Jacob the powers of Mercy and Severity. They are the path through
which the players walk up the sacrificial rock to have their lives taken in the hopes of gaining
something. It’s the procession to the death rock, to the Ark, the coffin, like chickens going to

It’s quite sick. I played the game often as a child and yet I never understood how evil it was until I
noticed the masonic themes on the field only this year. That Citibank advertises and itself uses a
masonic logo was quite unsettling. The two “i’s” are connected with an arch/arc/Ark. The eye of
Horus, the twin pillars of Boaz and Jacob are represented by Citibank, one of the oldest banks with
a sinister history.

24. Dave July 12th, 2009 3:22 am :

Rather poorly thought out. A few major factual errors:

1) Until the 1950’s modern baseball had 154 games, not 161 so that’s 77 home-away games. Hard
to twist a 9 out of that.
2) Baseball didn’t even have a set number of games per season in the 1870’s through 1901. It was
a very hectic and loosely scheduled game then.
3) No one believes abner doubleday created the game of baseball. The baseball hall of fame in
cooperstown new york has an excellent write up on it’s true possible origins at the museum.
Perhaps you should research the origins of baseball before implying it is a masonic plot.

People who spend so much time on numerology are truly clueless. You usually end up with
numbers that can mean anything. Now in true satanic organizations, numbers are extremely
important. But you can see the spiritual results of people participating in those organizations on the
lives of those who participate and follow those organizations and activities.

Are you suggesting that the spiritual consequences of participating in baseball are satanic like
participating in Masonic rituals are? This is a childish twisted interpretation of a wonderful sport.
You read ridiculuos things into the most innocent.

Where are the evil fruits of this “satanic” organization/cult? Yes baseball has issues – steroids and
all – but I don’t see the dark evil fruits you see from, for example, the major US political parties
which are clearly controlled by evil influences.

25. American Patriot July 12th, 2009 4:00 am :

The game represents the idea that committing human sacrifice brings wealth to the controllers.
That Citibank advertises as do other companies with masonic symbols, shows that it’s not all good.

The Ark is golden because to Freemasons killing brings them wealth. Today Ameicans are being
forced by hidden forces inside the Federal Reserve Bank to go kill Babylonians (Iraqis) to punish
them for incarcerating a religious leader who promoted human sacrifice/infanticide. Those who kill
for profit had to shapeshift in order to continue their evil ways. They’ve left in plain sight symbols that
they profit by killing. The Ark represent material wealth, the wealth Solomon made through killing,
that he built his palace with.

It’s not good. Not unless criminal behavior is deemed good. The big game, a “speileberg,” is a
game of distraction and recondite knowledge. The truth is in plain sight, but the meanings of the
symbols and their deep historical truths are long forgotten and not taught to the general public in
schools or elsewhere. One has to dig for the golden truths unless you are one of them, a
Freemasons. Of course, we all can’t be Freemasons because America was built by Freemasons to
make slaves of most of us for the benefit of Freemasons. That’s why it’s a “secret” society. They
initiate members. But by signing on to the “Club”, you must be willing to make a sacrifice of your life,
another’s life, endorse a war for profit, perjure another, deny someone justice and so forth. You
must become a criminal too and keep the secrets if you sign up. They dig themselves out of the
hole (dugout) through behaving as a “team.” Team players make up the evil “organization” of

It’s all about the ancient biblical and pre-biblical practice of human sacrifice. That’s what baseball is
really about, killing for “sport.” The term “be a sport” means sacrifice something for the team, go
along with it. The ignorant were told that gods wanted blood from them because they were bad, so
he sent lightning down and so forth. The controllers of nations used this ignorance to their
advantage and played up the fears. Naturally, men decided to write book on how to teach the art of
black magic (monotheism) in order to allow the controllers to grossly enrich themselves at the
expense of the many (citizens, taxpayers, humanity). That’s why kings, presidents and popes have
always worked hand in hand to sacrifice the citizens in war and so forth, they profit through
deception and the leaders who don’t play the big game as team players who deceive the
audience/spectators/people in the stands/taxpayers are themselves murdered.

The bailouts of banks is what I think of when I see Citibank advertisements at baseball games. It
reminds me of how Obama robbed the Treasury to pay back the major tv networks for advertising
him as a future president aka the masonic leader of the nation who was chosen not elected. He
paid the media pipers with taxpayers’ money. Then he gave free money to the car manufacturers so
they could make the transition to clean burning cars without the car companies paying for the
transition themselves. The cost was passed on to the pensioners of the car companies who were
promised in biblical fashion, a pension for lifetime servitude to the car industry. The fruits of their
labor was stolen when Obama helped the fascist automakers steal the pensions to pay for the
automakers transition expenses. He also robbed the taxpayers out of the US Treasury to bailout his
fascist friends who control the auto industry as Freemasons. Robbing pensions is a form of human
sacrifice as it amounts to an exorbitant illegal tax on retired workers that will kill them when they
cannot pay their health insurance which Obama’s fascist friends also stole from retired auto
workers. Now that GM is out of bankruptcy the retired workers will be given nothing back.
Freemason don’t care if they rob and kill, robbing and killing is part of their game plan, it’s part of the
speileberg, the big game. So, time and time again, Obama proves to be a criminal and a murderer
just like biblical Abraham and Solomon and like them he is not judged nor prosecuted for his
crimes against humanity. He’s deemed a leader because Masons have crafted a game whereby
he’s the master mason of the nation, above the law with a right, like god, to rob and kill and demand
human sacrifice so the team, the secret society, can win.

You’ll take one for the team because there are too many spectators and not enough people who
know what the game is really about. It’s about human sacrifice. It goes back to the pyramids
represented by the diamond, the mound, ancient symbols that are hidden before our eyes and too
few really view them as they are meant to be viewed.

I’ve been sacrificed many times when the fools wanted to steal he fruits of my labor, but I’ve always
managed so far to get off the rock. I’ve seen people on the rock and not even know they were there
and see them as the walking dead. I try to make their burden lighter but they refuse knowledge, it’s
too “crazy” to believe and they are tired of learning things they can’t fight, shadow boxing, it seems
too overwhelming. But I’m young and I’m only made stronger by the wisdom. I have only to gain by
learning how the game is played. And already, after reading this blog, I’ve learned that I’ve been at
war in the Armageddon, and people I’ve paid to work for me to take back my fruits have been
resisting my ideas because they do not know about the speileberg, the do not know how the big
game is played, the do not look for holes, Achilles heels or signs that the others are evil. They let
everything the opponent does SLIDE. It’s interesting because a lot of men talk about working with
me and put on quite a show, but as soon as I tell them the other team is dangerous, they stop
talking and bury their head in the sand. They won’t take sides or go up to bat or be spectators. They
prefer to read about it in the newspaper from the shelter of their home.

The first 3rd party in America was the anti-Freemason party. That says a lot, but most Americans
don’t know a thing about that.

26. Robert Sterling July 12th, 2009 4:10 am :

Wow!!! Am impressed with your website, it has really thought-provoking stuff on it. Keep up the great

Robert Sterling

27. American Patriot July 12th, 2009 4:12 am :

Obama continues the Babylonian persecution through an illegal hostile occupation in order to
enrich his masonic associates with stolen land, stolen oil, stolen tax money forced out of
Babylonians. He escalated the mass murder in Afghanistan to give material wealth through
controlling opium production as opium is grown there. Masons are entrenched in the drug trade
and distribute drugs and alcohol to soldier to make them ruthless sometimes wanton killers.
Obama aided is masonic masters at the Federal Reseserve Bank in robbing retired auto workers
and killing them through theft and reneging on health care benefits given to them for their service to
the industry.

Obama has proven Master Mason Mark Twain to be correct when Twain said that president #44
would be groomed by Freemasons to Act the Devil in his dealings. Masons know. Also, communist
Bolshviks knew that in 1992 Obama was then being groomed to become the master mason of the
Masonically controlled American nation. He was chosen by them. Bolsheviks are terrorists and so
are Freemasons, they both believe in stealing and killing for profit.

It’s the devil’s game they play. They worship a 3-headed beast. One head represents war, one
deception, one creating ignorance through mind-control (religion).

28. Dan July 12th, 2009 10:15 am :

And don’t forget, these are the same blood sucking Masons who sacrificed hundreds of first
responders on 911. These MF’ers have no soul.

29. mlb July 12th, 2009 1:31 pm :

Your analysis is incomplete.

The cross section of the field will show the diamond to be a truncated pyramid (with pitcher at the

30. highpriestess July 12th, 2009 2:18 pm :

You can see by the comments that people need to sit in judgement. They are demonizing the only
that kept them from tyranny. The powers that be have been trying to destroy the game. The dumbing
down of America was just that. Because the people commenting here are dumb americans. They
show their ignorance with every typed sentence. The game is about the pendulum swing of mercy
and severity. Obviously by putting the game on the south lawn, to ride roughshod over it, or look
down upon it has worked. Maybe this country can not be saved.

It reads like the story of Sodom. Abraham askes god “if there is one righteous man in Sodom, won’t
you save it?? And there were none. Not even Lot, his sodomic brother, who was forced to leave but
only for Abraham’s sake. Because he was just as bad as the rest of them.

No one is here to protect the law. The law stands alone. Men have subverted the law, the
and no longer to pretend to even care. No one in Washington will stand up to the Lawless, and no
seems to know how to use a bat any longer.

But then that is what happens to rituals when people no longer understand the spirit behind them.
Like the marriage ceremony, or baptism, or confession, or confirmations, a bunch of recited words
that hold little or no meaning.
Baseball became america’s cathederal, by it was born the Cult of personality, because any man
become great in his time and in his place, as long as the bat, or the law, kept the accusations of the
tyrant at bey, there was no severe judgement.

Not so now, the game has been demonized, and by the very people who lived by that ritual. This is
why Michael Jackson might well be the last of his kind, an original creative genious. No one is
following the law, no one stands by the law……I’m a fat lady singing, and that’s really bad news
for the people of this country…..

31. Dr. Voctor July 12th, 2009 3:10 pm :

The Masons are no big deal, why does anyone thinks they are special? They are just a club for old
men with nothing better to do. If you want to chase the boogieman, try exposing the evils of the
Federal Reserve System, the World Central Bank, the rothchilds, the bilderbergs; expose their world
domination over everyone — these are the true boogiemen, along with any list of the top 50,000 of
the richest people on the planet. If you are not on the list, you are just slaves.

32. Anonominus July 13th, 2009 2:03 am :

Wow. To those that buy into this I gotta say, please, discuss it with your psychiatrist.

33. Brian U July 13th, 2009 3:45 am :

To : “Wow. To those that buy into this I gotta say, please, discuss it with your psychiatrist.”

They would most likely say that making connections is a sign of well-ordered brain function and
above average intelligence. It’s quite healthy, unless it’s causing some undue stress or is driven by

They may question you about your avoidance issue and why you dismiss something out-of-hand
without even a casual examination. And ask why you found it necessary to post your disparaging
comment. A sort of “those who smelt it, dealt it” analogy concerning who really should be helped by
a mental health professional. Lighten up a bit

If you invented a game, or how you decorated your home for that matter, would show insight to what
personal experiences and values you have. If baseball was invented by a Mason, who can tend to
take their rituals and symbolism seriously, some of that would be reflected in the game, even if it
wasn’t intentional and they started with a perfectly clean slate. If their inspiration was only in part the
shape of the Mason logo, the connections between baseball and masonry made by the other
posters are not at all far-fetched.To : “Wow. To those that buy into this I gotta say, please, discuss it
with your psychiatrist.”

They would most likely say that making connections is a sign of well-ordered brain function and
above average intelligence. It’s quite healthy, unless it’s causing some undue stress or is driven by

They may question you about your avoidance issue and why you dismiss something out-of-hand
without even a casual examination. And ask why you found it necessary to post your disparaging
comment. A sort of “those who smelt it, dealt it” analogy concerning who really should be helped by
a mental health professional. Lighten up a bit

If you invented a game, or how you decorated your home for that matter, would show insight to what
personal experiences and values you have. If baseball was invented by a Mason, who can tend to
take their rituals and symbolism seriously, some of that would be reflected in the game, even if it
wasn’t intentional and they started with a perfectly clean slate. If their inspiration was only in part the
shape of the Mason logo, the connections between baseball and masonry made by the other
posters are not at all far-fetched.
34. Anonominus July 13th, 2009 11:05 pm :

“They would most likely say that making connections is a sign of well-ordered brain function and
above average intelligence. It’s quite healthy, unless it’s causing some undue stress or is driven by

I’m being facetious for sure. I don’t think much of psychiatry either.
Maybe I’m a Mason and I just know better.

35. Ben Steinke July 14th, 2009 11:22 am :

Oh, for the love of the Republic! Why are we wasting our time looking for numerological connections
in everything when we could be spending our time FOMENTING REVOLUTION? It’s things like this
that keep the populace distracted, diverted away from overthrowing the corrupt federal government
and creating a better nation!!! Who the hell CARES about whether baseball is “Masonic” or whether
the numerical factors therein add up to 9? I don’t CARE about numbers—I care about LIBERTY!!!!!!!!!


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