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CoStar Technologies BlueSTAR installation for 2008 Pontiac G6

The BlueSTAR arrived in a nice little box with

something you don’t see too often today –
Made in USA. ☺

Box contents includes the Motorola BT adapter,

wire, wire-spade, wire-tap, zip-ties, the
BlueSTAR board and a protective backing.

The bottom of the BlueSTAR module is set

designed to be inserted into the Motorola

Just align the pins and press together. It didn’t

snap, so don’t press too hard.
Once you have the BlueSTAR board connected
to the Motorola module, align the protective
backing and use the two zip-ties to make sure
that they don’t come apart.

The Motorola module has mounting holes on

the bottom that align perfectly with the
BlueSTAR board.

After trimming the zip-ties, you can see a nice,

neat completed BlueSTAR module.

The G6 OnStar module is located in the

passenger compartment, behind the glove box
on the right-side.
Just below the glove box on the passenger side
is the kick-panel. You will need to gently pry
this panel, secured by clips, from the bottom of
the glove box assembly to expose the OnStar

This is a picture of the OnStar module behind

the glove box. It is not necessary to remove the
glove-box, but it did help in identifying the
location of the OnStar module, and for the
purposes of illustration.

For the BlueSTAR you’ll need to permanently

remove the two white plugs from the OnStar

IMPORTANT: for installation, you’ll need to

temporarily remove the only black plug from
the OnStar module, so we can splice into the
GM-LAN wire.

In order to install the GM-LAN wire into the J1

connector, you need to temporarily and
partially lift up the wire retaining bar in order to
slide in the new pin. Use a small screwdriver.

Only lift the retaining bar up enough to put in

the new pin, and be careful not to pull out any
of the other pins.
Insert the green wire and pin into the #1
position on J1.

The small tabs on the crimped pin should be

facing downward, towards the release tab on
the J1 connector.

Push the pin all the way in and depress the

retaining bar on the J1 connector to re-lock the

Remove the J4 connector from the OnStar

module. It’s the only black-colored connector in
the module.

Slide up the black electrical tape so that it

allows you to separate the wires on the J4

Identify the GMLAN-LS wires in position 1 and 7.

They are both colored green.

Use the supplied wire-tap and attach it to either
of the green wires, in position 1 or 7.

Use a pair of pliers to squeeze the wire tap

around the wire.

You can also use a multi-meter / continuity

tester to make sure that the wire-tap makes a
connection with the GMLAN-LS wire.

Trim and strip the insulation on the opposite

end of the J1 connector that you installed the
pin onto.

I like to strip off double the length of wire, then

loop it back before inserting it into the spade

Crimp the spade and insert it into the wire-tap.

Plug the black J4 connector back into the G6

OnStar module. It’s necessary to keep the
GMLAN connecting working in the car.

Plug the J1 and J2 white connectors into the

BlueSTAR module.

Place the BlueSTAR module below the OnStar

module in the kick-panel.
I used a zip-tie to secure the BlueSTAR module
to the car to prevent it from moving.

It’s time to pair up your Bluetooth phone with

the BlueSTAR.

Hold down the blue OnStar button on your

mirror for at least 3 seconds to put it into
pairing mode.

Search for the Motorola HF850 using your

mobile phone.

Once the HF850 is found on your phone, use

‘0000’ as the passcode to complete pairing.

BlueSTAR will display a blinking green light on

your mirror when searching for your phone, and
display a solid green light once it is paired and
connected to your phone.

Make a test call by dialing from your phone, or

if your phone supports voice dialing, press the
Phone icon to activate your phone’s voice

When using the BlueSTAR it will act just like you

are using OnStar – for example, it will mute
your radio and display “PHONE.”