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FCE Practice Tests (New Edition) with Answers and Audio CDs (2)

Series: First Certificate Practice Tests (New Edition) Author: Harrison, M & Kerr, R Publisher: Oxford University Press Format: Paperback ISBN: 9780194568753 Publication Date: 2008 Price: 21.50 Availability: In Stock Description: Four new tests for the revised First




This set of four practice tests is written by a highly experienced author, and replicates the revised FCE exam in level, content and format. Each test book * Four complete practice * Sample answer * Do-it-yourself mark sheets for calculating * Assessment criteria for Paper 2 Writing and Paper 5 * Eight-page colour section for Paper 5 contains: tests sheets scores Speaking Speaking

The WITH KEY edition is ideal for classroom use or as a self-study resource. It includes model answers for Paper 2 Writing tasks, audio scripts, and comes with two audio CDs.

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First Certificate in English (FCE) Books

Level: B2 / Upper Intermediate Age Group: Adult / Young Adult Type of English: General, Academic, Professional English - International English Examiner: Cambridge English Language Assessment Description: Cambridge English: First, also known as First Certificate in English (FCE), is an upper-intermediate level qualification. It proves you can use everyday written and spoken English for work or study purposes. Link:

Access to FCE (2009) Activate! B2 (2012) Code Red B2 (2010) Compact First (2012) Complete First Certificate (2008) Countdown to First Certificate (New

Practice Tests
Cambridge Cambridge 1 (2008) Cambridge 2 (2008) Cambridge English First (FCE) 5 (2012) First Certificate in English First Certificate in English First Certificate in English

Edition) (2008) Direct to FCE (2011) FCE Gold Plus (2008) FCE Result (2011) First Certificate Expert (New Edition) (2012) First Certificate Masterclass (New Edition) (2008) Get Ahead in FCE (2010) Gold First (2012) Laser B2 (3rd Edition) (2013) Laser B2 (New Edition) (2008) New Fast Class for First Certificate (2010) New Success at First Certificate (1997) Objective First (FCE) (3rd Edition) (2012) Objective First Certificate (2nd Edition) (2008) Pass FCE (2008) Ready for FCE (New Edition) (2008) Spotlight on FCE (2008) Target FCE (2010) Total FCE (2010)

3 (2009) Cambridge First Certificate in English 4 (2010) FCE Practice Exam Papers 1 (2009) FCE Practice Exam Papers 2 (2009) FCE Practice Tests (OUP) (2008) FCE Practice Tests 1 (New Editions) (2009) FCE Practice Tests 2 (New Editions) (2009) FCE Practice Tests Extra (2008) First Certificate Practice Tests (Thomson) (2008) First Certificate Practice Tests Plus (2008) First Certificate Testbuilder (2010) First Certificate Trainer (2010) First Practice Tests (2012) Richmond FCE Practice Tests (2010) Succeed in Cambridge FCE (2010) Successful Cambridge FCE (2012)

Set Texts (Optional) Skills Language Development

First Certificate in English (FCE) Courses

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Laser B2 (New Edition) Student's Book with CD-ROM

Series: Laser B2 (New Edition) Author: Mann, M & Taylore-Knowles, S Publisher: Macmillan Education Format: Paperback ISBN: 9789604471706 Publication Date: 2008 Price: 21.70 Availability: In Stock Description: Level: B2 / Upper


Offering thorough and systematic exam preparation together with solid grammar and vocabulary development to help give students the skills they need when taking the First Certificate Exam. KEY FEATURES: * Systematic development of topic-based lexis and lexicogrammar, including collocations, patterns, word formation, phrasal verbs and confusable words * Comprehensive practice for all five papers of the revised

FCE exam * Two reading texts per unit *Grammar database, Speaking database, Writing database, Key word database and Phrasal verb database for students' reference Qty
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First Certificate in English (FCE) Practice Tests

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First Practice Tests Student's Book with MP3 Audio CD

Author: Kennedy, Clare Publisher: Black Cat Publishing Format: Paperback ISBN: 9788853013545 Publication Date: 2012 Price: 18.20 Availability: In Stock Description: First Practice Tests provides exam practice at B2 Vantage of the CEFR. Features: Nine complete Practice Tests Range of for Schools tasks Exam Focus with a complete Practice Test annotated with step-by-step strategies for guided learning Tips on important Exam Skills Three computer-based tests on MP3-ROM Teacher's book with answer keys and recording scripts for the listening tests