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Foreign Aid Questionnaire

The following questionnaire has been designed to aid a HSC investigation concerning
the motivation, operation and effect of foreign aid.
All information disclosed in the following questionnaire shall remain confidential and
anonymous, and will be used exclusively for this investigation only.

NB. For the purposes of this questionnaire, ‘foreign aid’ refers specifically to ‘development aid’ given
to nations outside that of the donors. This includes assistance given through foreign aid organisations
(e.g. donating time/money/resources to an aid organisation such as UNICEF), personal initiatives (e.g.
person volunteering time at an orphanage) and community initiatives (e.g. town fundraiser for school
This questionnaire is not concerned with emergency aid, such as immediate responses to natural
disasters, as seen in the appeals following the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004.

Please nominate the most correct answer by placing an X next to the applicable option

1. Age

Under 20 41-50
21-30 51-60
31-40 Over 60

2. Nationality as shown on passport

3. Please consider the following quotes and comment on their validity

a. “Foreign aid has become the opiate of the third world that keeps less developed
countries permanently dependant on the West for their assistance.” (Bovard, J 1986

b. “Those who contend that foreign aid does not work - and cannot work - are
mistaken. …But the fact remains that we can help ensure the successful economic
development of the poorest countries. We can help them escape from poverty. It's in
our national interest to do so.” (Sachs, J 2006)


4. Have you ever engaged in foreign development aid of any sort?

Yes - proceed to question 5

No – Thank you for your time. Your participation in this research is highly valued and
5. a. How many years has it been since you first engaged in foreign aid?
E.g., how many years ago did you first begin donating time and/or money
and/or other resources to international aid initiatives?

b. To which cause or country was this?

6. a. Have you ever worked ‘first-hand’ on a development aid project?

I.e., have you engaged in development aid as an expat, working on the site
receiving aid?

b. If you answered Yes, please identify and explain your motivation for
engaging in first-hand development aid,
If you answered No, is there a reason you have not engaged in first-hand
development aid?

7. a. What are your current motivations for your involvement in foreign aid?
Please rank in order of motivation, with 1 being the most motivating and 6 being the
least motivating

___Diversity of experience
___Professional goals
___Personal goals
___Pressure from foreign aid organisations

b. Have these motivations changed over time? Please explain

8. In your opinion, what are the main purposes of foreign aid?

I.e., why is foreign aid occurring?

Please select TWO options

Political alliances
Reduce inequality
Strengthen ties between nations
Reduce conflict
Alleviate suffering
Other _______________________________
9. What do you hope to achieve through involvement in foreign aid?
What are the ‘big picture’ goals you would like to see realised?

Optional - Other comments

Please return completed questionnaire via email to,

using the address

Thank you for your time. Your participation in this research is highly valued and