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Confidence in Allah Confidence in belief Confidence comes from belief in the truth o The only truth is that which

Allah has made true Confidence in the victory he alone grants Feeling proud of being a servant of Allah Giving loyalty to and relying only on Allah When you make a decision, know that Allah loves those who put their confidence in Him Confidence should lie only with Allah o The person in dawah achieves nothing until he realizes this Be aware of weakness o How often has a small group overcome a large group Dawah should only be linked with him The only share the daii gets is the reward he receives The person that leaves dawah o Know that Allah wont let dawah suffer, regardless if someone leaves o Allah will replace them with someone who will Be filled with confidence that Allahs victory is waiting o What fruits you dont harvest now, youll get in the hereafter o Whether you are there or not as an individual, Allahs victory will be there; the individual has to choose to take part in it or stand by and watch it We take whatever good is around us, but we put our ultimate trust in Allah, the same way a child puts his or her trust in the mother Increase confidence in Allah: o Know His names and attributes o Know His angels o Knowledge of the Day of Judgement Heart should find rest that its reward will come on the Day of Judgement

Name of Allah: The Provider (Ar-razq) Difference between hiba and rizq is that we have to strive for rizq; hiba (gifts) He gives unconditionally We still worry about our day to day sustenance Allah has assigned rizq for everyone from the start Rizq is assigned to us and its something that benefits us o Not just money; emotional, friends, spouse, etc Allah creates it and then divides it amongst us Provides for everyone and everything A soul will not die until it gets all the provisions that have been apportioned for it. (Prophet Muhammad) You have to strive for it

Rizq has conditions and we have to strive for it; it wont come to us if we dont strive for us Allah helps those who help themselves Our rizq is dependent on how hard we work Nothing willcome to us except for what is written for us Why are there people starving, sick, etc.? o We have consequences for our actions o Allah reminds us that if we dont go with justice, then there will be corruption on earth, abusing resources, people, and wealth o You cant blame Allah when you create a situation against what Allah has planned for us o The test of the sick and the abused are their sickness and abuse; failing to help is a test upon us Things that will hinder us from rizq: o Sins i.e. drug lord drives a Ferrari; has material rizq, but not emotional rizq Strive in a halal way; people striving in a haram way dont understand the concept of rizq Rida: contentment o Dont let discontent linger in your heart, esp. discontent against Allah o Even just waking up in the morning, being happy, being healthy Ways to increase rizq: o Always have hope, Allah always has a way out o Avoid being from the people who worship Allah on an edge; if good comes, thats good, but if bad comes, then they turn back Dont hinge your faith on outcomes If a trial comes o Taqwa: be conscious of Allah And whoever has taqwa of Allah, He will make him a way out, and Allah will provide from him where he doesnt expect o Tawaqud: reliance on Allah And whoever relies pon Allah, then he is sufficient for him. Indeded Allah will accomplish for him his purpose. Allah has set for everything a decreed extent o Keeping good relations with family: Whoever would like his rizq increased and his life to be extended o Thankfulness: be thankful of Allah And remember when your Lord proclaimed, if you are grateful I will surely increase you infavor, btu if you deny then my punishment is severe o Istighfar: repentance Ask forgiveness of your Lord, indeed he is ever an eternal forgiver. He wills endless rain from the sky upon you in continuing showers and increase in wealth and children and provide for your gardens and provide for your rivers. o Charity Who is it that would loan so that He will multiply for him many times over He promises that He will multiply it o Reciting Quran

The House in which the Quan is recited is increased in good, and the house in which the Quran isnt good is decreased in good Migrating for the sake of Allah And whoever migrates for the cause of Allah will find on Earth in many locations an abundance Migrating could be spiritual and physical