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Marketing Management Semester IV- Session & Evaluation Plan

Session No. 1

Topic to be covered Introduction to key aspects of the marketing process needs, wants, demand, value & satisfaction. Definition of Market & Marketing. Types of market offerings. Evolution of Marketing Management concepts / philosophies Product, Sales, Marketing & Societal Marketing. Types of products Business Vs Consumer products, Classification of Business products, Classification of consumer product, understanding of Concept of a Product-Market. Basics of Consumer Behavior & Factors affecting the same. Stimuli-Response model in CB. Buyer decision process.

Learning Outcome Objective of this module is to get a basic understanding of the foundations of marketing

Hours 3

The students will also be updated on the evolution and current thinking in marketing.

Environmental Analysis: Impact of environment on marketing decisions. Environment components. Role of STP in Marketing Market Segmentation Definition, Market Segments, Criteria for successful segmentation, different basis of segmentation, detailed review of some key segmentation bases such as demographic, psychographic & benefit segmentation. Targeting different approaches to selecting target segments, review of pros and cons of these approaches

Objective of this module is to introduce the basic concepts used by marketers to take decisions on how to make as a target, certain markets & differentiate markets and products -do-



Marketing Management Semester IV- Session & Evaluation Plan

Product Positioning Definition of position & positioning, Bases of positioning, requirements for effective positioning, product differentiation, Techniques used in positioning Definition of product and services, differences between the two, Concept of Levels of Product basic product, expected product and augmented product. Review of Marketing basics Marketing Mix 4Ps of Marketing Understanding of components like Product, Promotion, Place and Price and also their subcomponents. 4Ps Vs 4 Cs approach to marketing mix Product Mix : portfolio analysis definition and understanding of product item, product line, product mix. Depth & width of product mix. Managing a product mix through product extensions, line stretching , etc. Product Life Cycle (PLC) what is a PLC, understanding stages in PLC and some patterns of PLC, marketing strategies through stages of the PLC. Introduction to the New product development process, types of new products Promotion Mix : Concept of promotion introduction to components thereof, role of promotion mix in creating & conveying value. Price Mix : Understanding of different approaches to pricing Market skimming, penetration pricing, product line pricing, by product pricing, optional pricing, geographical pricing. Understanding of value based approach Vs cost based approach


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-doThis module will introduce the marketing mix and its components ie the 4Ps and understand the various aspects of marketing mix management. -do-

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Marketing Management Semester IV- Session & Evaluation Plan

15 Place Mix : Importance of distribution in the marketing mix. Concept of Channel & components thereof. Extended Marketing Mix : Introduction to services marketing. Strategic Planning gap analysis Intensive, Integrative and diversification approaches, Use of Ansoff Matrix for corporate growth. Portfolio Models BCG and GE models for growth strategies, understanding limitations of portfolio models Impact of marketing strategies Comprehensive Review of Marketing -do3


The objective of this module is to understand the gaps in marketing planning & strategy/models used to meet such gaps. The objective of this module is to understand the gaps in marketing planning & strategy/models used to meet such gaps. The objective of this module is to understand the gaps in marketing planning & strategy/models used to meet such gaps.



Total Hours


Core course :

Credits : 4.

Number of Hours : 60. Internal Evaluation : 40 marks

Total Number of Marks : 100. External Examination : 60 marks. Internal Evaluation Pattern Serial Number 1 2 3 4 5 Type Assignment / written test Project Written Test Viva Class Participation & Punctuality

Proposed Period * exact date will be intimated January 2nd week February 1st week February 3rd week March 2nd week Over the semester

Marks 5 10 10 10 5

Name of Faculty : Prof. Shrirang Altekar

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