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SAP RE Flexible Real Estate Management Transaction Codes

Flexible Real Estate Management - General tcodes RE80 RE80: RE Navigator RECACUST Display IMG for RE-FX RECAPICCUST System Settings: Background Graphic RECARG Worklist: Update Objects RECATM Manage Text Modules REDSRS01 Mass Syntax Check RECACC Check Customizing Settings Flexible Real Estate Management - Rent Adjustment tcodes REAJPR Specify Adjustments REAJINDX "Index Classes REAJRV Reverse Adjustments REAJCH Continue Adjustment Flexible Real Estate Management - Basic Data tcodes REBDRO

Process Rental Object REBDBU Process Building REBDAO Process Architectural Object REBDPR Process Property REBDTIVBDROFSTATUS Cust: Maintain Field Grp per UsgType REBDBE0012 BE: Field Modification Criteria REBDPR0006 PR: Screen sequences REBDBU0012 BU: Field Modification Criteria REBDBE Process Business Entity Flexible Real Estate Management - Real Estate Contract tcodes RECN Process Contract RECDCGOL Cash Flow Update for Contract Flexible Real Estate Management - Real Estate Controlling tcodes RECOPLCST02 RE: Planning - Change CElem/Act.Inp. Flexible Real Estate Management - Correspondence tcodes RECPA520 Invoice for Rent

Flexible Real Estate Management - Information System tcodes REISCN Info System: Contracts REISCDCF Info System: Cash Flow REISCNPE Infosystem: Term of Contracts REISRR Info System: RE Search Request REISBU Info System: Buildings REISPR Info System: Land REISRO Info System: Rental Objects REISBE Info System: Business Entities REISMSBD Infosystem: Measurements - Mast.Data REISROOC Info System: Occupancy of ROs Flexible Real Estate Management - Migration tcodes REMICL Migration from Classic RE to RE-FX Flexible Real Estate Management - Rental Accounting tcodes RERAPP Periodic Posting: Contracts RERAIV

Create Invoices RERAOP One-Time Posting RERAPPRV Reverse Contract Postings RERAALCN Accrual/Deferral: Contracts RERAIVRV Reverse Invoices REEXF_28 RE: Post Incoming Payment RERAPL General Real Estate Posting Log Flexible Real Estate Management - Service Charge Settlement tcodes RESCSE Service Charge Settlement RESCIS Report for Service Charge Settlement RESCSEAA Assessment Adjustment Flexible Real Estate Management - Sales-Based Rent and Settlement tcodes RESRSE Sales-Based Rent Settlement RESRIS Report on Sales-Based Settlement RESRSECORRECT Adjustment of Sales-Based Settlement RESRRVSINGLE

Reversal of Sales-Based Settlement RESRRP Collective Entry of Sales Reports RESRISSINGLE Report on Sales-Based Settlement RESRBCSINGLE Posting of Settlement