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Maven Entrance Test - MET

Please enter your name and registration ID, then start answering for the questions and finally press submit button at the end to submit your answers. ******************************************************************************************* * Required Name * Registration ID * 1) The BCD number for decimal 16 is ________.

A] 00010110 B] 00010000 C] 00010010 D] 11100000

2) The Boolean expression C + CD is equal to ________.

A] C B] D C] C + D D] 1

3) How many exclusive-NOR gates would be required for an 8-bit comparator circuit?

A] 4 B] 6 C] 8 D] 10

4) convert the following hexadecimal number to decimal. 1CF16

A] 463 B] 4033 C] 479 D] 4049

5) A classification of ICs with complexities of 100 to 10,000 equivalent gates per chip is known as ________.


6) The output of an OR gate is LOW when ________.

A] All inputs are LOW. B] Any input is LOW. C] Any input is HIGH. D] All inputs are HIGH.

7) A "floating" TTL input may be defined as: A] Unused input that is tied to Vcc through a 1 k resistor. B] Unused input that is tied to used inputs. C] Unused input that is tied to the ground. D] Unused input that is not connected.

8) The contents of the accumulator after this operation MOV A,#2BH ORL A,00H will be:

A] 1B H B] 2B H C] 3B H D] 4B H

9) When SHIFT/(LOAD)' signal is LOW,

A] the data are shifted one bit per clock pulse. B] the data are loaded one bit per clock pulse. C] the data are transferred per clock pulse. D] None of the above

10) Which statement best describes the given figure, and what is the function of the terminal labeled EN?

A] Quad two-input multiplexer. EN is the enable input, which requires an active LOW for the device to work. B] Quad two-bit multiplier, EN is the active HIGH trigger. C] Dual quad-input multiplexer, which requires an active LOW on the EN terminal for the device to work. D] Quad two-input AND gate, which requires an active LOW on the EN input to enable all the gates.

11) Digital systems are called ________.

A] Binary systems B] Logic systems C] Numbering systems D] ADC systems

12) What is the frequency of a clock waveform if the period of that waveform is 1.25 s?

A] 8 kHz B] 0.8 kHz C] 0.8 MHz D] 8 MHz

13) Assign the proper even parity bit to the code 1100001.

A] 11100001 B] 1100001 C] 01100001 D] 01110101

14) The Pentium can address ________.

A] 1 MB B] 1 GB C] 2 GB

D] 4 GB

15) What type of logic circuit is shown below and what logic function is being performed?

A] It is an NMOS AND gate. B] It is a CMOS AND gate. C] It is a CMOS NOR gate. D] It is a PMOS NAND gate.

16) A D flip-flop utilizing a PGT clock is in the CLEAR state. Which of the following input actions will cause it to change states?

A] CLK = NGT, D = 0 B] CLK = PGT, D = 0 C] CLOCK NGT, D = 1 D] CLOCK PGT, D = 1

17) An RC circuit used in a 74122 retriggerable one-shot has an REXT of 100 k and a CEXT of 0.005 F. The pulse width is ________.

A] 70 s B] 16 s C] 160 s D] 32 s

18) The device that places its input data onto one of several outputs is a ________.

A] De-multiplexer B] Multiplexer C] Comparator D] Counter

19) What logic function is the sum output of a half-adder?

A] AND B] exclusive-OR

C] Exclusive-NOR D] NAND

20) During a memory read operation, the CPU fetches ________.

A] A program instruction B] An address C] Data D] all of the above