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The Temptations of Messiah Modi by the Secular Devil in the desert


Firstly we Hindus must thank Narender Modi as a Prime ministerial aspirant for
his Honesty. Modi has candidly told us in such a crisp way that our viewing of him as well as of his opponents as a hindutvavadi might actually be just an image.

And the fact on this matter about that Image is that he would be daring those who are convinced of that imagery for his real personae. To impress this fact upon all the gathering around this image- he says"I am known to be a Hindutva leader. My image does not permit to say so, but I dare to say. My real thought is-- Pehle shauchalaya, phir devalaya' (toilets first, temples later)," We are indeed impressed beyond words regarding this confession of real thought that was masquerading behind an image by which he is just known. His image doesnt permit him to say that? Or that he wants to jettison that 'image' and get approval? We believe given todays India and its milieu of Cynicism towards Hindus, it doesnt take much after all, to badmouth or trash Hindus selectively - a Jairam Ramesh could do that trashing of temples over toiletsWhat is the daring he needed ? Or does it really take any image of being Hindutvavadi or a Cynical Hindu? Modi may imagine he now no longer needs the Hindus, and go riding a secular skate board over a Hindu wave. Secular antihindus and well meaning Hindus may make him delude that all this is secularism and how he is bravely taking on the Hindu hardliners. But it is exactly this kind of secularism we toppled and wont take long for us to do that to you. Do anyone remember some Anna hazare whose approval Modi sought seeing the stunning crowds he pulled? We reduced all that to irrelevance because he had the gall to chuck out Bharat Mata as communal in her own land eating her salt and bread all to gain applause from dedicated antihindu punks.

So make no mistake Mr Modi- we will nip this short selling of Hindus also known to us as Vajpayeeism in the bud. Since that word Hindutva is for us unfortunately not just an image we project and often leads to mistaken identities about our Real Thoughts, we are compelled to look up close the mutual worth of the Real Thought and the supposed Image. Approval seeking Approval seeking is a sign of weak convictions. Modi reads Vivekananda and thinks its no harm taking a few lines from him- 'you can reach God by playing football than reading Geetha'. But that was in different context- when Hindus were too much steeped into spiritual daydreaming and neglected material and societal needs. These are opposite times- when materialism consumerism and hedonism together busy digging a grave into which Iconoclasts are burying Hinduism. It is so tasteless that one should say 'temples are Utilities and even as a utility has less worth or priority than toilets. Why toilets? Why not say hospitals? Thats the rub- the well meaning Hindu idiot doesnt understand the Insult of comparing apples with oranges and demotive prioritization of Hindu Spirituality below Utilities that have smell of shit instead of Dettol. By short selling Hindu spiritual needs and pride he seeks approval from dissimilar characters that see only filth in Superstition and Polytheism of temples. Koenraad Elst the keen observer of Hindu Nationalist movement and an acknowledged authority who has dissected the ideological trappings while

chronicling its history has pointed this Ideological dithering as a shared trait among all Right wing movements in the world. He has pointed out how the Euro-Right has never failed to present an image of a Hardliner and upon arriving at the corridors of power reneges on its commitments and dilutes its stand. Right-wing parties all over the world have a common trait: Once in or near power, they betray their own support base. The BJP is no different. It is needlessly described as a Hindu chauvinist party which it is not. To prove its secular credentials, the BJP chose to become the B team of the Congress. And was rejected by the voters With great satisfaction, the world has taken note of the defeat of the Hindu nationalists: The Indian voter has rejected Hindu chauvinism. Subtleties such as the likelihood that the BJP has been abandoned by many of its supporters for not being Hindu chauvinist enough, dont come into the picture. The typically Indian failures of the BJP that explain its defeat, I now leave to Indian authors to discuss. What has caught my attention is a trait the BJP shares with Right-wing parties all over the world. Dr Elst then shows how this attempting to be Angels before the eyes of liberals invariably ends up shooting itself on the footThe label Rightist is open to various definitions, the themes with which Rightist parties attract voters are different from country to country, and even on a single theme, their positions may differ between countries. But they have one behavioural trait in common: Once in or near power, they betray their own support base. In France, Mr Nicolas Sarkozy came to power on a distinctly Rightist platform, which he largely disowned once installed as President. Thus, he had promised to oppose the entry of Turkey into the EU, but the first thing he did was to nominate as his Foreign Affairs Minister Bernard Kouchner of the opposition Socialist Party, a declared supporter of Turkeys entry.

In Britain, the Conservative Party is a copy of New Labour on all issues of consequence. People who favour its traditional positions now turn to the UK Independence Party or even the proletarian British National Party. Those who insist on loyalty to the old party-line, even top-ranking veteran Norman Tebbitt, are threatened with expulsion. In the US, the real (so-called paleo-) conservatives have been frozen out of the Republican Party and are being starved by institutional boycotts. The party shuns matters of principle and limits its supposed conservatism to mindless flag-waving. While the party base favours Christian politics, the part elite downplays ideology and promoted as presidential candidate the faux war martyr John McCain, a liberal in the Culture War. Like other plutocrats eager to suppress labour wages by exploiting illegals, he laughed at the party activists demands for curbs on immigration. Consequently, conservative mobilization for the party during the elections was lacklustre and defeat inevitable. This unbecoming clamor for wider acceptance comes at a certain cost in its losing its core constituency he explains- as also to be the reason behind the defeat of the National democratic Alliance lead by its approval seeking Vajpayee. His influential thesis on this self defeatist compromise on convictions that only serves the angst of the opponents seems lost on the Hindu Organizations. But only apparently so- since this founded the blueprint for the corrective discourse among the Independent Hindu Right wing activism and in turn exerted the pressure for course correction at the recalcitrant mainstream Hindutva organizations. Though Koenraad Elst himself seems not to attach much weight to the influence of the derisively dismissed Internet Hindus they are today a formidable challenge to the Selective Secularist stranglehold and have emerged as the bulwark of Hindu Intellectual stream.

In his seminal thesis on the debacle Taking Stock (2004) -he had already laid bare the genesis of the reversal of fortunes for the BJP tracing it to this ideological dithering and anti-intellectualism of the Sangh. In 1991 already, right after the election victory that made the BJP the leading Opposition party, it discreetly disowned the Ayodhya movement that had earned it this breakthrough. The media scapegoated Mr LK Advani for the subsequent Babri Masjid demolition, though everybody knew that it had taken place in spite of him. He had gone there to demonstrate to the secularists that he was the one man who could control Hindu anger and prevent it from demolishing this symbol of secularism. When the crowd bypassed him, he broke down in tears, and ever since, he has been deploring the event as the blackest day of his life. Disowning his role of flag-bearer of Hindutva, he should have bowed out gracefully. Instead, his clinging on to the leadership reminds us of Mr Jean-Marie Le Pen, the aged French Rightist leader who has sacrificed his party to his own pitiable ambitions. While Ayodhya was merely a symbolic issue, the more political demands were likewise cast aside. When in power, the BJP didnt make the slightest move towards a Common Civil Code, abolition of Jammu & Kashmirs separate status or Governmental non-interference in Hindu schools and places of worship. The single attempt at doing anything pro-Hindu Mr Murli Manohar Joshis exercise in rewriting the Marxist-distorted textbooks turned into a horror show of incompetence. In these circumstances, only a clear ideological profile, mature but distinct, could have won the election for the BJP. If it didnt want that ideological distinctness and was content to remain the Congresss B-team, the party could have learned from Mr Sarkozy to show this only after the election. Before, it should at least have kept up the pretence of being a party with a difference. (2009-

The Independent Hindu Right wing thinkers and dissenters within those mainstream bodies incorporated these correctives if not as fully understood ideas, but as the general drift. For almost 8 long years, the main stream Sangh and BJp stubbornly refused to heed those sagely advices and kept faithfully to the muddled ideas. It is here that the Internet and social media played a pivotal role in bringing the horses back to stable-and began promoting Narender Modi as a mascot of Hindutva- as a hardliner and pro-market icon to challenge the stifling grip of the Left leaning leadership. This did pull the rug off the feet of the leftism and Secular status-quoism entrenched within the Party and enabled Narender Modi as a consensus of both swelling Nationalist dissent and crashed Hindu hopes. The decisions were almost forced upon the leadership at the eleventh hour and Modi was received by unprecedented crowds awaiting a Right wing hardliner. What was missed on all this, was this foisted choice also made Narender Modi a Hindu Right wing icon only by default and not his own deep convictions which they never cared to check with him. The Unique Selling Point of Modi has always been Development which has at its core Economo-Centric politics, not any different from the Leftist reduction of all things under the sky to economic activity and keeping the Productive Forces center stage. The foundational beliefs of BJP as Jan Sangh and its commitments to Cultural Nationalism and the interests of the National Majority naturally gets relegated to the periphery in this Leftist revisionism. When Hindus thronged to hear their messiah at last who has arrived -Temples naturally found themselves listed below Toilets.

What is prophetic about this piece in 2009 is that Dr Elst has given it the titleBJP apes Congress, fails. What would be tragic is if it should win as it is most likely now with very much same such ideas. A BJp that apes Congress, wins is actually the disaster.

THE NIHILISM AND NIRAVANA OF INVERTED VALUES Jai Ram Ramesh was the standup comic for the Selective Secular Denigration of Hindu shrines and simultaneous irreplaceable Valuation of a defunct and disputed Muslim shrine. The selective secularist contempt for Hindu shrines went like this"I think toilets are more important than temples. No matter how many temples we go to, we are not going to get salvation. We need to give priority to toilets and cleanliness." His Party however punished him and distanced itself from his remarks. But not before the Hindutva activists had gone up to inform Ramesh of their preference of his residence to be a toilet instead than their temples as he suggested- by promptly urinating on his gates and compound walls. Most probably taking from this authors poignant comment at the IBN FB page Pointedly at this lack of conviction of Modi in his own Hindutva, Ramesh would rush to flourish his own deep conviction in Selective Slurs towards Hindu shrines. "I am very happy that the Gujarat Chief Minister has finally found enlightenment and recognized the importance of toilets...It is not conviction that has made Mr Narendra Modi say this. It is compulsion"

Then the Selective Secularist would quickly move on to Scapegoat the Hindu convictions. INDIGNATION OVER LOSS OF AN ISLAMIC TOILET AND ITS FALL OUT In an astonishingly candid but unusual attribution to Muslims of all the violence since the destruction of a mosque at Ayodhya in 1992, including the often denied Godhra train burning that triggered Gujarat riots of 2002, Ramesh tells us"I wish if he (Modi) had got this enlightenment 22 years ago, India would have been spared the Babri Masjid tragedy, India would have been spared the communal riots in different parts of the country, India would have been spared the Bombay blasts and indeed India may have been spared Godhra and what happened afterwards." Well, toilet for toilet that is rich. Hindu shrines must have less worth than toilets. That is what Ramesh wants Hindus to believe as their appropriate worth and valuation. But when it comes to Islamic shrines- the valuations suddenly skyrockets. Any amount of violence, Loss of lives, repeated deadly terror strikes, destruction of properties should all constitute the re-compensation package. Whether so much fussing and violence and loss of lives and properties would be justified about loss of a mere religious shrine instead over maybe toilets, that he would leave unstated. But we must askWhy then the fuss? Selective Secularists like Jai Ram Ramesh value Hindu shrines as less worth than Toilets, but in the same breath say any amount of violence on account of such a shrine is justified if that happens to be even a disputed Islamic shrine.

This is some kind of feat of logic that is impossible to match. He even laments as most Selective Secularist never fail an opportunity to do, over the terrible loss of that shrine structure at the disputed site at Ayodhya. India would have been spared the Babri Masjid tragedy We thought after all its worth to him must be less than a toilet space? Not if it is about an Islamic shrine? Must we not wonder why his tongue doesnt waggle as freely as it just did about Hindu shrines? Or would he at least ask the Muslims why all the fuzz and fury then about its demolishment after all he says shrines are incapable of giving them Salvation? In the most telling way about the hypocrisy ingrained in this species of the likes of RameshHe ingeniously asks Modi that whether he agrees with late BSP leader Kanshi Ram who had said during the BJP's Ayodhya movement that the solution to the Ayodhya controversy is to build a giant sanitation complex. To be fair to Kanshi Ram, as a Secularist would allocate his contempt for shrines and preference for Utilities equally to both Hindu and Muslim disputants over Ayodhya shrine space. But Jai Ram Ramesh would have nothing to with anything that diminishes the Muslim fussing about shrines. Selective Secularists never venture to offer such sarcasm and contempt that they reserve only for Hindu shrines and their attitudes. It is not out of any conviction but certitude of what will happen if they dare to do soThey know all too well, that unlike the Bajrang Dal activists, the reaction for comparing Muslim shrines with toilets or spelling out its less worth than a toilet

or a new revelation that visiting mosques or Mecca wouldnt bring any salvation, would be most unpleasant. It wouldnt stop at just some urinating at his gates. It is this Conviction in Terrible reactions from Islamic anger and fear of it that makes these Selective Secularists try bullying all the time and go after Hindus selectively. Or else Jai Ramesh should be telling the Muslims that it is out of Conviction of Futility of any number of visits to mosques that wouldnt give them any salvation that he calls for the scrapping of Haj Subsidies. The selective secularist like Ramesh never ask- whats the point in going all the way to Mecca wasting public money for one can build as many world class toilets here with all that wasted attempts at Salvation? They could always enlighten our Muslims about misplaced priorities. The Saudis can also be told about their mistaken priorities, but Jai Ram Ramesh or no dog would dare wag its tongue or secular tail there.

Prioritized Utilitarian Comparison and Demotion of Hindu Spiritual Infrastructure

This is a classic Temptation of Selective Secularists that hooks and baits Hindutva leaders. Using such Prioritization arguments they seek a Compromise from the Hindu leader, so that his Priorities are reversed in terms of their own Secular priorities and his own priorities done Devaluation. There could be no two opinions about need of hospitals and schools as well as places of worship.

Both are equally needed for the Holistic development of social health- for World Health organization had long ago put Spiritual health as an integral and inseparable part of definition of Social Health. The debate cannot therefore be there as a scientific issue at all- all have equal weight age and if there must be a Prioritization then that must be only on peculiar local needs. Such sweeping Prioritization of Spiritual infrastructure over Secular utilities in the scale of a nation of Indias size is at best a bad joke and not an innocent one at that. The Secular prioritization of Utilities and Devaluation of Spiritual Infrastructure however does happen in totalitarian states like that Stalinist Russia and Communist China. The reverse case of Spiritual Prioritization of Utilities also happens but only at Ultra orthodox states like Wahabist Saudi Arabia and Iran. In both cases, the Prioritization of Utilities is ideological and state sponsored. Is that the case with Hindus and their shrines at India? Is India some Hindu-wahabi state that is erecting too many temples with a lack of toilets, schools and hospitals? Is that scientifically studied and statistically shown that such Indian State Prioritization of Hindu shrines had come at the cost of health utilities like Public toilets? Modi himself was loudly telling the world how Hinduism and Hindus ideas of shrines have changed after his recent visit to Ma Amritananda mayee.

He has documented the impressive list of hospitals, universities, schools, research labs and self help projects, and for Hindus the shrines now enshrine such Secular infrastructure laying out. Still, he has allowed himself a slip of the tongue trying to associate the Hindu shrines with lack of basic sanitary utilities! In fact it is to this crowd of youth that he must have spoken about the New Hindu paradigm of holistic infrastructural Construction he saw and eulogized at Kerala. Instead of taking a jive at supposed hardliners and his image and real thought on matter- which is same old caricaturing of this reality of resurgent Hinduism as other worldly and to the absurd point of hygienic negligence. This is a hit below the belt. Far from such any such Lopsided Prioritization, Hindus are also constantly lamenting the total lack of State support towards the spiritual Infrastructure. It becomes rubbing salt on the gaping wound when we find the Secular state of India is actually Controlling and usurping the incomes of selectively Hindu shrines. In fact this Selective take over and drainage of Incomes of the Hindu shrines is actually stifling the social spiritual health by conferring devastating disadvantages over other communities. If anything Modi must have actually spoken for correctives in this Unhealthy State meddling and crippling of Hindu Spiritual Infrastructures and damaging selectively its social health and well being. Instead he tells us that this unhealthy Dis-prioritization of Hindu Spiritual Infrastructure is actually his own Real thought and this selective discrimination is in fact healthy to Hindu society. Nothing can be farther from the scientific truth or Indian ground reality.

This isnt at any rate his own Thought but a borrowed from Selective Secularists arsenal of Discriminative ideas. Modi is simply endorsing those discriminative Dis-prioritization of Hindu spiritual utilities of selective secularists by conflating it with secular utilities. DISPRIORITISATION OF HINDU NEEDS AS TICKET TO POWER The disprioritizing and Devaluation of the Hindu interests and needs is central to Selective Secularist Political parlance at India. Selective and Discriminative Secularism again is a proxy for Exclusivist faith systems and quite uncompromising when they equate the secular state idea with a discriminative status quo towards the Hindus. Since correcting this discrimination is a long pending need of Hindu society, Hindutva as a political and social mobilization movement came around in the first place. The Hindutva literature is replete with the list of such selective discriminations suffered by Hindu societyfrom Secular state control and usurpation of tithes, State Funding of educational institutions selectively denied to Hindus but granted to others as minorities, Subsidies to Haj pilgrimage, Scholarships and bank Loans, Article 357 that disallows any land ownership rights and so on. By standing up for these denied rights against the Discrimination came the image of being Hindutva. In fact agreeing that it is an image itself shows the need to a distancing from its negative perceptions. Such negative stereotyping of Hindutva is a distortion of the fact that it isnt an aggressive but a defensive representation.

So far the selective discriminative secular polity has as a solid mass of obscurantisms have stood defiantly against doing any justice to remedy this secular inequity. The rationale of Discriminative Secularists and the theological ideas of Dhimmitude and Dhimmis as second class citizens are eerily similar in their cursive dismissal. Demonization of the representatives seeking the ironing out of systemic imbalances and discriminative legislations as demands of hindu right wing fundamentalists has created a negative image for them by misrepresenting their case as doing somehow an injustice to status quo of selective patronization of non-Hindu citizenry. The hindutva image therefore is always felt and made to be seen as an ideological encumbrance and a hurdle to wider acceptance. It is a needless baggage, and even if you are propelled by a Hindu consensus to any position of power- deal as an equal among equals the psychological entrapment of stigmata sticks. At first sight of any gain at power and at the first opportunity that presents a compromise, hindutva leaders readily drop the baggage and join the Selective Secularists. That this entails a letdown of Hindu hopes of redressing the inequity of selective secular status quo matters little to them. The short changed Hindus bereft of any internal critique get reduced and disappointed as so many bandwagons. They are tempted like the messiah in the political wilderness of desert by every devilish voice that if only they compromise they can return to could rule the world.

This temptation by the Devil of selective Secularism is so powerful that even no Modi can resist is all that we learn from this episode of ever recurring compromises. The Real thought against the Image of Modi unsurprisingly is back with a bang and not so long ago this was the very same and infamous Mukada of Vajpayee.

MAKE TOILETS BEFORE SECULAR BLA BLA, AND WHY DRAG TEMPLES IN SAME CATEGORY OF NEEDS? The Iconoclasm of Abrahamists and Contempt of Left Liberals for temples as places of unclean filth of Idolatry seem internalized even by Hindutva stand-ups. To prove his point on this kind of Hindu trashing as Secularism, Modi asks his crowd of youth to build Toilets before you build Temples. The same if he had said ' build more toilets and not mosques, madrasas and churches' would have lead to another big ruckus instead of secular applause. Modi, we do need you there desperately to rescue this nation and its culture. Kindly make no mistake that this should also need Secular mimicry and Hindu trashing. It takes no effort to deride Hindu sentiments and score brownies, and it is to kick out this crowd that we are putting you there. Frankly we are in no mood to think we need another Jawaharlal Nehru to self destruct Hinduism.

Narender Modi owes an apology to Hindus world over and the BJP must demand an explanation and clarify the matter about its Image and the Real Thought it has about our shared Hindutva. Prioritized Utilitarian Comparison and Demotion of Hindu Spirituality below Utilities is a gross insult to the both the intelligence of Hindus as well as distorted mis-presentation of different categories of human priorities. MUKADA (MASKS), IMAGES AND THE STRAIGHT DOPE But Modi mustnt even think about short selling his Hindutva constituency. For this Modi Wave and gathering tsunami is different from prior Hindu waves. This is driven by something that is acknowledged even by the manipulator of world games- the CIA. Recently wiki leaks made it known the forces behind the so called Arab Springs and how it was effected by the Americans so swiftly- the internet activists and think tanks. The mass swell and youth resonance stem from the now known Internet Hindus. If they could topple well established secular sycophants and vaticano, then you must believe in your own confessions- that you are there because of those faceless ordinary citizens and their voice of dissent. It wont take long for them to do what they could to your political opponents. Believe us Modiji, we Hindus are sick and tired of this crap secularism trashing of our Hindu dharma. That is the wave you are riding and it is humble citizen Hindu activists who have provided that Ladder-

It is not a secular Skateboard or any secular wave you are surfing there- so dont try to kick the ladder away too soon for they would take that away gladly. If not from the fall from grace of Vajpayee, or Anna hazare, Lk Advani would tell you about such abrupt termination of the electricity and telephone line.

We dont know about any real thought, but this is no Image that a new India is now shaping up right in front of our eyes- and it has clear ideas regarding its Hindutva. It has its own thoughts and rejects thought Insertions. It will unmask mukadas. They know all too well their Chosen Messiahs would be tempted in the desert by the devils of selective secularism- it has the pluck to tell this graciously. The new India the Hindu youth are forging has zero tolerance for any compromise regarding its Hindutva. The new Hindu is not apologetic about being a Hindu but rightfully assertive. And they are the kingmakers. They are the ones that made the spell we call Modi Magic- and they can break the spell and cast it with again with another Modi- after all it is the personae that is an image not the Real thought that is Hindutva. Well its a bold and brave new world they are building there.