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What happens when you run adpreclone and adcfgclone? What does Rapidwiz actually do while installing 11i?

1. RapidWizard collects user information required for configuration of system, a nd creates a configuration file 2. RapidWizard checks Port availability and file space required 3. Zip files from the oraDB and oraAppDB DVD stage area are then uncompressed onto the file system 4. Each Disk directory contains a driver which is read to control the unzip phas e 5. The DB Techstack is relinked and reconfigured using an install driver, templa tes and the configuration file 6. Control files are created 7. The RDBMS ORACLE_HOME is registered into the Global Inventory 8. The DB is started, and further configuration is performed 9. Zip files from the oraAS (Developer Tools and As10g DVD stage area are then unco mpressed onto the file system 10. The Apps Techstack is relinked and reconfigured using the install driver, te mplates and the configuration file 11. The Developer Tools and As10g ORACLE_HOMEs are registered into the Global In ventory 12. Zip files from the oraApps (APPL_TOP, COMMON_TOP etc) stage are uncompressed o nto the file system 13. APPL_TOP is reconfigured with system using values in the configuration file and services are started 14. Post install checks are performed to check success of the installation. What happens when you run adpreclone and adcfgclone? When Running adpreclone dbTier First,When you run this commnad dbTier This will run in two steps Techstack and database. Techstack:It will create following directories in the ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/clone Jlib, db, data where Jlib db data relates to libraries

will contain the techstack information, will contain the information related to datafiles and required for cloning.

Creates driver files at ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/driver/instconf.drv Converts inventory from binary to xml, the xml file is located at $ORACLE_HOME/a ppsutil/clone/context/db/Sid_context.xml Prepare database for cloning:This includes creating datbase control file script and datafile location information file at$ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/templateadcrdbclo ne.sql, dbfinfo.lst Generates database creation driver file at ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/clone/data/drive rdata.drv Copy JDBC Libraries at ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/clone/jlib/classes12.jar and appsoui When Running adpreclone appsTier This will create stage directory at $COMMON_TOP/clone. This also run in two step

s. Techstack:Creates template files forOracle_iAS_Home/appsutil/templateOracle_806_ Home/appsutil/template Creates Techstack driver files forIAS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/driver/instconf.drv80 6_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/driver/instconf.drv APPL_TOP preparation:-It will create application top driver file$COMMON_TOP/clon e/appl/driver/appl.drv-Copy JDBC libraries$COMMON_TOP/clone/jlib/ COPY PORTION:Now Shutdown all the services of Application and database for Copy the file System to target location Configuring the target systemOnce it is done . Run as below for app s Tier and dbTier. On database side:cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutils/clone/bin perl dbTier pwd=apps This will use the templates and driver files those were created while running ad on source system and has been copied to target system. Following scripts are run by dbTier for configuring techstack This will check the system for ld, ar, cc, and make versions.adclone This will clone the context file. This will ceate a new context file as p er the details of this instance. runInstallConfigDriver located in $Oracle_Home/appsutil/driver/instconf.drv This will relink ORACLE_HOME

Relinking $Oracle_Home/appsutil/install/

For data on database side, following scripts are runDriver file $Oracle_Home/appsutil/clone/context/data/driver/data.drvCreate database adcrdb.z ipAutoconfig is runControl file creation adcrdbclone.sql On Application Side:COMMON_TOP/clone/bin/perl appsTier pwd=apps Following scripts are run by adcfgclone.plCreates context file for target adclon Run driver files$ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/driver/instconf.drv$IAS_ORACLE_HOME/appsut il/driver/instconf.drv Relinking of Oracle Home$ORACLE_HOME/bin/ $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/bin/adlnkiAS.shAt the end it will run the driver file $COMMON_T OP/clone/appl/