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Taj Mahal Table by Studio Job Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Design Extravaganza
Rare creations will be out in full force at the region's only dedicated design fair, Design Days Dubai, set to entice connoisseurs with its illustration of collectable furniture and objects. Fair Director Cyril Zammit tells T Emirates about show-stopping designs, trends and tips for investing in something that may become a historic creation.
By Orna Ballout


T Emirates: The New York Times Style Magazine

Design Days Dubai Fair Director Cyril Zammit

Its that time of the year again

Rick Owens bench Salon 94

Design Days Dubai an opportunity for the country to play up its creative character, luring design aficionados from across the globe to attend the regions only dedicated design fair. For its second year, the fair will host 29 galleries from March 18-21, all vying to woo with their unique design pieces at a custombuilt location at the base of Burj Khalifa. Cyril Zammit, Fair Director of Design Days Dubai, reveals a selection of show-stopping pieces that will stand out all expressing the art of craft. From the magnificent work of bronze by Studio Job for Carpenters Workshop Gallery, to the purest lines of Choi Byung-Hoon from Gallery Seomi, each part of the world translates its history and tradition into these great objects. Prestigious and exquisite materials are always popular like the marble bench by Rick Owens, or the lamp in crystal from Czech Republic by David Wiseman. Design, similar to fashion, has its own trends and go-to materials that people pursue to help create an ambience. Materials such as wood, which Zammit reveals is popular because it immediately projects a feeling of warmth and safety in a home or larger environment. Glass has reached a level of perfection through new shapes and techniques. Steel is also one of the strongest materials used these days especially when it comes from South Africa. With 29 galleries and 135 designers inventions under one roof, Zammit advises to spend time with the exhibitor once youve spotted an eye-catching design. The exhibitors have invested time, energy and money to produce the design showcased on their booth, and for this reason, they have taken the main risk in supporting the designer. He also recommends visitors to

Afterimage Bench by Choi Byung Hoon Gallery Seomi

consider the material and most importantly, the originality of the piece. This is what will make it different from mass production. Check if the designers work was bought by a museum, this will be a good sign that it is about to become a historical creation. On the note of historical pieces, Marc Newsons Lockheed Lounge Chair, a design created in 1986, by the then 23-year-old Newson, holds the record selling price in the design realm, at a whopping $2.4 million. According to Zammit, design is a safe investment. Like any investment, research has to be done prior to the purchase. Design Days Dubai shows a majority of contemporary design and these pieces are the future classics of design. This is a smart way to invest in the future. An assortment of talented designers will be present at the fair, however, Zammit points out some local names to keep an eye out for. Lebanon has been leading the design scene for a while, with Nada Debs, Karen Chekerdjian, Najla El Zein and Marc Baroud. From the UAE, Khalid Shafar has now become the face of design, with great creations and strong roots from his country.

Issue 2, 2013