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BULATS Vocabulary List

B1 Level

Prepared byACUMEN/ BULATS Authorised Testing Center
The BULATS B2 Wordlist is a list of 3400 words to help teachers preparing students to
achieve a B1 pass in the a!"ridge BULATS e#a!$ %t is not e#pected that students at this
level will &now 100' of the words on the list( "ut if the) can achieve so!e fa!iliarit) with
*0' of these ite!s( the) will "e well placed to reach their target level$
The list is "ased in part on the a!"ridge +S,L B+ -reli!inar) Wordlist$ .owever( it
includes a "roader range of language to cover different t)pes of survival +nglish as well as
other topics included in the BULATS e#a!$
As with the B+ -reli!inar) Wordlist( the list focuses on high/fre0uenc) words in a
wor&place conte#t and it covers receptive voca"ular) 1words that the candidates is e#pected
to understand "ut which are not the focus of the 0uestion2 as well as productive voca"ular)
1words the candidate needs to &now in order to answer the 0uestion2$ %n addition( words
co!!on in "oth written and spo&en +nglish have "een included( as have words fro! !ore
for!al or infor!al registers$
The wordlist does not provide an e#haustive list of all the words that appear in either the
BULATS online or paper/"ased e#a!$ 3or does it atte!pt to provide all the words necessar)
for use in the Spea&ing or Writing e#a!s$ Therefore( students should not confine their stud)
to the wordlist alone$
B1 and A2 words
The list includes words on the A2 wordlist and these are italicized$ Words that are not in
italics are only in the B1 list$
Amerian and Bri!is" En#$is"
The list is designed for students !ore fa!iliar with A!erican +nglish than British +nglish(
though "oth are included$ Where there are !inor differences "etween spellings( the
A!erican spelling is listed with the British included alongside4 eg center (Am Eng), centre
(Br Eng)$ 5or words where there is significant difference "etween the spellings( "oth versions
are listed with the alternative "eside4 eg enquire (Br Eng), inquire (Am Eng) 6 inquire (Am
Eng), enquire (Br Eng)$ So!eti!es there are alternative le#ical ite!s for the sa!e o"7ect or
concept and "oth variants are given with the alternative "eside4 eg bill (Am Eng), note (Br
Eng) 6 note (Br Eng), bill (Am Eng)$
+#a!ples are given for so!e words to highlight i!portant !eanings either at this level or in
this do!ain$ +#a!ples !a) also "e included to highlight a particular gra!!atical for!
1noun( ver" ad7( etc2 which is !ore co!!on$ As !entioned a"ove( words that should "e
fa!iliar to an A2 student are italici8ed$
So!e words have !eanings or uses that are t)picall) &nown at different levels( so in the
e#a!ple "elow )ou can see several !eanings of the word clear$ As )ou can see fro! the
e#a!ple( clear is italici8ed indicating that it should "e fa!iliar to a student at A2$ The
!eanings and uses of clear that an A2 student should "e fa!iliar with are italici8ed( "ut the
non/italici8ed !eanings are onl) li&el) to "e &nown ") a candidate at B1$
clear (adj & v)
It's all very clear to me now what happened (adj)
lear )our des& "efore )ou go ho!e$ ()*
The "oard decided to sell so!e assets in order to clear co!pan) de"ts$ ()*
The consign!ent hasn9t cleared custo!s )et$ ()*
The "an& re0uires four da)s to clear the chec&$ ()*
A list of prefi#es and suffi#es appropriate to this level is included in Appendi# 2$ These !a)
"e co!"ined with words on the list as appropriate$ Thus( un!riendly is not included in this list
as it is a co!"ination of !riendly : the prefi# un"$
A++re)ia!ions ,sed
Am En#
Br En#
&re& &"r
A!erican +nglish
British +nglish
prepositional phrase
the list does not include ever) word included in the BULATS e#a!ination
the list covers receptive and productive voca"ular)
the list is designed for students !ore fa!iliar with A!erican +nglish
the list includes written and spo&en +nglish
A2 level words are also included in this list and these are italici8ed
prefi#es and suffi#es appropriate to this level are included in Appendi# 2
a""reviation (n*
ability (n)
able (adj)
able to go
about (adj & prep)
#he company has about $%% employees
#he report is about cutting costs (prep)
a"out to 1"e a"out to2 (&"r )*
above (adj & prep)
abroad (adv)
a"sence (n*
a"sent (ad-*
a"solutel) (in!*
accept (v)
access (n 2 )*
accident (n)
accommodation (n)
acco!pan) ()*
according to (&re&*
account (n)
I'd li&e to open a ban& account
,ur co!pan) has an account at Transport
accountanc) (n*
accountant (n)
accounting (n*
accounts (n*
accurac) (n*
accurate (ad-*
achieve ()*
ac&nowledge ()*
ac0uaintance (n*
ac0uire ()*
ac0uisition (n*
across (prep)
act (v)
action (n)
#he company has reasons !or its actions
%ndustrial action has affected production$
We need to develop an action plan$
active (adj)
activity (n)
actor (n*
actual (adj)
actually (adv)
ad (a++re)* 1advertise!ent2
adapt ()*
add ()*
addition (n*
%n addition( %9d li&e to order a new printer$
With his e#perience( he will "e a useful
addition to the tea!$
additional (ad-*
address (n & v)
'ould I have your email address( (n)
The +, addressed the conference$ ()*
ad7ust ()*
administration (n)
ad!inistrative (ad-*
administrator (n)
ad!ire ()*
ad!ission (n*
Ad!ission to the conference is ") invitation
ad!it ()*
.e ad!itted there were production pro"le!s$
This tic&et ad!its two people to the
adult (n & adj)
advance (n*
;an) than&s in advance$
%9d li&e to !a&e an advance "oo&ing$
advanced (ad-*
We need so!eone with advanced word/
processing s&ills$
advantage (n)
advertise (v)
advertising (n)
advice (n)
advice note (n*
advise ()*
aeroplane (Br Eng), airplane (Am Eng) (n)
affair (n*
.e had a lot of i!portant affairs to ta&e care
a!!ect (v)
a!!ord (v)
a!raid (adj)
I'm a!raid we can't help you
a!ter (prep)
a!ter that (conj)
after/sales service (n*
a!ternoon (n)
a!terwards (adv)
again (adv)
against (prep)
age (n)
aged (ad-*
agency (n)
)et's use an advertising agency
agenda (n)
agent (n)
I've been to the travel agent to boo& a !light
to *ong +ong
*e's our agent in ,apan
aggressive (ad-*
ago (adv)
agree (v)
agricultural (ad-*
agriculture (n*
aim (n & v)
*is aim was to become 'E- (n)
.e aim to increase turnover by $/ this year
air (n)
*e's going by air instead o! by train
air/conditioned (ad-*
air/conditioning (n)
airline (n)
air!ail (n*
airplane 1A! Eng), aeroplane (Br Eng) (n)
airport (n)
aisle (n)
alar! (n*
The "an& installed a new securit) alar!$
alcohol (n*
ali&e (ad) 2 ad-*
The) thin& ali&e$ (ad)*
The two products are ver) ali&e$ (ad-*
all (adj, adv, det & pron)
allocate ()*
allow (v)
allowance (n*
a travel allowance
allowed 1"e allowed to2
0ta!! are not allowed to discuss the content
o! their 1obs with people outside the
almost (adv)
alone (adv)
along (adv & prep)
aloud (ad)*
alpha"et (n*
already (adv)
alright (adv & adj)
also (adv)
alter ()*
alter an arrange!ent
alternative (n 2 ad-*
although (conj)
altogether (ad)*
always (adv)
am (be!ore noon) (adv)
amazing (adj)
a!"assador (n*
a!"ition (n*
a!"itious (ad-*
among (amongst) (prep)
amount (n)
a!using (ad-*
anal)8e 1A! +ng2( anal)se 1Br +ng2 ()*
anal)sis (n*
and (conj)
anger (n*
angry (adj)
anniversar) (n*
The co!pan) cele"rated its <0
announce (v)
anno)ed (ad-*
annual (adj)
annual report (n*
annual return (n*
another (det)
answer (n & v)
answer phone (n*
anti0ue (ad- 2 n*
an#ious (ad-*
any (det, adj & pron)
anybody (pron)
an)how (ad)*
anyone (n)
anything (n)
anything else (phr)
anyway (adv)
anywhere (adv)
A,B (a++re)* An) ,ther Business
apart fro! (&re&*
apartment (n)
apologi8e 1A! +ng2( apologise 1Br +ng2 ()*
apolog) (n*
appear (v)
appearance (n*
appeti8er (n*
applicant (n*
application (n)
application for! (n*
apply ()*
appoint ()*
approach (n 2 )*
What approach are )ou going to ta&e= (n*
We can approach the "an& for a loan$ ()*
appropriate (ad-*
approval (n*
approve (v)
appro# (a++re)* appro#i!atel) (ad)*
appro#i!ate (ad-*
architect (n*
area (n)
.e're loo&ing !or a location in the area near
the airport
*e became the area manager a!ter two
argue ()*
The) argued a"out the !ar&eting "udget$
arith!etic (n*
around (adv & prep)
arrange (v)
arrange a meeting2time
arrange!ent (n*
arrival (n)
arrive (v)
arrogant (ad-*
art (n)
#he company buys and sells wor&s o! art
article (n)
A recent newspaper article criticized the
as (adv & conj)
as as 3 (conj & prep)
A0A4 (abbrev) as soon as possible
asha!ed (ad-*
as& (v)
as& !or (v + prep)
aspect (n*
What aspect of )our 7o" do )ou li&e !ost=
asse!"l) (n*
asse!"l) line (n*
asse!"l) plant (n*
asse!"l) point (n*
assess ()*
assistant (n)
associate (n 2 )*
association (n*
assure ()*
at (prep)
at all (prep phr)
at first (&re& &"r*
at last (&re& &"r*
at least (prep phr)
at once (&re& &"r*
at present (prep phr)
at the moment (prep phr)
at the sa!e ti!e (&re& &"r*
A#5 (a++re)* auto!ated teller !achine
attach (v)
attachment (n)
attac& (n 2 )*
attend (v)
attendance (n*
atte!pt ()*
attention (n & v)
attitude (n*
attract ()*
attraction (n*
attractive (adj)
audience (n)
audit (n 2 )*
auditor (n*
author (n*
authori8e 1A! +ng2( authorise 1Br +ng2 ()*
authorit) (n*
auto!atic (ad-*
availa"ilit) (n*
available (adj)
average (adj & n)
'an you !ind the average o! these three
*e's not a particularly good rep 6 he's 1ust
avoid (v)
awa&e (ad-*
award (n 2 )*
She was awarded the title 9Businessperson
of the >ear9$
The court awarded da!ages of ?<0(000$
,ur co!pan) won an award for e#ports$
aware (ad-*
away (adv)
#he 'E-'s away on business until the end
o! the month
*e threw away the documents by mista&e
bac& (adv & n)
.hen are you going bac& to wor&(
I gave bac& the laptop I had borrowed
#he cables at the bac& o! the computer are
not connected
"ac&ground (n*
"ac& up (n 2 )*
!a&e a "ac& up
"ac& up )our hard drive
"ac&wards (ad)*
bad (adj)
bag (n)
baggage (n)
"alance () 2 n*
The countr)9s "alance of pa)!ents is up this
!onth "ecause of increased e#ports$ (n*
The "alance is due within two wee&s$ (n*
She spent da)s tr)ing to "alance the
co!pan)9s "oo&s$ ()*
@o the "oo&s "alance= ()*
"alance sheet (n*
balcony (n*
"an (n 2 )*
ban& (n & v)
ban& account (n)
"an& "alance (n*
ban& card (n*
ban& charge (n*
ban& cler& (n)
"an& loan (n*
ban& manager (n)
"an& state!ent (n*
"an& transfer (n*
"an&ing (n*
ban&note (n)
"an&rupt (n 2 )*
"an&ruptc) (n*
bar (n & v)
"ar chart (n*
The "ar chart shows sales fro! last )ear$
bargain (n 2 )*
7id you get a bargain( (n*
8ou'll get a better price i! you bargain with
him ()*
base (n)
-ur customer base is rather wea& (n)
The "ase rate is low so !ore people are
"orrowing$ (n*
5y new 1ob is based in central Europe (v)
What did )ou "ase the sales pro7ections on=
basement (n)
basic (adj)
"asis (n*
"as&et (n*
bathroom (n)
"attle (n*
There was a "attle over strateg)$
bay (n)
#he city is on the edge o! a large bay
The factor) needs another loading "a)$
be ()*
"eat ()*
We can "eat our co!petitors on 0ualit)( "ut
not on price$
beauti!ul (adj)
because (conj)
because o! (prep)
become (v)
bedroom (n)
be!ore (prep)
"eg ()*
% "eg )our pardon$
% "egged her not to resign$
begin (v)
"ehave ()*
.e alwa)s "ehaves in a professional !anner$
"ehavior 1A! +ng2( "ehaviour 1Br +ng2 (n*
behind (prep & adv)
"e into (&"r )*
%9! 0uite into the travel % need to do for !)
believe (v)
I believe we will win the contract
7o you believe in the product(
"ell (n*
"elong ()*
below (prep & adv)
"end (n 2 )*
"eneath (&re& 2 ad)*
bene!it (n & v)
beside (adv & prep)
best (adj)
better (adj)
between (adv & prep)
"e)ond (&re&*
bicycle (n)
"id (n 2 )*
big (adj)
bi&e (n)
bill (Am Eng), note (Br Eng) (n)
#he ta9i driver didn't have change !or a
hundred"dollar bill
bill (Br Eng), chec& (Am Eng) (n)
.e've !inished our meal so we'd better get
the bill
billion (n)
"iograph) (n*
birth (n)
.hat's the date o! her birth( (n)
blac& (adj)
The co!pan) ended the )ear in the "lac&$
The true si8e of the "lac& econo!) cannot
"e &nown$
"la!e ()*
"lan& (ad- 2 n*
% need a "lan& piece of paper$ (ad-*
Write the correct word in each "lan& 1space2$
"lan& chec& 1A! +ng2( "lan& che0ue 1Br +ng2 (n*
"lind (n*
The "lind needs repairing$
bloc& (n)
It's opposite the o!!ice bloc& at the end o! the
:o to the end o! the bloc& and turn le!t
"low up ()*
#he gas heater blew up
blue (adj)
There9s "een a decline in the nu!"er of
"lue/collar wor&ers$
board (n, v & adv)
a noticeboard, a wooden board (n)
on board a plane2ship (adv)
new tea! !e!"er on "oard (ad)*
"oard a plane or ship ()*
a "oard of directors (n*
"oard !eeting (n*
"oarding card (n*
boarding pass (n)
"oard roo! (n*
boat (n)
body (n)
"oil ()*
"oiled (ad-*
"old (ad-*
a "old strateg)
t)pe in "old
bonus (n)
an annual bonus
boo& (n & v)
I'm reading a boo& on online mar&eting at
the moment
.e'd better boo& our !lights early
boo&case (n)
"oo&&eeping (n*
"oo&ing des& (n*
"oo&ing for! (n*
"oo&ing office (n*
boo&store (Am Eng), boo&shop (Br Eng) (n)
"oost (n 2 )*
"oot 1Br +ng2( trun& 1A! +ng2 (n*
5y case is in the boot o! her car
boot(s) (n)
"order (n*
bored (adj)
"order (n 2 )*
boring (adj)
born (adj)
borrow (v)
boss (n)
boss (n)
"oss) (ad-*
"other () 2 ad-*
can9t "e "othered
bottom (adj & n)
at the bottom o! the page (n)
the bottom le!t"hand corner (adj)
bo9 (n)
.e sent three bo9es o! brochures to our
southern o!!ice this morning
#ic& the bo9
brain (n)
branch (n)
#he ban& has opened branches in ma1or
shopping malls
brand (n & adj)
own brand (n)
"rand na!e (n*
"rand/new (ad-*
"rave (ad-*
brea& (n 2 )*
during the (lunch) brea& (n*
What ti!e shall we "rea& for lunch= ()*
"rea& down (n 2 &"r )*
ould )ou give !e a "rea&down of last
!onth9s sales figures= (n*
The printer has "ro&en down again$ (&"r )*
"rea& in (n 2 &"r )*
So!e one "ro&e into the factor) and stole
so!e e0uip!ent$ (&"r )*
There was a "rea&/in at the co!pan)9s head
office$ (n*
"rea& up (&r" )*
The Le#ford Aroup was "ro&en up into
s!aller co!panies$ (&"r )*
The glass "ottle are "ro&en up "efore
entering the rec)cling !achine$ (&"r )*
brea&!ast (ad-*
'ould we arrange a brea&!ast meeting(
"ric& (n*
bridge (n & v)
"rief (ad- 2 )*
The +, !ade a "rief visit to the factor)$
.ere is the news in "rief$ (ad-*
The co!pan) sent a representative to "rief
us on changes to the procedures$ ()*
"riefing (n*
brie!case (n)
bright (adj)
"rilliant (ad-*
bring (v)
"ring forward (&"r )*
We9ll have to "ring the !eeting ti!e forward
to 10400a!$
"road (ad-*
"road"and (n*
brochure (n)
"ro&e (ad-*
"rush (n 2 )*
B$Sc$ (a++re)* 1Bachelor of Science2
budget (v & n)
bu!!et (n & adj)
"ug (n*
This software has a "ug in it$
build (v)
building (n)
"ul& (n*
We have !anaged to cut costs ") "u)ing in
"ullet (n 2 )*
a "ullet point (n*
-lease "ullet point this list for !e$ ()*
"ureau (n*
%9ll get so!e US dollars fro! the e#change
"urglar (n*
"urglar) (n*
bus (n)
bus station (n)
bus stop (n)
business (n)
*e runs a business (n)
company business (n)
do business (v + n)
be on2in business (prep phr)
get down to "usiness (&"r ) 3 n*
go into "usiness (&"r ) 3 n*
go out of "usiness (&"r ) 3 n*
set up a "usiness (&"r ) 3 n*
business card (n)
business class (n & adj)
business dinner (n)
businessman (n)
businessperson (n)
businesswoman (n)
"usiness hours (n*
"usiness plan (n*
business school (n)
business trip (n)
busy (adj)
but (conj)
"utton (n*
The on6off "utton isn9t wor&ing$
buy (n 2 v*
.e bought ;%% units (v)
%t was a good "u)$ (n*
buyer (n)
by (prep)
") accident (&re& &"r*
by air (prep phr)
") all !eans (&re& &"r*
by car (prep phr)
") chance (&re& &"r*
") da) (&re& &"r*
") hand (&re& &"r*
") land (&re& &"r*
by mista&e (prep phr)
") na!e (&re& &"r*
by onesel! (prep phr)
") post (&re& &"r*
") sea (&re& &"r*
") sight (&re& &"r*
by train (prep phr)
<' (a++re)* entigrade( elsius
c (abbrev) cents
c (a++re)* circa
cab (n)
cabinet (n)
!iling cabinet
ca"le (n*
ca"le television (n*
ca!e (n)
calculate ()*
calculator (n*
calendar (n)
call (n & v)
#here was a phone call !or you (n)
.hat's this product called( (v)
5r +han called while you were out (v)
call bac& (phr v)
'ould you as& her to call me bac&(
call for (&"r )*
%9ll call for )ou at 3p!$
call in (&"r )*
%9ll call in and see )ou ne#t ti!e %9! in town$
call center 1A! +ng2( call centre 1Br +ng2 (n*
calm (adj)
camera (n)
ca!paign (n 2 )*
The advertising ca!paign was ver)
successful$ (n*
The staff ca!paigned for "etter wor&ing
conditions$ ()*
can (n & v)
a can o! coca"cola (n)
'an I go now( (v)
*e can spea& ,apanese very well (v)
canal (n*
cancel (v)
cancellation (n*
candidate (n)
canteen (n*
capa"le (ad-*
capacit) (n*
capital (n)
the capital (city) o! a country
to raise capital !or a business
capital letters
car (n)
car par& (n)
card (n)
identity (I7) card
credit card
cardboard (adj & n)
care (n & adj)
.e ta&e care o! our customers (n)
0ome customers care more about good
quality than price (v)
career (n)
careless (ad-*
cargo (n*
carpet (n)
carton (n*
carry (v)
carry a case
pipes carrying water
carr) on (&"r ) 2 ad-*
%9ll carr) on wor&ing till %9! B<$
There is a li!it for how !uch carr)/on
luggage )ou can ta&e on the plane$
carr) out 1a tas&2 (&"r )*
We9ve 7ust carried out a surve) into custo!er
arr)ing out instructions is part of the 7o"$
case (n)
a di!!icult case
a case !or my laptop
In that case,
cash (n & v)
cash "oo& (n*
cash des& (n*
cash flow (n*
cash !achine (n*
cash price (n*
cash register (n)
cash sale (n*
casual (adj)
catalog (Am Eng), catalogue (Br Eng) (n)
catch (v)
I'm sorry, I didn't catch what you said
categor) (n*
catering (n*
cause (n & v)
B@ (a++re)* central "usiness district
cc (a++re)* car"on cop)
'7"=-5 (n)
'E- (a++re)* hief +#ecutive ,fficer
ceiling (n*
celebrate (v)
cele"ration (n*
cellar (n*
cell phone 1cellular phone2 (n*
elsius (n*
ce!ent (n 2 )*
centigrade (n*
centimeter 1A! +ng2( centimetre 1Br +ng2 (n*
central (ad-*
central "an& (n*
central heating (n*
center 1A! +ng2( centre 1Br +ng2 (n 2 )*
century (n)
certain (adj)
to be certain about something
a certain person
certi!icate (n)
5, (n* hief 5inancial ,fficer
chain (n*
a chain of super!ar&ets
chair (n 2 )*
.e need new chairs !or the o!!ice (n)
-eter is hair of the !eeting this afternoon$
The finance director chaired the !eeting in
the +,9s a"sence$ ()*
chair!an (n*
chairperson (n*
chairwo!an (n*
challenge (n & v)
chance (n)
change (n & v)
It was a big change !rom my previous 1ob
7o you have any small change( (n)
*e changed his mind about the leaving (v)
0he changed money be!ore going to the
airport (v)
chapter (n*
character (n*
charge (n & v)
.is charges are too high$ (n*
*ow much do you charge( (v)
in charge (o!)
chart (n)
charter (n 2 )*
The co!pan) chartered a plane$ ()*
a custo!er charter (n*
a charter flight (n*
chat (n & v)
cheap (adj)
cheat (v & n)
chec& (n & v)
I'll do a quic& chec& (n)
'hec& these !igures (v)
chec& (Am Eng), bill (Br Eng) (n)
.e're done eating 'an we get the chec&
chec& in (phr v & n)
4lease proceed to chec&"in (n)
chec& in to a hotel (phr v)
chec& out (phr v)
chec& out o! a hotel
chec&list (n*
cheerful (ad-*
che! (n)
che!ical (ad- 2 n*
the che!ical industr)
che!ist (n*
cheque 1Br +ng2( chec& 1A! +ng2 (n*
chief (ad- 2 n*
the chief pro"le! (ad-*
chief e#ecutive (n*
child (n)
chill) (ad-*
choice (n)
choose (v)
church (n*
circle (n)
#he chairs were arranged in a circle !or the
circular (ad-*
a circular e!ail
a circular ta"le
circulate ()*
city (n)
civil servant (n*
clai! (n 2 )*
clarif) ()*
class (n)
a class o! business students
!irst2business2economy class
classif) ()*
classroom (n)
clean (adj & v)
clear (adj & v)
It's all very clear to me now what happened
lear )our des& "efore )ou go ho!e$ ()*
The "oard decided to sell so!e assets in
order to clear co!pan) de"ts$ ()*
The consign!ent hasn9t cleared custo!s )et$
The "an& re0uires four da)s to clear the
chec&$ ()*
clerical (ad-*
cler& (n)
clever (adj)
clic& (on) (n & v)
client (n)
cli!ate (n*
Toda)9s econo!ic cli!ate doesn9t encourage
cli!ate change (n*
climb (v)
4rices have climbed steadily
clinic (n*
cloc& (n)
close (adj & v)
close down (&"r )*
The factor) has closed down$
close (to) (adj)
5y house is close to my o!!ice
closed (adj)
0orry, we are closed
cloth (n*
clothes (n pl)
clothing (n)
cloudy (adj)
clu" (n*
clue (n*
cm (abbrev) centimeters (Am Eng) 2 centimetres (Br
'o (abbrev) company
cooperate ()*
cooperation (n*
cooperative (ad- 2 n*
.e is ver) cooperative$ (ad-*
This co!pan) is a cooperative$ (n*
coordinate ()*
coordination (n*
coach (n 2 )*
The co!pan) e!plo)s a coach$ (n*
She coached !e through it$ ()*
coal (n*
coast (n)
co!!ee (n)
co!!ee/shop (n)
coin (n)
cold (adj & n)
colleague (n)
collect (v)
collection (n*
color (Am Eng), colour (Br Eng) (n & v)
co!"ination (n*
co!"ine ()*
come (v)
co!e down (&"r )*
o!puters have co!e down a lot in price
come !rom (phr v)
I come !rom >ietnam
co!e up (&"r )*
So!ething has co!e up and % can9t !a&e it
to the dinner$
co!e up with (&"r )*
We ca!e up with a solution to the pro"le!$
co!fort (n 2 )*
com!ortable (adj)
co!!and () 2 n*
co!!and a high price ()*
co!!and so!eone to do so!ething ()*
issue a co!!and (n*
co!!ence ()*
co!!ent (n 2 )*
commerce (n)
commercial (n & adj)
a television commercial (n)
a commercial organization (adj)
co!!ission (n 2 )*
to earn co!!ission on a sale (n*
to co!!ission so!eone to do so!ething ()*
co!!it ()*
co!!itted to her wor&
co!!it resources to a pro7ect
co!!ittee (n*
common (adj)
a common event
have something in common
communicate (v)
communication (n)
commute (v & n)
co!pact (ad-*
a co!pact disc 1@2
a co!pact office
company (n)
compare (v)
co!parison (n*
compete (v)
co!petent (ad-*
competition (n)
a competition
competition !rom another company
co!petitive (ad-*
competitor (n)
complain (v)
co!plaint (n*
complete (v & adj)
co!pli!ent (n 2 )*
co!ponent (n*
co!position (n*
co!pro!ise (n 2 )*
computer (n)
computer program (programme 6 o!ten in Br Eng) (n)
co!puter progra!!er (n*
concentrate ()*
concentration (n*
concern (n 2 )*
The "udget overspend is a !atter of
concern$ (n*
This doesn9t concern )ou$ ()*
concerned (ad-*
concert (n)
conclusion (n*
condition (n*
%t9s in good condition$
under these conditions
conduct ()*
conduct a surve)
con!erence (n)
confidence (n*
con!ident (adj)
confidential (ad-*
con!irm (n)
con!irm an order
confir!ation (n*
waiting for confir!ation of an order
con!used (adj)
congratulations (n & int)
connect (v)
connecting 1flight2 (ad-*
connection (n)
conservative (ad-*
consider ()*
considera"le (ad-*
considerate (ad-*
consign!ent (n*
consist (n*
constant (ad-*
constant level
construct ()*
construction (n*
consul (n*
consulate (n*
consult (v)
consultanc) (n*
consultant (n)
consultation (n*
consumer (n)
consumer con!idence
consu!er goods (n*
contact (n & v)
contain (v)
content (ad-*
content1s2 (n*
contest () 2 n*
continent (n*
continue (v)
contract (n 2 )*
.e is contracted to wor& 42 hours per wee&$
#he contract is due !or renewal (n)
contri"ute ()*
contri"ution (n*
control (n 2)*
.e cannot control his te!per$ ()*
.e has lost control of "udget decisions$ (n*
convenience (n*
convenience foods
convenient (adj)
conversation (n)
convince ()*
,, (n* hief ,perating ,fficer
cool (adj & v)
cope 1with2 ()*
copy (n & v)
*ave you got a copy( (n)
'opy this letter, please (v)
copy machine (copier) (Am Eng) (n)
corner (n*
corporate (ad-*
corporate client
corporate entertain!ent
corporate rate1s2
corporate social responsi"ilit) 1SC2 (n*
corporation (n*
correct (adj & v)
Is this correct( (adj)
I will correct it !or you (v)
correction (n*
correspond ()*
correspond ") e!ail
correspondence (n*
corridor (n*
cost (n & v)
.e have to loo& at all the costs (n)
#he new equipment cost more than we
planned (v)
costing1s2 (n*
cotton (n)
could (v)
could I have 3(
could do with (&"r*
% could do with a vacation$
count (v)
country (n)
countryside (n)
couple (n)
courage (n*
courier (n 2 )*
courier service (n)
have so!ething couriered ()*
course (n)
an English course
o! course
court (n*
cover (n 2 )*
-ut the cover on the &e)"oard$ (n*
;) des& is covered with papers$ ()*
insurance cover (n*
The se!inar covered a range of topics$ ()*
crash () 2 n*
;) co!puter crashed$ ()*
a stoc& !ar&et crash (n*
crazy (adj)
create (v)
creation (n*
creative (adj)
credit (n)
on credit
in credit
to credit an account
credit card
credit control
cri!e (n*
cri!inal (ad- 2 n*
critici8e 1A! +ng2( criticise 1Br +ng2 ()*
C; (a++re)* custo!er relationship !anage!ent
crop (n 2 )*
cross (n 2 )*
5ar& the bo9 with a cross (n)
I! you cross the road, you'll see our o!!ice on
the corner (v)
cross out (&"r )*
crossing (n)
a pedestrian crossing
crossroads (n)
crowd (n & v)
crowded (adj)
SC (a++re)* corporate social responsi"ilit)
cruel (ad-*
culture (n)
cup (n)
cupboard (n)
curious (ad-*
currency (n)
current (ad-*
current account (n*
curriculu! (n*
curriculum vitae2'> (Br Eng), resume (Am Eng) (n)
curve (n 2 )*
custom (n)
customer (n)
custo!er "ase (n*
custo!er care (n*
custo!er relationship !anage!ent 1C;2 (n*
customer service (n)
customs (n)
go through customs
a customs o!!icer
custo!s dut)
a local custom
cut (n & v)
a cut in the nu!"er of 7o"s (n*
to cut costs (v)
to cut some paper (v)
cut "ac& (n 2 &"r )*
5urther financial cut"ac&s are e#pected ne#t
)ear$ (n*
@ue to the difficult econo!ic conditions we
will need to cut "ac& on the nu!"er of staff$
(&"r )*
cut down (&"r )*
We need to cut down on spending$
cut up (&"r )*
The "udget hasn9t "een cut up fairl)$
cut/price (ad-*
daily (adj & adv)
da!age (n 2 )*
danger (n)
dangerous (adj)
dar& (adj & n)
data (n*
data processing (n*
database (n)
date (n & v)
.hat's the date today( (n)
to date a letter (v)
%t covers !) career to date$ (ad)*
date/sta!p (n*
day (n)
day o!! (n)
deadline (n*
deadloc& (n*
The negotiations reached a deadloc&$
deal (n & v)
a business deal (n)
to ma&e a deal (n)
deal with someone2something (v)
deal in ()*
dear (adj)
7ear 0ir25adam
-h dear?
de"it (n 2 )*
debt (n)
large debts
in debt
decide (v)
deci!al (ad- 2 n*
decision (n)
decision/!a&ing (n*
decisive (ad-*
declare ()*
decline (n 2 )*
There9s "een a sharp decline in the sales of
the ;D2 !odel$ (n*
-rofits declined sharpl)$ ()*
decrease (n & v)
dedicated (ad-*
deduct ()*
deep (adj & adv)
in deep trouble (adj)
sin& deep into de"t (ad)*
defeat (n 2 )*
defective (ad-*
defend ()*
defense 1A! +ng2( defence 1Br +ng2 (n*
definite (ad-*
de!initely (adv)
degree (n)
@% degrees
(have) a degree in
delay (n &v)
delegate (n 2 )*
>ou need to delegate !ore of )our
responsi"ilities$ ()*
We hope for a large nu!"er of delegates at
this )ear9s conference$ (n*
delete (v)
deletion (n*
delicious (adj)
delighted (ad-*
deliver (v)
delivery (n)
de!and (n 2 )*
de!anding (ad-*
de!onstrate ()*
de!onstration (n*
de!onstration in support or so!ething
a de!onstration of a new product
dentist (n)
den) ()*
depart ()*
department (n)
department store (n)
departure (n)
depend (v)
It depends on what you do
deposit (n & v)
pay a deposit (n)
deposit money in an account (v)
depressed (ad-*
a depressed area6industr)
depression (n*
econo!ic depression
7ept (n) department
depth (n*
describe (v)
description (n)
desert (n*
design (n & v)
designer (n)
des& (n)
des&top (adj & n)
despatch 1Br +ng / variant of 9dispatch92 (n 2 )*
despite (&re&*
dessert (n*
destination (n)
destro) ()*
detail (n)
deter!ined (ad-*
develop (v)
diagram (n)
dial (n 2 )*
diary (n)
dictate ()*
dictionary (n)
die (v)
differ ()*
di!!erence (n)
di!!erent (adj)
di!!icult (adj)
dig ()*
digit (n*
digital (adj)
dine ()*
dining room (n)
dinner (n)
dip (n 2 )*
There was a dip in profits last )ear$ (n*
-roductivit) usuall) dips "efore lunch$ ()*
diplo!a (n*
direct (adj & v)
direct cost (n*
direct de"it (n*
direct !ail (n*
direct !ar&eting (n*
direction (n)
wal& in the wrong direction
read the directions on the bo9
director) (n*
a telephone director)
disa"led (ad-4 n 2 )*
elevators for disa"led people (ad-*
the disa"led (n*
the) disa"led his account ()*
disadvantage (n & v)
disagree (v)
disappoint ()*
disappoint ()*
discount (n & v)
discover ()*
discuss (v)
discussion (n)
disc6dis& (n*
co!pact disc
hard dis&
dish (n)
disli&e (v & n)
dis!iss ()*
dispatch (n 2 )*
displa) (n 2 )*
%t was a good displa)$ (n*
She displa)ed her talent$ ()*
distance (n)
distant (ad-*
distribute (v)
distribution (n)
district (n)
distur" ()*
divide ()*
division (n*
di88) (ad-*
do (v)
doa"le (ad-*
doctor6@r (n)
document (n)
docu!entar) (n 2 ad-*
docu!entation (n*
dollar (n)
do!estic (ad-*
@o!estic sales are up$
@o!estic appliances are the co!pan)9s
!ost profita"le line$
door (n)
door/to/door (ad- 2 ad)*
dotted line (n*
-lease sign on the dotted line$
double (adj & v)
4lease boo& a double room (adj)
In!lation doubled last year (v)
dou"t (n 2 )*
down (adj, v & prep)
,ur internet is down$ (ad)*
Sales of all our products are down$ (ad)*
4rices have gone down (adv)
*is o!!ice is down the corridor on the le!t
*e's been !eeling down since he lost his 1ob
download (n & v)
downstairs (adv)
downturn (n*
downward (ad- 2 ad)*
do8en (n*
dra!a (n*
dra!atic (ad-*
a dra!atic increase
dra!aticall) (ad)*
Sales increased dra!aticall)$
draw (n & v)
drawer (n)
dream (n &v)
dress (n & v)
drin& (n & v)
dinner and drin&s
drive (n & v)
driving license 1A! +ng2( driving licence 1Br +ng2 (n*
drop (n 2 )*
There9s "een a "ig drop in the nu!"er of
da)s people are ta&ing off$ (*
>ou9ve dropped )our pen$ (*
drug1s2 (n*
a !ulti/national drug co!pan)
drug store 1A! +ng2 (n*
dry (adj & v)
dr) cleaning (n*
due (ad-*
The ne#t pa)!ent is due in five da)s$
due date
The plane is due at E
The train is due to arrive$
due to (&re& &"r*
Shares fell due to loss of confidence$
dull (ad-*
duplicate (n 2 )*
during (prep)
dut) (n*
pa) dut) on i!ported goods
dut)/free goods
office duties
@F@ (n*
E (abbrev) east
each (det & pron)
eager (ad-*
early (adj & adv)
go to wor& early (adv)
in the early A@@%s (adj)
in the earl) stages of develop!ent (ad-*
earn (v)
earnings (n &$*
east (adj, adv & n)
eastern (adj)
easy (adj)
eat (v)
e/"oo& (n*
e/"usiness (n*
e/co!!erce (n*
economic (adj)
economic growth
the economic situation
econo!ical (ad-*
econo!ics (n*
economy (n)
economy class (n & adj)
edge (n 2 )*
educate ()*
education (n)
e!!ect (n)
e!!ective (adj)
efficient (ad-*
effort (n*
eg (abbrev) !or e9ample
either (det, adv & pron)
elect ()*
election (n*
electric (adj)
electrical (ad-*
electricit) (n*
electronic (adj)
electronic !ail 1e!ail2 (n*
electronics (n)
ele!entar) (ad-*
elevator (n) (usually li!t in Br Eng)
else (adv)
email (n & v)
e!"arrass ()*
e!"ass) (n*
e!ergenc) (n*
employ (v)
employee (n)
employer (n)
e!plo)!ent agenc) (n*
empty (adj)
ena"le ()*
enclose ()*
encourage ()*
end (n & v)
energy (n)
engaged (ad-*
The phone was engaged$
engage!ent (n*
% have a "usiness engage!ent on that da)$
engine (n*
engineering (n)
English (adj & n)
en1oy (v)
enor!ous (ad-*
enough (adj, adv & n)
enquire (Br Eng), inquire (Am Eng) (v)
enquiry (Br Eng), inquiry (Am Eng) (n)
enroll (Am Eng), enrol (Br Eng) (v)
en/suite (n 2 ad-*
ensure 1Br +ng2( insure ()*
enter ()*
entertain ()*
enthusias! (n*
enthusiastic (ad-*
entire (ad-*
entrance (n*
entrGe (n*
entry (n*
envelope (n*
environment (n*
environ!ental (ad-*
env) (n 2 )*
equal (adj & v)
e0uip ()*
equipment (n)
escalator (n)
escape (n 2 )*
especially (adv)
essential (ad-*
esta"lish ()*
esti!ate (n 2 )*
The esti!ate for repairs was low$ (n*
We esti!ated the costs$ ()*
+U (a++re)* +uropean Union
e9change (n & v)
euro (n)
even (adv)
*e couldn't even do that
even if (on-*
even though (on-*
evening (n & adj)
event (n)
eventuall) (ad)*
ever (adv)
everybody (n)
everyone (n)
everything (n)
everywhere (adv)
e#act (ad-*
e9actly (adv)
e9am (abbrev) e9amination
e9amination (n)
e9amine (v)
e9ample (n)
e#ceed ()*
e9cellent (adj)
e9cept (prep & conj)
e#cess (n*
e#cess capacit)
e9change (n & v)
e#change rate (n*
e9cited (adj)
e9citing (adj)
e#clude ()*
e#cluding (&re&*
e9cuse (n & v)
E9cuse me (v)
It was 1ust an e9cuse, not the real reason (n)
e9ecutive (n & adj)
e9ercise (n & v)
e#hausted (ad-*
e#hi"it (n 2 )*
e9hibition (n)
a trade e9hibition
e#ist ()*
e9it (n & v)
e9pand (v)
e#pansion (n*
e9pect ()*
e#pectation (n*
We need to !eet our custo!ers9
e#penditure (n*
e9pense(s) (n)
the e9pense o! hiring sta!!
to claim !or travel e9penses
e9pensive (adj)
e9perience (n & v)
e#perienced (ad-*
e#peri!ent (n 2 )*
The e#peri!ent was interesting$ (n*
The) e#peri!ented with new ideas$ ()*
e9pert (n & adj)
e9plain (v)
e#planation (n*
e#plode ()*
@e!and for our new product has e#ploded$
e#plore ()*
e9port (n & v)
e#press (ad- 2 )*
an e#press train (ad-*
e#press deliver) (ad-*
e#press an idea ()*
e#press an opinion ()*
e#press interest in ()*
e#pression (n*
% could tell fro! her e#pression that she
wasn9t happ)$
e#tend ()*
e#tension (n*
e#ternal (ad-*
e9tra (adj, adv & n)
e#tract (n 2 )*
an e#tract fro! the report
e#tract rare !etals fro! the earth
e#traordinar) (ad-*
e9tremely (adv)
eye (n & v)
B (a++re)* 5ahrenheit
BAC (abbrev) !requently as&ed questions
5>% (a++re)* for )our infor!ation
!acilities (n)
leisure !acilities
sta!! !acilities
#he hotel has e9cellent !acilities
face ()*
face a pro"le!
facing () 2 &re&*
!act (n)
factor (n*
!actory (n)
!ail (v)
failure (n*
faint (ad-*
a faint line
!air (adj & n)
#he way o! calculating bonus payments is
not !air (ad-*
The sales figures were fair rather than good$
#he trade !air will be in ,uly (n)
!aith!ully (adv)
8ours !aith!ully
!all (n & v)
#here was a sharp !all in pro!its (n)
0hare prices have been !alling very quic&ly
fall asleep ()*
fall out
The partners fell out over how to allocate the
false (ad-*
a false state!ent
!amily (n)
!amous (adj)
!an (n)
#he !an isn't wor&ing
!antastic (adj)
!ar (adv)
!are (n)
#he return !are is DE$F
fascinating (ad-*
!ashion (n)
!ast (adj & adv)
fasten ()*
fault (n*
%t9s Hohn9s fault the report is late$
There is a technical fault$
!avorite (Am Eng), !avourite (Br Eng) (adj)
!a9 (n & v)
!a9 machine (n)
!ear (n & v)
fed up 1with2 (&"r ad-*
!ee (n)
feed"ac& (n*
!eel (v)
feel li&e ()*
feel up to (&"r )*
% don9t feel up to such a challenge$
!emale (n & adj)
!erry (n 2 )*
festival (n*
fetch ()*
!ew (det & pron)
fiction (n*
sales of non/fiction have increased
!ield (n)
the !ield o! engineering
!ight (n & v)
!igure (n)
see Bigure F
sales !igures
!ile (n &b v)
'ould you get me the !ile on Gnicorn
*oldings( (n)
'ould you !ile these papers !or me, please
filing (n*
!ill (v)
!ill something to the top
!ill in (phr v)
I need to !ill in this !orm
!ill up (phr v)
)et me !ill up your glass
!ilm (n & v)
!inal (adj)
final de!and (n*
finali8e 1A! +ng2( finalise 1Br +ng2 ()*
!inance (n 2 )*
!inancial (adj)
financial advisor (n*
financial )ear (n*
!ind (v)
!ind out (phr v)
I must !ind out when 5r #a&a&a is arriving
!ine (adj, n & v)
!inish (n & v)
!ire (n & v)
Bire completely destroyed the warehouse
#here was a small !ire in the o!!ice (n)
*e's in charge o! 'hiring and !iring' (n)
*e was !ired !or selling company secrets (v)
fire alar! (n*
!irm (ad- 2 n*
a fir! offer (ad-*
a good !irm to wor& !or (n)
!irst (adj, adv, det & pron)
Bill in your !irst name (adj)
!irst aid (n)
!irst o! all (adv)
*e was the !irst to draw attention to the
mista&e (pron)
'ould you do the !iling !irst( (adv)
!irst class (adj & n)
fit (n4 ad- 2 )*
.is s&ills fit well with our needs$ ()*
,ur recent ac0uisition is a good fit with the
rest of our operation$ (n*
She &eeps fit$ (ad-*
fitness (n*
health and fitness sector
!i9 (v)
'ould you get the printer !i9ed today(
She fi#ed the shelf to the wall$
;) -A has fi#ed the date for the !eeting$
fi#ed cost (n*
fi#ed/ter! (ad-*
flag (n 2 )*
!lat (adj & n)
fleet (n*
a fleet of truc&s6cars6ships
!le9ible (adj)
fle#i"ilit) (n*
!light (n)
direct !light
non"stop !light
flip chart (n*
float (n 2 )*
flood (n 2 )*
!loor (n)
flotation (n*
flotation on the stoc& e#change
flowchart (n*
fluctuate ()*
fluctuation (n*
!ly (v)
focus (n 2 )*
fog (n*
fold (n 2 )*
!older (n)
!ollow (v)
following (ad- 2 &re&*
The following people are needed at the
opening$ (ad-*
5ollowing the !eeting( he !ade changes to
the report$ (&re&*
fond (ad-*
!ood (n)
Bood is becoming more e9pensive
#he !ast"!ood sector is growing
!oot6!eet (n)
si# foot6feet tall
at the !oot o! the page
!or (prep)
for"id ()*
force (n 2 )*
!ar&et forces (n*
% was forced to resign$ ()*
forecast (n 2 )*
We forecast a growth in this sector$ ()*
The sales forecast is ver) positive$ (n*
!oreign (adj)
!oreign currency (n)
foreign e#change (n*
!oreigner (n)
fore!an (n*
!orget (v)
forgetful (ad-*
forgive ()*
!orm (n 2 )*
!ill in a !orm (n)
order !orm (n)
to for! a co!!ittee ()*
!ormal (adj)
for!er (ad- 2 &ron*
fortnight 1Br +ng2 (n*
fortunate (ad-*
!orward (v)
!orward a !ile
!orward(s) (adv)
founder (n*
fountain (n*
!ree (adj)
free !ar&et (n*
free sa!ple (n*
free trade (n*
freelance (n*
!reeway (Am Eng), motorway (Br Eng) (n)
free8e (n 2 ad-*
!reezing (adj)
freight (n 2 )*
fre0uent (ad-*
!resh (adj)
freshen up (&"r )*
!ridge (n)
!ried (adj)
!riend (n)
!riendly (adj)
frighten ()*
!rom (prep)
!ront (adj & n)
frustrated (ad-*
fuel (n 2 )*
fulfill 1A! +ng2( fulfil 1A! +ng2 ()*
!ull (adj)
!ull"time (adj & adv)
!un (n)
!unction (n & v)
7o" function
This !achine has several useful functions$
a social function
The !achine isn9t functioning properl)$
fund (n 2 )*
funding (n*
!unny (adj)
furious (ad-*
furnish ()*
!urniture (n)
further (ad- 2 ad)*
We will need a further invest!ent of
?1!illion$ (ad-*
We cannot grow further in this !ar&et$ (ad)*
further to (&re& &"r*
5urther to our phone conversation( % a!
writing to E
!uture (adj & n)
gain (n 2 )*
galler) (n*
gallon (n*
game (n)
gap (n)
garage (n)
gas (n)
0he wor&s as an engineer in the oil and gas
gas (Am Eng), petrol (Br Eng) (n)
gate (n)
general (adj)
generous (adj)
gentle (ad-*
gentleman (n)
)adies and gentlemen
genuine (ad-*
geograph) (n*
get (v)
get along with (&"r )*
% get along well with !) supervisor$
get around (&"r )*
.ow will )ou get around when )ou9re in
We !anaged to get around the pro"le!$
get bac& (phr v)
.hen did you get bac& !rom Hew 8or&(
get bac& to (phr v)
#han&s !or getting bac& to me
get down (&"r )*
@id )ou !anage to get all that infor!ation
% cli!"ed up( "ut % couldn9t get down$
get in (phr v)
'an visitors can get in through the sta!!
get into2out o! (phr v)
0he got out o! the ta9i
get in touch (phr)
4lease get in touch i! you would li&e my
get o!! (phr v)
.e're getting o!! at the ne9t stop
get on (phr v)
:et your coat on, and we'll leave
get on with (phr v)
.ow are )ou getting on with the proposal=
7o you get on well with your colleagues(
get rid of (&"r )*
ould )ou get rid of these old files=
get to (phr v)
*ow long does it ta&e to get to the city
center !rom here(
get something to someone (phr)
'an you get it to me by $pm(
get up (phr v)
.hat time did you get up this morning(
gi!t (n)
gift voucher (n*
girl (n)
give in (&"r )*
.e gave in to their de!ands$
.ave )ou handed in )our !onthl) report )et=
give out (&"r )*
%9ve alread) given out the new securit)
passes $
give up (phr v)
7avid is planning to give up his 1ob and go
glad (adj)
glance (n 2 )*
%9ve glanced at the figures$
glass (n & adj)
glasses (n)
global (adj)
global mar&et
globalization (Am Eng), globalisation (Br Eng) (n)
go (v)
go down (phr v)
0ales went down last year
go for (&"r )*
.e went for the 7o"$
go o!! (phr v)
.e went off to wor& in Australia$
0uddenly the lights all went o!!
#he alarm went o!!
go on (phr v)
The !eeting went on till Bp!$
What9s going on=
#he lights suddenly went on
go out (phr v)
The fire has gone out$
.e're going out with our new supervisor
go through (&"r )*
% need to go through last !onth9s sales
go up (phr v)
4rices have gone up a lot
go with (&"r )*
The new design didn9t go with the co!pan)
goal (n)
career goals
gold (n)
golf (n*
good (adj)
goodbye (int)
goods (n)
govern ()*
grade (n 2 )*
We need high/grade !aterials$
What grade is the 7o"=
Staff were re/graded$
gradual (ad-*
graduate (n & v)
*e's a graduate o! a good business school
0he graduated in E%AA (v)
graduation (n)
gra! (n*
gra!!ar (n*
grant (n 2 )*
.e was given a grant to stud) new
!anage!ent !ethods$ (n*
The +, granted his re0uest to attend the
conference$ ()*
graph (n)
graphics (n*
grate!ul (adj)
gray (Am Eng), grey (Br Eng) (adj)
a gra) area
great (adj)
great deal of (de!*
a great deal of attention
green (adj)
a green policy
greet ()*
grey (Br Eng), gray (Am Eng) (adj)
grilled (ad-*
gross (ad-*
gross profit
gross weight
ground (n)
group (n)
#he group was large (n & v)
Trainees are grouped together for discussion
activities$ ()*
grow (v)
growth (n)
guarantee (n 2 )*
guard (n 2 )*
guess (n & v)
guest (n)
guest house (n)
guide (n & v)
*e has e9perience as a tour guide (n)
I'll guide you around the !actory (v)
guided tour (n*
guilt) (ad-*
g)!nasiu! (n*
habit (n)
hair (n)
hairdresser (n)
hal! (adj, adv & n)
hall (n)
hallo2hello (exclam)
hallway (n)
hand (n & v)
sha&e hands (n*
*e handed her the boo& ()*
on hand
in hand
") hand
to hand
hand in (&"r )*
ould )ou hand in )our report "efore the end
of the wee&=
hand out (&"r )*
ould )ou hand out the !inutes of the
handout (n*
The handouts fro! the training are 0uite
handbag (n)
hand"oo& (n*
handle (n 2 n*
The door handle is "ro&en$ (n*
-lease handle with care$ ()*
.e handles all telephone in0uiries$ ()*
She handled the situation well$ ()*
hand luggage (n)
handwriting (n*
hang ()*
.e decided to hang the calendar on the wall$
hang out (phr v)
hang up (v)
0he hung up be!ore the caller had !inished
happen (v)
happy (adj)
harbor (Am Eng), harbour (Br Eng) (n)
hard (adj & adv)
hardl) (ad)*
There was hardl) an) ti!e$
.e could hardl) wait$
hardware (n)
hard"wor&ing (adj)
hate (n & v)
have (v)
.e have a number o! advantages
.e only had a short brea&
I had dinner early
have a
have a go6tr)
have a loo&6thin&
have got (v)
have to (v)
he (pron)
head (n 2 )*
at the head of the line (n*
the head o! mar&eting (n)
head a co!!ittee6group ()*
head o!!ice (n)
headline (n*
head0uarters (n*
health (n)
health and sa!ety (n)
hear (v)
heart (n)
in the heart of the cit)
the heart of the pro"le!
heat (n & v)
.ater retains heat longer than air (n*
The econo!) could overheat$ ()*
heating (n)
heavy (adj)
height (n*
helicopter (n*
hello6hallo (excalm)
help (n & v)
helpdes& (n*
helpline (n*
her (adj & pron)
here (adv)
hers (pron)
hersel! (pron)
hesitate ()*
please do not hesitate to $$$
hi/fi (n 2 ad-*
high/speed rail (n*
hi(gh)"tec(h) (adj)
hidden (ad-*
hidden costs
hidden agenda
hide ()*
high (adj, adv & n)
highlight (n 2 )*
highway (n) (Am Eng)
hill (n)
him (pron)
himsel! (pron)
hire (n & v)
!or hire (n)
in charge o! 'hiring and !iring' (n)
hire more sta!! (v)
hire a car (Br Eng), rent a car (Am Eng) (v)
his (adj & pron)
histor) (n*
hit (n 2 )*
a hit on a we"site (n*
hit )our sales target ()*
hobby (n)
hold (v)
*old on a second
hold an event
get hold o! someone
hold up (&"r )*
.e was held up in heav) traffic$
hole (n)
holiday (n)
home (n & adv)
honest (adj)
hope (n & v)
horri"le (ad-*
hospital (n)
hospitalit) (n*
host (n 2 )*
hot (adj)
hotel (n)
hour (n)
hourl) rate (n*
hourl) fee (n*
house (n)
how (adv)
how do you do( (int)
how much2many (adv)
however (adv & conj)
huge (adj)
human (n & adj)
hu!an resource 1depart!ent2 (n*
hu!id (ad-*
hundred (n)
hurry (n & v)
hr (abbrev) hour
I (pron)
ice (n)
icon (n*
idea (n)
identity (n)
identity card
I7 (abbrev) identi!ication
i$e$ (a++re)* in other words
i! (conj)
i! necessary
i! possible
ill (ad-*
illegal (ad-*
illness (n*
i!age (n*
i!agination (n*
imagine (v)
i!!ature (ad-*
i!!ediate (ad-*
i!!igration (n*
import (n & v)
i!port dut) (n*
i!portance (n*
important (adj)
impossible (adj)
i!press ()*
i!pression (n*
i!pressive (ad-*
improve (v)
in (adv & prep)
in a hurry (prep phr)
in advance (prep phr)
in an) case (&re& &"r*
in case of (&re& &"r*
in case of fire
in case of dela)s
in charge 1of2 (&re& &"r*
in danger (&re& &"r*
in de"t (&re& &"r*
in charge of (&re& &"r*
in difficulties (&re& &"r*
in fact (&re& &"r*
in !ront o! (prep phr)
in general (prep phr)
in hal! (prep phr)
in order (&re& &"r*
in order to (prep phr)
in pieces (&re& &"r*
in place (&re& &"r*
in private (prep phr)
in public (prep phr)
in secret (&re& &"r*
in sight (&re& &"r*
in stoc& (&re& &"r*
in the end (&re& &"r*
in ti!e (&re& &"r*
in touch (prep phr)
get2be2&eep in touch
in town (&re& &"r*
in turn (&re& &"r*
incentive (n*
inch (n*
include (v)
including (prep)
income (n)
inconvenience (n*
inconvenient (adj)
incorrect (ad-*
increase (n & v)
indeed (ad)*
independent (adj)
inde# (n*
the inde# of a "oo&
indicate ()*
indication (n*
individual (adj & n)
indoor (adj)
indoors (ad)*
industrial (adj)
industry (n)
the steel industry
infected (ad-*
infected with a co!puter virus
inflation (n*
influence (n 2 )*
She was a negative influence on other tea!
!e!"ers$ (n*
.er "oss influenced her a great deal$ ()*
infor! ()*
in!ormal (adj)
in!ormation (n)
infor!ation technolog) 1%T2 (n*
in !ront (o!) (prep & adv)
inha"itant (n*
in/house (ad- 2 ad)*
initiate ()*
initiative (n*
in7ure ()*
in7ur) (n*
in& (n*
innovate ()*
innovation (n*
innovative (ad-*
inquire (Am Eng), enquire (Br Eng) (v)
inquiry (Am Eng), enquiry (Br Eng) (n)
inside (adj, prep & adv)
insist ()*
inspect ()*
inspection (n*
install ()*
installation (n*
install!ent 1A! +ng2 instal!ent 1Br +ng2 (n*
pa) in6") install!ents
instance (n*
instead 1o!) (adv)
instructions (n)
instructor (n*
insurance (n)
insurance polic) (n*
insure ()*
intelligent (adj)
intend (v)
interest (n & v)
earn interest on a loan (n)
'an I interest you in 3( (v)
interesting (adj)
inter!ediate (ad-*
internal (adj)
internal promotion
internal correspondence
international (adj)
internet (n)
intercultural 6 inter/cultural (ad-*
interpersonal (ad-*
interpret ()*
interrupt ()*
intersection (n*
interval (n*
interview (n & v)
into (prep)
introduce (v)
introduction (n)
introductor) (ad-*
invent ()*
invention (n*
invest (v)
invest!ent (n*
invitation (n)
invite (v)
invoice (n 2 )*
involve ()*
iron (n*
!ade of iron
island (n)
issue (n 2 )*
issue of a !aga8ine (n*
issues a"out pa) (n*
issue a state!ent ()*
I# (a++re)* infor!ation technolog)
it (pron)
ite! (n*
Several ite!s were da!aged during
The first ite! for discussion is the recent
accident in the plant$
its (pron)
itsel! (pron)
1ac&et (n)
7ealous (ad-*
7et 1plane2 (n*
go ") 7et
1ob (n)
7o" description (n*
7o" satisfaction (n*
7o" securit) (n*
1oin (v)
I 1oined the company last year
7oint (ad-*
7oint venture
1o&e (n & v)
7ournal (n*
1ournalist (n)
7ourne) (n*
7udge (n 2 )*
1ump (n & v)
There9s "een a "ig 7u!p in prices$ (n*
Share prices have 7u!ped ") 3'$ ()*
7unction (n*
1ust (adv)
&een (ad-*
%9! not &een on the new product$
.e9s &een to i!prove our "rand i!age$
&eep (v)
'osts &eep rising
&eep on (phr v)
#hey &ept on advertising even though their
pro!its were !alling
&eep up (&"r )*
Deep up the good wor&$
.e has to &eep up with new technological
&ey (n 2 ad-*
&ey to a loc& (n)
&e) to success (n*
This is a &e) post$ (ad-*
&ey in (v)
&eyboard (n)
a computer &eyboard
&g (abbrev) &ilogram
&m (abbrev) &ilometer (Am Eng), &ilometre (Br Eng)
&!ph (a++re)* &ilo!eters6&ilo!etres per hour
&ind (adj & n)
5y boss is a very &ind person (adj)
.hat &ind o! wor& do you do( (n)
&ios& (n*
&itchen (n)
&noc& (n 2 )*
&noc& down (&"r )*
&now (v)
&nowledge (n*
la"el (n 2 )*
lab (abbrev) laboratory
labor (Am Eng), labour (Br Eng)
the labor mar&et
manual labor
lac& (n & v)
ladder (n*
career ladder
lady (n)
)adies and :entlemen
lamp (n)
land (n & v)
landing (n)
landlad) (n*
landlord (n*
language (n)
laptop (n)
large (adj)
laser (n*
laser printer (n*
last (det, adj, adv & v)
late (adj)
later (adv)
laugh (n & v)
launch (n & v)
#he company is holding a product launch !or
the 5IJ (n)
.e're about to launch a new service (v)
laundry (n)
hotel laundry service
law (n)
lawyer (n)
la) ()*
la)er (n*
la) off (n 2 )*
la)out (n*
la) out (&"r )*
lazy (adj)
l" (a++re)* pound weight
lead (v & n)
Where does this road lead= ()*
We lead the !ar&et in co!puter power
supplies$ ()*
,ther co!panies have ta&en our lead in
recruiting foreign !anagers$ (n*
lead to (&r" )*
lead to a situation where $$$
leader (n)
a strong leader
mar&et leader
leadership (n*
leading (adj)
leaflet (n*
learn (v)
least (adj & adv)
the least amount (adj)
at least (adv)
leather (n & adj)
leave (v)
leave a message
leave the industry
leave out (&"r )*
lecture (n 2 )*
le!t (n & adj)
on the le!t (n)
only three le!t (adj)
legal (ad-*
leisure (n)
leisure industr) (n*
lend (v)
length (n*
less (adj, adv & pron)
lesson (n)
let (v)
let's (v)
let somebody &now (phr v)
)et me &now what you would pre!er
letter (n)
level (adj & n)
level off (&"r )*
Arowth in the econo!) has leveled off$
level out (&"r )*
Sales have finall) leveled out$
li"eral (ad-*
a li"eral st)le of !anage!ent
library (n)
license ()*
license 1A! +ng2( licence 1Br +ng2 (n*
lie (n 2 )*
li!e (n)
shel! li!e
lifest)le (n*
li!t (v & n)
can )ou give !e a lift please (n*
please help me li!t this bo9 (v)
*e too& the li!t to the !i!th !loor (Br Eng)
elevator (Am Eng) (n)
light (adj, n & v)
li&e (v & prep)
li&ely (adj)
limit (n & v)
li!ited co!pan) 1Ltd2 (n*
line (n)
the production line
lines on a page
phone line
railway line
helpline 2 customer service line
line !anager (n*
lin& (n 2 )*
internet lin& (n)
The co!puters are lin&ed to a server$ ()*
li0uid (n 2 ad-*
list (n 2 )*
listen (to) (v)
liter 1A! +ng2( litre 1Br +ng2 (n*
little (adj & pron)
live (adj & v)
living (adj)
the cost o! living
load (n*
The load was too heav)$ (n*
We need to load the goods on to the truc&$
loan (n & v)
local (adj & n)
locate ()*
location (n)
loc& (n & v)
loc&er (n*
logistics (n*
logo (n)
log on (phr v)
lonely (adj)
long (adj & adv)
It's a long 1ourney (adj)
*ave you been waiting long( (adv)
long/ter! 6 long ter! (ad- 2 n*
in the long ter! (n*
a long/ter! strateg) (ad-*
loo& (n & v)
loo& a!ter (phr v)
*e needs to loo& a!ter his !ather
.ho loo&s a!ter the !inancial part(
loo& ahead (&"r )*
loo& !or (phr v)
.ho are you loo&ing !or(
loo& !orward to (phr v)
I loo& !orward to meeting you
loo& li&e (phr v)
#he new model loo&s li&e the old one
loo& out (&"r )*
Loo& out or )ou9ll have an accident$
loo& up (&"r )*
Loo& up the !eaning of a word in the
loose (ad-*
lose (v)
lose money
lose your &eys
loss (n*
lost luggage6propert) (n*
lot (n)
lot o! (det) (a lot o!)
loud (adj)
lounge (n)
love (n & v)
low (adj, n & adv)
lower ()4 ad- 2 ad)*
lo)al (ad-*
lo)alt) (n*
luc& (n)
luggage (n)
lunch (n)
lunchtime (n)
lu#ur) (n*
m (abbrev) meter (Am Eng), metre (Br Eng)
5A (a++re)* ;asters degree 1in Arts2
machine (n)
!achiner) (n*
mad (adj)
madam (n)
7ear 0ir25adam
magazine (n)
mail (n & v)
mailbo9 (n)
!ail order (n*
!ailing list (n*
!ailshot (n*
main (adj)
!ain course (n*
!aintain ()*
!aintenance (n*
!a7or (ad- 2 n*
!a7orit) (n*
ma&e (v)
ma&e money
!a&e a co!parison
ma&e a note
ma&e it (v + n)
I'm sorry, I can't ma&e it to your opening
ma&e up (n)
!a&e up (&"r )*
!a&e up the difference
!a&e up an e#cuse
male (n & adj)
manage (v)
manage a business
manage to do something
!anage!ent (n*
manager (n)
!anagerial (ad-*
!anaging director 1;@2 1Br +ng2 I +, (n*
!anner (n*
!anners (n*
!anual (n 2 ad-*
>ou will find the infor!ation in the !anual$
%t9s a !anual process$ (ad-*
!anufacture ()*
many (adj, det & pron)
map (n & v)
!argin (n*
!ar& (n 2 )*
mar&et (n & v)
#here's a good mar&et !or electronics here
0he bought some !lowers !rom the mar&et
#hey mar&eted their goods overseas (v)
!ar&et forces (n*
!ar&et leader (n*
!ar&et research (n*
!ar&et share (n*
!ar&et value (n*
mar&eting (n)
I've applied !or a 1ob in mar&eting
!ar&etplace (n*
married (adj)
!ass (ad-*
!ass !ar&et
!ass !edia
!ass/produce ()*
!ass production (n*
!aster (n4 ad- 2 )*
!atch (n 2 )*
The agenc) !atches staff to vacancies$ ()*
%t9s i!portant to find a 7o" that !atches )our
s&ills$ ()*
The two co!panies in the !erger are a good
!atch$ (n*
mate (n)
a wor&mate
!aterial (n*
the training !aterial1s2
construction !aterials
raw !aterials
!athe!atics (n*
math (Am Eng), maths (Br Eng) (a++r)* !athe!atics
matter (n & v)
Is anything the matter( (n)
Than& )ou for )our help with this !atter$ (n*
It doesn't matter (v)
!ature (ad-*
a !ature attitude
!ature student
!ature invest!ent
!ature sector of the !ar&et
ma9 (adj) ma9imum
may (v)
maybe (adv)
5BA (abbrev) ;asters in Business Ad!inistration
me (pron)
meal (n)
mean (n)
.hat do you mean(
.hat does this mean(
!eant 1"e !eant to2 (&"r*
The) were !eant to "e here ") 2p!$
meaning (v)
!eans (n*
Use whatever !eans )ou li&e( "ut !a&e sure
it gets done$
!easure (n 2 )*
!easure the distance ()*
a drastic !easure (n*
mechanic (n)
media (n)
medicine (n)
medium (adj)
meet (v)
'ould we meet on #hursday morning(
4leased to meet you
Are we meeting the needs o! our
meeting (n)
be in a meeting
have a meeting
!e!"er (n*
!e!"ership (n*
memo (abbrev) !e!orandu!
memory (n)
have a good memory
computer memory
!end ()*
!end a fault) !achine
!ention (n 2 )*
menu (n)
!erge ()*
message (n)
messy (adj)
metal (n)
!ethod (n*
production !ethods
meter (Am Eng), metre (Br Eng) (n)
!icrophone (n*
midday (n)
middle (n & adj)
!iddle/aged (ad-*
!iddle !anage!ent (n*
midnight (n)
might (v)
!ild (ad-*
mile (n)
!ilestone (n*
million (n)
millimeter (Am Eng), millimetre (Br Eng) (n)
min (abbrev) minimum
mind (n & v)
*is mind was on other things (n)
.ould you mind i! I postponed the meeting(
;ind )our headJ ()*
mine (pron)
!ineral (n 2 ad-*
mineral water (n)
!inor (ad-*
!inus (ad- 2 &re&*
min (abbrev) minute
!inutes (n*
the !inutes of a !eeting
!isc (a++re)* !iscellaneous
!iscellaneous (ad-*
miserable (adj)
miss (n & v)
mista&e (n 2 )*
It was a mista&e (n)
.e !istoo& her for a for!er e!plo)ee$ ()*
!isunderstand ()*
!i# (n 2 )*
mobile (n 2 ad-*
I need a new mobile (phone) (n)
.e isn9t !o"ile at the !o!ent$ (ad-*
!odel (n 2 ad-*
%t9s cheap "ecause it9s last )ear9s !odel$ (n*
She9s a !odel e!plo)ee$ (ad-*
modern (adj)
moment (n)
at the moment
money (n)
!onopol) (n*
month (n)
!ood (n*
!ood) (ad-*
more (adv, det & pron)
morning (n)
!os0ue (n*
most (adv, det & pron)
!otivate ()*
!otivation (n*
!otor (n*
motorbi&e (n)
motorcycle (n)
motorway (Br Eng), !reeway (Am Eng) (n)
mountain (n)
a mountain in the north
a !ountain of wor&
mouse (n)
#he mouse on my computer isn't wor&ing
move (n & v)
movie (n)
movie theater (Am Eng) 2 theatre (Br Eng) (n)
!ph (a++re)* !iles per hour
5r (title)
5rs (title)
5s (title)
much (adv, det & pron)
!ultinational (ad-*
!ultipl) ()*
!ultipl) 14 ") 3
museum (n)
music (n)
!usical (ad-*
!usician (n*
must (v & n)
my (pron)
mysel! (pron)
H (abbrev) north
name (n & v)
narrow (ad-*
national (ad-*
nationality (n)
nationwide (ad- 2 ad)*
natural (adj)
nature (n*
3B (a++re)* note well
3+ (a++re)* north east
3W (a++re)* north west
near (adv & prep)
neat (ad-*
necessary (adj)
need (n & v)
negative (adj)
a negative attitude
negotia"le (ad-*
negotiate ()*
negotiation (n*
neighbor (Am Eng), neighbour (Br Eng) (n)
neighborhood (Am Eng), neighbourhood (Br Eng) (n)
neither (conj, det & pron)
nervous (adj)
net (ad- 2 )*
.e has a net inco!e of ?<0(000 a )ear$ (ad-*
The co!pan) netted a record profit last )ear$
networ& (n 2 )*
to networ& co!puters ()*
a computer networ& (n)
a networ& of agents (n*
networ&ing (n*
never (adv)
new (adj)
news (n)
newsagent (n*
newsletter (n*
newspaper (n)
ne9t (det, adj, adv & pron)
ne9t to (prep)
nice (adj)
night (n)
nightlife (n*
nil (n*
no (adv & det)
no (abbrev) number
nobody (n)
noise (n)
none (adv & pron)
noon (n)
nor (on-*
neither !anage!ent nor wor&ers
3or do %$
normal (adj)
north (adj, adv & pron)
north east (ad-4 ad) 2 &ron*
north west (ad-4 ad) 2 &ron*
not6n't (adv)
not at all (ad)*
note (n & v)
note (Br Eng), bill (Am Eng) (n)
noteboo& (n)
notepad (n*
notepaper (n*
nothing (pron)
notice (n & v)
notice"oard (n*
now (adv & conj)
nowada)s (ad)*
nowhere (adv)
nr (a++re)* near
nuclear (ad-*
number (n & v)
n)lon (n*
o'cloc& (adv)
o"7ect (n 2 )*
o"7ective (n 2 ad-*
o"serve ()*
o"tain ()*
occasionall) (ad)*
occupation (n)
occup) ()*
the roo! is occupied
occur ()*
o! (prep)
o! course (adv)
o!! (adv & prep)
offend ()*
o!!er (n & v)
o!!ice (n)
officer (n*
official (ad- 2 n*
o!ten (adv)
oil (n & v)
-+2o&ay (int & adj)
old (adj)
o!it ()*
on (prep)
on a 7ourne) (&re& &"r*
on a visit (&re& &"r*
on board (prep phr)
on business (prep phr)
on fire (&re& &"r*
on !oot (prep phr)
on holida) (&re& &"r*
on sale (prep phr)
on time (prep phr )
once (adv, conj & n)
one (n & pron)
one/wa) (ad-*
oneself (&ron*
online6on"line (adv & adj)
only (adj & adv)
onto (prep)
open (v & adj)
opening (n*
attend an opening
opening hours (n*
operate ()*
The) operate fro! an old warehouse$
Would )ou li&e !e to show )ou how to
operate this !achine=
operation (n*
operator (n*
opinion (n)
opportunity (n)
oppose ()*
opposite (adj, adv & prep)
opti!istic (ad-*
option (n*
or (conj)
order (n & v)
order for! (n*
ordinar) (ad-*
organization (Am Eng), organisation (Br Eng) (n)
organize (Am Eng), organise (Br Eng) (v)
organi8ed 1A! +ng2( organised 1Br +ng2 (ad-*
original (ad-*
originalit) (n*
other (adj & pron)
ought 1to2 ()*
our (adj)
ours (pron)
ourselves (pron)
out (adv)
out o! (prep)
out of date (&re& &"r*
out o! order (prep phr)
out of stoc& (&re& &"r*
out of wor& (&re& &"r*
outdoor (adj)
outdoors (adv)
outlet (n*
output (n 2 )*
outside (adv, n)
oval (ad-*
over (adv & prep)
overall (adj & adv)
overdraft (n*
overdrawn (ad-*
overheads (n*
overnight (ad- 2 ad)*
overseas (adj & adv)
oversleep ()*
overta&e ()*
overtime (n)
owe ()*
owing to (&re&*
own (v)
own (adj & pron)
-A (a++re)* -ersonal Assistant
pa (a++re)* per anu!
pc (a++re)* personal co!puter
p6pp (a++re)* page6pages
pac& (n & v)
pac&age (n)
pac&aging (n*
pac&et (n*
pac&ing (n*
pac&ing depart!ent
page (n)
paid leave (n*
painful (ad-*
paint (n & v)
pair (n & v)
palace (n*
pants (n)
paper (n)
paperclip 2 paper clip (n)
paperwor& (n)
paragraph (n*
parcel (n*
pardon (int)
par& (n & v)
parlia!ent (n*
part (n & v)
part/time6part time (adj & adv)
participant (n*
participate ()*
participation (n*
particular (ad-*
a particular pro"le!
partner (n)
party (n)
pass (n & v)
pass an e9am (v)
a security pass (n)
passenger (n)
password (n)
past (adv, n & prep)
path (n*
patient (adj)
pattern (n*
paragraph (n*
pause ()*
pave!ent (n*
pay (n & v)
pay !or (phr v)
pa)roll (n*
peace (n*
pea& (&"r )*
peer (n*
pen (n)
pencil (n)
pension (n*
people (n)
per (&re&*
per annu! (ad)*
per cent 6 percent (n, adj & adv)
percentage (n*
per!ect (v & adj)
per!orm (v)
#he company is per!orming well
per!ormance (n)
a strong per!ormance in the stoc& mar&et
perhaps (adv)
period (n*
% will "e awa) for the whole period$
the "eginning6!iddle6end of the period
per!anent (ad-*
per!ission (n*
per!it () 2 n*
person (n)
personal assistant (n)
personal co!puter (n*
personal %@ nu!"er (n*
personalit) (n*
personnel (n*
persuade ()*
pessi!istic (ad-*
petrol (Br Eng), gas (Am Eng) (n)
pett) cash (n*
phar!aceutical (ad-*
the phar!aceutical industr)
pharmacy (n)
phase (n*
phone (n & v)
photocopier (n)
photocopy (n & v)
photo(graph) (n & v)
pic& ()*
pic& up (phr v)
picture (n & v)
piece (n)
pile (n 2 )*
pilot (n)
pie chart (n*
pin (n 2 )*
pin so!ething to the wall
drawing pin
4IH nu!"er (n*
pipe (n*
a water pipe
pity (n 2 )*
.hat a pityJ (n*
% don9t pit) hi!$ ()*
place (n & v)
plain (ad-*
%t9s plain to !e$
plain "lue
plan (n & v)
plane (n)
planning (n*
plant (n 2 )*
#he !irm has made a huge investment in the
new plant (n)
5ar!ers need to plant crops earlier$ ()*
#hese plants certainly brighten up the o!!ice
plastic (n & adj)
platfor! (n*
play (v & n)
plc (a++re)* pu"lic li!ited co!pan)
pleasant (ad-*
please (int & v)
'ome in, please (int)
*e tried hard to please his boss (v)
pleased (adj)
pleased to meet you
pleasure (n)
plent) (ad- 2 &ron*
plug (n*
electric plug
plug in ()*
The copier isn9t plugged in$
plus (&re&4 ad- 2 n*
pm (adv)
-; (n* -roduction ;anager
-; (n* -ro7ect ;anager
poc&et (n)
point (n & v)
point of view (n*
police (n)
police station (n)
polic) (n*
polite (adj)
political (ad-*
politician (n*
politics (n*
pollution (n)
pool (n 2 )*
The co!pan) sells swi!!ing pools$ (n*
pool of talent (n*
pool )our resources ()*
poor (adj)
0he is very poor and hardly earns any
money at all
*e has poor interpersonal s&ills
popular (adj)
population (n)
port (n*
porta"le (ad-*
porter (n*
position (n & v)
positive (adj)
possi"ilit) (n*
possible (adj)
post (n & v)
post o!!ice (n)
postage (n*
postcard (n*
postcode (n*
poster (n)
post!an (n*
postpone ()*
potential (ad- 2 n*
pound (n*
pour ()*
power (n)
-C (a++re)* -u"lic Celations
practical (ad-*
practice (n)
#he e9ercises in this boo& provide plenty o!
out o! practice
good "usiness practice
practice (Am Eng), practise (Br Eng) (v)
praise (n 2 )*
precious (ad-*
predict ()*
prediction (n*
pre!er (v)
preference (n*
preli!inar) (ad-*
pre!ises (n*
preparation (n*
prepare (v)
prescription (n*
present (adj, n & v)
presentation (n)
president (n)
press (n 2 )*
pretty (adj)
prevent ()*
previous (adj)
price (n & v)
pri!ar) (ad-*
of pri!ar) i!portance
pri!e !inister (n*
principal (n 2 ad-*
college principal (n*
principal activit) (ad-*
print (n & v)
printer (n)
printout (n*
priorit) (n*
prison (n)
private (adj)
prize (n)
pro"a"le (ad-*
probably (adv)
problem (n)
procedure (n*
process (n)
produce (n & v)
product (n)
production (n)
productive (ad-*
productivit) (n*
profession (n*
pro!essional (adj)
pro!essor (n)
proficient (ad-*
profile (n*
pro!it (n & v)
pro!it margin (n)
pro!it !rom a business activity (v)
profita"ilit) (n*
profita"le (ad-*
program (Am Eng), programme (Br Eng) (n & v)
progress (n 2 )*
pro1ect (n & v)
pro7ection (n*
pro!ise (n 2 )*
pro!ote ()*
pro!otion (n*
pro!otional (ad-*
pro!pt (ad- 2 )*
pronounce ()*
pronunciation (n*
proof (n*
proofread ()*
proper (ad-*
property (n)
proportion (*
proposal (n)
.e all listened to her proposal
propose (v)
propose an idea
protect ()*
protection (n*
proud (adj)
prove ()*
provide (v)
-S (a++re)* postscript
-T, (a++re)* please turn over
public (adj)
public holiday (n)
pu"lic li!ited co!pan) 1-lc2 (n*
pu"lic opinion (n*
pu"lic relations 1-C2 (n*
pu"lic transport (n*
pu"lication (n*
pu"lici8e 1A! +ng2( pu"licise 1Br +ng2 ()*
pu"licit) (n*
pu"lic transport (n*
pu"lish ()*
pull (n & v)
punctual (ad-*
punish ()*
pupil (n)
purchase (n 2 )*
pure (ad-*
purpose (n*
push (n & v)
put away (phr v)
4ut away the !ile be!ore you leave
put "ac& (&"r )*
The !eeting was put "ac& until the end of
the !onth$
She put it "ac& once she9d finished with it$
put down (&"r )*
She put her na!e down for the conference$
put off (&"r )*
Let9s put the !eeting off until ne#t wee&$
put on (phr v)
*e put on his coat as it was cold
put out (&"r )*
.e put out the light$
The co!pan) put out an updated version$
put through (&"r )*
ould )ou put !e through to the finance
director( please=
put up (phr v)
:as companies are putting up their prices
ne9t wee&
put up with (&"r )*
% can9t put up with this noise$
quali!ication (n)
0ualif) ()*
0ualif) as an accountant
0ualif) for a discount
quality (n)
0ualit) assurance (n*
0ualit) control (n*
quantity (n)
0uarrel (n 2 )*
quarter (n)
quarter to2o! (also a quarter o! in Am Eng) (n)
quarter past (also a quarter a!ter in Am Eng) (n)
0ua) (n*
0uer) (n 2 )*
question (n & v)
0uestionnaire (n*
0ueue 1Br +ng2( line 1A! +ng2 (n*
0ueue 1Br +ng2( line up 1A! +ng2 ()*
quic& (adj)
quiet (adj)
quite (adv)
quiz (n & v)
0uotation (n*
The 0uotation is higher than e#pected$
0uote (n 2 )*
ould )ou 0uote us a price for printing
10(000 "rochures= ()*
The 0uote hasn9t co!e in )et$ (n*
race (n & v)
radio (n)
rail (n*
railway (n)
raise (n & v)
range (n & v)
ran& (n 2 )*
a ta#i ran& (n*
,ur co!pan) ran&s in the top five$ ()*
rapid (ad-*
rare (ad-*
rate (n 2 )*
rather (adv)
=d (abbrev) road
re (abbrev) regarding
reach (v)
react ()*
reaction (n*
read (v)
ready (adj)
real (adj)
really (adv)
reali8e 1A! +ng2( realise 1Br +ng2 ()*
realistic (ad-*
rearrange ()*
reason (n & v)
reasona"le (ad-*
receipt (n)
receive (v)
receiver (n*
a telephone receiver
recent (adj)
reception (n)
the reception des& in a hotel2company
a "usiness reception to greet delegates
receptionist (n)
rec&on ()*
recogni8e 1A! +ng2( recognise 1Br +ng2 ()*
recommend (v)
record (n4 ad- 2 )*
a record of the !eeting (n*
record profits (ad-*
record a !essage ()*
recorder (n*
a digital recorder
recover ()*
.e still hasn9t recovered fro! his illness$
recover) (n*
recruit ()*
rectangular (ad-*
red (adj & n)
in the red
reduce (v)
reduction (n*
redundant (ad-*
!a&e so!eone redundant 1Br +ng2
ref (a++re)* with reference to
re!er (v)
re!er to something
reference (n*
a reference to so!ething
a reference fro! a previous e!plo)er
refresh!ents (n*
re!rigerator (n)
re!und (n & v)
refur"ish ()*
refuse ()*
regard (n 2 )*
regards (n)
regarding (prep)
region (n)
regional (ad-*
register (n 2 )*
register for une!plo)!ent "enefit ()*
on the register (n*
registration (n*
regret (n 2 )*
regular (adj)
regulations (n &$*
re7ect (n 2 )*
re7ection (n*
relation (n*
industrial relations
pu"lic relations
rela9 (v)
relevant (ad-*
reliable (adj)
relia"ilit) (n*
relief (n*
What a reliefJ
relocate ()*
relocation (n*
rel) ()*
remain (v 2 ad-*
re!ain stead)6sta"le6flat ()*
the re!aining "udget (ad-*
remember (n)
re!ind ()*
re!it ()*
re!it funds
re!ove ()*
renew ()*
rent (n & v)
rental (n 2 ad-*
reorgani8ation 1A! +ng2( reorganisation 1Br +ng2 (n*
rep (n) representative
repair (n & v)
repa) ()*
repeat (n, adj & v)
repetitive (ad-*
replace ()*
reply (n & v)
report (n & v)
represent ()*
representative (0ales =ep2=epresentative) (n)
reputation (n*
request (n & v)
re0uire ()*
rescue (n 2 )*
research (n 2 )*
C K @ (a++re)* research and develop!ent
reservation (n)
reserve ()*
resident (n*
residential (ad-*
resign ()*
resignation (n*
resolve ()*
resource(s) (n)
respect (n 2 )*
respond ()*
response (n*
responsi"ilit) (n*
responsible (adj)
rest (n & v)
restaurant (n)
result (n & v)
resume (Am Eng), '> (Br Eng) (n)
retail (n & v)
retail outlet (n*
retail price (n*
retain ()*
retire (v)
return (n 2 v*
0he returned a!ter everyone had le!t (v)
The return on our invest!ent was not what
we e#pected$ (n*
return tic&et (Br Eng), round"trip tic&et (Am Eng) (n)
reveal ()*
revenue (n*
review (n 2 )*
revise ()*
reward (n 2 )*
rich (adj)
ride (n & v)
right (n & adj)
on the right (n)
#hat's right (adj)
We need to protect our rights$ (n*
ring (n & v)
ring "ac& (&"r )*
ring up (&"r )*
rise (n & v)
ris& (n 2 )*
rival (n 2 ad-*
river (n)
road (n)
role (n)
roo! (n)
room (n)
double2single2twin room
room service (n)
rough (ad-*
round (adj, prep & adv)
round trip (tic&et) (Am Eng), return (Br Eng) (n)
rounda"out 1Br +ng2( traffic circle 1A! +ng2 (n*
route (n)
routine (n & adj)
row (n*
The seats are arranged in rows$
%t9s in the second row of the third colu!n$
CSF- (a++re)* please repl)
ru""er (n 2 ad-*
ru""ish 1Br +ng2( trash 1A! +ng2 (n*
rude (ad-*
ruin (n 2 )*
rule (n & v)
run (n 2 v*
run a business (v)
a run of good luc& (n*
run out 1of2 (&"r )*
rural (ad-*
0 (abbrev) south
sad (adj)
sa!e (n & adj)
sa!ety (n)
salary (n)
sale (n)
sales (n)
sales assistant (n)
sales representative (rep) (n)
same (adj, adv & pron)
sa!ple (n 2 )*
satisfaction (n*
satisfactor) (ad-*
satisfied (ad-*
save (v & n)
say (v)
scale (n*
salar) scale
large6s!all scale
scan (n 2 )*
scared (adj)
schedule (n & v)
sche!e (n*
training sche!e
school (n)
science (n)
scientific (ad-*
scissors (n)
screen (n & v)
sea (n)
seal ()*
search (n & v)
custo!s search
a search on the internet
search for (&"r )*
season (n)
busy2quiet season
pea& season
winter, spring, etc
seasonal (ad-*
seat (n & v)
seat"elt (n*
sec (abbrev) second
second (adj & n)
second/hand 6 second hand (ad-*
secondar) (ad-*
secret (adj & n)
secretarial (ad-*
secretary (n)
section (n*
section head
sector (n*
this sector of the econo!)
secure (ad- 2 )*
security (n)
see (v)
see off (&"r )*
seem (v)
seldom (adv)
select (v)
selection (n*
self/e!plo)ed (ad-*
selfish (ad-*
self/service (n*
sell (v)
selling price (n*
seminar (n)
send (v)
send for (&"r )*
senior (ad- 2 n*
sensi"le (ad-*
sensitive (ad-*
sentence (n)
'an you translate this sentence into
separate () 2 ad-*
an )ou separate these for !e= ()*
The) wor& in separate locations$ (ad-*
series (n*
serious (adj)
servant (n*
serve (v)
The rail networ& services ever) region in the
In my last 1ob, I had to serve customers
The co!pan) serves the interests of its
server 1A! +ng2( waiter6waitress 1Br +ng2 (n*
service (n)
service agree!ent (n*
service charge (n*
service industr) (n*
services (n)
offer a range of services
session (n*
set off (&"r )*
set off for wor&
set out (&"r )*
set out on a 7ourne)
set out a list of options
set up (&"r )*
set up a "usiness
settle (&"r )*
feel settled in a 7o"
settle an account
several (ad-*
se9 (n)
the male2!emale
sha&e (n 2 )*
shall (v)
shallow (ad-*
sha!e (n*
What a sha!eJ
shape (n & v)
share (n 2 v*
I share an o!!ice with the mar&eting director
,ur !ar&et share has increased$ (n*
shareholder (n*
shares (n*
shares in the co!pan)
sharp (ad-*
a sharp increase
a sharp rise6drop
she (pron)
sheet (n)
shelf (n*
shift (n*
night shift
shift wor&er
shine (v & n)
ship (n & v)
shipping (n*
shirt (n)
shoc& (n 2 )*
The news ca!e as a shoc&$
%t shoc&ed !e$
shoe(s) (n)
shop (n & v)
shopping center (Am Eng) 2 centre (Br Eng) (n)
shopping mall (n)
short (adj)
shortage (n*
short/ter! 6 short ter! (ad- 2 n*
should (v)
shout (n 2 )*
show (n & v)
shower (n & v)
shut (adj & v)
shy (adj)
sic& (adj)
sic& of ()*
side (n, adj & v)
sight (n)
in sight( out of sight
tourist sight
sightseeing (n*
sign (n & v)
a tra!!ic sign, a sign on the wall (n)
0ign here, please (v)
signs of econo!ic recover) (n*
signal (n 2 )*
signature (n)
significant (ad-*
signpost (n 2 )*
silence (n*
silent (ad-*
sil& (n & adj)
silver (n & adj)
similar (adj)
simple (adj)
simple !ood
a simple e9ercise
since (conj & prep)
sincerely (adv)
single (n & adj)
0ir (title)
sit (v)
site (n 2 )*
situate ()*
situation (n)
size (n)
s&ill (n)
s&illed (ad-*
s&irt (n)
s&y (n)
sleep (n & v)
slide (n 2 )*
prepare the slides for )our presentation
his perfor!ance has "een sliding
slight (ad-*
sli! (ad-*
slow (adj & v)
slow down (&"r )*
Sales of the L13 !odel have slowed down$
small (adj)
smart (adj)
smartphone (n)
smell (n & v)
smile (n & v)
smo&e (n & v)
s!ooth (ad-*
snac& (n & v)
so (adv & conj)
so that (on-*
social (ad-*
societ) (n*
so!a (n)
so far (ad)*
so!t (adj)
so!tware (n)
sole (ad-*
sole agent
solid (ad-*
a solid "ase
solid fuel
solution (n)
solve ()*
some (det, pron & adv)
somebody (n & pron)
someone (n & pron)
something (n & pron)
sometimes (adv)
somewhere (adv)
soon (adv)
sorry (adj)
sort (n & v)
sort out (&"r )*
ould )ou sort out !) travel arrange!ents to
sound (n & v)
south (adj, adv & n)
south east (n 2 ad-*
south west (n 2 ad-*
souvenir (n*
space (n)
spare (adj & v)
spare cash (adj)
I can't spare the time to see him (v)
spea& (v)
spea&er (n)
a con!erence spea&er
special (adj)
speciali8e 1A! +ng2( specialise 1Br +ng2 ()*
specialist (n*
special offer (n*
specialt) (n*
specifications (n*
speech (n)
speed (n 2 )*
spell (v)
spend (v 2 n*
spend money (v)
spend time (v)
,ur advertising spend has increased this
)ear$ (n*
spill (n 2 )*
spite (n*
in spite of
spoil ()*
sponsor (n 2 )*
sport(s) (n)
spot (n 2 )*
sp) (n 2 )*
square (n & adj)
a square pattern (adj)
the town square (n)
0t (abbrev) street
sta!! (n & v)
stage (n*
the final stage of production
stairs (n)
stamp (n)
Is there a stamp on the envelope(
Gse the company stamp
stand (n & v)
stand outside (v)
a stand at a trade !air (n)
-roduction stood still due to a stri&e$ ()*
.e stood up to get a better view (v)
The factor) stands on a new industrial par&$
standard (ad- 2 n*
staple (n*
stapler (n*
start (n & v)
the start o! the con!erence (n)
#he meeting started A% minutes late (v)
starter 1A! +ng2( entrGe 1Br +ng2 (n*
start/up 6 start up (ad-4 ) 2 n*
Start/up costs have increased$ (ad-*
After leaving this co!pan)( she started up
another$ ()*
.e was involved with a new start up$ (n*
state (n & v)
*e comes !rom the state o! 'ali!ornia (n)
.er office was in a ver) untid) state$ (n*
There are "oth state and private railwa)s in
Hapan$ (n*
.e stated that he had "een unaware of the
situation$ ()*
station (n)
stationer) (n*
statistics (n*
stay (n & v)
sta) "ehind (&"r )*
.e sta)ed "ehind to finish up his report$
stead) (ad- 2 )*
steal (v)
stea! (n*
steamed (adj)
steel (n*
steep (ad-*
step (n & v)
0teps A"; (n)
ta&e steps to do something (n)
step !orward (v)
still (adj)
sting) (ad-*
stoc& ()4 n *
We don9t stoc& that !odel an)!ore$ ()*
no longer in stoc& (&re& &"r*
stoc&s and shares (n*
Stoc& +#change (n*
stone (n)
stop (n & v)
storage (n*
store (n 2 )*
a department store (n)
Store it for future use$ ()*
storeroom (n)
storey (Br Eng), story (Am Eng) (n)
storm (n 2 )*
#he roo! was damaged in the storm (n)
a stor! of protests (n*
She stor!ed out of the !eeting$ ()*
story (n)
straight (adj & adv)
strange (adj)
stranger (n*
strateg) (n*
a "usiness strateg)
street (n)
strength (n*
strengthen ()*
stress (n 2 )*
#here is a lot o! stress in this 1ob (n)
.e stressed that it was i!portant to "e on
ti!e$ ()*
strict (ad-*
strict .ealth and Safet) regulations
stri&e (n 2 )*
;ost wor&ers have gone on stri&e$ (n*
The)9re stri&ing for higher wages$ ()*
string (n*
strong (adj)
structure (n 2 )*
ould )ou descri"e the structure of the
co!pan)= (n*
The co!pan) was re/structured$ ()*
stu""orn (ad-*
student (n)
studies (n)
business studies
studio (n*
study (n 2 v*
I'm studying 5ar&eting (v)
0he studied the report (v)
The co!pan) carried out a stud) of
consu!er spending ha"its$ (n*
stupid (adj)
su"se0uentl) (ad)*
su"sidiar) (n 2 ad-*
sub1ect (n)
the sub1ect o! a discussion
the sub1ect o! a sentence
a university sub1ect
su"stantial (ad-*
su"tract ()*
su"ordinate (n*
suburb (n)
subway (n)
#he Hew 8or& subway is a huge
transportation system (Am Eng)
(underground 6 Br Eng)
0ubways provide an alternative to crossing
busy roads (Br Eng) (underpass " Am Eng)
succeed ()*
success (n)
success!ul (adj)
such (det & pron)
sudden (adj)
suffer ()*
sufficient (ad-*
suggest (v)
suggestion (n)
suit (n & v)
suita"ilit) (n*
suitable (adj)
suitcase (n)
suite (n*
su! (n*
su! up (&"r )*
The finance director su!!ed up o"7ections
to the proposed strateg)$
sunny (adj)
supermar&et (n)
supervise (v)
supervision (n*
supervisor (n)
supper (n)
superior (n*
supplier (n)
supplies (n &$*
supply (n & v)
support (n & v)
suppose ()*
surcharge (n*
sure (adj)
surname (n)
surplus (n*
surprise (n, adj & v)
surve) (n 2 )*
sweep ()*
swing (n 2 )*
There has "een a swing in pu"lic opinion$ (n*
The door swung shut$ ()*
swimming pool (n)
switch (n & v)
light switch
switch on2o!!
switch fro!6to
system (n)
table (n)
ta&e (v)
ta&e time
ta&e a message
ta&e time2a day2an a!ternoon o!!
ta&e away (phr v)
*e too& the printer away
#a&e F away !rom AE
ta&e o!! (phr v)
0he too& the a!ternoon o!!
0he too& o!! her 1ac&et
#he plane too& o!! on time
ta&e o!! (n)
ta&e o!! and landing
ta&e out (phr v)
ta&e out the trash
ta&e out a loan
ta&e the visitors out !or lunch
ta&e out so!e of the nu!"ers fro! the
ta&e over (&"r )*
% have to ta&e over all his responsi"ilities$
The +, plans to ta&e over one of our
ta&e part in (&"r )*
.e didn9t ta&e part in the discussion$
ta&e place (&"r )*
The conference will ta&e place at the end of
the )ear$
ta&e up (&"r )*
She too& up golf as a wa) of "uilding her
"usiness networ&s$
.e too& up a new position in the co!pan)$
ta&eover (n*
There have "een several ver) high/profile
ta&eovers in recent !onths$
ta&ings (n &$*
talent (n*
talented (ad-*
tal& (n & v)
tall (adj)
tap (n 2 )*
target (n4 adj 2 )*
our target customers (adj)
#he company's production target is A%%%
units per wee& (n)
The co!pan) was targeted ") protesters$ ()*
tas& (n)
taste (n 2 )*
tast) (ad-*
ta9 (n & v)
ta#ation (n*
ta9i (n)
ta#pa)er (n*
tea (n)
teach (v)
team (n)
teamwor& (n)
tear (n 2 )*
technical (ad-*
technician (n)
techni0ue (n*
technological (ad-*
technology (n)
tel (abbrev) telephone number
teleco!!unications (n*
telephone (n)
television (n)
tell (v)
temperature (n)
te!ple (n*
te!porar) (ad-*
tenant (n*
terminal (n)
a co!puter ter!inal
a terminal at the airport
ter!s (n*
What are the ter!s of the agree!ent=
terrible (adj)
terrified (ad-*
test (n & v)
te9t (n & v)
te9t message (n)
te#tile (n*
than (conj)
than& (v)
than& you (int)
than&s (n & int)
that (adv, det, conj & pron)
the (det)
theater 1A! +ng2( theatre 1Br +ng2 (n*
We can ta&e our guests to the theater$
!ovie theater
their (det)
theirs (pron)
them (pron)
themselves (pron)
then (adv)
theor) (n*
there (adv & pron)
4ut it over there, please (adv)
#here are two copy machines in our o!!ice
there!ore (adv)
ther!o!eter (n*
these (adv, det & pron)
they (pron)
thic& (ad-*
thief (n*
thin (adj)
thing (n)
thin& (v & n)
thin& o!2about (v)
.hat do you thin& o! the salary(
thirsty (adj)
this (adv, det & pron)
those (adv, det & pron)
though (adv & conj)
thought (n & v)
thousand (n)
threat (n*
threaten ()*
through (adv & prep)
throughout (ad) 2 &re&*
throw (n & v)
throw away (phr v)
*e threw the receipt away by mista&e
tic& (n 2 )*
tic&et (n)
tidy (adj & v)
tie (n 2 )*
a shirt and tie (n)
tied with string ()*
tight (ad-*
till (conj & prep)
time (n & v)
ti!eline (n*
timetable (n)
tin (n*
tin) (ad-*
tip (n 2 )*
tired (adj)
title (n*
to (prep)
today (adv & n)
together (adv)
toilet (n)
tomorrow (adv & n)
ton1ne2 (n*
tonight (adv & n)
too (adv)
tool (n)
top (n & adj)
topic (n*
total (n & adj)
touch (n & v)
tour (n & v)
tourist (n & adj)
towards (prep)
tower (n*
town (n)
trac& (n 2 )*
trade (n 2 )*
trade !air (n)
trade union (n*
trader (n*
stoc& trader
trades!an (n*
trading co!pan) (n*
traditional (ad-*
tra!!ic (n)
traffic circle 1A! +ng2( rounda"out 1Br +ng2 (n*
train (n & v)
trainee (n*
trainer (n)
tra! (n*
transfer (n 2 )*
translate ()*
translation (n*
transport (n 2 )*
transportation (n)
trash (Am Eng), rubbish (Br Eng) (n)
trash can (Am Eng), rubbish bin (Br Eng) (n)
travel (n & v)
travel agent (n)
travel arrange!ents6plans (n*
travel e#penses (n*
traveler9s chec&s 1A! +ng2 (n*
traveller9s che0ues 1Br +ng2 (n*
trend (n*
trial (n 2 ad-*
trial period (ad-*
We will run a trial first$ (n*
trip (n)
trouble (n)
truc& (Am Eng), lorry (Br Eng) (n)
true (adj)
trun& 1A! +ng2( "oot 1Br +ng2 (n*
trust (n 2 )*
truth (n*
try (n & v)
tr) on ()*
tu"e (n*
tunnel (n*
turn (n & v)
turn around (&"r )*
he turned the co!pan) around in two )ears
turn down (&"r )*
turn down the radio
turn down an offer6application
turn into (&"r )*
Anna has turned into a co!petent and
efficient !anager$
turn o!! (phr v)
#urn o!! your cell phone, please
turn on (phr v)
*e turned on his computer
turn out (phr v)
#urn out the lights be!ore you go
%n the end( ever)thing turned out alright$
turn up (phr v)
'ould you turn up the air conditioning,
.e didn9t turn up$ % don9t &now where he was$
turning (n*
the first turning on the left
turnover (n 2 )*
an annual turnover of ?1 !illion
#> (abbrev) television
twice (adv)
twin (ad- 2 n*
twin roo! (n*
type (v & n)
t)pical (ad-*
t)pist (n*
ugly (adj)
una"le (ad-*
un"elieva"le (ad-*
under (prep)
undercharge ()*
underesti!ate ()*
underground (ad-*
underground (Br Eng), subway (Am Eng) (n)
underline ()*
underpaid (ad-*
understand (v)
undo ()*
uni!orm (n)
union (n*
trade union
unit (n*
unit cost
factor) unit
industrial unit
universe (n*
university (n)
unleaded (ad-*
unless (on-*
until (prep)
unusual (ad-*
up (prep & adv)
up to (phr v)
.hat are you up to(
%t9s not up to !e who gets the position$
up/to/date 6 up to date (ad- 2 ad)*
update (n & v)
give me an update (n)
update your antivirus so!tware (v)
upgrade (n 2 )*
upload (n 2 )*
upon (&re&*
upset (ad- 2 )*
upstairs (adv)
upturn (n*
upward (ad-*
ur"an (ad-*
urgent (adj)
us (pron)
use (n & v)
used to (v)
use!ul (adj)
useless (ad-*
user (n)
usual (ad-*
usually (adv)
vacanc) (n*
vacation (n)
valid (ad-*
a valid passport
a valid argu!ent
valuable (adj)
value (n 2 )*
van (n*
variety (n)
various (ad-*
var) ()*
vehicle (n*
vendor (n)
venture (n*
a 7oint venture
venture capital
venue (n)
very (adv)
victor) (n*
video (n 2 )*
view (n & v)
village (n*
violent (ad-*
virus (n*
a co!puter virus
visa (n)
visit (n & v)
vocabulary (n)
voice (n & v)
volu!e (n*
vote (n 2 )*
vo)age (n*
. (abbrev) west
wage(s) (n)
wait (n & v)
waiting roo! (n*
waiter (n)
waitress (n)
wa&e ()*
wa&e up (phr v & adj)
a wa&e"up call
wal& (n & v)
wal&ing distance (n*
wall (n)
wallet (n)
want (v & n)
war (n*
warehouse (n*
warm (adj)
warn ()*
wash (v)
waste (n 2 )*
waste "as&et 1A! +ng2 (n*
wastepaper "as&et6"in 1Br +ng2 (n*
watch (n & v)
water (n & v)
wave (n 2 )*
way (n)
we (pron)
wea& (adj)
wea&ness (n*
wealth (n)
wear (v & n)
wear out (&"r ) 2 ad-*
%9! worn out$ % need a holida)$
worn/out clothing6e0uip!ent
weather (n)
we" (n*
website (n)
website address (n)
wee& (n)
wee&da) (n*
wee&end (n)
weigh ()*
weight (n*
welcome (n)
welfare (n*
well (adv & n)
.ell done? (exclam)
well/esta"lished (ad-*
well/&nown (ad-*
well/!ade (ad-*
well/paid (ad-*
west (n)
wet (adj)
what (adv, det, conj, pron & int)
whatever (on-4 de! 2 &ron*
wheel (n)
when (adv & conj)
whenever (ad) 2 on-*
where (adv & conj)
whereas (on-*
whether (on-*
which (pron)
while (conj)
whiteboard (n)
who, whom (pron)
whole (adj)
wholesale (ad- 2 ad)*
wholesaler (n*
whose (pron)
why (adv & conj)
wide (adj)
width (n*
will (n & v)
willing (ad-*
win (n & v)
window (n)
window seat
window displa) (n*
wing (n)
wing o! a plane
wing of a "uilding
wire (n*
wise (ad-*
wish (n & v)
with (prep)
withdraw ()*
within (ad) 2 &re&*
without (adv & prep)
witness (n 2 )*
woman (n)
wonder (n 2 )*
wonder!ul (adj)
wood (n)
wooden (ad-*
wool (n*
word (n)
word processing (n*
wor& (n & v)
wor& hard
wor& overtime2late
wor& per!it (n*
wor&aholic (n*
wor&force (n*
wor&load (n*
wor&ing hours (n)
wor&place (n)
wor&shop (n*
wor&station (n*
world (n)
world/wide 6 worldwide (ad- 2 ad)*
worried (adj)
worry (v & n)
worse2worst (adj & adv)
worth (ad-*
worthwhile (ad-*
would (v)
wrap ()*
wrap up (&"r )*
write (v)
write down (phr v)
write out (&"r )*
wrong (adj4 n 2 )*
)ard (n*
year (n)
yes (int)
yesterday (adj & n)
yet (adv)
you (pron)
young (adj)
your (adj)
yours (pron)
yoursel! (pron)
)outh (n*
yr (n) year
zero (n)
8one (n*
zoo (n)
A11ENDI8 1
Word se!s
%n addition to words in the alpha"etical list( BULATS candidates at A2 level are
e#pected to &now4
Cardina$ n,m+ers
one( two( three( etc
Ordina$ n,m+ers
first( second( third( E$ twent) fourth( twent) fifth( etc
Da9s o' !"e wee:
;onda)( Tuesda)( Wednesda)( Thursda)( 5rida)( Saturda)( Sunda)
Seasons o' !"e 9ear
Spring( Su!!er( Winter( Autu!n65all
Co,n!ries4 na!iona$i!ies and $an#,a#es
+g( Bra8il( Bra8ilian( -ortugueseM anada6anadian
Africa( +urope( 3orth K South A!erica( etc
-acific( Atlantic( etc
Words 'or emai$ addresses
dot( slash( at 1N2( etc
.a-or ,rrenies
dollars( euros( pounds( etc
A11ENDI8 2
The words on the alpha"etical list !a) "e e#tended ") the use of one or !ore of
these affi#es4
mini< with nouns( so!eti!es without a h)phen( eg minibus, mini"tour
non< with nouns and ad7ectives( eg non"essential
re< with ver"s and their related nouns( usuall) without a h)phen( eg
rename, rearrange
se$'< with nouns and ad7ectives( eg sel!"importance, sel!"con!ident
,n< negative prefi#( eg unsa!e, unstable
<a+$e with ver"s to for! ad7ectives( eg a!!ordable, li&able
<ed (<d* with ver"s to for! ad7ectives( eg limited, used
<er (<r* with ver"s to for! nouns( eg teacher, advertiser, shopperM also
co!parative for!s( eg brighter
<ese for nationalities( languages( eg 'hinese, 4ortuguese
<es! for superlatives( eg tallest
<',$ with nouns for a!ount contained( eg spoonfulM with nouns to for!
ad7ectives denoting characteristics or 0ualities( eg pain!ul, use!ul
<in# with ver"s for activit) or state( eg selling, satis!ying
<is" for nationalities or languages( eg 0wedishM with nouns to for!
ad7ectives( eg sel!ish
<is! with nouns( occupations( eg chemist, specialist
<$ess with nouns to for! ad7ectives( eg useless
<$9 with ad7ectives to for! adver"s( eg e!!ectivelyM with nouns to for!
ad7ectives( eg !riendly
<men! with ver"s to for! nouns( eg announcement, retirement
<or with ver"s to for! nouns( eg vendor, inventor
<9 with nouns to for! ad7ectives( eg sunny