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ing FORM

The ing form may be a noun, an adjective, a verb or a gerund. -ing as a noun, e.g.: Lets do some washing and cleaning. What is this old building? Its the Savings Bank; Logical sorting is an inner mechanism of the brain. Taxonomic filing is both logical and time-sparing. Any individual or firm plays a role in the functioning of an economy. At this meeting everyone has equal rights. Good advertising doesnt just inform, it sells. An example is tobacco advertising. -ing as an adjective, e.g.: My teacher always brings teaching-aids. You may find them in the reading-room trying to improve their writing skills. I didnt expect him to be so boring. The mobility of the present day world is also reflected in the changing pattern of employment. The new developing industries could hold their own in peace-time. Microeconomics explains how consumers make purchasing decisions, and how their choices are affected by changing prices and incomes. Dynamic modelling theory developed over the last fifty years. Knowledge gives controlling power and makes life easier. Science is a living organism. -ing as a verb (Present Participle), e.g.: What are you talking about? Ann is trying to improve her English. Why arent you writing? They were still arguing when the manager stepped in. Nick has been listening to the radio since noon. I found her crying and I left her laughing. Stop complaining! It was true according to the criteria of validity prevailing at the time.

-ing as a gerund, e.g.: A universal priciple of classification was found through inquiring into the nature of notions and their relationships. There is a method for understanding the dynamic behaviour of complex systems. We can see how industries and markets operate only by studying the

behaviour and interaction of individual firms and consumers. It is through creating a shared vision that motivation is enhanced. He thought of running after them, but then he gave up the idea. The animal instinct of searching for information, or curiosity does not suffice for a community to develop science. Growth occurring with constant ratio between successive quantities is called geometrical progression. Arithmetical progression is a series of numbers increasing (or decreasing) by a constant quantity. Learning what others already know is far more economical than acquiring this knowledge by ones own experience. a gerund is/ is not preceded by an adjective or a preposition, like a noun, and followed by an adverbial modifier or an object (or object clause), like a verb.