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Doc No: QA/QC-FRM-018 Rev: 00


Date: Dec 07, 2009 Page: 1 of 2

Manufacturer: FABCON Design & Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. Procedure Qualification Record No. FAB-PQR-001 WPS No. FAB-WPS-001 GTAW+SMAW Rev. Welding Process(es) JOINTS (QW 402) Date. 23-12-2009 00 Date. 31-12-2009 Type (Manual, Automatic, Semi-Auto.) MANUAL

Joint Configuration

BASE METALS (WQ 403) Material Spec. Type or Grade P.No. 1 Group No.2 SA 516 Gr 70 to P.No.1 Group No. 2 25 mm N/A

POSTWELD HEAT TREATMENT (QW 407) Temperature Time Other N/A N/A N/A

Thickness of Test Coupon Diameter of Test Coupon Other Heat No. oF Plate: 192770 FILLER METALS (QW 404) SFA Specification AWS Classification Filler Metal F. No.

GAS (QW 408) Percent Composition Gas(es) Shielding Argon Trailing Backing -------

99.99% -------

Flow Rate (l/min)

8-12 -------

A5.18/A 5.1 ER70S-3/E 7018 6/4 SMAW-20mm

Deposited Weld Metal Thk: GTAW-5mm

Weld Metal Analysis A. No. 1 GTAW : 2.4 mm Size of Electrode: SMAW : 3.25 mm, 4 mm Other: BOC/ LION UK


See attached sheet Volts See attached sheet

ER 70S-3, 2.4 MM, LOT # 3Y354/6A47 FTX E7018, 3.25 MM, LOT # 911051 FTX E7018, 4.0 MM, LOT # 911054 POSITION (QW 405) Position of Groove 3G Weld Progression (Uphill, Downhill) UP Other: No Single Pass is greater than 13 mm

Tungsten Electrode Size 2.4 mm Other

TECHNIQUE (QW 410) Travel Speed See attached sheet String or Weave Bead Oscillation String & Weave

PREHEAT (QW 406) Preheat Temp Method of Preheat 25 C NIL

Multipass or Single Pass Use of thermal Processes: Other None

Multiple N.A

Single or Multiple Electrodes Single

Inter Pass Temperature 100 oC to 300 oC

Close to out Chamber: Out of Chamber

Doc No: QA/QC-FRM-018 Rev: 00


Date: Dec 07, 2009 Page: 2 of 2

PQR No. Electrical Characteristics (QW 409) Filler Metal Pass (es) Process Class Dia DC Amp Current Volts Travel Speed mm/Min


Heat Input Kj/mm

Tensile Test (QW 150) Specimen No. Width mm SP-01 SP-02

Specimen No.

Thickness mm 25 25
Type of Figure No.

Area mm2 475.0

Ultimate Total Load KN ----

Ultimate Tensile Stregth Kgf/mm2 58.7 57.8


Type of Failure & Location Parent Material Parent Material

19 19

475.0 ---Guided Bend Tests (QW 160)

SP-03 SP-04 SP-05 SP-06 Specimen No. Notch Location

Side Bend Side Bend Side Bend Side Bend Specimen Size

Acceptable Acceptable Acceptable Acceptable Toughness Test (QW 170) Impact Energy Joules, J Test 1 2 3 Avrg Temp.


Comments : Fillet Weld Test (QW 180) Result __ Satisfactory Yes Macro __ Results No. N.A Other Tests Type of Test : (1) RADIOGRAPHY Test Report # FDE-06 (2) (3) Result Acceptable, Report Attached Penetration into Parent Metal : No.

Welder's Name : Tests conducted by :

Muhammad Munir Ahmed/Gulam Hassan Quality Control Centre, PITAC Compound, Lhr.

Stamp No. Laboratory Test No.

W-003/W-001 QCC/4(354)09-10

We certify that the statements in this record are correct and that the test welds were prepared, welded, and tested in accordance with the requirements of ASME IX code. PREPARED BY Name: Signature: Date: APPROVED BY REVIEWED BY