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Grace Western Orchestra to Perform in Shangri-la Plaza The Grace Christian College Western Orchestra has once again

been invited to stage a mini-concert at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall. This special event will be part of the celebration of the Chinese Mooncake Festival and will be held on September 22, 2013 at six oclock in the evening, at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall center atrium. For the past three years, the GCC Western Orchestra has been one of the most-awaited features of Shangri-la Plaza Malls Christmas celebration. This year, however, is the first time the they have been invited to perform for a Chinese Festival. The GCC Western Orchestra consists of more than twenty talents from Grace Christian College, ranging from ten-year old grade five students to fourteen year-old high school students. It is a complete ensemble of violinists, pianists, flutists, guitarists and recorders. Over the years, the orchestra has been able to develop a wide repertoire of Christian, classical, contemporary, popular and movie theme music. It is headed by accomplished conductress and violinist Ms. Fairy Lui-Lee. Ms. Lui-Lee, also an alumni of Grace Christian College, is a music graduate of the prestigious UP Conservatory, and is also the founder and owner of the successful F. Lui School of Music. For this special program in Shangri-la Mall, the GCC Western Orchestra has practiced extensively, and has even prepared new Chinese musical numbers. With such dedication and passion for music, they are inviting everyone to go join them for a night of enchanting music.

This was the first time the Western Orchestra was invited to play for a Chinese event. It was also the first time for the orchestra to be filled with members who only joined this year, with only around ten of the members who were there for at least two years. Because of the orchestras situation, the orchestra conductor was uncertain about accepting the offer by Shangrila. However, after three months of practicing the pieces that should be perfected, the conductor saw how much her members improved, and she saw that they would be able to perform very well in Shangrila. Now, with three weeks to go before the performance, the orchestra members have been practicing in school very hardthey start rehearsing right after school hours and finish at seven oclock! The songs they would be performing would be from the classical era to the modern era which includes Christian music, pop, and themes from the movies. Also, since it is for the celebration of the Mooncake Festival, the Western Orchestra would be featuring traditional Chinese songs that many are familiar with. This performance would be a special and memorable one for everyone who will listen to it. For those who love music or are aspiring to be musicians, be inspired through the songs that the Western Orchestra would be playing in Shangrila!