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SOUL: What can I do, Lord, when I’m in a position in which it appears that I will
fall prey to some lower appetite, or yield to some other enemy of the flesh? What can I
do if it appears that my courage and determination are failing?

SELF: Just hold your ground, My friend. In no case should you retreat one inch
from the battle, or surrender a farthing to the enemy. Victory is yours, I promise, if you
but stand still and do not given in.

SOUL: How is that, Lord? I don’t understand.

SELF: The senses cannot act without the consent of the will. No matter how
powerful the internal enemy may appear, he is helpless to act without the consent of your
will. This absolute dominion, or independence, has been graciously given by Me to the
will. In effect, this makes the will more powerful than all external forces combined,
including the senses and demonic spirits. Indeed, the entire created universe cannot
diminish the freedom of the will to act in whatever manner it desires.

Since I have given you the means to defeat your every enemy, you have no excuse
not to fight. For this reason, I told an exemplary devotee over and over, “Always think of
Me.” And to My disciples of Galilee, I said, “Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall
find, knock and every door shall be opened unto you.”

In the ancient sacred books, I also explained that everything is situated on desire.
Who can truthfully say he cannot desire? Even if one’s desire is practically nonexistent,
you can desire to have a greater desire. This is My mercy upon everyone. In this way all
are equal. Everyone can desire whatever he wants. Those who are intelligent desire Me
alone, and thereby they have everything, for I am the source of everything. Everything
emanates from Me. The wise that know this perfectly engage in My devotional service
and worship Me with all their hearts.

SOUL: But sometimes temptations press so hard upon me that my desire is

almost lost. I feel myself overcome and seem to lack sufficient strength to resist for a
moment longer. What do I do then?

SELF: That is certainly not a time to be disheartened, nor the time to lay down
your arms. Rather, it is the time to use your intelligence to defend yourself. You should
cry out with all your might, “Never, never, never! I shall never submit to Satan!

Then recite and chant My Holy Names, for they will protect you.
Just as a valiant warrior would rather die than retreat from battle, a faithful
devotee would rather give up his life than surrender to the enemy. Such determination
will always bring success, for I have promised to protect My surrendered souls. Do not
fear, My friend. Stand up and fight. I am with you, and I will protect you. I promise you
this, for you are My very dear friend.

SOUL: But why do I have such difficulties? Why is this a hard battle?

SELF: Actually, such encounters are My mercy upon you. They are for your
betterment, My friend. They teach you how to withdraw within – where I am – and how
to take complete shelter of Me alone. By so doing, you exercise your spiritual muscles
and increase your love for Me.

Also, at such times, it is easy for you to realize your insignificance and inability to
accomplish anything apart from Me. Thus you are forced to place greater confidence in
My power, so that, through My grace, you may attack and conquer the enemies of the
flesh that oppose you. Remember, I am the servant of My surrendered soul. Just ask Me,
implore Me, command Me: “Dear Lord, dear God,! Do not abandon Your weakest
servant! Please, dear God, do not permit me to be conquered by ignorance and illusion.”

SOUL: Isn’t there ever a break? Doesn’t the battle ever let up?

SELF: Yes, and that is the time to reinforce your will by properly understanding
My will. For instance, if you have been unjustly accused of something, and are tempted
to lose your patience due to anger, check yourself by remembering these points:

First, consider whether or not you might in some way really deserve the
unpleasant situation. Perhaps you brought it upon yourself. Even if you are only a little
to blame, you should tolerate the situation, patiently accepting the suffering as My mercy
upon you.

If you are not guilty on this account, you should remember all the offenses you
have secretly committee, and for which I have not inflicted due punishment. Perhaps you
have not sufficiently atoned for your sins by voluntary penance. When you realize that I
have given you some momentary light punishment out of My mercy, you should accept it
– not just with resignation but with eagerness and joyful thanksgiving.

Even if you think that your offenses are few, or that you already have done
sufficient penance and austerity, you should remember that the road to My Kingdom is a
rough one. It is narrow and full of difficulties and obstacles. Indeed, the difficulties are a
sign that you are on the right path. Without trial, tribulation, and hardship, there is no
Remember, too, that were thee another road – perhaps a smoother, less hilly one –
love for Me should prevent you from taking it. Accept this road that I am on. (Inna
Rabbi ala siratim mustaqim. – Qur’an) It is the road that My pure devotees in the past
have trod. It is the road of perfect surrender to Me, the all-good Personality of Godhead.

Just think of Me, and think of My will for you. I love you more than you can
imagine, and I delight in every heroic act of sacrifice and virtue you perform. Nothing
pleases Me more than the return of a wayward traveller. (Inna hu huwat tawwabur rahim.
– Qur’an) The more he endures for My sake, the more seemingly unjust his punishment,
the greater is My enjoyment. It also means your reward and merit are greater in My sight
for tolerating it. Thus, in the midst of your suffering, adore Me and willingly submit
yourself to My pleasure. I am able to draw good from evil and joy from pain.

Most of all, remember that thinking of Me is as easy as reciting my Holy Name. I

am not different from My Name, and wherever My Name is recited, I am present.
Indeed, I am there in full power and glory. Therefore, when you are severely tempted and
all else fails, take shelter of My Holy Name. Rise up the walls of transcendental sound
and feel My protection by the vibration of My Names.

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allahu La Ilaha illa Huwal Qayyum.




SOUL: Dear Lord, we have already discussed the requisites necessary to

gain victory over self and to manifest true virtue. But, my dear Lord, I am very
impatient. How long is this process going to take?

LORD: You must have patience, My friend. It is commendable that you

are eager to be God conscious, but you must be patient. Patience is the symptom of
surrender. If you are anxious, you are still trying to control, because anxiety is a
symptom of false ego.

You must gain real victory over false ego, and thus attain real virtue. This
requires considerable patience, which is necessary if you are to do My will. Such
patience may be required more than once. You must practice it again and again. Indeed,
you must practice it as often as necessary to achieve My pleasure.

Sometimes it is necessary to exhibit your courage by returning to an old battle.

This shows that the enemy was not killed but only wounded. This is often the case when
you are engaged in combat with self-love. You must try to realize that self-love is a
vicious enemy in the guise of a friend. Like a flatterer, he is your worst enemy, from
whom you can receive the most cruel, severe, and mortifying injury. Until you realize
this, victory over the false ego is very difficult, for you do not know who is friend and
who is foe.

SOUL: O merciful Lord, I don’t understand how I will ever be able to

succeed. Everything on this path seems so difficult.

LORD: Be brave; My dear friend. If I am for you, who can be against

you? Where is your faith? Now is the time to fight with great determination. Don’t be
discouraged, and don’t let your personal weakness be an excuse for inaction.

If you think that your strength is insufficient, then ask Me for more. I will not
refuse your request. Have faith in Me and remember that though Satan appears
overwhelming, and his fury insurmountable, My love for you is infinitely greater.
Besides, all the great pure devotees and holy teachers of the past are watching over you to
protect you. They are far more numerous and powerful than the illusory foe.

SOUL: But I am very small and frail, O Lord. How can I possibly wage
such a battle?
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LORD: Victory is not dependent on you, My disciple, but on Me. Indeed,

there have been many small devotees who have defeated Satan’s most formidable agents.
In ancient times, only a five-year old child successfully faced a horrible demon; and
David was a mere adolescent when he felled the giant Goliath. Also, there have been
many women who, when armed with My weapons of faith, have defeated all their
malicious enemies and conquered all the allurements of the flesh.

Do not lose heart, My friend. Do not be discouraged. It is certainly very difficult

to be the object of so many attacks. This warfare will continue throughout your whole
life. Although ruin faces you on all sides, remember: neither the power of brain nor
brawn, nor even the trickery of your opponent, can harm you without My consent and

This may sound strange to you, My dear one, but I delight in this kind of battle,
and I often encourage it in may ways. But rest assured; I will never permit your enemies
to accomplish their evil plan and emerge victorious. If required, I will personally fight on
your side. I give you My word. I have often done so in the past, and I will do so again.
Have faith. Sooner or later, victory will be yours. Your endeavours will certainly be
crowned with success, though the fight may not end until your physical death.

I only request that you defend yourself manfully and courageously, and that,
despite setbacks and wounds, you never lay down arms or leave the field of battle. Never
shirk your duty. This warfare is unavoidable, and you must fight – either on My side, or
on Satan’s. But it is worth remembering and etching in the depths of your heart: Wa la
tamutunna ill wa antum muslimoon – Quran.

Remember the obstinacy of your enemy is so strong, and Satan’s determination so

fixed, that peace and accommodation with him is utterly impossible. Therefore, My dear
little one, stand and fight for Me.