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SIDDHARTH SINGH BIST Email ID: Phone No: 9899703601(M)

OBJECTIVE: To secure a challenging position that utilizes my technical and analytical skills to contribute to the overall growth of the organization. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS : Bachelor in Technology (Information Technology) degree from Bharati Vidyapeeth University in 2011 with 66%. Higher Secondary School (CBSE) from Lucknow Public School in 2006 with 81%. Senior Secondary School (CBSE) from Lucknow Public School in 2004 with 74%..


SAP Certified Development Consultant SAP Netweaver 7.2-Application Development Focus ABAP. Organization: ATOS Delhi. Environment: SAP ABAP.

SAP Experience: Fresher SAP Training Skill Area:

Company Period Certification Date Certification No. Environment

ATOS IT Solutions and Services 5th June 2013 - 25th June 2013 7th August 2013 N A (still in process) 5th June- 25th June 2013

Knowledge in the field of Information Technology with expertise in the area of SAP Netweaver in ERP Package.

Knowledge Areas

Knowledge in SAP ABAP Programming. working Knowledge in 3 Tier Architecture. Knowledge in ABAP Workbench and ABAP Dictionary. Knowledge in RDBMS including the concept of Normalization. Knowledge in OOABAP (ABAP OBJECTS). Knowledge in Report and Dialog Programming. Knowledge in Lock Concepts, SAP LUW and DB LUW. Knowledge in SAP Customization and Personalization, Enhancement and Modification using Customer Exit, User exit, BTE and BADI.

Knowledge in Software Engineering Requirements Analysis, Design, Development and Documentation.

Developed Classical, Interactive and ALV Reports.

SOFTWARE PROFICIENCY: Languages Database Operating System Awareness : C, C++, JAVA : Oracle 9i, 10g, DB2. : Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux. : Networking, Software Testing, Software Development Life Cycle

PROJECT UNDERTAKEN: Adaptive Overlapped Data Chained De clustering (Final Yr. Project) The Project proposes a new data-placement method named Adaptive Overlapped De clustering, which can be applied to a parallel storage system using a value range partitioning-based distributed directory and primary-backup data replication, to improve the space utilization by balancing their access loads. The proposed method reduces data skews generated by data migration for balancing access load.

Platform Used: C#.NET, ASP.NET and SQL-SERVER 2005 (back-end database). Role: Designed, Database developement and Testing. Hospital Managment System(Third Yr. Project) Goal was to develop a database managment system that will encompass the employee and hospital related details. The software provided a user friendly GUI and stores the record in form of tables. Platform Used: VB (front-end),Oracle 9i(back-end) . EXTRA CURRICULARS: Active member of technical team during Bharatiyam10 college fest. Appointed as Public Relations Head for ACIES for the year 2009-10. Appointed as the Marketing Head for the cultural activities in Bharatiyam 20102011.

OTHER ACHIVEMENTS: 1st prize in College Seminar on the topic Search Engine Optimization. 2nd prize in Mad Ads held at JISHIN 1st prize in Mad Ads in Verve08 1st prize in Street Play in Wallstreet09. 2nd prize in Bulls and Bears virtual stock exchange event. PERSONAL PROFILE:

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Date of Birth

Siddharth Singh Bist Mr Dinesh Hari Singh Bist Male Single Indian A-122 2nd Floor Amar Colony Lajpat Nagar 4 New Delhi - 24 : 09-11-1988