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This is perhaps my first official love letter to you . Please note: I said to you in the above sentence.

I have done this before for a lot of my friends. You have put me in a dilemma. Where to start? I have spent so much money on my phone bills that my vocabulary stands exhausted. But still I have to write something right? Okay here it goes. I love you It is so boring I know because you have heard this more number of times from me than your mom has ever heard from your dad. Im sure your dad never paid so much on phone bills lol I am in search of more ways to tell you the same thing over and over again. It is late night and I am in bedtime story mood. Shall I tell you one? Okay here it goes.. This is a very simple, silly story of a boy and a girl who of course are supposed to fall in love. Let me introduce them. A boy with a terribly haunting past (I bet you still dont know how terrible it was) and a girl in a troubled relationship. And me? Who am I? Well you know me, at least you have heard my name. Everybody who has ever fallen in love has. Shakespeare called me Romeo. I know it sounds funny but my letter, my rules, no questions please. Just listen. Both my hero and heroine were in the habit of harmless flirting. They were quick to smell out each others chronic flirting habits. They became good friends at school. At this time, the girl was having an affair with another guy and the boy was just out of a near fatal breakup. Time passed by and their friendship grew stronger. The girls affair with the other guy started changing colors. This went on until one day they broke up. This breakup had created deep wounds in the mind of the girl. And as it was destined, the boy was there with her to help her out of the trauma. Never ever, even in their wildest dreams did they realize that they were falling in love with each other. The only thing they knew was that they felt suffocated if they did not talk to each other for a day. School days got over and our school day peers went about burdening their parents with mammoth phone bills. Then the day came, the boy got admitted in a professional college about 600km from home. It was then that they both realized what heart ache really meant. Unable to restrain, they met outside their school once more, spent a couple of hours without speaking a single word, and went back home to weep over the phone. Perhaps both their minds were not ready to accept that they were in love again after all those bitter incidents of past relationships. But the D day was not far. They, in between hefty sobs, had to accept that they were in love. It was as if gods were opening bottles of champagne in celebration of their love and it was oozing out as tears from the eyes of my hero and heroine. From here, their love grew by leaps and bonds. The girl too got admitted in in another professional college. Their love matured and gained a divine sanity. Years passed by with lots of love given and taken between them. They both completed their respective courses. The girl went about practicing her dentistry and the boy went job hunting in the big bad world. In the meantime, in the girls house, marriage proposals were being hurriedly scrutinized. Her family was tightening the noose around her and she was all alone suffocating. She was not sure till when she could

resist. Finally the boy got employed in a not so famous firm for a meager salary. He made up his mind and talked to his father about his affair. After an initial resistance, his father came to a do whatever you want I wont object but dont ask me to cooperate kind of conclusion. Whatever the conclusion was not a problem for the boy (now a man but I still prefer to call him a boy) because he knew his dad, mom and little sister were blood relations and would remain the same for a lifetime. But the girl he loved could become someone elses if he was late by a whisker. Now it was the girls chance to present the matter in front of her ever loving family. Caste, the 5 letter word played he villain here. The boy belonged to a lower cast. Her family wouldnt compromise at any cost. She couldnt go against her parents. All the love and affection and all the money spent on her studies etc. She was well aware and burdened with responsibilities towards her family but still she resisted. But again she couldnt hold for long. She had to oblige. A couple of hours of weeping over the phone and then it was marriage time for her. In spite of the irrepressible heartache, she had to wear a smile along with all her ornaments. On the other hand the boy was completely devastated. Torn apart from his family and his love, he was all alone. He couldnt go back to his family. I still remember the day I killed myself when I saw my Juliette dead in front of me, which later turned out to be a cruel misunderstanding cooked up by the so called Bard of Avon, Shakespeare. To you, he might be a great writer but to me he is the villain of my life. Why the hell did he create me and Juliette if he wouldnt allow us to unite? I killed myself, but the boy didnt. He went into a gradual selfdestruction, self-punishment mode. Lived a life of a maniac and died a dogs death and I was a sad helpless witness. Okay, now hold it dont go away, just rewind a little bit, to the place where the girls family disagrees. In spite of the disagreements, the girl decided to be adamant in her stand and went on to live with the love of her life. Gradually both families came to accept the relationship and they lived happily ever after! (Yep the fairy tale ending) Which one of the endings did you like? I definitely enjoyed the second one, as I and Juliette know how it is to be torn apart from your loved one just when you think you are about to unite. Me and Juliette still wander as doomed souls praying for another birth, to unite. I know that this is never going to happen. Ill never be able to see Juliette become mine again. Hope this never happens to anyone else. Hope god almighty is not as cruel as Shakespeare. I love you