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DAILY PROCESS RECORDING I. Profile of Patient: Name: Age: Unknown Sex: Female Address: Brgy.

383, Zone 39, District 111, Quiapo Religion: Unknown II. Objectives A. General Patients socialization skills will be better and enhanced towards other patients and nurses. B. Specific 1. Cognitive: Patient will be able to sense and recognize things around the environment correctly. 2. Psychomotor: Patient will be able to move freely with care and participate to daily activities. 3. Affect: Patient will be able to expression their true feelings III. Setting We are sitting in a covered area in the pavilion 8 with a long table on our right side. IV. Verbatim Report Verbal Non-verbal Therapeutic Analysis Observation Communication/ Defense Mechanism N: Kumusta kana ate Smiles Exploring Patient was happy Michelle? P: Mabuti naman. N: Ano po masasabi Laughing Broad opening Patient was very nyo sa mga ginawa excited at the activity natin kanina? P: Masaya, nanalo ako sa laro, tapos masarap. N: Aba galling ah, Smiles and clap General leads Patient was proud of galingan mo ulit sa herself susunod ha. P: Hehehe, sige. N: Ano po gusto Straight affect Broad opening Patient is thinking of nyong pag-usapan what to say natin ngayon? P: Hmmm N: Di ba po nakatira Smiles Exploring Patient was happy kayo dati sa Quiapo? when she heard her P: Oo, quiapo. town N: Sino po kasama Smile, showing a hand General leads Patient was happy nyo don sa Quiapo? gesture in counting when she heard her P: Nanay ko, tatay ko, her siblings family tska walo ko kapatid. N: Pang ilan kasa Shows the height of General leads Patient remember her inyo? her youngest sibling young sibling P: Yung bunso naming, ganto na sya kalaki

N: Bumibisita ba sila Moving head left and Exploring




ditto? P: Hindi eh. N: Eh paano nga pop ala kayo napunta dito? P: Dinala ako dito ng tanod. N: Wala kaba kaibigan sa labas? P: Si Joseph. N: Sino si Joseph? P: Nanliligaw saken, inaakbayan nya ako, Hehehe N: P: Kaso ayaw ng nanay at tatay ko, gagalit sila, ayaw nila ako lumabas ng bahay. N: Ano dahilan bat ayaw nila? P: Bawal ako lumabas eh, papagalitan ako. N: Eh di nasa loob kalang ng bahay? Ano ginagawa mo kapag ikaw lang mag-isa? P: Nood ng t.v., lilinis ng bahay at kain lang. N: P: Nonood ako nun kay Judy Ann Santos eh.

right Straight affect General leads

happy about her family not visiting her Patient still remember who brought her to the hospital Patient was excited talking about her life outside Patient liked to talk about her friend

Shows a big smile

General leads

Demonstrated Akbay


Straight affect


Patient was not happy because of her family not letting her go outside

Straight affect


Patient was scared of her family

Straight affect


Patient enjoys watching television and doing house chores.


General leads

Patient liked talking about her favorite actress.