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10 theSun | MONDAY JUNE 29 2009

media & marketing

when the going gets tough

McDonald’s banks on quality, value

and convenience by Meena L. Ramadas improved revenue to the various new outlets opened last year.
“We’re confident of achieving our target of
McDONALD’S is relying on its promise of good 15% growth this year,” added Azmir.
quality food at a great value and convenience, McDonald’s attributes its success in sales and
to keep its customers happy and coming back branding to the fact that it is fast and conven-
during the lean times ahead. ient.
And towards this, the fast food chain is Azmir said the chain’s marketing and adver-
banking on advertising and promotions aimed tising is geared towards that point – convenience
at brand building and reminding its customers of in times of busy work schedules.
the McDonald’s promise. “Why? The point is families are now changing
“McDonald’s has always been big advertisers. in Malaysia. Parents work long hours, children are
We have to keep McDonald’s at the top of our at school or at tuitions. On top of that, they live
consumer’s mind where convenience is con- quite far from commercial areas.
cerned,” said Golden Arches Restaurant Malaysia “On average, people eat out more than 30
managing director Azmir Jaafar. times a month. So, convenience is important.
Azmir ... People eat out more than 30 times a month. “Yes, there is a 6.2% contraction of the What comes to mind when you want to eat in
economy, and it’s going to a short time? McDonald’s is
impact McDonald’s. But de- always trying to be at the top
spite the dismal economic of the consumer’s mind,” said
New kid on the online news block outlook, the company is con-
fident that it will be able to
The proof? From McD’s
weather the bad economic in Malaysia to Mackers in
THE competition is growing among online news Surveys show that this age group depends conditions of the difficult Australia, McDonald’s spans
portals, with Malaysian Mirror making its debut primarily on the new media for their information year ahead,” he said. across 100 countries and feeds
last week. and news. “It’s going to be difficult, 47 million people around the
Online news portals began nearly 10 years Several ex-journalists from the mainstream but we are optimistic,” he world in a day. In Malaysia,
ago with just Malaysiakini but has expanded to media are behind the Malaysian Mirror which will said. McDonald’s is patronised by
include The Malaysian Insider, The Nut Graph be run by 15 editorial staff. This has led the company to be zealous and six million consumers every month.
as well as several vernacular portals such as According to The Nut Graph editor Jacqueline extensive in advertising, as it pushes ahead But beyond merely making promises, Azmir
Merdeka Review, The Rock News and Bahasa Ann Surin, part of the reason for this growing with providing scrumptious products at a great stressed, the company works hard at “walking
Malaysia-based Agenda Daily. competition was because technology now made value. the talk” to ensure that it delivers as advertised.
They add to the strong online presence of it cheaper for people to publish. McDonald’s fervent use of advertising and As a fast food company, McDonald’s is con-
mainstream media such as The Star, Utusan, New Although more competition would make delivering is paying off, as the chain has seen stantly implementing measures to improve its
Straits Times, theSun and others. it harder and tougher for the free websites to steady growth in the last few months. services, quality and value of its products to stay
Malaysian Mirror is said to be owned by sev- continue, it is still regarded as good for the McDonald’s Malaysia, which recorded sales ahead of the rat race in these difficult times.
eral investors. industry. revenue of RM800 million last year, even chalked “We spend quite a significant amount on
Online news appears to be gaining momentum The Malaysian Insider consultant editor Leslie up an 8% increase in the first quarter of FY09 ensuring that our restaurants deliver the value
and appeal, especially among the Malaysian ur- Lau said readers would benefit as more quality which Azmir attributed in part to the popularity that we advertise,” said Azmir.
ban population and the tech-savvy aged between stories could be generated, adding “there is still of its RM5.95 McValue Lunch. “McDonald’s is aggressive at ensuring the
21 and 30. room for more players”. – Bernama The daily noon to 3pm set lunches which best quality standards and safety are applied to
are advertised as wholesome, affordable and, its products. We’re also focusing on improving
most importantly, instant, have been a hit with the service tenet – not just people, but also the
consumers. made-for-you system where the food is only pre-
“That’s what we’re focusing on: providing pared when the customer orders it. So, we are
good quality food at a great value and con- spending quite a bit on training our employees
venience,” said Azmir who also attributed the too,” added Azmir.

Glass-roofed Peugeot debuts

The new Peugeot
308 Turbo Panoramic
offers a clear view of
the sky.

PEUGEOT’S 308 Turbo now

features a full-length glass roof
for spectacular views of the sky
while driving.
The large panoramic roof occupies about
two-thirds of the roof, offering an unobstructed
view of the sky. During the day, the full length
electric sun-blind with ‘‘one-touch’’ operation
provides privacy to occupants. Lenkrad
Athermic glass is used for the roof, which, 2007 award in
together with the dual zone digital air condi- Germany for the best compact car based on
tioner and additional rear air condition vents, its design, comfort, safety and environmental
ensures a cool environment for occupants friendliness. It was also the AMI New Zealand
while providing for the airy open feel of a con- Autocar Car of the Year 2008 in its category.
vertible, without the dust, heat and pollution. This new feature is set to move the value
The 308 Turbo houses the International benchmark set by the 308 Turbo further ahead
Engine of the Year Award-winning 1.6-litre and cement it as a premium offering in its
direct injection turbo petrol engine designed segment. The 308 Turbo Panoramic retails at
by PSA Peugeot Citroën in cooperation with RM113,888 on-the-road, including insurance
BMW Group. and road tax, and will be available from the
The 308 was also the winner of the Golden end of July.