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Making War is the Capitalist Class’ Sustenance

By Humberto Gómez Sequeira-HuGóS

September 18, 2013

War is the capitalist class’ explosion of rage when its exploitation of the working class is not producing the amount of profit it needs to live like a Roman imperialist class who vomits in order to continue eating and degenerating. Since it imposed itself as the new class that causes the functioning and leads the actions of the State, making war and pillaging has been its sustenance. The capitalists divided the world into economic concentration camps which they carved with war; marked with their private property brand; and defend with war.

The capitalist class’ distinguishing properties are: ignorance, selfishness, avarice, belligerence, hate, and social indifference. It is a predatory organism that feeds on workers and resources. Its sole reason for being and attaching to any society is to accumulate wealth at the expense of the destruction of the working class, society, and Earth. The capitalists see the world as a commodity that they must appropriate to sell it for a profit. This is their absolute motive when they invest in the economy. If they do not make the amount of profit they expect from a business, they terminate the workers, sell the business, and invest in something else, somewhere else in the world.

Although the capitalists control the economy and distribution of wealth, they live in a state of anxiety for their existence depends on their ability to compete constantly for dominance against each other, and the other classes of society. This is what determines their latent disposition to make war.

The capitalists are the merchants of money and war. They are not loyal to any country; making money by any means necessary is their only principle. Under their rule, peace is a commodity that they control with the power of their fronts, such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors (G20), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The capitalist peace is maintained by the IMF through the mass execution of workers and liquidation of the resources of countries enslaved by imperialist usurers through the external debt. The value of peace depends on whether they can make the amount of profit they want in a peaceful market. Since their market is driven by their fierce competition and clashes for predominance and expansion, peace is always subject to be traded for the value of war.

Making war the capitalist class creates new markets it brands with the distinguishing form of terror spread by their armies. They kill their victims, pillage, and

Making War is the Capitalist Class’ Sustenance

destroy their societies. Then, their diplomats form a new government to act as the principal on the contracts for the loans that their banks sell them. To instigate the war they need to make, the capitalists use the services of the government officials whose careers they support and the newscasters of the media they own. The mission of their war drummer boys and girls is to fabricate a moral reason for war and propagandize it until it becomes a real threat to the security of the nation in the mind of the people and they start to behave with fearful submission to the warmongers’ brutal desire for a killing orgy.

The security of the nation is not the capitalists’ reason for making war. They make war to defend their market; take over another market; or enforce the market rules of conduct they agree to follow in order to compete for profits peacefully. The merchants of weapons and makers of war cannot produce security; only death, suffering, and destruction. The capitalist class’ ignorance, avarice, and belligerence are the causes of its own insecurity and the death from starvation of millions of human beings. Security is a human right and condition that cannot be produced by the capitalists’ war or protected with an army that feeds on a growing military budget at the expense of the social security budget. The capitalist class, with the help of its Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in the government, eliminated the people’s political security—the free exercise of their constitutional power over the government—and replaced it with the insecurity of dying in poverty in a society controlled by a police state that it manipulates.

The foundation of the nation is the working class that creates its wealth, sustains its creativity, and impels its development. It cannot be strengthened with a socially indifferent government policy that allows the capitalists to engorge while the workers starve at the base of the pyramid of life that the capitalists own. The strength of the nation is in the workers’ ability to possess wellbeing and freedom from the fear of unemployment, eviction, homelessness, hunger, illness, and a government who has alienated them.

The capitalist class has impressed the society it rules with its properties and corrupted the people’s elected officials. They have converted the government into the legislative branch of the stock market; subordinated the needs of the people to the greed of the plutocracy; and become the mediocre characters of a pageant of dishonesty, deceit, and shamelessness. Lacking honorableness, the political lackeys of the capitalist class seek for refuge in militarism and the glorification of war as a moral value.

The plutocracy and government officials have formed a Mafia cartel—the Dronecracy—that keeps the majority of the nation hostage to the greed of the holy trinity:

the weapons, chemicals, and pharmaceutical industries. While the capitalist class continues to devour the world and appropriate the majority of the wealth, the working


Making War is the Capitalist Class’ Sustenance

class—the embodiment of the nation and the creator of its wealth—continues to fall into the quick sand of poverty created by the capitalist class to maintain its supremacy and addiction to the Roman imperialist lifestyle.

The plutocrats and their political lackeys conduct does not exhibit shame for having created a sub-nation of human beings who is living on starvation wages, denied the human right to work, unemployed, homeless, hungry, mentally ill (locked away in prisons or living on the naked streets), on welfare, drug addicted, imprisoned, living in concentration camps (dilapidated housing projects and impoverished Indian Territories), and committing suicide every day. They molded their conduct with the social indifference that governing a country as a business, with a pure capitalist moral attitude, requires.

The capitalist class’ takeover happened without any opposition from the working class or their so-called leaders. This is the reason the capitalists were able to push the workers into the existential crisis they are in. They are unemployed, homeless, hungry, and without a government or political party of their own to defend their right to possess the wealth they produce in order to live. The workers’ situation is a reflection of their lack of class consciousness and independent political action to defend their livelihoods, develop, attain wellbeing, and preserve their lives. Their politically paralyzing condition is the result of their attachment to the capitalists as their imaginary compatriots, and benefactors. The workers reveal this dependent behavior by voting for the capitalists’ political parties and labor union candidates; accepting the capitalists’ minimum salary as a fair deal; and allowing their children to die fighting the capitalists’ wars.

Unlike the workers, the capitalists possess a class consciousness, and political parties that use the power of the State to serve their needs. The capitalists do not recognize the workers as their kin and treat them ruthlessly in order to preserve their power intact and class pure. They use the workers as pieces of machinery that they exploit only for as long as they are able to produce profits. The capitalist class has converted the working class into an endangered species.

In order to survive, the working class needs to cut the umbilical cord composed of the ideological fallacies—the capitalists and workers have a community of interests—that the capitalists’ lackeys—politicians and labor union bureaucrats—have inculcated in their minds; develop their own real social identity as a slave class chained to the minimum salary and exploited by the capitalist class; stop voting for the capitalist class’ political parties and labor union candidates; and start acting on their own declaration of independence through the construction of their own political party.