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Charlie Hales City of Portland 1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 340 Portland, OR 97204 September 18, 2013 Dear Mayor Hales, As you are well aware, Portland is one of the nations hottest startup hubs. From software and social media to data analytics and digital strategy, the Rose Citys startups are dynamic and thriving and a confluence of factors has made Portland a great place to grow. The citys collegial and collaborative business environments along with the presence and interest of venture capital firms, incubators, and accelerators have helped local entrepreneurs develop strong foundations for young businesses. Our reputation as the ideal place to launch a startup is spreading, and thats great news for a community of entrepreneurs looking to make their mark starting right here in Portland and its great news for our economy. Thats why were disheartened hear that a company like Uber is locked out of our city because of outdated regulations that block the use of a new technology platform that is already in full swing in more than 40 locations, including other competitive startup cities like Seattle and San Francisco. We urge you to update these outdated, obstructionist rules that are holding Portland back from welcoming emerging technologies that would give people additional options to get around town. Not only do we love using Uber in other cities and want to build our businesses in a place that offers our vendors, customers and investors the best transportation options, we also want to maintain and grow our reputation as a community thats ready for whats next. Like Ubers founders, we are all innovators. We are constantly looking toward the horizon to see the future and its clear to us that the way we use for-hire transportation services is changing. Technology and innovation is leading the way. Lets continue to be a place that embraces better, consumer-friendly, new ways of doing business. Sincerely, Nitin Khanna Scott Kveton Josh Friedman CEO & Founder, MergerTech CEO & Founder, Urban Airship CEO, Gigapan Bill Lynch Eli Rubel Luke Kanies Founder, Jive Software CEO & Founder, Glider Founder, Puppet Labs Ryan Hildebrand Ryan Buchanan Mat Ellis VP, Simple CEO & Founder, eROI Founder, Cloudability Mitch Daugherty Tom Turnbull Joshua Blank Founder, Morange Design VP, OpenSesame SVP, OpenSesame Jeff Martens Eli Tucker Tyler McKinley CEO, CPUSage Co-Founder, Vizify CEO, MobileRQ

Huston Hedinger Founder, GraphAlchemist Kelly Perkel ShowPad Nat Parker Founder & CEO, GlobeSherpa Eli Alford-Jones CEO, Paydici Patrick Ezell CEO, Copious

Tyler Phillipi Co-Founder OnTheGo Platforms Ben McKinley Founder, Cascade Web Dev. Greg Rau CEO & Founder, Upstart Labs Fritz Brumder CEO, Brandlive Amber Case Director, Esri R&D Center

Eric Winquist CEO, Jama Software Neil Lofgren Co-Founder, 4-Tell Jim Cahill CEO, InGrid Solutions Dylan Boyd Managing Director, TechStars