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513 045 603 BKS - The creation of Skosh 433 678 ~~~ BKS - The first life forms appear on Skosh 102 235 4~~ BKS - Plants appear 953 346 ~~~ BKS - Plants start moving onto the land, the creation of the first animals begins 1 534 5~~ ~~~ BKS - The first animals start walking on the ground 905 786 ~~~ BKS - Non-amphibians take over the land 600 000 ~~~ BKS - The ancestors of the humanoid races begin to walk on two feet altough still leaning on their palms 424 546 313 BKS - The Titans land on Skosh in what will in many years become the Shak-Gurr desert. They create a humanoid race based on the primates living ther e. *Birth of the Shak race* 234 569 350 BKS - The Titans return to Skosh, shaping parts of the land. The Age of Titans begins 134 457 548 BKS - The Titans notice the humanoid races evolving too quickly and create the First Catalclysm 120 356 356 BKS - The First Cataclysm is ended by Death because it defies the Na tural Order 90 354 578 BKS - The Titans are sent off Skosh and thus ends the Age of Titans. ~The humanoid recovery begins. 65 456 524 BKS - The Humanoids reach their level pre-cataclysm. 10 457 877 BKS - The letter-system appears. The Age of Languages begins. 1 345 568 BKS - cca. 70% of humanoid races has discovered writting. The Age of L anguages ends and The Rise of Civilizations begins. 234 577 BKS - The supervolcano explodes, blocking the sun and creating the Whirl wind Isles. cca. 50% of the humanoid population dies. The Shadow Year begins, en ding the Rise of Civilizations and begining the Fall of civilizations causing gr eater societies to break. 143 577 BKS - The Fall of Civilizations ends. The Silent period begins. By the e nd of it, humanoids will start using iron. (i.e. Iron age period advancement) 20 467 BKS - The Silent Period ends. [/hidden] 5 BKS - During the Rise of Nations, some mages began focusing on the aspect of D eath, they call themselves Necromancers 3 BKS - The necromancers are noticed by Death 2 BKS - Death begins creating a language for the necromancers 1 BKS - 13 most powerful necromancers meet 0 - Death appears infront of the 13 necromancers and teaches them the Kro'Shun l anguage. The Kro'Shun language has been enchanted by Death so it empowers the ma gical abilities of the necromancer casting a spell on Kro'Shun[/hidden] [hidden=After Kro'Shun]1 AKS - The 13 necromancers write the 13 Books of Kro'Shu n. The first one is about the history of Kro'Shun. The second one teaches the ba sics of raising the dead. The third one teaches the basics of offensive spells. The fourth teaches the basics of defensive spells. The fifth, sixth and seventh are all religious books. The eigth is an advanced book about raising dead. The n inth is an advanced book about offensive spells. The tenth is an advanced book o n defensive spells. The eleventh is the master book about offensive spells. The twelveth is the master book of defensive spells. The thirteenth is the last one finished and it is the Master Book of Raising dead. 5 AKS - After the 13 necromancers find more followers, they create the Cult of K ro'Shun. 10- Hundreds of copies have been made of the first 10 books. The last three are also copied, but not everything is revealed. 20- Necromancers begin storing corpses in underground catacombs. 42- The last of the original 13 necromancers dies. The necromancer battles begin 45- The necromancers stop battling and the most powerful ones, called heirs of t he Ancient ones create their own cults. 47- The Alliance of Cults is created. 55- The Cults grow more powerful, indirectly forcing the Kings to legalise necro mancy

58- The Kings create the Graveyard Law. The necromancers will be killed for atta cking citizens and have to resort to Graveyard corpses 61- The Kings find out that souls are bound to bodies after the raising. The Ete rnal Salvation tax, which people who don't want to suffer for eternity, have to pay. The Necromancers gain 12% of the taxes. The poor are the ones being raised the most 64- The Cult Leaders, disliking the fact that only the poor suffer, find a way t o raise undead without binding the soul to the body 67- The Eternal salvation tax is removed, people now gladly give their corpses t o the necromancers. 69- The necromancers, who became rich form the ES tax, use it to pay poor people so they would keep their bodies physically fit. 71- The necromancer money fuels medicine and nutrition, to the point that the ne cromancers have perfect corpses for them. 78- The necromancers gained more money during the years due to undead slavery, a nd they use the money to hire engineers, soon called the Corpse Engineers. They also start building Kro'Shun obeliks, which are covered in Kro'Shun runes. They fuel the necromancers with the energy of nature, the necromancer can use this to cast spells that usually need more necromancers. 82- The first abomination, Bob The Butcher is created. It is formed out of more corpses, thus being bigger and stronger. 84- The First Flesh Golem, Carl The Crusher is created. Flesh golems are created using quite a lot of corpses and metal to reinforce the body. 86- Meat Wagons are created for the transportation of corpses 90- The Golden Age of necromancy reaches it's peak. The Obelisks are finished 92- The Cult of Kro'Shun annexes many other Cults. Only 4 other cults are left: The Cult of Athur, the Cult of Reapers, The Cult of Whispers and the Cult of Sou ls. The Cult of souls secretly used souls to create ghosts. They usually used pr isoners and such. 99- The Prosperity of necromancers slowly stops as many anti-necromancers start burning corpses. 104- The Fire Mages convince some kingdoms to unite against the necromancers, Th e Necromancerbane alliance is created. 107- Other kingdoms fear the power of necromancy, and they try to stop the Necro mancerbanes to stop. This causes a huge war. 111- After years of working, the Cult Leaders discover the Grand Lich Ritual. Wi th that, they can turn into Grand Liches, becoming much more powerful, and immor tal. Only the archnecromancers are able to do it. The ritual is written down in the 13th book. A phylactery is needed for the soul . This way, the lich can survive after it's skeleton is destroyed. 112- All Cult Leaders become Grand Liches and they enter the war. This causes a turn of tides113- Since the fire mages have burned corpses for years, the necromancers are we akened. The other kingdoms join the Necromancerbane alliance. 117- The Necromancers being loosing more often, they aren't able to raise anymor e undead due to the fire mages. 120- The Cults begin falling apart. The Kro'Shun cult is able to save the first 12 books, the 13th falls into the arms of King Tanavar V of Hakaron. 125- The Cults fall apart. The surviving necromancers are scattered. King Tanava r V sends a soldier to hide the book. Upon the soldiers return, he is burnt to d eath so nobody will know the location of the Legendary 13th book. With the loss of the book, the Grand Lich Ritual is lost. 130- The Cultists slowly begin regrouping. Due to their knowledge of defensive s pells (Defensive necromancy are actually illusion spells, banishing spells and s o on. They are called defensive because they don't damage the enemy) they join m age academies all over the kingdoms as Professors of Illusions and Water mages ( water magic spread during the war, to counter fire mages) and assistants. Those who don't usually work as traders, merchants. 135- The Cultists start examining students for necromancy talent. That way, the cults survive.

170- Vardoe "Silvertongue" Ruin is born. 180- Vardoe, being a talented mage, joins the Academy in Hakaron, Hakaron. His n ecromancy talent is discovered. During his school years he is also provided with necromancy books. 188- Vardoe finishes The Academy as a illusionist, teleporter mage and an advanc ed water mage. He joins the cult after becoming 18. 190- Vardoe becomes Prison Warden of the Ark'Ath prison. In this prison the most evil and ruthless prisoners are held. He begins building secret rooms in the pr ison for the Cult. 193- Vardoe becomes the assistant to the Cult Leader of Kro'Shun, Master Nazeth. They begin working on a new Grand Lich ritual. 196- Nazeth attempts to become a Grand Lich, but he is killed in the process. A spy among the necromancers, a fire mage, kills Nazeth, he is imprisoned and tort ured for 3 days before they kill him. Vardoe become the new leader of Kro'Shun. 200- Vardoe fixes the New Grand Lich ritual using obelisks. He begins searching for a phylactery for himself. He has also deployed many necromancers to search f or the books of Kro'Shun, using Kro'Shun detectors. To find someone able to make a phylactery, he becomes a professor at the Hakaron Academy. He leaves the Pris on Warden position to a trusted necromancer.