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Name : Maramreddy Ashok Email : Mobile : +91 89339572209
Brief Overview: > A budding professional pursuing M.Tech in VLSI from Sathyabama University. > Knowledge of VHDL, Verilog HDL, MS Office, Basics in C. > Abilities to handle multiple priorities with a genuine interest in professional and personal development. > A self-motivated team player with strong analytical, interpersonal and communication skills. Objective:

Seeking an Entry level position in a reputed organization where my excellent skills in spreadsheet development and maintenance can improve effectiveness and improve profitability.
Education: > Pursuing M.Tech in VLSI from Sathyabama University. The course concludes in May13. Secured 8.03 CGPA (Score till 2nd Semester). > B.Tech. in Electronic and Communications Eng., From JNTU,Hyd in 2011, Secured 67.90%. > 12th from NKRM Jr College, Ongole, Inter Board in 2007. Secured 87.3%. > 10th from Z.P.H School, Ponduru, SSC Board in 2005. Secured 71.6% Software Skills: Programming Languages Hardware description languages Layout tools EDA Tools : : : : C VHDL, Verilog HDL. Micro-wind 2.7, Magic. PSPICE (Orcad 9.1).

Subjects of Interest: Digital Electronics. Wireless communication Academic Assignments: M.TECH: Project Name Environment Programming Language : The Design Of High Performance Barrel Integer Adder : Front end VLSI design technique. : VHDL.

Project description: This project proposes a new kind of parallel integer addition algorithm - the barrel integer addition algorithm on the basis of researching the structure of half adder. It also elaborates the principle and structure of barrel integer addition algorithm, analyses the time and the degree of complexity in the area of the algorithm and at the same time compares it with the series integer addition algorithm. I can realized that the 16-bit barrel integer adder using VHDL and verifies comprehensively in the Altera device. The result shows that the speed of the barrel integer adder designed in this paper improves obviously on the basis of a small increase of area, which lays the foundation for the improvement of the multiplier performance.

Roles & Responsibilities: Leading the team in front and closely working with team mates to meet the designing and Development goals. Responsible for the project and deliver the project in time. Handle responsibilities of debugging and developing system design concepts for analog circuit and signal systems by coordinating with team.

B.TECH: Project Name Programming Language Project Description: The main intention of this project is to design a system and placed inside of vehicle and it can respond you like giving location where it is, and also that system can finds the accident which happened to your vehicle and will inform to related one with location of your vehicle where accident made and when the vehicle entering into the parking area or at tollgate, the reader identifies the vehicle. Responsibilities: : An Embedded System and Rfid for Transport Related Issues : embedded C.

Handle the tasks of verifying the design of systems by interacting with Team mates and taking guidelines from professors.
Achievements: -Served as a coordinator of College Fest - Culturals-12. -Won the 2rd prize in poster presentation COLLAGE MAKER. Strengths and weaknesses: flexibility to handle situations My willingness to work for extra hours whenever required. My weakness is workaholic; i keep working until the job is completely done. I've got excellent communication skills but sometimes I feel my verbal communication is not at the level Id like it to be Hobbies: Playing Cricket Reading Books Cook food and playing cards.

Personal Details: Date of Birth Permanent Address Marital Status Declaration: I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. Date: Place: : 02/08/1989 : H-No 5-40,Podavaripalem,Ponduru(P), Tanguturu(M),Prakasam(D), Andhra Pradesh-523273 : unmarried