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1869-1887: 1869-It is opened the Council of Vatican 1870-It is born in Russia Vladimir Ilic Uljanov with the name

of Lenin (10 april). France declares war on Prussia (19 July). French defeat at Sedan. Napoleon III was taken prisoner (September 2). General Cadorna at the head of the Italian army, taking advantage of the defeat of Na poleone III at Sedan, enters Rome, after a symbolic resistance of the troops pon tificie (September 20) 1873-Agreement between the emperors German, Austrian, and Russian. 1876- Is enacted in France, the new republican constitution. It will remain in force until 1940. In Italy rises to power the left, with a reformist program (after the fall of the historical Right), the leader of the left Principe Amedeo. Began the practice of parliamentary between sformismo. In Italy it is expanded suffrage: voters rose from 600,000 to two million and a half. Is signed by Austria, Germany and Italy the Treaty of the Triple Alliance (May 20). The Italians conquered Massawa in Ethiopia. He died Depretis, Italian politician fopdatore the first left-wing government. Crispi was appointed Prime Minister in Italy. Are discovered by H. R, Hertz waves for remote communications. 1889-1896 It was founded in Paris the Second Socialist International, and it was decided to cele jars on 1 May as a day of workers throughout the world. Bismarck resigns from the post of Chancellor. For the first time it is celebrated Labor Day (May 1). Is issued by Pope Leo XIII\'s encyclical "Rerum Novarum" on the social question. The Abyssinians defeat the Italians at Adowa, Italian soldiers died about 5000. Cri spi is forced to resign. Treaty is signed in Addis Ababa in which they are governed relations between Italy and Ethiopia (October 26). 1898-1912 Following the publication of Emile Zola\'s J\'accuse, broke out in France P "Dreyfus Affair." At Monza Umberto I is assassinated by the anarchist Bresci (29 July) .Theodore Roosevelt is elected U.S. President. He remained in office until 1908. In England, Queen Victoria dies and is crowned King Edward VII. With U.S. support, was born the Republic of Panama. He died he was appointed Pope Leo XIII and Pius X. Giolitti was appointed Chairman of the Board. Start the Giolitti era characterized by Zata social reforms and a highly developed system of economy and industry. The crew of the Russian battleship Potemkin mutiny.

In Florence, during the congress, Turati resumed the leadership of the Socialist Party. He was born in Florence on Italian Nationalist Movement. Italy declares war on Turkey.Start the Italo-Turkish War for the Italian conquest of Libya (26 September). 'He was elected President of the United States the Democrat Wilson. Italy and Turkey conclude the Peace of Lausanne. Italy gets Libya (October 18,) 1913-1914 Second Balkan War. The Treaty of Bucharest (10 August) Serbs and Greeks are divided Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria gives in to the Dobruja. With the fall of the Ministry Giolitti, ending the Giolitti era. Is enacted in the United States antitrust law (Clayton Act). Austria declares war on Serbia. It is the beginning of the First World War (28 July). Germany declares war on Russia. Italy declares itself neutral (August 2). Germany declares war on France and invaded neutral Belgium. 'Britain declares war on Germany. Serbia is invaded Austria. Japan declares war on Germany. The French resist tenaciously on the Marne (6-12 September). 1915-1917 Is signed by Italy, France, Russia and England, the Treaty of London, in which Italy is committed to enter the war on the side of the Entente (April 26). Austro-German victory in Gorlice against the Russians. Poland and the Baltic provinces west-ern are occupied. Italy denounces the Triple Alliance. Italy declares war on Austria (24 May). Gorizia is conquered by the Italians. Italy declares war on Germany (August 25). The United States entered the war on the side of the Entente. They begin to St. Petersburg workers\' demonstrations. The Russian factories Fri Gono established the Soviets (13 February). Lenin, hidden in Switzerland, he returned to Moscow (April 3). The next day sets out the "thesis of 4 April," with revolutionary ends. Greece declares war on Germany. Was born in St. Petersburg on "Military Revolutionary Committee", headed by Trotsky. It is also part of Stalin. The Winter Palace in St. Petersburg is invaded by the Red Guards. It formed a new government headed by Lenin (November 7). A Caporetto the Italian retreat. Cadorna was replaced by Diaz at the command of the Italian Army (October 24). The Italians on the Piave resist. British victories against the Turks. 1918-1919 Peace of Brest-Litovsk between Russia and Germany. Russia leaves the Germans the Polo nia, Lithuania, Estonia, Livonia and Courland (March 8). Previously an that Romania had to get out of the fight. In Petersburg is proclaimed the Socialist Federal Soviet Republic (July 10). The Germans were forced to withdraw from Belgium. Revolution in Berlin. The emperor abdicated; was proclaimed a republic. Bulgaria surrenders, the 30 will be the turn of Turkey. Austria surrendered and signed an armistice of Villa Giusti with Italy (November 4). Germany, left alone, he surrenders. Takes place on the Peace Conference in Paris.

Luigi Sturzo founded in Rome the Italian Popular Party. Signature of the Treaty of Versailles (June 28; conditions imposed on Germany). Signature of the Treaty of Saint-Germain en Laye (10 September; conditions imposed Austria). 1920-1923 Hitler was founded by the German National Socialist Party (NSDAP, 1 April). Birth of the Chinese Communist Party. Mussolini, a former director of the \'"Forward", founded the National Fascist Party. At the Congress of Livorno, the Socialist Party was founded by Gramsci and Bordiga the Communist Party of Italy. Elections in Italy. The fascists are involved with the "block order" along with the liberals (15 May). The fascists are organizing the march on Rome. King Vittorio Emanuele III entrusted to Mussolini the task of forming the new government. They enter fascist, liberal and popular (October 28). "Introducing" the USSR. The popular, after the Congress of the Italian Popular Party took place in Turin, are excluded from the Mussolini government. 1924-1929 In Russia Lenin dies. The power is taken by Stalin (21 January). In Italy the parliamentary elections take place Eon the new majority system. A major success was the liberal-list fascis * ta (April 6). He was killed by fascist squads, the socialist deputy Giacomo Matteotti. The opposition anti-fascist give life to the secession of parliamentary \'"Aventine" (June 27). Attempt on Mussolini by Antaeus Zamboni (October 31). In Italy all democratic parties are dissolved (5 November). II Fascist Grand Council launches the "Charter of Labor". Collapses on Wall Street. The unemployed in the United States rose to 25 million. In the elections in Germany, the Nazi Party led by Hitler gets about 6 and a half million votes. Are entered into the Concordat and the Lateran Treaty between Italy and the Holy See (February 11 ary). 1930-1935 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected President of the USA (he was responsible for the economic policies of the New Deal). The Nazis achieved a great success in the general election in Germany (13745000 votes, 230 seats). Hitler was appointed Chancellor (January 30). Hitler obtains an absolute majority in the elections (March 5). It is signed in Rome on "Pact to four" between Italy, France, Germany and England (June 7). The USSR joined the League of Nations. In the "Night of Long Knives", the SS, on Hitler\'s orders, kill the main leaders of the SA who were gaining an excessive autonomy (30 June). Mussolini axle Ethiopia. The war in Italy against Ethiopia is condemned by the League of Nations imposed economic sanctions are Italy (18 November 1935). 1936-1938 It formed the Rome-Berlin Axis between Italy and Germany. Italy is also joining the anti-Comintern pact with Germany and Japan. The Rhineland was invaded by German troops (March 7).

The war ended with the conquest of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa on the Italian side. Is proclaimed the Italian empire (May 5). China is attacked by Japan. It takes place between Hitler, Chamberlain, Daladier and Mussolini, the Conference of Monaco. Vie I decided to Germany\'s annexation of the territory of the Czechoslovak Sudetenland (29-30 September). Beginning of racial persecution of the Jews by the Nazis, that in the "Night of Broken Glass" (9 November) kill 91 people, they arrest thousands and devastated the synagogues and shops. , The Nazi troops occupy Austria and annexed it to Germany. 1939 Hitler attacked Czechoslovakia, proclaiming Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.Italy occupied Albania. Mussolini claimed to Italy: Tunisia, Djibouti, Corsica, Nice and Savoy. Italy and Germany sign the "Pact of Steel" (May 22). Soviets and Germans signed the "non-aggression pact." Poland was invaded by German troops. Begins the second world war Give her (September 1). Declaration of war on Germany by France and England. The Soviets occupy the eastern regions of Poland. Lithuania fell under the do minium sovietico.I Soviets also attacked Finland. 1940 FD Roosevelt was elected for the third time President of the United States.Germany began the invasion of Denmark and Norway. Belgium and the Netherlands are invaded by the Germans. The Germans attacked France, bypassing the "Maginot Line". Italy declares war on France and England (10 June). The German troops enter Paris. Petain form the new French government (Re public Vichy) collaborator with the Germans. Ptain signed an armistice with Germany and Italy (22 June). German dis The attempt to invade England. Germany, Italy and Japan signed the "Tripartite Pact", the world is divided into zo tion of influence (27 September). 1941 Roosevelt and Churchill signed the "Atlantic Charter". Addis Ababa was occupied by the British. The Germans put the plan into action "Barbarossa" (attack on the Soviet Union). In a short time invaded much of Russia. The Japanese attacked with aviation the American units at Pearl Harbor. The United States intervene against Japan.Germany and Italy declare war on the USA (December 6 to 7). , Hong Kong is captured by the Japanese. 1942 Singapore, the Philippines, the Dutch East Indies, Sumatra, Borneo, the Celebes, Java, Bali and Timor were conquered by the Japanese. The Japanese were defeated by the United States in the Coral Sea and off Midway. Hitler resumed the campaign against the Soviet Union. The German army at Stalingrad comes fi no. The allies, commanded by General Montgomery, in the battle of El Alamein scon figgono Italians and Germans. The Anglo-American landing in Morocco and Algeria. The Soviets blocked the Nazi advance and release Stalingrad siege German 1943 The Americans landed in Sicily (July 9). II, King Vittorio Emanuele III is arrested Mussolini and appointed Marshal Badoglio President of the Council (25 July). A Cassibile is signed the armistice between the Allies and General Badoglio (3 Septem ber, but it is made known, the S September). The Germans invade Italy.The Germans free Mussolini on the Gran Sasso of Italy after Mussolini founded the Italian Social Republic (September 12). The Germans are repelled by the Russians over the Dnieper river. Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin meet in Tehran. Is decided to open a second front in Normandy.

1944 The Soviets break the German siege to Leningrad and give rise to the advanced ver know the Black Sea, the Nazis killed 335 civilians in Rome (Ardeatine), The Anglo-Americans liberate Rome (June 4). II American General Eisenhower guide the Allied landing in Normandy (D-Day, June 6). The Russians arrive at the gates of Warsaw. II French General De Gaulle wins Paris (August 26). France is fully paid.The inhabitants of Marzabotto are massacred by the Germans (30 September). The Philippines are recaptured by the Americans (led by General Mac Arthur) after the naval battle of Leyte. The Russians occupy Romania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East and penetrate Yugoslavia Yugoslavia.

1945 Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt participating at the Yalta Conference in which it is decided the decisive attack against Germany. The Americans landed in Okinawa to 550 miles from Japan. Roosevelt dies. Truman was elected President of the United States. Completes the liberation of northern Italy (25 April). During the San Francisco Conference, the UN was born (April 25-June 26). Mussolini was captured and executed in Dongo (April 27). Hitler kills himself (April 30). In Reims is signed the surrender of Germany (May 7). The Americans disengage the atomic bomb in Hiroshima: 80000 deaths (August 6). Also on Nagasaki atomic bomb is dropped: 40000 deaths. The Soviet Union declared war on Japan tion (9 August). Japan surrenders. The armistice is signed on board the battleship USS Missouri (August 14). Ho Chi Minh declares the independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (September 2). 1946-1949 It was decided the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. Shall be convened in Italian elections for the Constituent Assembly and a constitutional referendum.Birth of the Italian Republic with Lorenzo De Nicola First President (June 2).Thanks to the peaceful battle supported by the movement gandhista, india get the independence. Pakistan is formed independent state (August 15). Palestine is divided by the United Nations in two states, one Jewish and one Arab. The first is the State of Israel (November 29). Is established the OEEC (Organisation for European Economic Cooperation). Entry into force of the new Constitution of the Republic Italian (January 1). Gandhi was assassinated (30 January). It signed a military alliance between the Western countries anti-Soviet (Pat to Atlantic). Is proclaimed in the People\'s Republic of China under the leadership of Mao Tse-tung (October 1). 1950-1957 Start the Korean War that lasted until 1953. Stalin died (June 7). Is established the European Coal and Steel Community (CZECH), which aims to promote the economic integration of European countries in the fields of \'Coal and Steel Community. Will be grouped into the EEC in 1967. He died Alcide De Gasperi, founder and leader of the Christian Democrats. Between the USSR, China, Great Britain, USA, is an agreement reached in Geneva, which specifies the temporary division of Vietnam, the creation of a force smilitarizza tion, free elections in the country by 1956, the creation of the independent Laos and Cambodia. Ho Chi-minh was elected head of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam tica and Chairman of the Board. Nasser, President of Egypt, decreed the nationalization of the Suez Canal. Are established with the signing of the Treaty of Rome, the MEC (Euro pean Common Market) and Euratom (European Atomic Energy Community). The USSR launched the first artificial satellite in space (October 4). 1958-1960 In Francia nasce la IV Repubblica, con il ritorno al potere del generale De Gaulle. A Cuba scoppia la rivoluzione guidata da Fidel Castro, contro il dittatore Batista. Muore Pio XII e diventa papa Giovanni XXIII. Comincia la guerra nel Vietnam. J.F. Kennedy (democratico) viene eletto Presidente degli Stati Uniti. La sua politica estera si ispira alla coesistenza pacifica.

Contemporary Age
1961-1968 It is the period from 1961 to the present day. 1961 II Soviet Yuri Gagarin is the first man launched into space (April 12). 1962 The United States launched a man into space, Glenn (20 February). You open the Second Vatican Council (October 11). 1963 Death of John XXIII. He is succeeded by Paul VI. In Dallas, Texas, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated. He was elected Pre President Lyndon Johnson. 1967, Israel, with a blitzkrieg, winning the Egyptian territories to the east of the Suez Canal (Six Day War). Despite the motion for the resolution of the Arab-Israeli problem approved by the UN Security Council, guerrilla warfare intensifies. 1968 The Martin Luther King assassinated in Memphis, leader of the black protest inspired by the nonviolence. He was killed in Los Angeles, the Democratic candidate for President of the United States Robert Kennedy. He was elected President of the United States Republican Richard Nixon. Revolt broke out in Prague, is repressed by the Soviet military intervention. 1969-1973 1969 The American astronauts Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin landed on the moon (July 20). Massacre of Piazza Fontana in Milan, caused by a bomb. The representatives of the USA, Saigon, Vietnam North and South Vietnam began in Paris for peace talks. Nixon decides the gradual withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam. 1971 China was admitted to the UN, 1972 In Italy the phenomenon of terrorism is emerging. Seizures begin to sona and "processes proletarians."Signing of the Nixon-Brezhnev in Moscow. The chancellor Willy Brandt, with the signing of a treaty with the Demo cratic Republic of Germany, normalize relations between the two Germanies. 1973 are permitted in the European Union Great Britain, Ireland and Dani brand, Nixon normalize diplomatic relations between Washington and Beijing. In Chile, the Socialist prime minister Allende is killed. Is formed a military junta, led by General Pinochet (military coup). Egypt and Syria attacked Israeli positions by surprise, without obtaining the expected success (Yom Kippur War). Srapre the Peace Conference in Geneva for the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict; skilled negotiator, Kissinger. 1974-1978 In France Pompidou died in 1974, he was elected President Giscard d\'Estaing, Referendum on divorce: 59% of Italians voted in favor. Massacre in Piazza della Loggia in Brescia. Italicus train bombing, a result of the Watergate scandal, Nixon resigned. He is succeeded by Vice President Gerald Ford. 1976 Die Chou En-Lai (8 January) and Mao Tse-Tung (September 9). He was elected President of the United States, the Democrat Jimmy Carter. 1978 is Mr Christian Democrat Aldo Moro kidnapped and killed five members of the escort. His remains will be found in Via Caetani in Rome on May 9. Pope Paul VI dies. Albino Luciani was elected Pope, taking the name John Paul I. He died suddenly John Paul I. He was elected Pope Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II), the first non-Italian pope do some 455 years. 1979-1980 This year sees the EMS (European Monetary System, March 13). The first European Elections (June 10). He was appointed Chairman of the Board Cossiga, head of a coalition government (DC, PSDI, PLI). Italy was launched in the first phase of austerity energy. Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan. He died at age 89 Pietro Nenni, historic leader of the Italian Socialist Party. According to government Cossiga (DC, PSI, PRI). He died in Yugoslavia Marshal Tito. Was assassinated by the Red Brigades in Milan journalist Walter Tobagi. Giorgio Amendola dies. Ustica air disaster, for reasons yet unknown. Agreement between Government and trade unions for the "escalator". They open the Olympic Games in Moscow, boycotted by some western countries as RETURNING sion for the Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan. Terrorist attack at Bologna railway station: it is murder. Strikes in Gdansk in Poland. Strike at FIAT against dismissal. The unrest will continue until October. Luigi Longo dies. Government Forlani. Ronald Reagan was elected President of the United States. "earthquake in Irpinia.

1981 The scandal broke out of the Masonic lodge P2, which also would be part of public officials. John Paul II was seriously wounded in an assassination attempt in St. Peter\'s Square in Rome. Referendum pearl legalization of abortion (17 May). First Government Spadolini (penta: DC, PSI, PLI, PRI, PSDI) The first is to guide non-Democrat. Tina Anseimi is responsible for chairing the Committee of Inquiry into the P2 Lodge. Jaruzelski imposed martial law in Poland. General Dozier is kidnapped by the Red Brigades in Verona. 1982 Ciriaco De Mita was Elected secretary of the DC. Israeli forces invade Lebanon. In London, was found hanged the banker Roberto Calvi. Italian peacekeepers are sent to Beirut. According to government Spadolini. General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa was murdered in Palermo. Brezhnev died. Yuri Andropov was Elected President of the USSR. Fifth Fanfani Government (quadripartite). 1983-1985 Early parliamentary elections: the DC reaches its all-time low (32.5%). Is murdered the judge Rocco Chinnici. First Craxi Government. 1984 is the new Concordat signed between Italy and the Holy See (18 February). Andropov dies; Cernienko is the new head deli\'Urss, died Berlinguer; Alessandro Natta is the new secretary of the Communist Party. Elections for the European Parliament: the PCI "transcends" DC (June 17). Massacre on the train from Naples to Milan in a tunnel between Florence and Bologna. He died in 1985 Cernienko; happens to Mikhail Gorbachev. General elections. Referendum on the government decree that sets certain limits to the "escalator", the re referendum is not approved and the "cuts" remain. Francesco Cossiga becomes President of the Republic. Seizure of the ship Achille Lauro (7 October). Slaughter of Fiumicino, carried out by Palestinian terrorists (December 27). 1986-1988 Start 1986 in Palermo maxi-trial against the Mafia, which will end P11 November 1987. The financier Michele Sindona died poisoned in prison. According Craxi Government. Chernobyl, Ukraine: you experience one of the most serious nuclear accidents, the cloud of radioactive materials leaking from the reactor also reached Europe and North America. 1987 Sixth Fanfani government. The early general elections saw an increase of PSI and a first affermazio tion of the alloys.Disastrous flood in Valtellina. Goria Government. Record slump in the New York Stock Exchange ("Black Monday", October 19). 1988 Foundation of the Government De Mita. Joseph dies Saragat. Achille Occhetto is elected as the new secretary PCI. 1989-1990 1989 Resignation of the Government De Mita, Which is confirmed on June 13.Tiananmen Square Massacre in China: Thousands of students who asked May day democracy are crushed by tanks or executed (June 4). European elections.Sixth Andreotti Government. Entry into force of the new Code of Criminal Procedure (24 October). Fall of the Berlin Wall. Germany is coming together (November 9). 1990 In Italy, the PCI is Transformed into PDS, Democratic Party of the Left (February 2). South Africa grants to blacks political freedom (February 2). A few days later he was freed Nelson Mandela. In the USSR is eliminated by law the supremacy of the single party, the CPSU, died Sandro Pertini, former President of, the Italian Republic (February 25). The Iraqi army invades Kuwait (2 August). The reunification of the two Germanies is Formalized by a treaty (September 12). He died Alberto Moravia (26 September). Gorbachev won the Nobel Prize for Peace (October 15). 1991 A coalition of states, including Italy, Began to war for the liberation of Kuwait (16 January). The war ended with the defeat of March 7 \\\\ \'s lrak. Sophia Loren won the Oscar. The Heads of State and Government of the CEE countries in Maastricht SIGN an agreement to na growth of the United States of Europe (December 10). The USSR was dissolved (26 December). 1992-1994 Blaze through the civil war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Democrat Bill Clinton became U.S. presidents. UN intervention in Somalia. Start of the judicial investigation "Clean Hands", election of Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, President of the Republic, assassination of anti-mafia judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino. The Catholic Church released his new catechism. Was officially created the European Union, the ashes of Czechoslovakia born the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The new GATT agreement on tariffs and trade is signed in Geneva from 117 countries. Rabin and Arafat enter into an agreement in principle on the Israeli-Palestinian peace. In Italy, the center-right led by Forza Italy wins the election. Berlusconi government.Russia invades Chechnya. Fails the UN mission in Somalia, Revolt of the Mexican Indians of Chiapas. Entry into force of the NAFTA. First multiracial elections in South Africa. Opened the Eurotunnel Channel. 1995-1998 Austria, Finland and Sweden join the European Union. Jacq Chirac became President of the French Republic. Dayton Peace Accords on the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Israeli Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated by a Jewish fundamentalist. The center-left coalition (cleaned) won the general election: vo Prodi guide the new government. Clinton re-elected U.S. president. Peace agreement between Russia and Chechnya. The Afghan Taliban proclaim the Islamic state and establish Islamic law. Becomes UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. He died on the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping. Riots and chaos in Albania: Alba international peace mission led by Italy. Tony Blair is the new British Prime Minister. Britain returns Hong Kong to China. Dario Fo won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Journey of John Paul II to Cuba and meeting with Fidel Castro. Historic peace agreement between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, is launched the project of European currency (Euro). In Italy, an American jet strikes the Cermis cable car: 20 civilian casualties. He resigned the Indonesian dictator Suharto, in power since 1973. India and Pakistan carry out nuclear tests and threaten each other. Arrested in Rome on Kurdish PKK leader Ocalan.

1999 Entry into force of the Euro, the single currency of the EU, which would replace national currencies since 2002. Kosovo War (March-June), which opposes NATO forces in the Serbian accu sate of massacres and brutal violence against the Albanian minority. Serbian defeat. Clinton tried and acquitted by the Senate for the Sexigate. II makes Portugal Macao to China. Scandal of dioxin chickens in Belgium.The U.S. return to sovereignty over the Panama Canal. At UCLA we celebrate the 30 years of the Internet. Giulio Andreotti was acquitted of the charge of the Mafia in Palermo: the pro cess was started in 1993. Carlo Azeglio Ciampi President of the Italian Republic. 2000-2001 He died in Tunisia, the former Prime Minister Craxi. Against participation in the Austrian government party of Jorg Haider\'s xenophobic countries in the EU suspended for a few months off diplomatic relations with Austria. First trip to the holy land of John Paul II (March). In Serbia ends in an unbloody manner, the dictatorial regime of Slobodan Milosevic. After 10 years in Peru ends the era of President Fujimori. Perhaps decisive steps for the historic rapprochement between North Korea and South George W Bush is the 43rd President of the USA. 2001-The conservative Ariel Sharon is the new Israeli prime minister. The Crown Prince of Nepal exterminates the royal family (10 deaths) before committing suicide.According to a UN mandate to Kofi Annan. After the clear electoral victory of the House of Freedom, Silvio Berlusconi receives the in load to form the new government. On September 11, three terrorist attacks against the U.S. by Islamist al Qaeda organization led by Osama bin Laden, cause more than 3,000 deaths.The international police operation Enduring Freedom leads to the fall of the regis me fundamentalist Afghan Taliban. 2002-2003 Twelve EU countries, including Italy, have adopted the euro as its currency in a replace-ment of the national currencies. Putin\'s Russia signed a partnership agreement with NATO. Serious economic and financial crisis in Argentina with unemployment pear on the ceiling of 20%. Israel began the construction of a wall around the West Bank to the territory controlled by the Palestinian Authority.Historic visit of Pope John Paul II to the Italian Parliament. 2003- He died Dolly the sheep, the first animal cloned from man in 1996. The Anglo-American troops attack and invade Iraq under Saddam Hussein. The outbreak of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) causes many deaths in China. India and China signed an important trade agreement. African heat wave across Europe: thousands of victims among the elderly. Nineteen Italian soldiers engaged nejla UN peacekeeping mission in Iraq die neH\'attentato in Nasiriyah. 2004

The Haitian dictator Aristide left the island after a popular uprising. Enlargement of the European Union to ten new Member rises to 25 members. In pri mavere is signed in Rome the European Constitution. In Beslan, North nell\'Ossenzia, ends in murder (over 400 dead) the kidnapping of a school committed by Chechen rebels hostile to Moscow. Hu Jintao succeeds Jiang Zemin at the top of the Communist Party of the Republic and the Chinese army. He died on Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, the PLO founder and first president of the Palestinian National delFAutorit. A disastrous tidal wave (tsunami) devastated Southeast Asia and Indonesia and try ca over 200,000 dead.

2005 He died the John Paul, Pope since 1978. In its place he was elected Pope Benedict XVI, the German Joseph Ratzinger. Historic visit of Russian President Putin in Israel. London: Three al-Qaeda terrorist attacks cause more than 50 deaths. The ultra-conservative Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the new President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The devastating Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana and New Orleans floods. In France, november black with curfews and serious street riots in the suburbs of the big cities between police and young rioters, mostly unemployed and immigrants. 2006 Russia-Ukraine clash for control of pipelines supplying western Europe Dental.Captured Bernardo Provenzano, a fugitive since 1963, considered the head of Cosa No window. ) Giorgio Napolitano is the new President of the Italian Republic.Montenegro splits from Serbia, completing ia dissolution of the Yugoslav federation began in 1991. Border war between Lebanon and Israel, which for the first time in its history, it clearly outperforms the adversaries. Iraqueno hanged the former dictator Saddam Hussein. 2007-2008 With the entry of Bulgaria and Romania to the EU gets to count 27 Member States and a population of over 400 million inhabitants. Fidel Castro waives all public offices, and hands over power to his brother Raul. British Prime Minister Tony Blair\\\'s Labour Party left the government after ten years. Y 2008- After two consecutive Russian President Putin leaves ii place in the sub dolphin and Medvedev becomes prime minister. Democrat Barack Obama happens to George W. Bush as U.S. president and is the first African American to sit in the White House. With the collapse of U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers began a serious economic and financial crisis that extends to the entire planet. Silvio Berlusconi toma to the government after a landslide election victory. 2009-2011 In the European elections for the 736 MEPs, the group confirms that the popular majority. L\'Aquila and Abruzzo devastated by an earthquake that causes over 150 deaths and 70,000 displaced. In summer, the region\'s capital is home to the international summit of the G8. Worst environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico caused by the sinking of an oil rig of BP. Particularly affected the coasts of Louisiana. The Arab Spring, made possible by new information technologies pro vocation the fall of the regimes of Mubarak (Egypt), Ben Ali (Tunisia) and Gaddafi (Libya). Serious environmental damage following the explosion of the Japanese nuclear power plant Fukoshima. A raid in Pakistan CIA leads to the killing of Osama bin Laden, leader of Al Qaeda, wanted for the September attacks in the United States. Silvio Berlusconi resigns and is replaced by a caretaker government headed by neose ordinator for life Mario Monti.