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ALFRED MUTUAS EBS, STATEMENT DURING FIRING OF CORRUPT AND LAZY OFFICERS The rate of Poverty and level of suffering of Wananchi in our County is high beyond belief. Many of our young and educated youth are languishing at home in a sense of hopelessness because there are no jobs and the economy is not growing as fast as the demand.

To fight this yoke of suffering and slavery of apathy, we as leaders of Governments, have to accelerate the growth of our economies and provision of services and development to our people.

This is not a choice but the expected duty.

In Machakos we are committed to changing how things are done and transforming the lives of our people because God did not create any of us to sleep hungry, to die from preventable diseases or to suffer in abject Poverty.

However, we will not succeed in Machakos if corrupt, inefficient Officers continue to slow us down.

As a new Government, we have inherited some Officers who, it has become clear, are not able to match our vision with some of them even pulling in the opposite direction of where I and my Government are heading.


I have been shocked to learn that some Officers have been continuing to engage in massive fraud and sabotage of our Programs because they wish to maintain the status quo of corruption and inefficiency while our children continue suffering and dying. This I will not allow. Therefore, today I have suspended the following Officers with immediate effect to pave way for our investigations and to allow the County Public Service to recruit people who wish to join us in the great journey to quickly make Machakos the place to be. They are to vacate their offices immediately. I have also undertaken reshuffles of some senior Officers so as to improve efficiency and to strengthen our departments and revenue collection. If you are corrupt and if you are not able to fit into our speed and efficiency that is meant to help our people, do not wait until I fire you, because I will, Tender your resignation immediately. There are tens of thousands waiting to take your place.

The dismissed Officers are:1. Stephen Makena Valuer 2. Stephen Ndavi Land Registrar 3. Maryanne Gikunda Physical Planner 4. Alfred Kitoo Budget Office, Machakos County 5. Rose Kimeu Specialist, Department of Education 6. Samuel Kariu Mburu Internal Auditor, Machakos County


RESHUFFLED ARE:No. Name 1. 2. Joshua Sitienei Joseph Mbatha Former Town Administrator - Mavoko Town Administrator Kangundo Deputy Director Department of Roads Treasurer - Machakos Current Ag. Director of Adm. Ministry of Health and Emergency Services Ag. Director of Adm. Ministry of Transport, Roads, Public Works and Housing Ag. Director of Administrator Ministry of Decentralised Units, Urban Areas and Municipalities Ministry of Health and Emergency Services for deployment Ag. Town Administrator - Kangundo Treasurer Masaku Sub-County Ag. Town Administrator Mavoko Works Officer Masaku Sub-County Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Co-operative Development


Lenah Muia


Agnes Ngute

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Nicholas Nzioka Mark Mutio Moses Muthusi James Musyimi Abaroba Godana

Town Adm. Machakos County Treasury Deputy Town Administrator Works Officer Machakos Senior Town Administrator Ministry of Decentralised Units, Urban Areas and Municipalities Works Officer Machakos Administrator - Matuu Ag. Accountant General Deputy Town Administrator Town Engineer - Mavoko

10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Patrick Mbandu Musau Patrick Malombe Anastacia Mumbua Muendo Bernard Kitavi Eng. Julius Mungai

Works Officer Masaku Sub-County Administrator - Machakos Treasury Kangundo Ag. Town Administrator - Matuu Ministry of Roads, Public Works, Transport & Housing for Deployment Ministry of Health and Emergency Services for Deployment to Kathiani Sub County Ministry of Lands, Energy, Environment and Natural Resources for Deployment


Charles Warutere

Snr. Public Health Officer Mavoko Planner - Mavoko


David Ariithi Kinoti