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Election in the Philippines is very important for it reflects our sensibilities as a people.

Voting is a right and responsibility; we make this event as the vital part of our national life since it can change the course of the society. Hence, what did the 2013 Midterm Elections taught us? It taught us to respect groups or religious sect that chose to have block-voting. Competency, empowerment, and ethics, these are the valuable insight of what voters look for in the candidate for the national elections. However, in Philippine settings and with the evident result of the election, the family name and legacy of the candidate is a plus point. However on the local arena, neophytes in politics dont have all the chance of winning over Political Dynasties. Politicians/Candidates took part in the advocacy of the government for the violence-free election by participating in the gun control campaign. The Commission on Elections had done its constitutional duties from the start and adhere to punishing the candidates wholl violate Election rules and laws. The commission has also been very transparent in informing the mass and stick to its every decision. Troubles on the PCOS Machines have lowered in number compared to the 2010 National Elections. Problems include Non-functional and machines that easily bugged down which may be the reason why precincts have been lumped together, causing undue hardship to the voters. Long queue of lines is not anymore caused by the confusion in locating the voters name but because of these technical problems. The government or the COELEC should purchase more PCOS Machines to favour all of the voters and and put some on reserve in cases of breakdowns. Since it is an automated election, the doubt for glitches, suspicion that it may favour a certain candidate, and any other election fraud is reduced. Candidates and civilians have the initiative of cleaning the mess caused by the election period and especially on the garbage accumulated on the Election Day. The PNP has sought that safety of the people and political candidates throughout the duration from the election period up to the proclamation of winners. Filipinos, in general, have clear vision on their part in making the election generally peaceful.

These are lessons learned in the conduct of the recently concluded mid-term elections. Hopefully, we learn from this experience and work to improve the process in time for the 2016 Presidential Elections.