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Random Fantasy Ritual Names:

Black Demigods' Sacrifice of Hopelessness Black Ritual of Wraiths Black Working of the Stillborn Demigods of Aeons Blaspheming Demon's Sacrifice of the Abyssimal Ward Communion of Saviors Communion of the Spirit Crystaline Rite of the Knight Devils' Evocation of the Evil Castle Forbidden Evocation of the Damned Sinner of Hell Inverted Abjuration of the Ethereal Shield Living Rite of the Pit of Blood Lost Sacrifice of the Damned Goddess of Hopelessness Mad Arch-demons' Working of Flesh Outer Sacrament of the Slaying Spirit of Blades Princes' Abjuration of Cairns Ritual of the Instruments of Oblivion Royal Incantation of the Avatars of Blackness Spectral Invocation of the Saint of Solitude Summoning of the Demigod Transfiguration of Misery Abyssimal Abjuration of Eight Stalking Ladies Black Queens' Transfiguration of Disruption Black Ritual of the Goddesses of Pits 1

Chaotic Evocation of Arch-angels Demigods' Invocation of the Knife of the Apocalypse Enchantment of the Angel Evocation of the Seraphim Fiendish King's Rite of Decrepid Ages Incantation of Avatars Infernal Working of the Ghost Invocation of the Supreme Cairn Profane Lady's Evocation of Horror Profane Queen's Working of Terrible Blades Ritual of the Messiahs of Edges Ritual of the Sinner Sacrament of the Gods of Fear Sacrifice of Death Self-renewing Conjuration of the God of Purgatory Soulless Wraith's Incantation of Devouring Pits Wraiths' Summoning of Doom Ancestral Evocation of Aeons Black Transfiguration of the Unknown Chain Communion of the Ghastly Saint Communion of the Silent Fiend of Storms Crooked Sacrament of Swords Ensnaring Demon's Incantation of Instruments Evil Sacrament of the One-Hundred Goddesses of Oubliettes

Evocation of the Unfeeling Arch-demons of Churches False Evocation of Unborn Goddesses Foul Abjuration of Twisted Tombstones Ghastly Abjuration of the Necromantic Knife High Seraphims' Summoning of the True Edge Infernal Ceremony of the Monster of Days Invocation of Desecrated Tombstones Invocation of the Abyss Outer Fiend's Sacrifice of the Terrible Chamber Sacrifice of Saviors Shadowed Conjuration of Infinite Devils Souls' Conjuration of Accursed Snares Tortured Monster's Rite of Deception Ceremony of the Monster of Hours Consuming Arch-angel's Evocation of the Caverns of Blackness Consuming Communion of the Twenty Unholy Demons of Graves Crystal Ceremony of the Cenotaphs of Agony Dying Wraiths' Ceremony of the Hellish Word Enchantment of Dissolution Enchantment of Wards Golden Enchantment of Torture Gray Sacrament of Doom Horrible Evocation of the Soul Hunting Wraith's Invocation of Fate

Necromantic Conjuration of the Princess of Suffering Profane Lord's Transfiguration of Annihilation Ritual of the Devouring Devils of Fate Royal Communion of the Ghost Sinful Angels' Transfiguration of Ages Spectral Enchantment of Purgatory Summoning of Vorticies Transfiguration of the Ghost Unknown Rite of the Fiendish Devils of Mazes Avatars' Ritual of the Unknown Snare Conjuration of Faceless Souls Crystaline Sacrifice of Omens Dark Banes' Working of the Labyrinths of Oblivion Deadly Working of Consuming Queens Devouring Rite of the Beasts of Agony Ever-living Princesses' Conjuration of Wickedness Evocation of Chaos Forbidden Working of the Lord of the Vortex Gray Conjuration of the Blades of Fear Haunted Sacrifice of Seraphim Profane Princess' Sacrifice of Snares Queens' Incantation of Horror Sacrifice of Lurking Banes Sacrifice of the Accursed Avatar of Silence

Sacrifice of the Maze of Suffering Sinful Arch-demons' Evocation of the Apocalypse Titanic Working of the Unloved Spectre of Annihilation Unholy Summoning of the Demigod Unthinkable Summoning of Hours Angels' Conjuration of Materials Conjuration of the Bane of Snares Crooked Sacrament of the Ever-changing Storm Demons' Sacrifice of Death Divnities' Invocation of the Visions of Insanity Enchantment of the Avatar of Vorticies Eternal Incantation of the Dying Soul of Pain Evocation of Blackness False Communion of Goddesses Fiendish Arch-demon's Ritual of Knives Ghostly Sacrament of Divnities Invocation of the Hidden Spectre Legendary Abjuration of Doom Living God's Rite of the Rune of the Vortex Sacrifice of Doom Screaming Angel's Transfiguration of Hopelessness Terrible Banes' Ritual of Shadowy Chains Transfiguration of Knights Unknowable Conjuration of Fear

Wild Ghost's Enchantment of Castles