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No one can deny the importance of wealth in life. In todays era, basis of success in any field is wealth. It continuously works in persons life for his spiritual and materialistic progress. In order to achieve competence in field of knowledge and various other fields, person does physical and mental hardwork and spends his precious time and gathers experience from various activities. All this he does for a happy future where he can get complete happiness, complete pleasure and can become ideal person in society and earn respect. But is wealth not in root of all of these endeavours? Necessity of wealth has to be accepted indisputably in todays era. May be it is attaining prosperity, gaining pleasure through use of various things or attaining highest education. Money is prime basis of all of them. But sometimes there are some unfortunate people on which god do not show grace. In such circumstances, people have to sacrifice their dreams and have to be deprived of many types

of pleasures. In such burdensome moments of life, his determination power gradually diminishes and in future also, he accepts this condition and his burden keeps on increasing. This is not pleasing condition in any respect, especially when we have sadhna force. Blessings of our ancestors are spread all round us in form of knowledge, in form of sadhna science. There are so many special prayogs in tantra sadhna for providing assistance to sadhak for attainment of wealth by which new sources of wealth open for sadhak , opportunities are created for getting wealth whose inflow has stopped due to some reason. He can get money by different ways. And what can be more better if all this he gets instantaneously . One such prayog out of them for attainment of instantaneous wealth is Swarna Mala Prayog.In this prayog , this dev yoni is compelled to provide assistance to sadhak under the intense attraction of Parad , that too joyfully , not under any compulsion.Because where there is

combination of Tantric procedure with consciousness of pure Parad , it is natural for Dev Yoni to get attracted towards sadhak.Prayog presented here is one such abstruse procedure which if done with dedication can provide abovesaid benefits to sadhak and his financial problems are resolved very quickly. Sadhak can do this prayog on any Poornima night. Sadhak should do this prayog under Banyan tree. Sadhak should talk bath after 10:00 P.M in the night, wear decorative dress, sit under Banyan tree on yellow aasan .Sadhak should sit facing the North direction. Sadhak should use incensed stick in this prayog. Sadhak should apply Itr (fragrance) on his clothes too. Sadhak can keep Bhog on any sweet with him. Besides it, sadhak can also offer edible Paan (containing catechu, betel-nut and cardamom). First of all, sadhak should do Guru Poojan and chant Guru Mantra. After it, sadhak should establish Yakshini

Gutika made from pure Parad in front of him in any container and do its poojan. In absence of Yakshini Gutika, sadhak can use Saundarya Kankan. After poojan sadhak should pray to Devi Swarna Mala for her cooperation in attainment of instantaneous wealth. After it, sadhak should chant Mrityunjay Mantra as per his capacity. After it, Sadhak should chant 21 rounds of below mantra by sfatik rosary or rudraksh rosary. om shreem shreem swarnamaale dravyasiddhim hoom hoom thah thah