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Nimloth (2) Elf of Doriath who wedded Dior Thingol's Heir; mother of Elwing; sla in in Menegroth in the attack

by the sons of Fanor. 290-1 Nimphelos The great pearl given by Thingol to the lord of the Dwarves of Belegos t. 105 Nniel 'Tear-maiden', the name that Trin, ignorant of their relationship, gave to his sister; see Nienor. Ninquelt 'White Blossom', a name of Telperion; see Nimloth (1). 33 niphredil A white flower that bloomed in Doriath in starlight when Lthien was bor n. It grew also on Cerin Amroth in Lothlrien (The Fellowship of the Ring II 6, 8). 103 Nirnaeth Arnoediad 'Tears Unnumbered' (also simply the Nirnaeth), the name given to the ruinous fifth battle in the Wars of Beleriand. 166, 234-8, 242, 254, 257, 294, 297-8 Nivrim That part of Doriath that lay on the west bank of Sirion. 145 Noegyth Nibin 'Petty-dwarves' (see also under Dwarves). 250, 284 Nogrod One of the two cities of the Dwarves in the Blue Mountains; translation into Sindarin of Dwarvish Tumunzahar. See Hollowbold. 104, 107, 132, 158, 161, 215, 231, 250, 285-8, 291 Noldolant 'The Fall of the Noldor', a lament made by Maglor son of Fanor. 98 Noldor The Deep Elves, the second host of the Eldar on the westward journey fro m Cuivinen, led by Finw. The name (Quenya Noldo, Sindarin Golodh) meant 'the Wise' (but wise in the sense of possessing knowledge, not in the sense of possessing sagacity, sound judgement). For the language of the Nold or see Quenya, Passim; see especially 35, 54, 63-8, 137, 356 Nm, Nmin 'Wisdom' and 'the Wise', the names that the Men of Bor's following gave to Finrod and his people in their own tongue. 168 North Downs In Eriador, where was built the Nmenrean city of Fornost 360 Nulukkizdn Dwarvish name of Nargothrond. 284 Nmenor (In full Quenya form Nmenr, 321-2, 347.) 'Westernesse', 'Westland', the great island prepared by the Valar as a dwelling-place for the Edain after the ending of the First Age. C alled also Anadn, Andor, Elenna, the Land of the Star, and after its downfall Akallabth, Atalant, and Mar-nu-Falmar . 62, 177, 321-37, 341-7, 354, 358-63, 368, 375 Nmenreans The Men of Nmenor, called also Dnedain. 24, 321-35, 337-9, 342-7, 355, 359 -65,367-70,372,3767 Nurtal Valinreva 'The Hiding of Valinor'. 118 Ohtar 'Warrior', esquire of Isildur, who brought the shards of Elendil's sword to Imladris. 367 Oioloss 'Ever-snow-white', the most common name among the Eldar for Taniquetil, r endered into Sindarin as Amon Uilos; but according to the Valaquenta it was the uttermost tower of Taniquetil. . 19, 32 Oiomr A region of mists near to the Helcarax. 88 Olrin A Maia, one of the Istari (Wizards); see Mithrandir, Gandalf, and cf. The Two Towers IV 5: 'Olrin I was in my youth in the West that is forgotten'. 25-6 olvar An Elvish word retained in the speeches of Yavanna and Manw in Chapter II, meaning 'growing things with roots in the earth', 43-4 Olw Leader together with his brother Elw (Thingol) of the hosts of the Teleri on the westward journey from Cuivinen; lord of the Teleri of Alqualond in Aman. 54-8, 60-1, 63-5, 97-100, 107, 130, 152

Ondolind 'Stone Song', the original Quenya name of Gondolin. 149 Orcs Creatures of Morgoth. Passim; for their origin see 50, 106 Orfalch Echor The great ravine through the Encircling Mountains by which Gondoli n was approached. 296 Ormal One of the Lamps of the Valar made by Aul, Ormal stood in the south of Mid dle-earth. 29-30 Orocarni The Mountains of the East of Middle-earth (the name means "the Red Moun tains'). 49 Orodreth The second son of Finarfin; warden of the tower of Minas Tirith on Tol Sirion; King of Nargothrond after the death of Finrod his brother; father of Finduilas; slain in the Battle of Tumhalad. 64, 93, 142, 187-8, 206, 209, 213, 230, 257-61, 266 Orodruin 'Mountain of Blazing Fire' in Mordor, in which Sauron forged the Ruling Ring; called also Amon Amarth 'Mount Doom'. 357, 363-6 Orom A Vala, one of the Aratar; the great hunter, leader of the Elves from Cuiv inen, spouse of Vana. The name means 'Horn-blowing' or 'Sound of Horns', cf. Valarma; in The Lord of the Ri ngs it appears in the Sindarin form Araw. See especially 22-3. 18, 22-3, 31. 37, 47, 49-51, 53-5, 59, 63, 65, 7 9-82, 85, 93, 106, 108, 114, 184, 209, 225 Oromt A hill pear the haven of Andni in the west of Nmenor, on which was built the tower of TarMinastir. 332 Orthanc 'Forked Height', the Nmenrean tower in the Circle of Isengard. 361-2, 372 Osgiliath 'Fortress of the Stars', the chief city of ancient Gondor, on either s ide of the river Anduin. 361-4, 368