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Title: Orange Peels to make Orange Oil Extract for Gas Burner Usage

Introduction: Life at present situation is not that easy. The prices of almost all commodities soar high. Attending to the basic needs is costly. Commodity price increase creates a global crisis and causes political and economical instability and social unrest in both poor and developed nations. According to the article in Reuters, economic recovery will make food, metal, sand other raw materials more expensive, the head of the World Trade Organization said. Addressing a United Nations conference, WTO DirectorGeneral Pascal Lamy said the prices of crude oil, copper, gold, corn and soybeans would rise most this year, with less pronounced increases in natural gas, zinc and cattle. Oil price increase got the number one spot. While there are many reasons for the increase, some significant ones are: According to the U.S. Energy department, refinery utilization in the U.S. rose to 81.9%, an increase by 0.7% for the week ending February 26. The refinery operating rates were the highest since October. For its part, the high refinery cost has compensated for any possible decrease in the price of oil. In addition, the US fuel demand was at 19.3 million barrels for the last four weeks an increase of 3% from last year-according to the department. Amid this, there were reports of rebel groups attacking oil installations in Nigeria. As Nigeria is Africa's largest oil producer, investors feared for the oil exports from the region. The reports of the attacks are yet to be confirmed, but, still, helped increase the oil prices. U.S. jobs report showed lower than expected unemployment figures. The report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics department showed unemployment rate unchanged from the January rate of 9.7%. Investors took this as a sign of economic revival with the U.S. President Obama describing the jobs report as "better than expected". As soon as the Labor department came up with the news, dollar fell increasing the oil prices. And how did that happen? Higher oil price increases the export bill leading to trade deficits and weak dollar. Dollar-denominated commodities become cheaper with a weak dollar, in turn increasing the price of oil. Moving on, there were optimistic signs on the manufacturing font in the U.S. The U.S. Commerce department announced that factory orders rose 1.7% in January mainly due to increased aircraft orders. There was 2.6% increase in durable goods orders. Confidence of the businesses showed as the Inventories continued to increase. In addition, there emerged positive signs from the world's second biggest oil consumer, China. Last Friday, the Chinese premier Wen Jiabao set an economic target of eight percent for this year. Fair enough since a good economy means better fuel demand. Other reasons were heating oil demand from the Northern hemisphere, signs from the Middle-East such as seizure of a Saudi Arabian oil tanker by pirates in the Gulf of Aden too worried the investors. The big question is what are the measures we need to do in order to help in oil crisis? This investigatory project can give the answer. Orange peeling oil extract if proven flammable and will be an effective alternative to replace gas used in gas burners will be one of the latest additions to advancement to Science and Technology. There are substances present in the extract that undergoes different studies at present. According to Merck Index, the oil in orange peel is actually a rather complex mixture of

volatile organic compounds. A typical composition consists of: about 90% d-limonene plus varying amounts of the compounds citral, decyl aldehyde, methyl anthranilate, linalool, and terpineol which are believed to produce flame. Given a chance to prove this, we consumers will hasten the cost of our oil consumption at home, school, and other industrial locations.

Delimitation of the Study: The study entitled Orange Peels to make Orange Oil Extract for Gas Burner Usage will be conducted on September 20, 2013. It will utilize 50 big sized oranges to come with 30ml oil peeling extract. The type of burner to be used is the alcohol lamp used in the Science laboratory.

Hypothesis: Oil extracted from oil peelings is flammable and can replace gas used in gas burners.