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KOLSKA GODINA 2008. / 2009.

Task 1: Reading
Read the following text and the five questions below. For each question choose ONE correct answer (A D).

In October, 1961, at Crowley Field in Cincinnati, Ohio, an old, deaf gentleman named William E. Hoy stood up to toss out the first ball of the World Series. Most people at Crowley Field on that day probably did not remember Hoy because he had retired from professional baseball 58 years earlier, in 1903. However, he had been an outstanding player and the deaf community still talks about him and his years in baseball. William E. Hoy was born in Houckstown, Ohio, on May 23, 1862. He became deaf when he was two years old. He attended the Columbus Ohio School for the Deaf. After graduation, he started playing semi-pro baseball while working as a shoemaker. Hoy began playing professional baseball in 1886 for Oshkosh (Wisconsin) of the Northwestern League. In 1888, he started as an outfielder with the old Washington Senators. His small stature and speed made him an outstanding base runner. He was very good at stealing bases during his career. In the 1888 major league season, he stole 82 bases. He was also the Senators' leading hitter in 1888. Hoy was ambidextrous; he threw right-handed and batted left-handed. On June 19, 1889, he threw out three batters at the plate from his outfield position. The arm signals used by umpires today to indicate balls and strikes began because of Hoy. The umpire lifted his right arm to indicate that the pitch was a strike, and his left arm to signal that it was a ball. For many years, people talked about Hoy's last ball game in 1903. He was playing for Los Angeles of the Pacific Coast Winter League. It was a memorable game because Hoy made a spectacular play which won the game. It was a very foggy night and, therefore, very hard to see the ball. In the ninth inning, with two men out, Hoy managed to catch a fly ball to make the third out in spite of the fog. Los Angeles defeated their opposition and won the pennant for the year. Hoy married Anna Marie Lowery. The Hoys had many friends. Since they could not hear a doorbell or a knock on the door, Hoy improvised. He put a baseball in a groove by the door bell mechanism. The pulling of the bell knocked the ball onto the floor. The vibrations announced the visitor. After he retired, Hoy stayed busy. He ran a dairy farm near Cincinnati for 20 years. He also became a public speaker and traveled giving speeches. Until a few years before his death, he took 4 and 10 mile walks several mornings a week. On December 15, 1961, William Hoy died at the age of 99.

0. In which order did things occur? A) Hoy went to school, became deaf, worked as a shoemaker, then played professional baseball. B) Hoy became deaf, went to school, worked as a shoemaker, then played professional baseball. C) Hoy became deaf, went to school, played professional baseball, then worked as a shoemaker. D) Hoy worked as a shoemaker, became deaf, went to school, then played professional baseball.

1. "In the 1888 major league season, he stole 82 bases." This means that: A) Hoy secretly took the bases home as a souvenir. B) Hoy was a dishonest player, and a thief. C) Hoy did a specific baseball play many times, where he ran from one base to the next when the ball was not in play. D) Hoy fought with other players about who got to stand on first base 82 different times in the season.

2. "Until a few years before his death, he took 4 and 10 mile walks several mornings every week." This means that Hoy was: A) only following his doctor's orders B) not in good shape C) very tired when he was finished D) in good physical condition

3. The main idea of this passage can best be stated as: A) A deaf baseball player named Hoy was a skilled player who had a great impact on the game of baseball. B) Baseball is the greatest American pastime, and can be played by anyone. C) Deaf people can do anything. D) Where the umpire's hand signals came from.

4. We can assume from this selection that: A) Hoy's family always encouraged him to become a baseball player. B) baseball players do not need to rely on spoken language and hearing to play the game. C) the umpire who developed the hand signals had studied American Sign Language very seriously. D) Hoy also wanted to become a famous football player, but didn't have the time.

5. Hoy retired from professional baseball in: A) 1903 B) 1886 C) 1889 D) 1961

Task 2: Vocabulary
Read the text below and think of the word that best fits each space. Use ONLY ONE word each time. Belgian workers take sick leave nearly four times as often as U.S. (0) workers , mostly attributed (1) _____________ Belgian law, which grants full salary (2) ______________ first month and then government-guaranteed (3) eighty-________________ pay indefinitely. A recent study, noted (4) ______________ a January Wall Street Journal report, found (5) ______________ only five out of a hundred Belgian leave-takers were proven malingerers, but that the biggest medical problem now is easily-diagnosed "depression" (exacerbated by the worsening economy),

leading (6) __________________ free-form medical leave-taking and creative treatments often unchallenged, such as (7) _____________________ the man who frolicked on the soccer (8) _____________________ , bought an Alfa Romeo, and reconnected with old friends (all (9)__________________ which, not surprisingly, said his doctor, lessened (10) _______________ depression).

Task 3: Tenses-choose the verb from the box and put it in the correct tense and form (positive
or negative). Use each verb only once.

What a language course can do

start have study be learn begin work enjoy revise do go

I (0) have been learning

English for seven years now. But last year I

(1)____________________________________ hard enough for English, that's why my marks (2) ___________________________________ not to pass my English exam really that good then. As I want successfully next year, I (3)

____________________________ holidays, my parents sent great and I think

harder this term. During my last summer me on a language course to London. It was I have learned to a lot. Before I (4) London, I (5)

_________________________________ _______________________________________ ______________________________

learning English. But while I (6) the language course, I met lots

of young people from all over the world. There I noticed to speak foreign languages nowadays. Now I have learning English than I (7) __________________________

how important it is much more fun before the course. At 3

the moment I (8) _____________________________ __________________ already__________________ textbooks again. I think I will do

English grammar. And I (9) to read the texts in my English one unit every week. My exam is any time to be lost. If I pass an back to a

on 15 May, so there is not

my exams successfully, I (10) ___________________________ apprenticeship in September. And after my apprenticeship, maybe I will go London to work there for a while. As you can see real London fan already. , I have become

Task 4: Word-formation
Fill in each gap with the appropriate form of the word given in brackets. Be careful of spelling.

Detective Stories and Evil

Detective fiction caters to the same (0) psychological (PSYCHOLOGY) need in us which up to the beginning of the 20th century was met by religious discussions of evil for that is (1) ____________________ (ESSENCE) what every detective story is the examination of the problem of evil. Detective stories have a (2) ___________________ (TEND) to rework the same themes again and again; they are our secular version of the story of the Garden of Eden in that they depict a calm scene shattered by the (3) __________________ (INTRUDE) of a terrible murder. However, they add a (4) ___________________ (DISTINCT) modern element by exploring the hope that some force for good (5) ____________________ (NAME) the detective can discover the identity and (6) _____________________ (NATURE) motives of the villain and so point the way to paradise regained. This is particularly prominent in Agatha Christie novels, which usually conclude with the neat (7) ____________________ (PAIR) off of the innocent couples at the end. Moreover, we know that the human mind explores its worries and anxieties in a (8) _____________________ (DRAMA) story form in other words in dreams prior to and underneath all its rational and (9) ______________________ (INTELLECT) thinking. It seems certain, therefore, that people will continue to enjoy reading detective stories because they deal with questions of good and evil in an (10) _______________________ (ACCESS) way.

Task 5: Sentence Transformation


In each pair of the sentences (1 9) complete the second sentence ( B ) with an expression from the box below and add any needed words. The expression you choose should correspond to the meaning of the words in italics in the first sentence ( A ). Be careful of tenses when writing the second sentence and make all other necessary changes. Use each expression only once. cause tongues to wag elbow grease have a cow play with a full deck dressed up to the nines dead heat by the skin of someones teeth touch and go fly the coop like lambs to the slaughter

0) A My husband and I are all alone in this huge house because even our youngest has moved out. B The last of our kids has flown the coop so we have the whole house to ourselves.

1) A News reports claim that both candidates have an equal chance of winning the election. B The two candidates ______________________________________________________ in the polls. 2) A B Look at Jane! Look at the fancy clothes shes wearing! Fashion gurus would say she _______________________________________________ ___________________________________ . 3) A Mr Smith was really angry with the whole class because our reports were not finished. B Mr Smith __________________________________________________________ that nobody had prepared for the class.

4) A My best friend was in a car accident last week. We still don't know whether she is going to make it. B It is ______________________________________________ the girl is going to survive after the car accident last week..

5) A Everybody gossiped about my sister when she came to the party without her husband. B My sister ________________________________________________________ when she came to the party without her husband.

6) A It takes a lot of effort to clean the house after a party. B You must __________________________________________________________ to clean the house after the party. 5

7) A I was nearly late for the meeting. B I just made it to the meeting ___________________________________________________ ______________________________ .

8) A Our players were very calm before the match with the best football team in the country. B Our football team _________________________________________________________ to meet the best football team in the country.

9) A After telling us about her life adventures, we knew she was completely crazy. B After having heard her story, we knew she _______________________________________ ______________________________________________________

Part 2 Task 2: VOCABULARY

1 2 3 4 5

to the percent in / from that Part 2 Task 3: TENSES

6 7 8 9 10

to for field / pitch of his Part 2 Task 4: WORDFORMATION

1 2 3

was not working / did not work / was not revising / did not revise were not am going to study / will study / will be studying/ am studying / am going to work / will work / will be working / am working went had not enjoyed / had not been enjoying was doing

1 2 3

essentially tendency intrusion

4 5 6

4 5 6

distinctive namely natural 6

7 8 9 10

had / used to have am revising / am studying have begun will start / am going to start / will be starting

7 8 9 10

pairing dramatic intellectual accessible


are in a dead heat

is dressed up to the nines

had a cow when he discovered / realized / realised / found out had a cow because he discovered / realized / realised / found out touch and go whether / if touch-and-go whether / if caused tongues to wag

use elbow grease use a lot of elbow grease by the skin of my teeth

went like lambs to the slaughter

wasn't playing with a full deck