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A rational basis for connection design; basic welding technology; bolts and bolting, rivets and riveting; static behaviour and design of welds; static behaviour and design of bolts and bolted connections; fatigue of connections; other components in the connection; analysis; practical considerations for economic design; beam and column splices; column bases; beam to column connections; beam to beam connections; portal frame connections; other industrial building connections; truss connections. Curently includes: APEX CONNECTION Future Developments to consider FRAME KNEE CONNECTION COLUMN - BEAM CONNECTION FIXED COLUMN BASE PINNED COLUMN BASE PIPE CONNECTION BEAM TO COLUMN (WEB) BEAM TO BEAM (WEB) BEAM TO COLUMN (FLANGE) BEAM TO BEAM (FLANGE) GUSSET PLATE : SINGLE BAR GUSSET PLATE : TRUSS CHORD NODE GUSSET PLATE : BRACING Calculation Reference Structural Steelwork Connections Graham W. Owens