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In October of 2011, I was working at Marie's Pizza in Wadsworth, Ohio, when Kaitlyn Abney (the grand daughter to Joseph

Lenze-the owner of Marie's Pizza) ran in the back door ranting and Raving at me that she was going to kick my ass and kill me. Purportedly Sgt. Dorlan of the Wadsworth Police Department left a note on her door claiming that I called Child Services on her...or so she claims. All I know is that he had left a business card on her door. I was making the pizza dough towards the rear of the building, and had several witnesses that will attest to the fact that when all this began that I raised up my hands(like in stick em up) and said that I was just trying to do my job. She was mistaken, and that a report had been filed on her sister< Haley Abney, for keying my car and breaking into my house and psychotically cutting up a picture of my fiance Pamela Wingate-just the face and leaving it on the floor by the fridge. She would not decease in her ranting and threats so I walked outside and called 911. The call was a joke lasting nearly 4 and a half minutes-where the operator basically laughed at me and told me that I was wasting their time. If anyone would care for copies of the call I have recordings. When the police arrived I was immediately singled out by the police officers-most specifically Patrolman Shannon-because I had been convicted of arson nearly 16 years ago. I was escorted to the side of the building where Patrolman Shannon began verbally harassing me by making light of the situation. Around this time Charlotte Abney (daughter of the owner, and mother to Kaitlyn Abney arrived). She began talking to Patrolman Shannon, and the two of them went inside. Upon their return, Patrolman Shannon became cross and accused me of making it up, while Charlotte Abney was assuring them that I was a hacker who managed to falsify T-Mobile records of their daughters (Haley Abney's) harassing phone calls. I was then fired by Charlotte Abney, "for calling the cops on her daughter" and Patrolman Shannon signed a note written by Charlotte Abney Stating that I was no longer permitted on Marie's property or I would be arrested for criminal trespassing. He then escorted me off the property operating outside the color of law, and as a private security guard for Charlotte Abney, as I was the one who called the cops in the first place. I subsequently filed a complaint with the police department regarding my being treated in a discriminatory fashion, and followed it up with the Safety Director, Matthew Hiscock(who claimed that he was a former FBI agent, but he was just in fact a student of law in the University of Akron.), and the Mayor. All the responses were more ridiculous than the ones before them, dismissing and rude. So I obtained an attorney. That was when the harassment really started. I was cooking marshmallows with my children in the back yard in a contained fire pit, when they swooped down on me and my children in an aggressive fashion wanting to know what I was doing. Six cars deep, like they were in some kind of a SWAT raid. They called me during dinner, asking if I was having fires in my backyard, they surrounded me in City hall for requesting, politely, to talk to the Mayor. The Police had refused to hear our complaint when the neighbor lady pulled and threatened me with an unregistered handgun-also a 911 call/public record (called by Pamela Wingate, my fiance). When I didn't react in the manner that the cops were hoping for, Patrolman Sean Shannon then went after my fiance. He waited outside of the hometown Market parking lot while my fiance was shopping. When she emerged nearly a half hour after entering, with her five year old daughter, he asked to see her license. He then confiscated it claiming that her license had been suspended for nonpayment of child support which came up on the LEADs system that they use-along with the order of not to give me access or copies of Public Records

because I had requested copies of the 911 call. He then issued her a ticket, which ordered her to court, Traffic Court. During the traffic court proceeding, in which she had obtained a lawyer, Patrolman Sean Shannon claimed that he had in fact pulled her over because she was driving under suspension. When Pamela's attorney cross examined Sean Shannon, he admitted that he did not pull her over and had just seen the Blazer-which was registered to me Daniel Eggeman-parked at the Hometown Market and was unaware of who was operating the vehicle as he had not seen her in it. So he had falsified evidence which is a 3rd degree felony and committed perjury-also a third degree felony in the State of Ohio-violating his Oath of Office and both the Ohio and US Constitution. Her lawyer also presented evidence from Job and Family Services / Child Support that she has in fact never owed Child Support nor had her license revoked. The Judge dismissed the case and let the Falsification of Evidence and Perjury go unchecked on Patrolman Shannon's part yet, if you go to the Wadsworth Clerk of Court's website she has a warrant block out on her for said dismissed case. She has been pretty shaken up about them harassing her just for being with me and has since once been placed in observation in the psychiatric ward of the Barberton Hospital. We then tried appealing to the prosecuting attorney's sense of Justice(Page C. Shrock III, and Norman Brague) and have charges filed on Patrolman Sean Shannon, but he instead hailed the cops over to the prosecuting attorneys offices and ordered us out of City Hall or he would have us prosecuted for criminal trespassing. Both Shrock and the Safety Administrator expressed that they would not help us in prosecuting one of their own. As a result of all of this and more (they filed incident reports if I even drove down around City hall which is on the main street going to the only shopping plaza that Wadsworth has), we moved nearly an hour and fifteen minutes away thinking that everything would go away till the lawsuits were concluded, but they only got worse. The Wadsworth Law Department called our then attorney and offered us the sum of $975,000 if we would just go away and drop our lawsuit. I declined their offer, feeling that it would be more Prudent if the said incidents were logged in court for our protection. They after all have two false warrants out for my fiance. When we declined, they began vigorously attacking my fiance's bank account, claiming that because I owed them $94,000 they were going to take her bank accounts because it said that we were married on Facebook. They could not present legal documentation to the bank proving that we were married (which we are not), nor that I owed them $94,000, yet the bank released her funds to the City of Wadsworth, They also confiscated her prepaid debit card for the same reasons. In addition, they have since obtained seizure warrants for our mail, signed off on by the Medina County Judge Collier...illegally as well, since we have committed no crimes other than to contact attorneys about suing their precious little corrupt town. Both the banks and Fed Ex are pursuing criminal charges. We have the accompanying documents to prove that all of our allegations are valid, i.e., court transcripts in which Patrolman Shannon commits perjury(and subsequently admits to it on transcript as well as to tampering with the evidence, statements from various attorney's attesting to Wadsworth Municipal Court dropping all of the cases leveled at my fiance(as well as the video transcripts in which the cases against her were actually dismissed), screen shots of various dates attesting to the fact that

the warrants are still out on her(as well as you can see for yourself if you log in to the Wadsworth Clerk of Courts site, the signed statement that Shannon Signed(that Charlotte Abney wrote out after I called 911), Bank Statements, and their assurances that they are pursuing criminal charges(5/3rd in North Olmstead, Ohio, and the prepaid card-which is through Chase Bank), as well as Fed-Ex pursuing criminal charges against the City of Wadsworth for fraud and several counts of Tampering with the mail, whom the Medina County Judge, Collier signed off on for the seizure order). The only explanation for the seizure order was "confidential" and we only found out about it because a Fed-Ex supervisor, Hector Olivar inadvertently informed of us of it in his attempts to find out why we hadn't received our legal mail. He attempted several times to help us obtain our legal mail, and was eventually reprimanded and suspended pending a hearing for giving us supposedly confidential information so Judge Collier went after him and Fed-Ex. The Post Master General is now involved because the order that Judge Collier placed was illegal, so the USPS is also pursuing Federal charges as well. So it isn't just the Medina Courts as I have been reading in these blogs, but the entirety of Medina County, the police, possibly the Sheriff, and even the State Highway Patrol-who has also refused to intercede and enforce the State Laws and the Constitution of the US and the State of Ohio. In one of the instances with the Banks after about four failed attempts by the City of Wadsworth to seize them, they sent Roger King (whom is head of the Utilities in Wadsworth) to try and seize the account-whom I believe was successful (not sure if that order was signed off on by a Judge as well...but I intend to find out; and make a lot of noise in the process contacting newspapers and Television journalist in the process). My fiance has contacted your office before, and she was told that it wasn't big enough for you to get involved...dare I presume that it isn't yet, when Judges, warrants, Tampering with the LEADs System is involved, Tampering with mail, defrauding financial institutions, operating outside the color of law, perjury, prosecutors and Judges turning a blind eye-and even assisting police in the violation of their Oath's of office in their blatant felonious behavior are all clearly involved...with a neat little paper trail to wrap it all up in. Their most recent transgressions against us were that they actually drove over an hour away to come to Lorain and pick Pamela up on a case that was dismissed almost two years ago, and claim that she was wanted for failing to appear. The cop that picked her up was Patrolman Shannon-the same one that admitted under cross examination to falsifying evidence and committing perjury. They took her straight to the Medina County jail, so she couldn't bond out from Wadsworth. Patrolman Shannon had actually placed the handcuffs on her so tightly that she has scars on her wrist still, and is scheduled to see a specialist because they believe that she has nerve damage due to the cuffs. Once she was in the county jail, she asked to see the medical personnel because her wrists were bleeding. Patrolman Shannon of the Wadsworth Police dept., informed them that she was to get no treatment and that she just wanted attention. The Medina County Jail staff complied with his wishes. They then placed her in a room for over five hours with no restroom facility nor water. During that time the Medina County Jail staff offered her a meal and some water because she had been in custody since early morning. Patrolman Shannon, once again told them that she was to get nothing and that she just wanted attention. During that period, the woman that was claiming to be one Colette Graham, from the New York Branch of the ACLU was present. Pamela had been talking to her for months concerning the ACLU from New York wanted to represent her. Our phone records indicate that the number the woman called from was in fact, the New York branch of the ACLU(and she signed in to the Medina County Jail as a visitor under the name C. Graham-and the staff there were calling her Miss Graham. She had somehow manage to travel the six

driving hours from New York and beat her supposed client there-who had not contacted her-who had arrived at 12:05pm. She then proceeded to converse with Patrolman Shannon in a somewhat jovial and friendly manner before entering into the holding cell together where Sean Shannon proceeded to scold her about me writing letters to the FBI and various other departments in the DOJ because I was making his life "hard". He then began to interrogate Pamela about myself demanding that she tell him things that he could possibly use against me. The whole time, Colette Graham(who is not listed in either the New York or Ohio Supreme Court registration/licensing as an attorney) was urging her to cooperate with Patrolman Shannon and that she should lose me so that she could get back to her life again. Medina County had actually hired, conspired, or fraudulently utilized the New York branch of the ACLU to garner her trust and ferret out what information we were using against them. After Shannon and C. Graham left she was evaluated by a mental health professional who stated that she was fine. Roughly a hour and a half later when she began calling Bondsmen (her bond was set at $5,000) staff members approached her and told her to strip because she was going on suicide watch for allegedly threatening to kill herself (which she did not). The next day at 9:00am on Saturday a correctional officer asked her if she felt better. She told them that she never felt bad to begin with, and the C/O let her out. She was never seen by a psychiatrist or any other Mental Health professionals. The bondsman tried getting her out and had called the City of Wadsworth where they argued with her and said that Ms. Wingate couldn't leave the jail because she was on suicide watch in the Medina County Jail. that went on for several hours back and forth with A-1 Bail bonds representative Connie Overstreet-who has volunteered to testify as a witness. The Sheriff, Tom Miller is supposedly running an investigation into it now...but over a month has gone by already. However, the FBI is allegedly investigating all of our issues in there entirety now, so hopefully, things will improve. I may have committed a crime nearly 16 years ago, but that is no reason to act discriminatorily towards me now-and especially not towards my fiance and three children! Such behavior by trusted Oath Sworn Public Officials is even more reprehensible than any crime that I ever committed. I successfully completed my PRC, kept a job up until the point that the harassment started, and I am in college (with a 3.9 GPA) for a Bachelor Degree in Intelligence Studies, Pamela has a 4.0 GPA, Criminal Justice. She is so stressed out for the fact that she cannot even obtain a job to help support our family because she has a warrant out on her-illegally. These acts against us (and there is much documented discriminatory behavior against me as well-including a 911 call by Pamela on the neighbor lady Renea Davis who threatened me with an illegal unregistered handgun, the cops laughed it off even after she admitted to it! and told me to let it go because she was moving in two weeks!) are trying our patience and sanity. I am reading a lot of similar stories in these blogs. If anyone feels that they are fed up with their own similar issues, feel free to contact me via comment and leave me your contact information. I would love to flood the Supreme Courts Disciplinary Counsel with complaints about the Judges, along with the Department of Justice and any other agencies that may investigate or give media coverage. I am willing to assist anybody that may be interested in doing so and maybe trying to compile enough complaints against the various local governments within Medina County to start a class action law suit and hopefully get the FBI looking into pursuing RICO charges against them.

...and if any of the local government officials from Wadsworth and Medina are reading this...You are nothing more than gang members parading around as Oath Sworn Public Officials and the greatest joy that I will ever feel in this life is in knowing that the decades you spent in your careers will be for nothing when your lives, careers, and pensions are taken from you and you end up in prison where you belong. I will never give up, quit, stop, or accept your filthy "shut up and go away" money. Hopefully I will hear from somebody soon that is also interested in pursuing Justice. Thank you, Daniel James Eggeman