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Name: Cynthi Joyce A/P Devadoss Matrix No: 012012051207 Tasks: Hairstylist and Assistant of Art Director During

the first three weeks of the play production I was given the task as the hairstylist. I was told to prepare and think of hairstyles that would be suitable for each actor according to their characters. So, I made my own effort by meeting each of them and gathered information on their hair sensitivity level. I even asked them whether they liked the hairstyles that I have drafted for every scene. Furthermore, I also prepared a report which has the hairstyles for each actor for all their scenes. But later after the three weeks I was told by Prevena that the Art Director needs my help with the props, so I had to give my part to someone else and I was assigned to be the Assistant of Art Director. As for the props I was helping Leena from day one. For the first week I helped to gather many card board boxes as much as possible. I gathered Liva Priya, Noshini and Theepa from the props team and went to few stationary shops to ask for boxes all around Tesco. Then we manage to get so many boxes from U- Shop, Msu, most probably about hundred boxes. During most of the practices I will prepare a list of things needed to do the props and bring a team together with me to buy them. Alias, Najihah Roslan and Jannah have been a great help because they took us to buy the props. The members who always followed me were Liva Priya and Effarahien. We will always go to a stationary shop at section 2 and Mydin in Shah Alam. I gave many ideas to Leena regarding the props and we try to merge our ideas together for each scene. I was also in charge for the bricks, bookshelf, and TV shelf. Of course we managed to complete all the props with the help of few people who were willing to help me because the bookshelf is one of the props which had difficulty since the beginning. I always had the props team and the actors themselves who was willing to help whenever I asked for their help. I designed and came up with the idea for the gallows. I sketched the scene for Leena and Alias to give them the picture of what I want for the scene. Then, Alias manage to come up with the gallows for the execution scene and later on the day of the play Naufal helped with the gallows because it was not steady. Even though I was given few tasks for my props I always managed to help anyone who needed help for their props. I never fail to give my help and opinion to improvise the props for each scene. All the props for this play production was made and created with the help of the members. I was really happy that every time I asked anyone to help they will be happy to help me. I liked the unity I had with the members that helped me to complete most of the props.

One day before the play production I helped Norhayati to prepare name tags for all the committee members. I helped her to design and we manage to come up with the name tags. I was happy that I was able to help her with the name tags. On the day of the play I teamed up with the stage manager Izyani where both of us begin to arrange all the props according to the scene. We made everything organized at the back stage so that the props crew will not be confused or struggle during the play. I helped Izyani to make a No Entry sign at the back to avoid the audience to see any one of the members at the back stage. All in all, this play production has expanded my creativity level. I was really happy that I was in the Art Division where I shared many ideas and helped the members with their props. I have gained many experiences from this play production and I also learned that 40 members have their own strength and weaknesses. But, if we ignore our weaknesses and use our strengths well, then we will be able to create something really big and mesmerizing like The Last 24 Hours play production. I am happy and glad that this team were together even though we went through many challenges, problems, misunderstanding which try to break us apart till the day of our production. I am proud that we manage to stay together regardless of all that happened and became a family where we helped each other, ate together, laughed together, hugged each other and prayed together before the play production. I am proud and happy of the whole crew.