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A group of 18 young Indonesians potential future leaders of Indonesia will visit Kiama from 16th November 2013 to 8th December 2013 to experience Australias culture and way of life. Theyll spend three weeks in homestay, work placements and a range of cultural performance activities as part of the Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP). Sponsored by the Australia-Indonesia Institute in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, with the support of AusAID, the exchange is run in conjunction with the Indonesian Governments State Ministry of Youth and Sports. The visiting group of nine women and nine men, mainly university students, aged 21 to 25, has been selected from across Indonesia. They have beckoning futures in the arts and media, industry, business, agriculture, law and government and in other fields such as education, health and medicine, the environment, tourism and hospitality, and community and social development. Their host families gain an insight into the culture, customs and attitudes of our nearest neighbour while helping to promote the bilateral relationship on a personal level. A typical host parent comment is: AIYEP proved a wonderful involvement for us and our whole extended family. Work providers have the opportunity to connect with Indonesia and give their workplace a positive crosscultural experience. The homestays in Kiama will run for three weeks from 16th November 2013 to 8th December 2013. Each family is paid a subsidy of $690 (per participant), additional to the Indonesians receiving a basic living allowance. In line with their professional and vocational interests the young Indonesians, who have good English competency, will undertake work experience placements from Tuesday to Friday each week of their homestay. Theyll also give highly entertaining weekly cultural performances to schools, universities and interested community bodies during their time in Kiama. The participants hold health and police clearances, and are fully insured for the exchange. (At the end of their stay in Sydney the group will spend some three weeks in Kiama then return to Sydney to join an Australian counterpart group for a similarly structured two-month stay in an Indonesian province.) Founded in 1981 the exchange rotates annually between Australian States and Territories and different provinces of Indonesia, and was last held in NSW in 2008. Its lauded for enabling young people to appreciate the culture as well as the development and aspirations of each others country. To express interest in providing a homestay or work placement, please contact AIYEP Local Coordinator, Meryem Dilber, Local Coordinator, 0413 876 443
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Promoting cross-cultural understanding since 1981