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Current government provided ammunition to Navi Pillai.

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Current government provided ammunition to Navi Pillai said by Hon. Karu Jayasuriya UNP M.P. today(04) on the Press Conference. It is obvious that the government is engaging the state administrative machinery to their advantage during this election. Samurdhi Officers are being used openly for election work. Some of the officers told us that they have been pressurized by the top to engage in election work. These officers are aware that this is against the law. Government vehicles are being used limitlessly for election propaganda in the same manner they did during the previous elections. Ministerial Security vehicles have become a nuisance and are an obstacle to the public as they were during the terror of Prabhakaran. Powerful persons of the government take helicopter tours during the election at the expense of public funds. State mansions have been converted to political offices. These mansions are being used to carry out election campaigns, to welcome members and to hold banquets to obtain benefits for the elections. Public funds are being used for these activities. State media is engaged fully for the propaganda work of the alliance. There is no room there for the views of the opposition other than being subjected to mud-slinging. State media is the propaganda unit of the Alliance. What can we call them other than violation of election laws. This has been the political culture after 2005. We make these statement based on two main factors. Firstly, after Chairmanship of the Commonwealth is bestowed on Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka as a

country and the Leader of the country as the Head of the Commonwealth should set an example to all other members. Secondly, Mrs. Navi Pillai, Commissioner of UNHRC who visited Sri Lanka, on the eve of the Provincial Council Elections aimed a heavy blow at the government. She has stated that when the government has the opportunity to make Sri Lanka a wonder land after the war, gradually the country is heading towards a dictatorship. It is obvious that this statement is oppressive to the government. The department of information, issuing an immediate announcement said Mrs. Pillai has overstepped her mandate. The President addressing the 62nd Anniversary Celebrations of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party in Kurunegala has stated The dictators are the people who act unilaterally without holding elections. Is it me they call a dictator, who held 11 elections and gave an election to the North. President has told that he has taken action to hold an election in the North and to conduct 11 elections since 2005; he has also said that no other country in Asia has conducted such a large number of elections. We ask whether a country is on the path to democracy merely by conducting elections. Elections held by Mugabe in Zimbabwe were subjected to severe criticism of the international community. People know that the elections held since 2005 were held to suit the political agenda of the government. They were not held at the right time. We witnessed the dissolution of the relevant institutions before the completion of the full term. This is not a mark of democracy. In a country which respects democracy public service and police are independent. Judiciary is free from interference. Law is applied justifiably to both those who are in power and in the opposition; citizens have the right to information. Will never introduce legislation similar to the 18th amendment which was passed under the cover of the parliamentary majority obtained by force. The current government provided ammunition to Navi Pillai. The government reaps what it sowed. There is an adage in our folk lore Amu wapuraa kurahan nelagatha nohakiya. As persons who love this country, we do not intend to feel good by the accusations leveled against Sri Lanka by Mrs. Navi Pillai. Though we are saddened to see the fate of our country. Democracy will never be protected by conducting elections, subjugating election laws by political might. Same course of action that took place during the previous elections is being repeated during the current Provincial Council elections. Therefore we urge the government once again to refrain from making emotional speeches in the presence of the masses, but rather to give an honest reply to the accusations of the international community by conducting free and fair elections.