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550 WEST 7TH AVENUE, SUITE 1260 ANCHORAGE, ALASKA 99501-3557 PHONE: (907) 269-8400 FAX: (907) 269-8901

DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES Public Information Center Dear Gold Seeker,

3700 AIRPORT WAY FAIRBANKS, ALASKA 99709-4699 PHONE: FAX: (907) 451-2705 (907) 451-2706

You are receiving information regarding gold mining in the Nome area. You may have contacted our offices because you saw the reality program on the Discovery Channel Bearing Sea Gold and now want to seek your fortune. Prior to making a trip to Nome, you will need to research and know: the cost of your travel (there are no roads to Nome) the cost to get your equipment to Nome (again no roads to Nome) where and what it will cost you to live in Nome if you are prepared to find very little gold compared to what youll spend to find it If you have never used suction dredging equipment in Alaska, you will need to educate yourself and receive training to properly and safely operate the equipment. Two untrained miners have died off shore of Nome while mining. Two sources of local information for Nome are the Nome Nugget ( and the Nomes Convention and Visitors Bureau ( There are no campgrounds in the immediate vicinity. Additionally, the land surrounding Nome is privately owned with the majority of it held by various Alaska Native Associations. You are not allowed to camp on private land without permission and would need to contact the appropriate association (listed below) or other private land owner to negotiate an agreement to use their land. Sitnasuak Native Corporation at Bearing Straits Native Corporation at King Island Native Corporation (Kawarek) at Nome Gold Alaska Corporation, P.O. Box 1718, Nome, AK 99762 The Bearing Straits Native Corporation and the Nome Gold Alaska Corporation own surface and subsurface rights to their land. As such, you are not allowed to mine the beach or the uplands of this privately owned land. Two (2) areas in Nome, the West Beach Public Recreational Mining Area and the East Beach Public Recreational Mining Area, are the ONLY areas where you are able to recreational gold mine with a suction dredge. Commercial operations are NOT allowed in these areas. Please read the additional information being sent to you regarding the permitting process included with this cover letter.
To responsibly develop Alaskas resources by making them available for maximum use and benefit consistent with the public interest.