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PATCH 2.0.2 for MISERY 2.

by MDT (MISERY Development Team) ________________________________________ "When God rests his eyes The Devil claims his home"


- NEW GAME VERSION - v2.0.1 SAVE COMPATIBILITY VERSION - v2.0 SAVE COMPATIBILITY VERSION You have the freedom of choice whether or not to start a new game. Version compatibile with v2.0.1 is almost the same as the 'new game' however - as many stability fixes applied in v2.0.2 concern how spawn system works to save resources and memory - squads already spawned in your game might still consider a burden if you continue your playthru. However - as the squads die the new system of spawn restrictions will be working so overally even the started game should prove more stable. v2.0 savegame compatible version on the other hand has some more crucial fixes removed as these require a new game start. MDT recommends that you discontinue games started on v2.0 (initial release).

Run the exe installer and choose your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. directory Start the game as "administrator" (more below) and RE-SELECT your USS class. If installation was succesful you will see the patch notive in the bottom left corner in main menu.

You must run the Stalker-COP application file with administration allowance In other words: Start the game as administrator If not done so the MISERY main menu is not able to execute properly. Make a lot of frequent hard-saves - even if not dying save and load game frequently as sometimes saves can get corrupted and its good to catch that soon instead of having to roll back few hours of gameplay. Manually delete the 'autosave' from time to time.


If for any reason you cannot load your game or your game crashes on changing maps attempt, please follow following steps as they have proven to help at least in large

ammount of cases (it is of course not guaranteed that they will work each time: 0. Temporarly lower all graphical setting in-game to minimum, switch to 'Static lighting' and lower resolution as much as possible 1. exit game and go to gamedata\configs\alife.ltx, open it with notepad 2. change value of 'switch_distance' param to 10 3. go into the game / try to load save 4. if game starts move a little thru the map and leave the game by itself for few minutes 5. make a new hard save and exit the game 6. again go to configs\alife.ltx and change s_d back to 300 7. load your new hard save


If you experience a CTD (Crash To Desktop) with a Crash log saying: "Not enough storage is available to process this command". Then you will need to either turn off background music or turn your graphical settings down as this crash is caused by the mod using too much of your system memory (RAM). Maybe you will even have to do both to avoid the problem. Please note that loading times way have increased drastically with the installation of this mod. It has also been proven that on some systems adding the '-noprefetch' command line to CoP.exe shortcut helps to reduce out-of-memory crashes and slutter (it is generally no recommended thou).


MISERY is not directly compatible with any other mod. Your adding of another mod might overwrite basic gamedata files... - but I might have scripted the mod to use alternative files in many cases - which leaves you with an unwanted result of merging or even constant crashes or bugs. Merging, altering and/or editing of this mod data is at own risk and will not be commented or supported on the mod profile by me.

Creating a mod of this proportion requires hundreds of working hours. Please take into consideration that every modder is doing this as free online sharing for no payment at all. Some aspects are aquired from other minor mods. Others have been created in direct cooperation with active modders and lastly some parts were done on our own. Members of True Zone [PROJECTS] are free to use and edit all content from this production. Anyone else needs to contact MDT for the acceptance of using the contents of this mod in any mod productions. If you contributed to this mod but didn't make it to the credits list please don't hesitate to notify me.

The "Frequently Asked Questions" found on the website will give more info about this mod. It is continuously updated.

MDT (MISERY Development Team) August 2013