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FIRST MONTHLY EXAMINATION IN ENGLISH IV Name:____________________________________________ Score:_________Rating:__________ Grade/Section:_____________________________________ Date:__________________________ I. Vocabulary: Using Context Clues Write the letter of the answer that is closest in meaning to the italicized word. _____1. He is an agile basketball player. He moves easily and quickly on the hard court. a. strong b. fast c. experienced d. powerful _____2. I had made this request before but I should like to reiterate it now. a. explain b. ask c. prove d. repeat _____3. The meticulous student reviewed his test paper so carefully that there was not a single error to be found. a. intelligent b. punctual c. careful d. observant _____4. Government is trying hard to ameliorate the housing condition of the urban poor by building low cost houses. a. improve b. lessen c. end d. raise _____5. The firemen heard the occupants of the burning building shouting and coughing. The smoke was suffocating them. a. choking b. helping c. burning d. heating _____6. Patricia Ann was enjoying the sight of her image on the clear surface of the pond when a breeze blew and her image became a blur on the rippled surface. A rippled surface has a. little wavelets b. dark spots c. small plants _____7. The ship is like a plough furrowing the sea. a. wrinkling b. planting c. plowing _____8. A few decades ago, our mountains were covered with trees and other vegetation making them verdant. Something verdant is a. abundant b. green c. fruit-laden _____9. The vanquished rebels laid down their arms to prevent more bloodshed. a. surrounded b. victorious c. defeated _____10. The sprawling vines covered most of the porch. Something sprawling is a. well arranged b. similarly grouped c. spread irregularly _____11. There were some erroneous answers on the students test paper, but there were not enough wrong answers to fail him. A. Correct B. incorrect C. difficult D. perfect _____12. Businessmen have discovered that it is more satisfactory to be benevolent than to be selfish and greedy. A. Spiteful B. honest C. ruthless D. generous _____13. Romeo and Juliet is a story of amorous relationship. A. Entrancing B. passionate C. noble minded D. kindhearted _____14. Voters should tolerate no malfeasance in the government. A. Breakdown B. unkindness C. wrongdoing D. speech impediment _____15.A conversation with Fred is difficult because he is too garrulous. A. Quiet B. talkative C. careless D. honest CLUSTERING For items 1 5, choose the letter corresponding to the word or phrase that does not belong to the cluster. _____1. A. financial coffers B. economical C. interest payment D. mass media _____2. A. abortion B. environment C. ecological D. balance nature _____3. A. radioactive materials B. nuclear power C. malnutrition D. atomic reactors _____4. A. disease B. starvation C. religious differences D. medical science _____5. A. population B. battle C. pitted against D. violent conflicts SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS A. Write the letter of the word or group of words closest in meaning to the words in bold print. _____1. immaterial: a. substantial b. untidy c. false d. unimportant _____2. eradicate: a. intervene b. uproot c. accompany d. employ _____3. ultimatum: a. summit b. verdict c. final demand d. perfection _____4. amorphous: a. dying b. curious c. shapeless d. untrustworthy _____5. mandatory: a. required b. automatic c. delightful d. impossible

B. Write the letter of the word most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in boldface type. _____6. obstinate: a. sturdy b. impolite c. yielding _____7. illegible: a. readable b. correct c. straight _____8. fervent: a. noisy b. forgotten c. inverted _____9. meticulous: a. unusual b. careless c. violent _____10. reverence: a. simplicity b. love c. disrespect

d. forgiving d. pronounceable d. indifferent d. kindly d. glory

COMPOUND WORDS: Look at the list of compound words below. Under each word is a pair of phrases, one giving the true meaning of the word and the other its literal meaning. Write the letter of the true meaning. _____1. cocktail a. the tail of a rooster b. an appetizing drink _____2. Gridiron a. a field on which football games are played b. something that iron grids _____3. box office a. an office where theater tickets are sold b. an office that sells boxes _____4. double-header a. something with two heads b. two games played after one another _____5. Starboard a. the right side of a ship, looking forward b. a board shaped like a star _____6. penny-wise a. knowing about pennies b. wise only in small matters _____7. Shortstop a. to stop quickly b. a baseball player _____8. Headway a. progress b. the way the head goes _____9. Bulldozer a. a sleeping bull b. a powerful tractor _____10. Breakneck a. breaking the neck b. very dangerous II. READING COMPREHENSION.

_____1. When were the boys family killed? a. That morning b. The night before c. A week ago d. Three years ago _____2. What did the rebels destroy? a. The boys home b. The entire barrio c. The mayors house d. The soldiers camp _____3. Which adjective best describes a rice field at noon after a rain? a. Dusty b. Shining c. Shimmering d. Rainy _____4. To what word does it in sentence 3 refer? a. Body b. Rice paddy c. Rain d. Soldier _____5. What does spotted as used in sentence 2 mean? a. Stained b. Delivered at once c. Made at random d. Observed _____6. To what sense does with eyes mutely pleading best appeal? a. Hearing b. Sight c. Taste d. Touch _____7. What does turned over as used in sentence 3 mean? a. Surrendered to the enemies b. Beaten by the soldier c. Reversed the position d. Ran over _____8. What must the boy have felt when the soldier questioned him? a. Angry b. Afraid c. Happy d. Sad _____9. Why did the boy sprawl himself on the paddy? He a. wanted to escape attention. c. fainted from hunger. b. accidentally tripped and fell. d. wanted to ask for help. _____10. What adjectives best describe the soldiers? a. Brave and patriotic c. Observant and sympathetic b. Cruel and merciless d. Indifferent and careless