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Barak Hussein Obama is several times more Arabic than Black

This is a real quote from a presidential inauguration address:

Warren G. Harding, in his Inaugural Address on March 4, 1921:

“In expressing aspirations, in seeking practical plans, in translating humanity's new concept of righteousness and justice and its hatred of war into recommended action we are ready most heartily to unite, but every commitment must be made in the exercise of our national sovereignty. Since America is freedom impelled, and independence inspired, and nationality exalted, a world super-government is contrary to everything we cherish and can have no sanction by our Republic. This is not selfishness, it is sanctity. It is not aloofness, it is security. It is not suspicion of others, it is patriotic adherence to the things which made us what we are."

Warren G. Harding was the first President of the United States to have direct negro ancestry.

Thanks to Harding's glorious trailblazing in 1920, the current pretender to the same title, Barak Hussein Obama Jr., is eighty-eight years too late. Genealogical evidence has revealed that the impostering "first black president" Barak Hussein Obama is 6.5% Negro and 48% Arabic, the remainder 45% Caucasian.

Why ‘imposter’? Because Obama is simply not the nation's first Negro President, the simple fact is that he is not Negro. Barak Hussein is several times more Arabic by genetic percentages.

Along with this, the first Negro president of any degree above 10% is President Warren G. (Gamaliel) Harding (President from 1921-1923). In President Harding’s quote noted above, the newly inaugurated President Harding was trying to forestall the plans of the global international banking elite to orchestrate America's first "Great Depression". Harding never made it to October 27, 1927 - the famous “Black Thursday” noted as the start of the “Great Depression” (1927-1933).

Again the world’s people (Americans too) are being “ Shanghaied ” by the corrupt global system.

President Harding himself never denied his ancestry. When Republican leaders called on Harding to deny the "Negro" history, he said, "How should I know whether or not one of my ancestors might have jumped the fence?". William Chancellor, a white professor of economics and politics at Wooster College in Ohio, wrote a book on the Harding family genealogy and identified Black ancestors among both parents of President Harding. Justice Department agents allegedly bought and destroyed all copies of this book. Chancellor also said that Harding's only academic credentials included education at Iberia College, founded in order to educate fugitive slaves.

President Warren G. Harding's Grandmother Mary Harding (picture to the left) His genealogy was accurately
President Warren G. Harding's Grandmother Mary Harding (picture to the left) His genealogy was accurately
President Warren G. Harding's Grandmother Mary Harding (picture to the left) His genealogy was accurately

President Warren G. Harding's Grandmother Mary Harding (picture to the left)

His genealogy was accurately extolled in the book Warren G. Harding, President of the United States, and coincidentally is one of the rarest books ever printed in America. There are only three known original copies in existence.

President Harding was approximately 12.5% Negro as his great- grandmother was of full 100% African decent.

President Harding died suspiciously while president, and allegedly as reported in the establishment press as a case of "Heart Attack and/or Stroke". ( That could have been caused by poisoning. Government conspiracies were not uncovered in the 1920’s by the press; as the elite class has owned and manipulated the establishment national media since America’s beginnings. )

The Hardings were ancestors of Ada Jane Harding, Mayles Nelson and Mary Harding (shown in

The Hardings were ancestors of Ada Jane Harding, Mayles Nelson and Mary Harding (shown in picture above), mother of Emma Todd (Marsha Stewart’s grandmother), Lucinda Todd and Mary Lett Harper, also the Charles and Myrtle Kettora Lett families.

While growing up in the 1950's and 1960's descendent of President

Harding and author Marsha Stewart was told of her relationship to one

of the US presidents. She explained in her book


could only find

work as a teacher in a 'Colored School' in Ohio in 1884--until he crossed the color line."

Warren G. Harding: Death by Blackness Conquering Books, 2005 (available in print @ )

Warren G. Harding: Death by Blackness - Author: Marsha Stewart

This book depicts Warren G. Harding’s life as my family knew it. It is a combination of oral and historical references and creative writing. While growing up, we were never allowed to talk about the relationship to a US President outside of family gatherings because we were “Colored” and Warren was “passing.” He could only find work as a teacher in a 'Colored School' in Ohio in 1884--until he crossed the color line. It was like harboring a fugitive—once found out meant certain accusation. The government would “silence us the way they silenced Harding.” Readers are not ready for the stuff left out of American history books. The Internet Wikipedia Encyclopedia references Warren G. Harding’s Blackness openly, to surprise, in view of the fact his Negro ancestry has been squelched since his death. Moreover, he may have been killed because of it.

Warren had seven (7) brothers and sisters: Charity (Chat), Mary Clarissa (named after her grandmother— Great Grandmother Mary Thompson-Harding), Eleanor Persilla, Charles Alexsander, Abigail Victoria (Daisy), Georye Tyron “Deac”, Phoebe Caroline (Carolyn)--teacher in a Colored School in Washington DC.

Perhaps the most surprising single event of Harding’s Presidency was his blunt speech on October 26, 1921, to a segregated crowd in Birmingham, Alabama, stating that:

“democracy would always be a sham until African Americans received full equality in education, employment, and political life.”

Harding went further than any of his predecessors since Lincoln to call for “an end to prejudice." As the first President to discuss civil rights in the South so frankly, he was loudly cheered by blacks and met with silent stares from whites as he declared:

I want to see the time come when black men will regard themselves as full participants in the benefits and

duties of American one great section of our population

Let the black man vote when he is fit to vote, and prohibit the white man

[from] voting when he is unfit to vote.

of a division of race

We cannot go on, as we have gone on for more than half a century, with set off from the real contribution to solving national issues, because

As the first president who suffered some racial prejudice based on his family lineage, President Warren G. Harding certainly wanted black American citizens to have the civil rights he enjoyed while being perceived by mass public opinion at the time as being “white”.

In other words, President Harding certainly wanted black citizens of America to have the same civil rights he had enjoyed ever since he himself had crossed the “color line.”

Is this essay not of interest to initiate a word of mouth pandemic of relevant historical education across the nation? After all, this planet is mostly controlled by fear & ignorance. Divide, Conquer and Rule strategies have been used by the global financial oligarchs for millennia. It’s time for World’s People to stop allowing themselves to be conned -- a global People’s Revolution!

It’s time to choose Truth over Fear. It’s time for Justice for All. It’s time for America to install a true 100% African American president, who truthful and openly states his true heritage, from the Middle Class, and contra the NWO.

So Far, the American People have not yet seen Barak Hussein Obama’s original unmodified Birth Certificate!

We are told by the current establishment media that Barack Hussein OBAMA was born on 4 August 1961 at the Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Barack Hussein OBAMA, Sr. of Nyangoma-Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya, and Ann DUNHAM of Wichita, Kansas.

Yet, there is much evidence surfacing identifying Barak Obama as being born in Kenya, not Hawaii. This would make him constitutionally ineligible to be president and an “imposter” president. When full public discovery is made, President B.O. should be replaced by a constitutionally eligible president, not a promotion of Joe Biden to President. (Note: A high percentage of the American people today even need a reminder of the name of the Vice President.)

The American People have now long grown sick of the false sold-out Democratic & Republican Parties, being forced to always choose between the “lesser of two evils.” The American People want an honest & straightforward

president who actually keeps his campaign promises!

So far Barak Hussein Obama already has a long list of

“campaign lies” that he has told the American People. What has CHANGED for the positive? Nothing? Close to 0?

If the American People wish for an honest African American President, then they should select one themselves and then truly, democratically, elect him (or her; former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney comes to mind).

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