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Annual Report 2007

Our Mission

The mission of the Museum of Science is to stimulate interest
in and further understanding of science and technology and
their importance for individuals and society.

To accomplish this educational mission, the staff,

volunteers, overseers, and trustees of the Museum are
dedicated to attracting the broadest possible spectrum of
participants and involving them in activities, exhibits, and
programs which will:

• encourage curiosity, questioning, and exploration

• inform and educate

• enhance a sense of personal achievement in learning

• respect individual interests, backgrounds, and abilities

• promote lifelong learning and informed and active citizenship

All this is offered in the spirit that learning is exciting and fun at
the Museum of Science.

Museum of Science Science Park Boston, MA 02114-1099 617-723-2500

Often the best part of extraordinary achievements is the fascinating story about a vision
realized. This report tells such a story about the Museum of Science as it becomes the
science and technology center of the 21st century. Major progress toward achieving our
strategic vision made fiscal year 2007 one of the most exciting in our history.

Audiences responded enthusiastically to the Museum’s life science offerings,

illustrating the institution’s sensitivity to the topics that visitors want to explore. The
temporary exhibition, Body Worlds 2: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human
Bodies, produced five of the ten busiest days in Museum history. Meanwhile, a generous
grant from The Catalyst Institute set in motion development of the Hall of Human Life,
a state-of-the-art exhibit on human biology.

Engineering and technology education produced dramatic results, too. The National
Center for Technological Literacy® (NCTL®) entered two national textbook publishing
partnerships and is active in 39 states. And we recognized our responsibility to deal
with technology’s impact on the environment: we declared our goal to be leaders in
applying science and technology responsibly by instituting a sustainability policy to
minimize our impact on natural resources.

Thanks to engineering innovator Bernard Gordon and his wife Sophia, we began
developing a new engineering exhibit and constructed the Sophia and Bernard M.
Gordon Wing, NCTL’s new headquarters. Their gift—the largest in Museum history—
extended to the Gordon Current Science & Technology Center, which was rededicated in
a warm celebration.

Other philanthropists are recognizing the Museum’s value: the Annual Fund is at its
highest level ever, as is endowment—which exceeded $100 million for the first time.
Memberships surpassed 51,000, a record high. All told, the Museum enjoyed its most
financially successful year in history, including the reversal of a five-year decline in
Ioannis N. Miaoulis
school visits. President and Director
Richard M. Burnes Jr. (left) and Ioannis N. Miaoulis in the Sophia
and Bernard M. Gordon Wing, new headquarters of the NCTL
In the midst of these remarkable achievements was a solemn time as we lost founding
director Bradford Washburn, who transformed this Museum into a beloved institution.
We honored his memory with Colossal, an exhibition of his large-format photographs,
and the establishment of the Bradford and Barbara Washburn Discovery Fund. We
Richard M. Burnes Jr.
will extend his legacy by building an innovative science and technology destination to Chair, Board of Trustees
future generations. Part of our story of transformation unfolds in the following pages.
Reckoning with
As global citizens, Technology
we must reckon
with technology’s Keeping up with today’s constant rate

of technological innovation can be

impact and make a challenge. As a result, many find
sound decisions technology bewildering. Yet because of

about its use. technology’s pervasiveness in our lives,

technological literacy is an educational

imperative. As a nation, we must

ensure our continued world leadership

by drawing more students to careers in science, technology, and engineering.

As global citizens we must reckon with our potentially devastating impact on

the environment. Earth’s ability to support life relies on citizens making sound

decisions about how we use technologies. NCTL enhances people’s knowledge of

technology nationwide by introducing engineering as a school discipline and by

presenting technology education in museums as being equal to science education.

The Museum’s approach for realizing its vision for informal technology education

is guided by six major themes: What is technology? What’s going on in technology

today? How are technologies developed? How can I use technologies to do useful

and creative things? How do technology, the environment, and society affect each

other? How can we make good decisions about using technologies? As our world

transforms, the Museum faces the challenge to become a more dynamic community

Museum staff members bring technology education to all (clockwise from top left):
member. Harnessing our power to gather people, we will emerge as a catalyst
Lydia Beall, Josh Leung, Kate Hester, and Emily Bottis.
Read their stories in the following pages. of conversations that stimulate thought and call our fellow citizens to action.
Face-to-face with Science and Technology
An active participant in civic life, the Museum of Science is a center for public conversations about science
and technology in individual and collective experience. Forums and lectures bring audiences face-to-face
with current science and technology issues. Are our children spending too much time with computers? How do
developments in nanotechnology affect privacy and security? What’s your preferred method of transportation—and
at what cost to the environment? In the past year, forums addressed questions like these to illustrate our
complex relationship with technology. Meanwhile, ongoing adult-themed lectures feature noted scientists
and writers with unique viewpoints on science and technology.

illustrate our
4 Suzanne and John F. Reno

John F. and Suzanne Reno

have been visionary Museum
leaders for more than 30 years.
Mr. Reno has served as an
with technology.
overseer, board chairman, and
continuously as a trustee
since 1992.
With foresight, the couple Last year, human impact on the environment
are shaping the Museum’s
future through their funding of was a frequent subject: New Yorker writer
the Reno Family Foundation
Symposia. Inspired by the
Elizabeth Kolbert discussed her book on

Lowell Institute lectures, the climate change, and Kevin Knobloch of the
Reno series connects the
Museum’s adult audience with Union of Concerned Scientists spoke before a
respected leaders in science
screening of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.
and technology.
“The Museum should facilitate
real discussions on advances in Beyond current events, lecture series such as
any related field,” says Mr. Reno. Science on Screen and When Science Meets Art
“We can successfully address
controversial subjects,” he adds, explore the intersection of science and culture.
“by presenting the facts without
taking a position.”

Reno Family Foundation, Barbara and Malcolm L. Sherman Fund boost adult programs
SUMMER 2006 Computer Clubhouse hosts 300 youths from 17 countries
Thinking Differently
As director of content development and program
manager for Engineering Is Elementary, NCTL’s

engineering curriculum development program

The Museum for grades 1 - 5, Kate Hester is helping to define an

emerging field. Teaching engineering in classrooms
fosters a lifelong encourages educators to think differently, says the

learning ethic.

former science teacher. Beyond informing students,
teachers are cultivating critical thinking in young
Josh Leung, Intern minds, empowering them to solve problems and
use technology responsibly.

A balanced view of engineering, Hester believes,

“includes fostering awareness of both its benefits
and its unintended consequences.” Her next Joy Lucas

project will explore how engineers today improve Overseer and philanthropist
upon their predecessors’ innovations, making them Joy Lucas sees her
relationship with the Museum
more environmentally sustainable. of Science as mutually
rewarding. “It feels like a 7
partnership,” she notes,
High-school junior Josh Leung has also ventured “because of the support
outside the classroom. He’s spent the past two and education the Museum
provides members of its
summers as an electronics components intern community.”
at Cahners ComputerPlace. This year, Leung Joy’s service on the board
has led her to learn about
designed a hands-on activity teaching visitors the scope and depth of the
about Boolean logic. Museum’s activities. Using
a grass-roots approach, she
serves as a kind of evangelist
Leung believes the Museum’s informal setting for the Museum. She has

invited friends to see its work
offers lasting educational value—for both himself and share in her enthusiasm.
and visitors. “By encouraging self-motivated Joy is especially impressed
with NCTL’s curriculum
learning,” he observes, “the Museum fosters a development work, and shows
NCTL-produced textbooks
lifelong learning ethic.”
to her children’s teachers
and librarians.
“It’s important to get the word
out about the Museum’s
formal curriculum development
efforts,” she says.

Robots and Us opens, sponsored by iRobot

President Bush appoints Ioannis Miaoulis to the National Museum and Library Services Board
FALL 2006 Current Science & Technology Center renamed for Sophia and Bernard M. Gordon
Science Live! Stage renamed for Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation Educators Night attracts over 2,200

The Classroom as Incubator
NCTL advocates for engineering education in
NCTL fills a
classrooms through standards development,
curriculum development, and professional
real need for
development for educators. engineering
education in
grades K - 12.
Susan M. Crosby,

Cisco Systems, Inc.

The Center has partnerships with policymakers and

Susan M. Crosby educators in Maine, New Hampshire, North Carolina,
Business Unit Controller,
New Jersey, and Texas. In Massachusetts, NCTL’s
Civic Council Leader
Cisco Systems, Inc. Gateway project connects leaders of 53 school districts

8 Through its Civic Council, to exchange ideas for implementing technology and
network management engineering standards. Meanwhile, NCTL develops
provider Cisco Systems, Inc.
is a founding supporter of curricular materials for all grade levels, beginning with
NCTL’s curriculum development
Engineering Is Elementary. The storybook series for
program. The company has
funded online professional grades 1- 5 feature international characters who tackle
tools for educators who
engineering challenges. Of the 20 books planned, 9 are
use Engineering Is Elementary
and Engineering the Future. currently available.
Online courses and forums
for teachers have created

a community of passionate Building Math shows middle-school students the role
educators who exchange of math in technology design. The series is produced by
ideas and support to
establish engineering Walch Publishing, one of two publishing partnerships
curricula in schools. NCTL arranged in 2007. Engineering the Future®,
NCTL’s potential to bring a full-year engineering and technology course for
technology education to a
wide audience drew Cisco’s high-school students, focuses on our relationship
philanthropy. “There’s a real
with technology and how we influence technological
need for engineering education,
especially in grades K-12,” says development. It will be published by Key Curriculum
Civic Council leader Susan M.
Crosby. “NCTL fills that gap.”
Press. Finally, NCTL supports the implementation
of engineering education through high-quality
professional development programs.

Darwin opens in Exhibit Halls

WINTER 2006-07 Environmental activist David Suzuki accepts Bradford Washburn Award
Bradford Washburn dies; Colossal, his photographic exhibition, opens, sponsored by Grand Circle Travel
Breaking with Tradition
Emily Bottis joined the Museum in 2005 to
explore informal science and technology education.

As director of interactive media, she’s constantly

Technology exploring ways to extend the Museum’s reach

through technology.
should enable

One example is the Museum’s new website, where

our mission. visitors can access podcasts, videocasts, and virtual

exhibits. Online educational games are among
Emily Bottis, more interactive media in development.
Director of
Interactive Media
Technology also extends to the total visitor
experience. Logistical tools like the online trip
planner enhance convenience, allowing visitors
to focus on the Museum’s exhibits and programs.
“Technology should enable our mission,”
says Bottis. Ira and Jacquelynne Stepanian

Former chairman of the 11

Lydia Beall also came to the Museum with an Museum of Science and
interest in informal technology education. Trained retired chairman and CEO of
Bank of Boston, Ira Stepanian
in chemical engineering and museum education, appreciates technology’s
impact on our everyday lives.
the project manager of the Design Challenges Ira and his wife Jacquie have
program proves that engineering education isn’t endowed the Stepanian
Family Technology Education
just for career engineers. Her work shows how to Fund to support the new
technology exhibits and
apply the same problem-solving skills engineers initiatives.

use in everyday situations. “These ideas are key elements
of the Museums’s education
Beall is especially sensitive to different learning mission,” says Ira. “We want
to be a part of their creation
styles to develop presentations that engage all
by supporting technology
audiences. Presenting challenges as gender- programs over the long term.”

neutral scenarios in non-traditional settings Jacquie and Ira are charter

members of the Chairman’s
further demystifies engineering. Circle.

Construction begins on the Sophia and Bernard M. Gordon Wing

WINTER 2006-07 Body Worlds 2, sponsored by Harvard Pilgrim, draws 21,158 visitors, a single-day record
Hurricane on the Bayou, sponsored by The MathWorks, opens in Omni
“ This Museum
is about the
future, not
the past.

Eugene Record Jr.,

Better Learning through Technology

Eugene Record Jr.
Innovation today often includes bells and whistles. But
Like many Boston natives,
the best technology, however flashy, aids our endeavors Eugene (Gene) Record Jr.’s
affection for the Museum
and improves our experiences. Through Technology for
of Science began during
the Visitor, the Museum will use technology to enhance childhood visits. As a
12 the visitor experience. Showcasing emergent technology
physician’s son, he developed
a fascination with medicine
is a priority—provided it enhances an aspect of the and the human body,
demonstrated today by his
visitor experience, whether through educational value or support of the development
of the Hall of Human Life.
customer convenience.
This cutting-edge exhibit on
human biology will explore
This new initiative is about technology in action. Virtually technology’s impact on human
life. “Technology has opened
every aspect of the Museum is a candidate for a tech makeover, the door to the mysteries of
from new signage to major exhibit areas like the Discovery the body,” Gene notes.

Center. Technology will also enrich all topics, from life science After 25 years of involvement

to engineering. Besides enhancing existing Museum offerings, with the Museum, Gene
remains an enthusiastic visitor.
Technology for the Visitor also includes new innovations. “The Museum recharges
my curiosity about what’s
Visions for the future include multi-purpose kiosks where happening in the world
visitors can download digital-media tours, see personalized today,” he says. Unlike other
museums, he adds: “this
exhibit recommendations, and even get help finding their way Museum is about the future,
around the Museum. The ongoing initiative opens the way not the past.”

to bolder ideas further into the future, including immersive

environments, simulations, and games—some flashy, but all
enabling science and technology education.

Museum enhances Corporate Membership benefits

SPRING/SUMMER 2007 Into the Unknown premieres in Planetarium
Apple Computer cofounder Steve Wozniak receives Walker Prize
The creative
thrill of designing
solutions isn’t
just for the pros.

Bernard M. and Sophia Gordon

Fueled by their belief in the

Museum’s goal to inspire
young people to choose
The Creative Thrill engineering careers, Sophia
and Bernard M. Gordon
The “creative thrill of designing something that solves a real made the largest gift in the
institution’s history through
human problem and that people use,” William A. Wulf told the the Gordon Foundation. Much
of the work highlighted in the
New York Times in 2007, “[is] addictive.” preceding pages owes directly
to this gift. 15
The outgoing president of the National Academy of Engineering NCTL’s new headquarters,
the development of Creativity
might have been describing Creativity Workshop, a new permanent
Workshop, and the new exhibit
exhibit in development. Here visitors will learn about the Innovative Engineers were
also made possible by the
engineering design process by inventing things themselves. Gordons. Bernard, himself an
engineer, founder of Analogic,
This exhibit challenges the view that technology and engineering and cofounder Neurologica,
is especially committed to
are impenetrable and perplexing through three main: inspiring the engineers of
n “Art and Technology” will display kinetic sculpture and
“Engineering is a very
document the artist’s process. Here visitors can also create their rewarding profession,” says

Bernard. “The Museum can do
own kinetic sculptures.
a lot to demonstrate that to
n “Creative Thinking Tools and Techniques” will introduce young people.”

visitors to the thought processes applied in technology design.

n “Making It Work” will provide various settings for
experimentation. This area will also house the popular Design
Challenges, in which visitors experience the engineering design
cycle, from design to testing, to solve a given problem. As Creativity
Workshop shows, that “creative thrill” isn’t just for the pros.

SPRING/SUMMER 2007 David G. Mugar gift enables renovation of Mugar Omni Theater

Museum participates in BIO2007, world’s largest biotech conference; sponsored by AstraZeneca

Museum observes Women in Science Month
For the
Treasurer’s Report Fiscal 2007 Selected Financial Information 14 months
For the year ended April 30, ended For the year ended June 30,
2005 (a)
Gross Attendance (000’s) Operating Results (OOO’s)
Results from Operations 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
Fiscal year 2007 (July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2007) was out- 1,696 1,381 1,680 1,626 1,973 Operating Support and Revenue
2000 Unrestricted contributions, grants, and pledges 1,711 1,977 2,223 2,691 2,549
standing for the Museum. Operating results generated
$4.3 million to allocate toward investments in information Contributed services and gifts in kind 1,758 1,275 1,963 1,953 1,915
technology infrastructure, deferred maintenance needs, Restricted funds and government awards 5,794 6,263 12,059 14,000 14,061
and the critical replenishment of operating reserves 1500 Admissions 11,591 8,924 11,879 12,609 13,927
Membership income 3,551 3,745 4,603 4,501 5,387
used to fund the campaign and other initiatives. The
Ancillary services 3,808 3,632 5,490 5,887 6,826
enormously successful Body Worlds 2 exhibit led the
Store sales (b) 3,406 2,726 ­— — —
positive outcome, drawing 554,000 visitors from July 29 – Jan- 1000
Investment income 928 970 894 715 1,134
uary 7, second only to Ramesses the Great (700,000
Program fees 1,442 1,256 1,472 1,366 1,520
visitors from May to August, 1988). Body Worlds 2 set
Other income 985 518 657 1,342 926
numerous Museum attendance marks including a single Net transfers from/(to) non-operating funds 1,767 3,536 635 850 <187>
day of over 21,000 visitors, nine of the top ten attended Total operating support and revenue $ 3 6,741 34,822 41,875 45,914 48,058
days in Museum history; and four monthly records. Overall
Museum fiscal year attendance of 1,973,000 was the sec- Operating Expenses and Transfers
ond highest ever, 21% ahead of the prior year. Fortunately, 2003 2004 2005 (a) 2006 2007 Program services 21,630 20,586 25,705 29,246 31,985
the Museum did not suffer the normal post-blockbuster (a) Fourteen-month period from May 2004 – June 2005 Fundraising 2,754 3,458 4,231 6,041 4,133
drop in attendance (15% – 20%) that can occur after an Building operations 4,649 4,640 5,049 5,238 5,393
exhibit of this magnitude. In fact, the attendance num- Administration and general 5,966 4,360 6,489 5,241 6,155
bers were comparable to their corresponding historical Financial Condition
Interest and other expense 524 512 344 90 321
Bond principal payment (c) 1,205 1,260 — — —
averages and reflect the momentum gained from hosting Unrestricted cash totaled $4.8 million as of June 30, an increase
16 Total operating expenses and transfers $ 36,728 34,816 41,818 45,856 47,987
Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Body Worlds 2 in of $1.3 million due to the positive operating results offset by
consecutive years. spending on capital projects and unfunded campaign expenses.
Excess of Support and Revenue
The market value of the endowment grew 16% and exceeded the
Over Expenses and Transfers $ 13 6 57 58 71
Because of these impressive figures, visitor-related in- $100 million milestone during the year, with a value of $103.6 mil-
come—admissions, Museum memberships, parking, and lion on June 30. The increase of $14.0 million from last year was Selected Statement of Financial Position Accounts (OOO’s)
net income generated from store and food operations— driven by additions totaling $2.1 million and net market gains of Unrestricted cash and investments $ 6,169 5,201 5,336 3,491 4,847
totaled $23.2 million, the highest on record and 13% better $11.9 million. The endowment returned 17.0% net of fees for the Pooled endowment funds at market value 67,876 81,475 79,637 89,656 103,579
than a year ago. Also worth noting is the 12% increase in year. Property, plant, and equipment increased by a net of $3.2 Property, plant, and equipment, net of depreciation 45,919 45,487 47,424 48,750 51,972
external event and conference income to $1.6 million as a million to $52.0 million, representing $7.9 million in additions off- Revenue bonds payable (c) 10,165 8,905 — — —
result of an increased sales effort to book large corporate set by $4.4 million in depreciation and $0.3 million in write-offs.
(a) For the 14 months May 2004 – June 2005 as the Museum transitioned from an April 30 to a June 30 year end.
events and the development of the social market. Included in the additions was $4.2 million for construction of the (b) Beginning in FY 2005, the Museum outsourced its retail store to a third-party vendor; net results are included in ancillary income.
(c) Through an early retirement provision, the Museum fully paid off its revenue bonds in November of 2004.
Gordon Wing, which houses the NCTL and is scheduled to be
In addition, it was an impressive year for fundraising. Gifts completed in November 2007.
and pledges totaled a record-setting $42 million and the
Sources of operating funds $48,058,000 uses of operating funds $47,987,000
Museum’s Annual Fund set a new fiscal year mark of $2.6 Once again, “thank you” to all who helped produce these
million. While government grant expenditures dropped notable results. Our trustees, overseers, and donors provided Fundraising 9%
Contributions 9%
16% from last year primarily due to the lack of a federal the inspiration and financial support to advance our strategic
Admissions 29%
line item appropriation, the $8.6 million for operating pro- initiatives. The staff’s hard work helped execute the vision and ensured Building
Operations 11%
grams was nevertheless the second highest ever, generat- that we offered all our visitors—on-site, offsite, or online—excellent
ing $1.3 million in indirect cost recovery. programs and experiences. And finally, the continual dedication Restricted
Funds 29%
Services 67%
of our volunteers who donated 51,000 hours of their time, the Investment Administration
Income 3% and General 13%
On the expense side, operating expenditures finished equivalent of over 24 full time employees, was significant in helping
below budget, reflecting savings from staff vacancies and the Museum deliver on its mission. Together, all these efforts Program Fees 3% Services 14%

outside services. generated a year of which the Museum can be proud. Membership 11% Transfer and Other 2%
2006-2007 Volunteer Leadership
Henry P. Becton Jr., President, Brian T. Keane, Weston William Schawbel, CEO, M. Dozier Gardner, Consultant, Mrs. James L. Phillips, Manchester Paul A. Bleicher Ronald S. Newbower
Board of Trustees Alexis Borisy Mary Anne North
WGBH Educational Foundation, The Schawbel Corporation, Cambridge Associates LLP, Boston
Brighton Wendy W. Kistler, Belmont Bedford Matthew D. Shedd, Preston H. Saunders, Partner, Vanu G. Bose Kenneth J. Novack
Chair Michael E. Kolowich, President Sudbury John D. Hamilton Jr., Vice Nichols & Pratt, Boston Edward J. Boudreau Jr. Mark Nunnelly
Richard M. Burnes Jr., General Jeffrey R. Beir, North Bridge and Executive Producer, President, Carpenter & Company, Ian A. Bowles Kate P. O’Neil
Partner, Charles River Ventures, Venture Partners, Waltham DigiNovations, Inc., Concord Malcolm L. Sherman, Vice Inc., Cambridge Ralph Z. Sorenson, President William J. Brady Anthony Perkins
Inc., Waltham Chairman, Gordon Brothers Emeritus, Babson College, Daniel S. Bricklin Donald M. Perrin
Joan M. Bergstrom, Professor Leo X. Liu, President and C.E.O, Group Inc., Boston Julie E. Henry, Chestnut Hill Wellesley Hills Marc R. Buntaine Finley H. Perry Jr.
Vice Chairs Director, Center for International Cambria Biosciences, Woburn Charles Button Lucia L. Quinn
Paul Egerman, CEO, eScription, Education and Leadership, Lawrence A. Siff, Principal and Emily C. Hood, Boston Neil W. Wallace, Co-Founder, Edmund B. Cabot Eugene E. Record Jr.
Inc., Needham Heights Wheelock College, Boston William A. Lowell, Partner, Choate, Managing Director, Gordon The General Investment & Dolores C. Calaf William J. Ribaudo
Hall & Stewart LLP, Boston Brothers Group Inc., Boston Frederick H. Lovejoy Jr., Associate Development Companies, Boston Eric J. Chaisson** Chris Rogers
Jonathan J. Fleming, Oxford Richard M. Burnes Jr., General Physician-in-Chief, Pediatrics, Alice Chiang Robert Sackstein
Bioscience Partners, Boston Partner, Charles River Ventures, Children’s Hospital Boston H. Bradford Washburn Jr.*, Jason E. Chudnofsky Howard Salwen
Inc., Waltham Founding Director, Museum Rena Clark Judy Samelson
Gwill E. York, Managing Director, Robert C. Seamans Jr., Beverly of Science, Boston Gerald D. Cohen Alison B. Sander
Lighthouse Capital Partners, Joseph Campanelli, President
Climb for Success Howard E. Cox Jr. James Savage
Cambridge CEO, Sovereign Bancorp, Inc., Joan C. Suit, Weston D. Reid Weedon Jr., Cohasset John Cullinane Jr. Steven D. Schwaitzberg
In a unique approach to fundraising, overseer James Daniell Ralph G. Seferian**
Chair of the Overseers Samuel O. Thier, Professor of Sinclair Weeks Jr., Chairman and Virginia M. d’Arbeloff Naomi O. Seligman
Michael G. Thonis challenged family and friends to
Laura Barker Morse, Human Richard A. Carpenter, President, Medicine and Health Care Policy, CEO Emeritus, Reed & Barton Randall Davis Lisa S. Serafin
Capital Partner, Atlas Venture, Carpenter Associates, Orwell, VT support the Museum by making a gift to the Annual Massachusetts General Corporation, Sudbury Francis A. de Souza Raj Sharma
Waltham Hospital, Boston Charles Digate Ralph Sheridan
Fund if he climbed Mt. Washington twice in one day.
Stephen E. Coit, Cambridge Donald B. Wilson, Trustee, Fernando J. Domenech Jr. Robin Sherman
President and Director On July 16, Michael completed the double-climb and, Life Trustees Wilson-Cambridge Realty Jaime Ellertson Jenot W. Shipley
Ioannis Miaoulis, President and James Daniell, CEO, Edtech Vernon R. Alden, Royal Thai Trust, Cambridge Marion S. Ellis Leonard J. Shustek
Director, Museum of Science, Networks, Inc., Wakefield
thanks to more than 100 donors, raised over $50,000 Consulate General, Boston Juan Enriquez Kimberly A. Slater
Boston Non–Elected Voting Trustees Saloni Fadia Normand F. Smith III
for the 2007 Annual Fund. Michael’s own connection
Jaishree Deshpande, Andover J. P. Barger, REBOXX, Inc., Hudson Ioannis Miaoulis, President and Newell Flather Sr. Ameeta Soni
Treasurer to the Museum began at an early age with family Director, Museum of Science, Carol Fulp** Carol Vash Spritz
John T. Slakey, Vice President, Sally L. Dias, Vice President, Warren S. Berg, Sanbornville, NH Boston Michael G. George Walter F. Stafford III
Finance, Museum of Science, visits. He looks forward to sharing this special place
Programs & Partnerships in Eva Ghosh Ava Steenstrup
Boston Education, Emmanuel College, with all his kind supporters. The Museum is sincerely Helene R. Cahners–Kaplan, John B. Hopkins, President, Robert Gittens Addie Swartz
18 Boston
grateful to Michael and those who generously
Naples, FL Volunteer Service League, Peter Glick Jean C. Tempel
Secretary Museum of Science, Boston Barry J. Gonder Michael G. Thonis
Wendy Kistler, Belmont Gary T. DiCamillo, President Edith LaC. Dabney, Chestnut Hill Norman W. Gorin Richard Tinsman
contributed in honor of his remarkable feat.
and CEO, American Crystal, Inc., Amy Morse Winslow, Principal, Gary R. Gregg Brian Totty
Assistant Secretary Dedham George P. Edmonds Jr., Cambridge MW Advisory, Needham Peter W. Grieve Gene Tremblay
Wayne Bouchard, Chief Evelynn Hammonds Mark Trusheim
Operating Officer, Museum of Richard A. DiPerna, Swampscott John A. Fibiger, Austin, TX Laura Barker Morse, Chair, Board Ina Heafitz Stephen M. Van Beaver
Science, Boston Segundo Mateo**, Project Ira Stepanian, Retired Chairman of Overseers, Human Capital Andrew Hoar Margaret Ann Warner
Paul Egerman, CEO, eScription, Trender, Bechtel National, Inc., and CEO, Bank of America, Boston Walter J. Gamble, Brookline Partner, Atlas Venture, Waltham Mark W. Holland Christopher L. Wilson
Corporate Counsel Inc., Needham Heights West McLean, VA James E. Hollis Michael Winter
Wayne M. Kennard, Senior Henri A. Termeer, Chairman, George P. Gardner Jr., Palm Wayne M. Kennard, Corporate Steven T. Horan Douglas Zingale
Partner, WilmerHale, Boston Jonathan J. Fleming, Oxford Sean McGrath, President, President, and CEO, Genzyme Beach, FL Counsel, Senior Partner, David L. House
Bioscience Partners, Boston Stonegate Group, Natick Corporation, Cambridge WilmerHale, Boston Michael V. Hynes Overseers Emeriti
Trustees Morris Gray, Treasurer, David L. Jegen Nile L. Albright
John E. Abele, Founder Chairman, Diane R. Gordon, Attorney, Howard Messing, President Hal R. Tovin, Group Executive Pioneer Institute for Public Ex Officio Trustees Linda M. Johnson John M. Bradley
Boston Scientific Corporation, Boston COO, MEDITECH, Westwood Vice President, Citizens Financial Policy Research, Boston David P. Driscoll, Commissioner, Paula A. Johnson Earline S. Bush
Natick Group, Boston Massachusetts Department Philip Johnson Mrs. Walter M. Cabot
Helen Greiner, Chairman, Sandra O. Moose, Senior Advisor, Paul E. Gray, Professor, of Education, Malden Paul G. Joubert Joan Tozzer Cave
Richard I. Anders, Managing Cofounder, iRobot Corporation, Boston Consulting Group, Boston Lawrence Weber, Chairman, W2 Electrical Engineering & President Charles F. Kane Jane M. Cole
Director, Rubin / Anders Burlington Group Inc., Waltham Emeritus, MIT, Cambridge Stephen H. Burrington, Lewis Karabatsos** Albert M. Creighton Jr.
Scientific, Inc., Brookline Joyce L. Plotkin, President, Mass Commissioner, Department of Ranch Kimball Mrs. Tarrant Cutler
Leslie E. Greis, Managing Technology Leadership Council, Gwill E. York, Managing Director, Richard O. Howe*, Belmont Conservation and Recreation, Bhavya Lal George L. Dow
Howard M. Anderson, Member, Perennial Capital Boston Lighthouse Capital Partners, Boston Pam Lassiter Robert R. Everett
William Porter Distinguished Advisors, Cambridge Cambridge Jerome C. Hunsaker Jr., Concord John N. Little Boruch B. Frusztajer
Lecturer, MIT Entrepreneurship John F. Reno, Chairman, Reno Sheila A. Lockwood Owen Gingerich
Center, Cambridge Daphne Hatsopoulos, Lincoln Family Charitable Foundation, Trustees Emeriti Robert F. Jasse, Owner Founder, Overseers Joy Lucas Marvin C. Grossman
Winchester Jane C. Bradley, Manchester Alyson’s Orchard, Walpole, NH Ted MacLean Ernest Henderson III
Elizabeth Houghteling**, Chair Louise Park MacMillan Gardner C. Hendrie
Cambridge Mitchel J. Resnick, LEGO Papert Truman S. Casner, Of Counsel, William C. Mercer*, Westwood Laura Barker Morse Paul A. Maeder Jonnet K. Holladay
Key Professor of Learning Research, Ropes & Gray LLP, Boston Laura Davies Mateo Charles H. Hood
Ann Kania, Cambridge MIT Media Lab, Cambridge Mrs. Roger L. Nichols, Amy L. Abrams Ann Merrifield Max D. Hopper
* Deceased Brit J. d’Arbeloff, Brookline North Scituate Hassan M. Ahmed Cleve B. Moler** Richard M. Hunt
** Resigned Elizabeth Moore E. Verner Johnson
Donald M. Kaplan, Physician, John C. Rutherford, Managing William F. Aikman
(M) Matching support
u Corporate Community Fund Pulmonary Associates of Greater Partner, Parthenon Capital, LLC, David W. Ellis, President Emeritus, James R. Nichols, Partner, Melvin Bernstein Valerie Mosley Howard W. Johnson
Boston, Everett Boston Museum of Science, Boston Nichols & Pratt, Boston James R. Bertelli John R. Nelson Jerome P. Kassirer
Richard G. Leahy Treasurer Massachusetts Technology concluded on June 30. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Creighton Jr. Donald-Bruce Abrams and Mark and Charla Trusheim Alexandra Shields
George Lewis David Ching Collaborative their support, we again enjoyed Jaishree and Desh Deshpande Roberta Rubin Mr. Marc Ullman Dr. and Mrs. William H. Harris
John F. Magee The MathWorks, Inc. our most successful year ever. Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. DiCamillo Hassan Ahmed Uvas Foundation Eric and Karol Hjerpe
Terrence B. Magrath Secretary Microsoft Corporation Joanne and Paul Egerman Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Penny and Jeffrey Vinik Amanda and Andrew Hoar
Susie E. Mooncai Warren Sylvester David G. Mugar Amy and Jonathan Fleming Becton Jr. (M) Constance and Robert Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Holland
Unrestricted gifts
Lorraine Graham Morss Marianne and Kenneth J. Novack Ms. Kathryn B. Kavadas C. Hunter and Pamela Boll Walkingshaw Mr. Steven Horan
Annual Fund contributions pro-
Thurman F. Naylor Directors Harold Whitworth Pierce Colleen and Howard Messing Alexis Borisy and Lia Meisinger Neil and Elise Wallace Robert and Margaret T. Huskins
vide the Museum with resources
Peter Nessen Judy Adelizzi Charitable Trust Marianne and Kenneth J. Novack Dr. Vanu Bose Peg Warner John Huth and Karen Agnew
to develop and maintain world-
Rodger Nordblom Tom Berry WBZ-TV, Channel 4 Barbara and Malcolm Sherman Ian and Hannah Bowles (M) Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Weber Michael V. Hynes and
class exhibits, present education-
Kenneth H. Olsen Dottye Foxon WCVB-TV, Channel 5 Robert F. Bulens Ms. Amy Woods and Louisa Kasdon
al programs, conduct community
Edith Hall Overly Marilyn Harris Gold Level Catherine and Marc Buntaine Mr. Humberto Gil Ms. Susan Jacobs
outreach efforts, and continue
Thomas L. Phillips Susan Heavner Founder’s Circle ($10,000–$24,999) Mrs. Earline S. Bush Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Jacobson
essential day-to-day operations.
Douglas E. Poole Paul Howley ($250,000–$499,999) Anonymous Joe and Carolyn Campanelli Bronze Level Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Jeffries
Helen M. Pounds Bob Kinckle Anonymous Amy and David Abrams Richard A. Carpenter ($2,500–$4,999) David L. Jegen and
The Museum gratefully acknowl-
George Putnam Jerry Kohn Vernon R. Alden Mr. and Mrs. Richard Anders Michael and Maureen Champa Anonymous (4) Cynthia Greene
edges the work of the co-chairs
William M. Raeder Joyce Mehring Catalyst Institute Howard Anderson Karen and Brian Conway William F. Aikman Mr. Ernest W. Jennes
of the Membership and Annual
Thomas A. Rosse John Nunes Francis T. Colby Trust Under Will* Drs. Joan M. and Gary Bergstrom Mr. Howard Cox Robert and Patricia Almond Linda and E. Verner Johnson
Fund sub-committees, Richard A.
Helen Chin Schlichte Barbara Roth Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Creighton Jr. Edward J. Boudreau Jr. Kim and Judith Davis The Barrington Foundation Philip Johnson and Donna Gordon
Carpenter and James Daniell, for
Marvin G. Schorr Sandy Oelstrom Amy and Jonathan Fleming Jane and John M. Bradley Charles and Deborah Digate Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Beede Mr. and Mrs. C. Bruce Johnstone
their exceptional service in helping
Arthur R. Schwartz Anthony Rizzuto Emily C. Hood Michael F. Cronin Denise Dupre and Mark Nunnelly Jeff Behrens and Lori Rutter Charles F. Kane
the Annual Fund achieve its most
Emily Hubbs Scott mrn Tomusiak Edna and Donald M. Kaplan Dr. Richard A. DiPerna and Dr. Mr. and Mrs. David C. Evans Jr. Warren and Marjorie Berg Alexa and Ranch Kimball
successful year ever.
Mrs. Donald C. Seamans Wendy and Philip Kistler Jean Nichols Judith A. and Lionel P. Fortin Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Bernstein Barbara Kirchheimer
John A. Shane Non-Voting Director George Lewis Mr. and Mrs. George P. Edmonds Jr. Mr. and Mrs. M. Dozier Gardner Dr. Paul Bleicher and Mr. and Mrs. Seth A. Klarman
Eleanor G. Shore Judy Sokol, Manager, Human Lockheed Martin Corporation Discoverers Society Dr. and Mrs. Walter J. Gamble Mr. Granville C. Garth Ms. Julia Greenstein Mr. Michael A. Krupka and
Ella P. Smith Resources, Museum of Science Lakeside Foundation Mr. and Mrs. George P. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Gordon William and Nancy Brady Ms. Anne C. Kubik
Helen B. Spaulding Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. Titanium Level Helen Greiner Hannelore and Jeremy Grantham Dorothy S. and Walter M. Cabot Maria and Wes Kussmaul
John K. Spring Colleen and Howard Messing ($100,000 or more) Mr. and Mrs. Peter Grieve Karen and Gary Gregg Lucy Caldwell-Stair and Jone LaBombard and
Ralph C. Sweetland Giving Circles Elizabeth and James Nichols Brit and Alex d’Arbeloff Ina and Lewis Heafitz Ms. Leslie E. Greis Thomas Stair William Noyce
Stephen B. Swensrud Wapack Foundation Jane and A. Neil Pappalardo Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hollis Henry and Jean Hall Jason and Judy Chudnofsky Mr. and Mrs. John B. Landry
Barbara P. Washburn Chairman’s Circle Jane and A. Neil Pappalardo Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. Kania Jr. Bambi and Frank Hatch Susan and Gerald Cohen Pam Lassiter
Joanne Weafer ($1,000,000+) Eugene and Abigail Record Platinum Level Edna and Donald M. Kaplan Dr. and Mrs. George Hatsopoulos Mr. Stephen E. Coit Martha and Lucian Leape
John P. Weitzel Anonymous Ann Ellen and John Rutherford ($50,000–$99,999) Tracy and Jonathan Kaplan The Helen G. Hauben Foundation Rev. Louise and George Lewis
Charles V. Willie Rick and Nonnie Burnes Science Museum Exhibit Rick and Nonnie Burnes Mr. and Mrs. Wayne M. Kennard Gardner Hendrie and Dr. Loring Conant Jr. Mr. Andrew Ley and
20 Anne B. R. Witherby Brit and Alex d’Arbeloff Collaborative Ira and Jacquie Stepanian Wendy and Philip Kistler Karen Johansen Mr. Steven D. Corkin Ms. Carol Searle
Joanne and Paul Egerman Edwin S. Webster Foundation Lakeside Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Hood John and Sandrine Cullinane Catherine Lyden and
Mr. and Mrs. M. Dozier Gardner WilmerHale Diamond Level Lars Foundation Emily C. Hood Mr. James Daniell and Joseph Siemiatkoski
Innovators Steering Genzyme Corporation Gwill York and Paul Maeder ($25,000–$49,999) John Little and Nancy Wittenberg Ms. Elizabeth Houghteling and Ms. Susan LeClaire Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Committee Sophia and Bernard M. Gordon Anonymous (4) Dr. Leo Liu and Dr. Pendred Noyce Mr. Philip Balboni Dr. Randall Davis and MacPherson Jr.
The Charles Hayden Foundation CONTRIBUTIONS FY 2007 Mr. and Mrs. John Abele on behalf Dr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Lovejoy Jr. Ronald and Kathleen Jackson Dr. Dana Penney Mr. and Mrs. John F. Magee
Amy Morse Winslow, Chair Institute of Museum and The Museum is grateful to the fol- of the Argosy Foundation Louise P. and John H. MacMillan IV Mr. Paul Joubert and Richard J. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Martin
Jeff Behrens, Vice Chair Library Services lowing donors for their generosity Mr. and Mrs. David T. Altshuler Mr. and Mrs. Sean McGrath Ms. Beverly Hand Mr. and Mrs. Jean E. de Valpine Dr. and Mrs. David J. McGrath
R. Matt Fates Intel Corporation during fiscal year 2007, which Sarah and Jeffrey Beir Ms. Ann Merrifield and Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Karp Sally and John Dias Donald K. Mitchell
Todd Foley National Aeronautics and Mr. Wayne Davis Brian and Elizabeth Keane Wesley and Virginia Eaton Lorraine and Charles Morss
Dozier Gardner Space Administration Elizabeth and J. Stuart Moore Kathy and David Kloss Jaime and Pamala Ellertson Ms. Valerie Mosley
Matthew Hamory National Institute of Standards Laura and Ken Morse (M) Michael E. Kolowich and Juan and Mary Enriquez Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Mucci
Gregory O’Shaughnessy and Technology Mr. John R. Nelson Kirstin Lynde Shaoul “Ziggy” and Elizabeth and James Nichols
Christopher Shannon National Science Foundation Giving Circles Eugene and Abigail Record Mela Lew and Harold Leach Jr. Suzanne Ezekiel Wapack Foundation
Eric Solem William and Helen Pounds Jim and Carol Savage Mr. Caleb Loring Jr. Alexander Falk Patricia Nolan and David Rabkin
Laura Weinstein John and Suzanne Reno Established last year, the Chairman’s Circle Mr. William Schawbel and Alistair and Sharon Lowe John and Barbara Fibiger Mary Anne and Jeffrey North
Scott Yaphe Mr. William Schawbel and recognizes individuals, families, corporations, and Ms. Judy Samelson Mr. and Mrs. William A. Lowell David Forbes and Kate and Ford O’Neil
Ms. Judy Samelson Ms. Naomi Seligman Terrence B. Magrath Virginia Sherwood-Forbes Theodore and Mary Papastavros
Carl and Ruth Shapiro foundations making gifts and pledges of seven Dr. and Mrs. William U. Shipley Anne and Paul Marcus Mark Forziati Stephen and Betsy Pearse
 Volunteer Service League Family Foundation Drs. Eleanor and Miles Shore Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Mayer Robert Frankston and Donald and Sandra Perrin
figures or greater. This year, the Museum is also
Board of Directors Barbara and Malcolm Sherman Mr. and Mrs. John K. Spring Mr. and Mrs. Rodger P. Nordblom Eleanor Elkin Finley and Patricia Perry
Ira and Jacquie Stepanian pleased to recognize those donors who have made Kenneth and Carol Vash Spritz William and Helen Pounds Bob and Iris Frisch Thomas and Jennifer Pincince
President Dr. and Mrs. Herman D. Suit William M. and Judith A. Steul (M) Elizabeth G. Riley and Mr. and Mrs. Boruch Frusztajer Ms. Joyce L. Plotkin and
John Hopkins U.S. Small Business
gifts and pledges of $250,000 or more as members of Dr. and Mrs. Herman D. Suit Daniel E. Smith Jr. Dozier and Elise Gardner Dr. Bennett Aspel
Administration the President’s Circle ($500,000 - $999,999), and the Stephen Swensrud Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Rosse Dr. and Mrs. Steven D. Garland Robert and Sally Quinn
Vice President Neil and Elise Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Henri A. Termeer Lisa and Jonathan Rourke Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Gelb Mr. William J. Ribaudo
Irv Krause Mr. D. Reid Weedon Jr. Founder’s Circle ($250,000 - $499,999). The Museum Michael and Susan Thonis Mr. Bruce Sachs Michael and Cynthia George Mark and Lynne Rickabaugh
is grateful for the leadership and vision of all giving Brian Totty and Shernaz Daver Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. and Eva and Shikhar Ghosh James and Jennifer Rosenberg
President’s Circle Hal and Lisa Tovin Carol A. Shedd Peter and Kerstin Glick Hon. and Mrs. William L. Saltonstall
($500,000–$999,999) circle members, whose generosity is advancing the Mr. and Mrs. Eyk Van Otterloo (M) Ralph Sheridan and Anne Steer Nancy and Barry Gonder Howard Salwen and
Anonymous (2) Gwill York and Paul Maeder Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stata Norman and Amy Gorin Sheryl Marshall
* Deceased
mission of the Museum and transforming people’s
Bose Corporation Robert and Christina Suh Ms. Anne B. Hagan Alison Sander
** Resigned Jane and John M. Bradley lives in our community and beyond. Silver Level Ms. Jean C. Tempel and Robert and Bethe Hagopian Mr. and Mrs. Preston H. Saunders
(M) Matching support
Cisco Systems, Inc. ($5,000–$9,999) Mr. Peter A. Wilson John D. Hamilton Jr. Ms. Emily F. Schabacker
u Corporate Community Fund
The Lowell Institute Anonymous (2) Gene and Susan Tremblay Evelynn Hammonds and Dr. and Mrs. Marvin G. Schorr
Karl and Deborah Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Gainsboro Mrs. Saluni P. Fadia Sharyn Roberts Dr. John A. and Andrea and Gregory Kelly
Schwiegershausen Robert Gittens and JoAnne and Jack Faer David Rockefeller Jr. Dr. Mildred G. Galloway George and Nancy Kidder
Daniel Schwinn Donna Latson Gittens Karim and Leila Fawaz Mark and Etta Rosen Walker Prize Adlumia and Benjamin Gannett Norman S. Klayman
Bob Segel and Janice Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Morris Gray Michael Feinstein and Mrs. Helen Chin Schlichte Joseph and Linda Genovese David Kluchman
Ms. Lisa S. Serafin Michael and Jeanne Henry Denise Waldron Miriam Kadima Schwartz and Presented on April 30, 2007, to Steve Wozniak cofounder Charles and Donna Gibson Richard and Amy Kohan
The Shane Foundation Douglas and Judith Krupp Barry Fougere Beverly Ilene Schwartz Betsy Gillin Henry Kolm
of Apple Computer, Inc., and currently chief technology Albert Kopek and Jill Anderson
Raj and Nalini Sharma Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Michael and Linda Frieze Douglas and Anne Sears Mr. and Mrs. John Gilmartin
Ms. Deborah Sheedy Lawrence (M) Charles and Sheila Gillis Mrs. Anne L. Seaver officer for Jazz Technologies, Inc. He designed the first Daniel Ginsburg and Pete and Jill Kovatsis
Lawrence and Joan Siff Muriel and Norman Leventhal Carol R. Goldberg and Elmar Seibel and Azita Bina personal computer, the Apple I, masterminded the Laura Lechner Dewolf Kratovil
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Simon Ioannis and Beth Miaoulis Avram J. Goldberg Jeff Seltzer and Kim and Mark Girard Patricia Krippendorf
Apple II, and greatly influenced the Macintosh. Wozniak
Medha Sinha and Julie and Troy Norris Paul and Priscilla Gray Susan Lesser-Seltzer Marlene Goldberg Carol Kunik and Bob Myslik
Arthur G. Epker III Dr. and Mrs. Maurice M. Pechet Jonathan Green and Robin Sherman is the only person to have designed both the hardware Ms. Sandra Goldfarb Vivienne and Jacqueline LaBerge
Mr. Michael Skok Mrs. Ervin Pietz Jennifer Stone Dr. Leonard J. Shustek and software for a commercially successful computer Arnold and Adele Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. F. Danby Lackey III
Normand Smith and Mitchell and Adrienne Rabkin Annie Halvorsen Stephen and Ann Skinner Marcus Gordon and Carolyn Cline Libby and Peter Laino
Judy Reed-Smith Robert and Beth Sackstein Matthew and Beth Hamory Mason Smith and Gordon Green Sandra and Philip Gordon Frederick and Wendy Lane
Ameeta and Vivek Soni Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Schwartz James and Diana Harte Elizabeth Steele Sarah Gould and Mitchell Gordon John and Randi Lapidus
William Johnson Walker, MD, an eminent surgeon, created Margaret and Rob Lawrence
Mrs. Helen B. Spaulding Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mary E. Hartnett Mrs. Prudence Steiner Lawrence and Linda Green
Lee and Robert Sproull Seamans Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George T. Hatfield Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Steward Jr. this award in 1864 at the Boston Society of Natural Ilene Greenberg and Alexis Layton
Walter and Sue Stafford Mr. and Mrs. Norton L. Sherman Margaretta and Jerry Hausman Mr. Charles Stewart and History, the founding organization of the Museum of J. Michael Maynard Phillip Ledin
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stanley Judith and William Silver Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Henderson Ms. Kathryn Hess Garth and Lindsay Greimann Tamara and Fred Ledley
Science. Wozniak is the only person to have designed
Mrs. Fredrick J. Stare Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Z. Sorenson Mr. and Mrs. Howard Holladay James and Cathleen Stone (M) Mary Griffin and Jane Gifun Bryan Lee
Addie Swartz and Joel Rosen John and Elinor Svenson Mrs. Bradford F. Holt JoEllen and David Sweet both the hardware and software for a commercially Stanley Griffith and Ann Schauffler Wayne and Jackie Lemmerhirt
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Sweetland John and Jacqueline Welch Mr. David L. House Steven A. Tague successful computer platform. Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Grossman Pamela Lenehan and
Gerry Swislow Kendra and Frederic Weldon Gail Jennes and Alma Antoniotti Thomas Tarpey and Carolyn King Wycliffe and Corinne Grousbeck Lawrence Geuss
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel O. Their (M) Amy Morse Winslow and Steve and Rosemarie Johnson Stuart and Susan Taylor (M) Ronald Guertin and Andrew and Elizabeth Lewman
Karen and Tom Tierney Toffer Winslow Theodore Johnson Kelly and Michael Thome Beth Cederberg-Guertin Manuel and Marcia Lipson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warburton Jr. Mr. Michael J. Zak and Linda Kaboolian and Peter Thonis Dale Brunelle (M) J. Thomas and Mary Pat Dooley Kristin Gustafson and Kurt Locher
Mr. D. Reid Weedon Jr. Mrs. Roxanne Zak Harold Nahigian Mr. and Mrs. Robert Traylor Judith and Bruce Bullard Melvin and Carolyn Drapkin Mary Kay Tuohy Howard Lowy
Mr. and Mrs. John Weitzel Charles and Margaret Ziering Steven and Michelle Karol Mr. and Mrs. F. Cort Turner III Julian and Marion Bullitt Marc Duby and Sarah Curi Gloria and Joseph Haddad Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Lubin
Stetson Whitcher* Robert Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair Weeks Jr. Kathleen and Betty Burge Susan and Jonathan Durkee Marion and Theodore Jonathan Lupfer and
Susan Whitehead McKinley Level Julia Krapf Rebecca Cannon and Scott Miller William and Kathryn Duryea Haffenreffer Jr. Susan Berseth
Dr. and Mrs. Charles V. Willie ($600–$1,199) Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lapham Kilimanjaro Level Ippolita Cantuti and Rebecca Duseau and Michael and Pamela Halpern Mrs. A. Theodore Lyman Jr.*
Tracey and Richard Willmott Anonymous (2) Jeffrey and Janet Larson ($300–$599) Jonathan Friedes Angie Pisano Sarah and Tom Hancock Karen and Sean Lynn-Jones
22 Christopher Wilson Vernon R. Alden Raymond and Kara Lau (M) Anonymous (5) Riaz and Cecily Lonergan Cassum Mr. Simon Eccles Charles Hannum Laurence and Janet Macdonald
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Wilson Edythe and Jay Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leahy Allan Abelow Alison Chase and Joseph Hill Mrs. Harriett Eckstein Mr. and Mrs. G. Felda Hardymon Lynda L. MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Grant M. Wilson Ronald and Susan Barris Mr. John D. C. Little Henry and Deborah Ancona Alice and Edward Chiang Cary Edwards Alpana and Mukesh Harisinghani Heidi MacLean
Michael Winter and Jordan and Barbara Birger Sheila and Roger Lockwood Nancy Andrews and Benjamin Chigier and E. Michael Egan and Laura Sen Daniel Harrington and Andrea and Travis MacMillian
Deborah Goldberg Thomas and Lisa Blumenthal Mr. and Mrs. John Lowell Bernard Mathey-Prevot Shelly Dews Chigier Pamela Elrod and Debbie Wynn Dianne Gregg Katherine and Michael MacPhail
Douglas A. and Francy F. Zingale Tom Borieko and Alison Coolidge Peter Mager and Michele Chabot Steven and Mary Aronson John and Lynda Christian Jeffrey and Anne Elton Michael Hayes and Laura Doe James Madigan and
Mr. Daniel Bricklin and Marlene and Francis Marchilena Elena and William Bachrach Emily and Jonathan Clark Stephen and Dr. William R. Helfrich Jr. Daphne Layton
Dr. Carol Singer Jeff Mayersohn and Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Baddour Kathryn and Brent Clark Lisa Emsbo-Mattingly William Helliesen and Beth and Chris Madison
Explorers Society Robert and Beverly Brown Linda Seamonson Jane and P. Christopher Balboni Barbara Clarke and John Capeci Bruce and Julie Enders Karen Furtado Mr. and Mrs. Wilson K. Magee Jr.
John and Kate Cabot Mary McDonald and James Supple Patrick Bartlett Ellen Cohen and Daniel Haber Cynthia and Michael Evanisko Stephen Henkenmeier Ms. Gail Anne Magenis
Everest Level Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cabot Douglas McHenry Susan Bear and Michael Hill Mark and Valerie Cohen Wendy Everett Dudley and Georgene Herschbach Nancy Magro and Nalin Vithanage
($1,200–$2,499) Dolores C. Calaf and Jose Forero Kurt and Therese Melden Robert and Jacqueline Bechek Michael and Colleen Collins R. Matt and Katherine Fates Joerg Heyer and Birgit Funke Sharon Mainguy
Anonymous Ms. Heather Calvin Cynthia and Timothy Moran Karine and John Begg Mike and Denise Colman Shari and Bruce Feibel Amanda and Walter Hickman Nancy and Eric Malm
Mary Barbara and Laurie and Marc Campos George and Nancy Mumford Donald and Lisa Belanger Whitney Connaughton and Barry and Odile Fidelman Charles and Donna Hieken Mr. Richard Maloney
Michael B. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Truman S. Casner Carolann and K. George Najarian Lawrence Bell Aaron Pressman James Findlay R. Linda Hill and Douglas Garde Donald Manzelli and Kim Fuller
Dorothy and David Arnold Robert Caulfield Tami Nason and Kent A. Lage Steven and Christine Bellon (M) Mr. William Copacino and Marjorie Findlay and Alicia and Fred Hintlian David and Deborah Marcus
Dr. and Mrs. Edmund B. Cabot Mr. Philip J. Cavaretta Mrs. Robert B. Newman J. Raymond and Joan Bentley Dr. Janet Hall Geoffrey Freeman John Hitchcock David Margolin and
Suzanne and Stephen Chapman Po-Shang Chen and Gary and Kim Oberbrunner Ross Berbeco Dorothy Crawford and James Fitzgerald and Bill and Leah Holber Nancy Bernhard
Pieter Cohen and Lauren Budding Shan-Lee Liu Deborah and Jon Osgood Steven Bercu Ross Hoffman Marjorie Osheroff Linda and Tim Holiner Nancy Marshall
Thomas and Lisa Collins Gerard and Sherryl Cohen Margaret and William Paine Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Besen Sally W. Currier and Ms. Patricia J. Fitzgerald Tina and Neil Horwitz Kathy and Stephen Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Dabney Mrs. Edward D. Cole Jill and Thomas Pappas Firdaus and Jasmin Bhathena Saul J. Pannell Aretas and Mary Floyd John and Pamela Humphrey Dr. and Mrs. Edwin P. Maynard
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson J. Darling Jr. Mr. Matthew J. Conti Caroline and Guy Patton George and Carolyn Bingham Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. Dain Todd and Melissa Foley Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. McCabe
Fernando and Charlene Domenech Elisabetta Cortesi and Drs. Stephen and Susan Pauker Steven Birnbaum and Cyndi Jones Anton Dainty Paul and Carla Fontaine Jerome C. Hunsaker Jr. Edwina and Richard McCarthy
David W. and Marion S. Ellis Michael Cima Grace Peng and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Black Marianne D’Amico Nigel Foster and Susan Howitt Joan and Timothy Ingraham Thomas and Emily McClintock
Ms. Cheryl Forte Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cullinane Steven Edelstein (M) Les and Beverly Blicher Murray and Judith Danforth Charles and Helene Fox Diane and Robert Jaye James and Diane McDermott
Roger Frechette and Ania Knap Flora D’Angio and Anita D’Angio Ronald Perry Steven and Gail Blumsack Jeannie and Jamshed Daroga Robyn Franke Dr. and Dr. Alexander Jesurum Peter and Jeannette McGinn
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Danieli Robert and Veronica Petersen Sissela and Derek Bok Charles and Patricia Davis Janet and Greg Fraser Howard and Elizabeth Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McGinnes
Matthew and Gabrielle D’Errico Mr. and Mrs. James L. Phillips Marietta and David Boon Laura DeBonis and Scott Nathan Patricia Freysinger Judith Johnson Don and Gail McGovern
William and Jennifer Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Phillips Kathleen and Dean Boylan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Marc Friedberg Robert and Nancy Johnson Harriet B. McGraw
Elisabeth M. Drake Albert and Martha Plante Ann Braude and Andy Adler DeMarco III Laurie Friedman and Jon and Jean Jones Mr. and Mrs. James E. McGuire
Scott and Joanne Duggan Mrs. Muriel Pokross Mr. and Mrs. John R. Breckenridge Antonette and Philip Dennis Barbara Hume Robert and Eileen Jones Peter McKinney
* Deceased Frank Durand Jill and John Preotle Peter and Debra Breed Dr. and Mrs. Charles Dickinson III Alan and Sandra Frohman Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kaneb Mrs. Margaret McLellan
** Resigned Emily Ehrenfeld and Gary Valaskovic Mr. and Mrs. George Putnam Benjamin Briggs and Linda Dill Mary and Gerald Dinneen Debra and Walter Fromm William and Lynn Kargman Richard and Elizabeth McMullan
(M) Matching support
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Eisenson Mr. and Mrs. William Susan Briggs Joseph Dollard Craig and Donna Fullerton Paul and Elizabeth Kastner Alexandra and Robert McNamee
u Corporate Community Fund
Mrs. Jane S. Elins Phipps Rice (M) Darren Brock Mr. Richard Donoho Hilary and Christopher Gabrieli Judith Katz and Dean Solomon Glenn and Barbara Meurer
John and Alison Miniter Paul and Andrea Schaut Scott Tromanhauser and Pfizer Foundation donated by member companies at Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. u
Lois M. Monge Adam Schepp and Jennifer Shaw Plymouth Rock Foundation every level to provide area schools, Microsoft Corporation u
Alex Moot and Nancy Roosa Jeanie Gorlovsky Holly Tsourides State Street Matching social services agencies, and non- M.I.T. Activities Committee u Bradford Washburn Award
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Moot Mr. William Schleyer and Ruth Tuomala Gift Program profit organizations with compli- Morgan Stanley u
John and Stephanie Morgan Ms. Mary Zygala Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Vickers Jr. Tyco Matching Gifts Program mentary access to the Museum. Pfizer Research Presented on December 6, 2006, to David T. Suzuki, PhD,
Robert and Maralyn Morgan Richard and Diane Schmalensee Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Virnelli U.S. Charitable Gift Trust Technology Center u
professor emeritus of the University of British Columbia
Ellen Morrison Robert and Catherine Schneider Kathy and Roy Walker Verizon Foundation Explorer Pilot House Ventures Group LLC u
Dr. and Mrs. R. A. Muggia Sarah and Chris Schoettle Nathanael Waller Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ($25,000 and more) Royal Sonesta Hotel u and distinguished scientist, committed environmentalist,
Karen Mulcahy William Schrader (M) Gregory and Yao-Yu Wang Bank of America u Schlumberger-Doll Research u tireless human rights advocate, prolific author, award-
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Nasella Cynthia and Robert Schuneman Stephen and Beverly Watson Bose Corporation u Sigma Partners u winning broadcaster, newspaper columnist, and chair of
John and Linda Nelson Steven D. Schwaitzberg, M.D. Stuart and Karen Watson Donor Advised Funds Boston Scientific Corporation u Smith & Nephew, Inc. u
Julia Neuringer and Herbert Cohen and Lisa J. Jacobsen, M.D. Mrs. Joanne Weafer Cisco Systems, Inc. u St. Sebastian’s School u the David Suzuki Foundation. His well-known book, The
David Newsom Mr. and Mrs. Donald Seamans Mr. Henry Weaver Jr. The Museum acknowledges the Catalyst Institute u University of Massachusetts- Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature, was
Mary Noble James Sebenius and Nancy Buck Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Webb III following donor advised funds for EMC Corporation u Boston u turned into a CBC-TV series in 2002.
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Nunes Brent Segal Michael and Amber Weingartner the role they played in helping us The Millipore Foundation Waters Corporation u
Charlene and William Nutter Nancy and Frank Selldorff Laura Weinstein and achieve financial success. New England Development u Wentworth Institute of
An anonymous trustee established the Bradford
Mr. and Mrs. Peter O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Shanks Jr. Keren Goldenberg Parametric Technology Technology u
Michael Oldham Christopher Shannon Scott and Jacqueline Wellman Boston Foundation Corporation u WGBH Educational Foundation u Washburn Award in 1964, the 25th year of Brad Washburn’s
Mr. Thor Olson Dr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Sharp Mr. and Mrs. Walther T. Weylman Combined Jewish Philanthropies Raytheon Company u Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Inc. u 41-year service as Museum director. A golden medal
Gerald and Joan O’Neil Robert and Elizabeth Shaw Elisabeth and Stephen Whalen Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Verizon Foundation u and an honorarium of ten thousand dollars are awarded
Lynn and Duane Oser Mrs. Gertrude F. Shelley Brandon and Amanda White Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund Wolfgang Puck Patron
Gregory and Lori O’Shaughnessy Pinyen Shieh Peter and Rebecca White Schwab Fund for Catering & Events u ($2,500–$4,999) annually to an individual who has made an outstanding
Jerry and Virginia Panarese James Shields and Gayle Merling Sheldon and Elaine White Charitable Giving Acadian Asset Management contribution toward public understanding of science.
Heidi Carter-Pearlson and Robert and Susan Sigel Mr. E. Andrew Wilde Jr. Silicon Valley Community Visionary Adcole Corporation u
Lewis Pearlson Mr.* and Mrs. Norman Silverman Ms. Eleanor C. Williams Foundation ($15,000–$24,999) Advent School
Mrs. Leopold Peavy Jr. Russell and Margarita Simpson Richard and Christina Wood United Way of Southeastern Bain Capital LLC u Bristol-Myers Squibb
Randy Peeler and Kate Kellogg Sandee and Peter Simshauser Charles Wu New England Charles River Ventures, Inc. u Medical Imaging WhizKids Foundation Inc. Connell Limited Partnership
Mr. and Mrs. Lovett C. Peters Carter Smith John Yates and Ellen Sheets Vanguard Charitable Hewlett-Packard Company u Jay Cashman, Inc. Wilson-Cambridge Realty Trust Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.
Edward Pishkin Mr. and Mrs. Hinton C. Smith Brace and Yuriko Jane Young Endowment Program Highland Capital Partners u Charles River Laboratories, Inc. Courtyard by Marriott,
Hollis and Peggy Plimpton Tony and Chris Smith Mr. Stanley Zanarotti Massachusetts General Hospital u Chelsea Industries, Inc. Fellow Copley Square
Thomas Poor Mrs. Walter A. Smith Paul Zintl and Lisa Frost MEDITECH u Cheviot Corporation u ($1,000–$2,499) Cummings Foundation
Patty and Chris Popov Jennifer Smith-Williams and Corporate, Foundation & Codman u Albany International Cutter Associates, Inc.
John and Fostira Rachwalski Martin Williams Government Donors Inventor Comverse, Inc. Research Company u Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
24 Dr. Iver S. Ravin Eric Solem Matching Gifts ($10,000–$14,999) Deloitte & Touche LLP Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. u Danversbank
Andrew Reale Rob and Fiona Soni These gifts help support the Accenture u Demoulas Foundation American Crystal, Inc. Delta Projects, Inc.
Caroline Reeves and Jim Lee Cynthia and Paul Soucy Amgen Foundation general operations of the Museum, Boston University u Charles Stark Draper American Postal DigiNovations, Inc.
Minda and Rick Reidy David and Virginia Spencer Anchor Capital Advisors, Inc. including maintenance of exhibits Cabot Corporation u Laboratory, Inc. Workers Union #3844 Dunkin’ Brands
Heather Reisz Lee and George Sprague Anchor/Russell and the physical plant and operat- Genzyme Corporation u Ernst & Young LLP u Analogic Corporation East Cambridge Savings Bank
Mr. Mitchel Resnick Anne St. Goar Capital Advisors, Inc. ing expenses of our many outreach Grand Circle Foundation, Inc. u Flagship Press Inc. Anchor Capital Advisors, Inc. EPIX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Marc Restuccia and Cynthia Stack Aptima, Inc. educational programs for public Harvard Outings & Innings u General Dynamics C4 Systems Artisan Industries, Inc. Exxon Mobil Corporation
Robin Yurkevicz John Stafford and Atlas Venture and school groups. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care u Harvard Bioscience, Inc. Atlas Venture Faulkner Hospital
Frederick and Bonnie Rich Morgan Hellmold Babson Capital Management, LLC Mellon New England u Hopedale Foundation Automatic Data Processing Foodmaster SuperMarkets, Inc.
Bruce and Loretta Richard Nancy and Steve Stayton (M) Bank of America Lassor and Fanny Agoos Merck Research Laboratories- Houghton Chemical Corporation BAE Systems/IR Imaging Systems Friends of MGH Cancer Center
Daniel Rinehart Ms. Mary Louise Stephenson Matching Gifts Program Charity Fund Boston u Hub International The Beal Companies LLP Greylock Partners
Ryan Seth Riney David and Laura Stokes Becton, Dickinson and Company Compass Group USA, Inc. New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. u New England LLC Bemis Associates, Inc. GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
Dr. Richard Roberts David Stoldt and Connie Wright Cadence Design Systems, Inc. Eaton Vance Corporation PerkinElmer, Inc. u IBM Club-Massachusetts Bentley College Hill, Holliday, Connors,
Kathryn and William Robinson Mary Ann Streeter Cisco Systems, Inc. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund SolidWorks Corporation u International Data Group, Inc. Bethesda Lodge #30, I.O.O.F. Cosmopulos, Inc.
Charles and Tammi Rogers Eugenie Sullivan and The Clowes Fund, Inc. Gillette Company State Street Corporation u Invensys Process Systems Bingham McCutchen LLP u Hollingsworth & Vose Company
David and Judith Rosenthal John Gassmann (M) The Commonwealth Fund Massachusetts Cultural Council Teradyne, Inc. u KPMG LLP BioProcessors Corporation Keane, Inc.
Paul and Linda Rousseau Meeijih and David Sun Computer Associates, Inc. Sawyer Charitable Foundation Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Boston Acoustics, Inc. u Kronos Incorporated
Anne and Rudy Ruggles Paul Swindlehurst GE Foundation UNICCO Service Company Investigator Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. Boston Post Office Social LandAmerica Commonwealth
Sheila and Raymond Samuel Warren and Janice Sylvester Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Edwin S. Webster Foundation ($5,000–$9,999) MKS Instruments, Inc. u & Rec. Comm. Latona Associates, Inc.
Luly and Maurice Samuels Alicia and Stephen Symchych Grantham, Mayo, Clara B. Winthrop Charitable Trust Analog Devices, Inc. u Nordblom Company Brandeis University L-Com, Inc.
Nancy Sandreuter and Mr. and Mrs. Ganson P. Taggart Van Otterloo & Co. LLC Arrow Electronics u Old Mutual Asset Management u Brockway-Smith Company Lockheed Martin Sippican, Inc.
Nathan Plowman Herbert and Marjorie Talcoff John Hancock Matching AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP u PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Brunswick Naval Air Station ITT Lonza Biologics, Inc.
H. Jay and Marilyn Sarles Dr. and Mrs. Nasser Tehranian Gift Program Corporate Membership Berklee College of Music u Putnam Investments Building #19 Foundation Lowell General Hospital
Jacqueline Savoie and Walter and Lynn Tennant Hewlett-Packard Company Boston Duck Tours u Sodexho California Products Corporation u Lucent Technologies
Dennis McCool Janet Testa Homesite Group Incorporated In return for critical operating sup- The Boston Globe u Sun Life Assurance Cambridge Brands, Inc. Lytron, Inc.
Stanley and Barbara Schantz Barbara Thomas Houghton Mifflin Company port, the corporate membership Brigham and Women’s Hospital u Company of Canada Cambridge Savings Bank MagCap Engineering, LLC
David and Patricia Thompson IBM Matching Grants Program program offers member companies Cole Hersee Company u TJX Companies, Inc. Cambridge Trust Company Microwave Development
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Thompson Johnson & Johnson a unique—and cost-effective—way Digital Federal Credit Union u UMass Dartmouth Alumni Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc. Laboratories, Inc.
Samuel and Elizabeth Thorne Merck & Co., Inc. to invest in the future of science General Dynamics Association CGI u Middlesex-Essex GMF
Gregory and Helene Thornton Microsoft Matching Gifts Program education while providing additional Network Systems, Inc. u UNICCO Service Company Children’s Hospital Boston- Soc. & Rec. Comm.
Aletta and Richard Tibbetts National Grid benefits to their employees. The W. R. Grace Foundation, Inc. u USWA Local 9360 u Radiology Momenta Pharmaceuticals
* Deceased Baruch Ticho and Allison August The New York Times Company corporate membership program Grant Thornton LLP u Vertex Pharmaceuticals Coca-Cola North America M.O.S.E.S.
** Resigned Richard and Diane Tinsman (M) Foundation, Inc. also benefits the wider community Incorporated Community Resources for Justice
Health Dialog, Inc. u Mouse Specifics, Inc. u
(M) Matching support
Cali Tran NSTAR Foundation through the Corporate Commu- IBM Corporation u Wellington Management Conant Controls, Inc. u National Amusements, Inc. u
u Corporate Community Fund
Ethelanne Trent and Charles Silver Oracle Corporation nity Fund, which draws on passes Liberty Mutual u Company LLP W. J. Connell Company National Graphic Supply
National Grid National Institute of Standards Kathryn Lynn Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Holland Intel Corporation
Washburn Society Bequests
Navy Morale Welfare and and Technology Colleen and Howard Messing John and Hilary Hopkins iRobot Corporation
Recreation National Science Foundation Morgan Stanley Ms. Sylvia Houghton Middlesex Gases &
The Washburn Society honors All bequests received by the
New Boston Fund, Inc. Carl and Ruth Shapiro Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Stanley A. Howe Technologies, Inc.
Brad and Barbara Washburn and Museum are used to support its
New England Insulation Company Family Foundation Research, Inc. Roy A. Hunt Foundation Elizabeth and J. Stuart Moore
recognizes the many generous long-range goals, unless otherwise
North Coast Seafoods u Neil and Elise Wallace Ortho-McNeil Neurologics Gail Jennes and Alma Antoniotti NECCO
individuals who have included the restricted by the donor. We deeply
North Point Cambridge Land Mr. and Mrs. Preston H. Saunders Drs. Paula Johnson and New England BioLabs
Museum in wills and estate plans, appreciated the bequests and
Company, LLC ($500,000–$999,999) Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Robert Sand Pasco Scientific
or who have otherwise entered distributions made by the following
OSRAM SYLVANIA, INC. Anonymous (2) Seamans Jr. Barbara Kirchheimer Robert and Amy Radin
into life income arrangements trusts and individuals.
Oxford Bioscience Partners u Nonnie and Rick Burnes Barbara and Malcolm Sherman Pam Lassiter Segway, Inc.
with the Museum. The lives of
Parker Chomerics David G. Mugar U.S. Department of Labor Ruby and Lavon P. Seitz Architects, Inc.
future generations will be enriched Anonymous
Phillips Exeter Academy Harold Whitworth Pierce Edwin S. Webster Foundation Linn Foundation Mr. E. C. Stone
thanks to the foresight and Charles H. Blake Charitable Trust
Community Spirit Charitable Trust Peter S. Lynch Charitable Unitrust VFA, Inc.
generosity of these dedicated Francis T. Colby Trust Under Will
Reed & Barton Foundation William and Helen Pounds ($25,000– $49,999) Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lynn WBMX-Mix 98.5
individuals. Margaret Dumas Trust Under Will
Rogers Foam Corporation John and Suzanne Reno Michael and Helen George Macomber WBOS-92.9
Schaffer Foundation Barbara Marks Estate of Clarissa Thomson WBUR-90.9
Royco Mailing Service, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Herman D. Suit
Joe and Carolyn Campanelli Massachusetts Cultural Council Anonymous (3) Estate of Edward Weld WBZ News Radio 1030
Sasso Construction
Company, Inc. u ($100,000– $499,999) Charles Stark Draper Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Mr. and Mrs. John Abele WBZ-TV, Channel 4
Scully Signal Company Anonymous (2) Laboratory, Inc. McAfoose Vernon R. Alden WCVB-TV, Channel 5
Dozier and Elise Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Duncan McFarland David B. Arnold Tribute Gifts WilmerHale
Shriners Hospital for Vernon R. Alden
Children-Boston Dorothy and David Arnold Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hunt Kate and Al Merck Dorothy and David B. Arnold Jr. WKLB-Country 102.5
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. Kania Jr. Ioannis and Beth Miaoulis Jane and John M. Bradley The Museum is grateful to the WMJX-Magic 106.7
Specialized Roofing Bank of America
Wendy and Philip Kistler Carolyn W. Miller Dr. Gail A. P. Bruns many donors who chose to honor WMKK-Mike 93.7
Company, Inc. Drs. Joan M. and Gary Bergstrom
Linde Family Foundation National Park Service Mr. and Mrs. James I. Cash Jr. the following friends or loved ones WODS-Oldies 103.3
Spencer Stuart Boston Foundation
Loomis, Sayles & Company, LP Thurman Naylor and Enid Starr Dr. Richard A. DiPerna and through gifts to the Museum. WROR-Classic Hits 105.7
H. C. Starck, Inc. Jane and John M. Bradley
Stonegate Group Catalyst Institute Microsoft Corporation New Radio and Dr. Jean Nichols WXKS-Kiss 108
Lorraine and Charles Morss Performing Arts, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. David W. Ellis Dr. Bruce Bremer* WXRV-92.5 The River
Suffolk University Cisco Systems, Inc.
Marianne and Kenneth J. Novack Elizabeth and James Nichols John and Barbara Fibiger Rick and Nonnie Burnes WZLX-100.7 Boston’s Classic Rock
Suffolk University Law Library Mr. and Mrs. Albert M.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. and Wapack Foundation Mr. and Mrs. George P. Gardner Mr. Tarrant Cutler* Wolfgang Puck Catering & Events
Sullivan and Worcester LLP Creighton Jr.
Carol A. Shedd Oak Foundation Ms. Elgie Ginsburgh Mrs. Cora A. Dewick*
TD Banknorth, Massachusetts David W. and Marion S. Ellis
Lawrence and Joan Siff Jerome and Dorothy Preston Ralph Green Mrs. Shari Feibel
The Timberland Company u Amy and Jonathan Fleming
Mark and Charla Trusheim Mr. Andrew Riseberg Frederick and Mary Hafer Diane R. Gordon
Turner Construction Company Mr. and Mrs. M. Dozier Gardner
Mrs. Marilyn J. Riseberg John D. Hamilton Jr. Mr. Richard O. Howe*
United States Gypsum Company Genzyme Corporation
Ms. Emily C. Hood
26 University of Mass.- Charles Hayden Foundation (Under $25,000) Saquish Foundation James and Lucie Hangstefer
Dr. Richard M. Hunt
Dartmouth Library Emily C. Hood Anonymous (3) Jocelyn and Eric Scheirer Mr. and Mrs. Howard Holladay
Dr. and Mrs. Nile L. Albright Miriam Kadima Schwartz Gail Jennes David L. Jegen
Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. Institute of Museum and
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Anders and Beverly Ilene Schwartz Wendy and Philip Kistler Ann and Ed Kania
Verizon Wireless u Library Services
H. G. and M. R. Anderson Robin Sherman George Lewis Pam Lassiter
VFA, Inc. Lakeside Foundation
Foundation Stephen and Ann Skinner Dr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Lovejoy Jr. Amy T. Logan
Waltham Parks & Recreation Dept. George Lewis
AT&T Foundation Sovereign Bank New England Mr. and Mrs. John Lowell Richard Maloney
Weingarten, Schurgin, Lockheed Martin Corporation
The Paul and Edith Mrs. Prudence Steiner William C. Mercer* Dr. Keith Merrill Jr.*
Gagnebin & Lebovici LLP Dr. and Mrs. Frederick H.
Babson Foundation The Sterling Fund and Dr. Keith Merrill Jr. Laura Barker Morse
Wellesley College Lovejoy Jr.
Sarah and Jeffrey Beir Fellowship Foundation Lorraine and Charles Morss Judith Ann Nelson*
WHDH-TV, Channel 7 The Lowell Institute
Julia Appleton Bird Teradyne, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John Plimpton Eleanor Swartley*
Wheaton College Massachusetts Technology
Charitable Trust Uvas Foundation Christopher and Sheryl Poole Michael G. Thonis
York Telecom Collaborative
Boston Cultural Council Anita Vogt Mr. Theodore J. Poulos Dr. H. Bradford Washburn Jr.*
National Institutes of Health
Edward J. Boudreau Jr. Professor and Mrs. William and Helen Pounds Carol Weiss
Mr. John R. Nelson
Restricted Gifts Mr. and Mrs. Rodger P. Robert F. Bulens Edward O. Wilson Heidi Reslow
and Pledges Nordblom Dr. and Mrs. Edmund B. Cabot Barbara Rimbach
Dr. Alice F. Casey Beth and Stephen Sanders Services and Gifts-In-Kind
These gifts and pledges to the Eugene and Abigail Record
Museum provide support to Ann Ellen and John Rutherford Mr. Stephen E. Coit Sponsorship Mr. and Mrs. Preston H. Saunders
Dedham Retired Executives Group Barbara and Malcolm Sherman The Museum gratefully acknowl-
the endowment, exhibits, capital Richard Saltonstall
Nancy Dempze and Daniel Bailey The Museum deeply appreci- Kenneth and Carol Vash Spritz edges the following individuals
needs, and other specific Charitable Foundation
The Alice Willard Dorr Foundation ates the following donors for the Dr. and Mrs. Herman D. Suit and corporations who contributed
purposes. Ira and Jacquie Stepanian
Camille and Henry Dreyfus sponsorship of temporary and per- John and Dorothy Thorndike services or gifts-in-kind valued at
U.S. Small Business
Foundation, Inc. manent exhibits, Omni films, prizes, Ms. Margaret Warner $500 or more.
($1,000,000+) Administration
Sophia and Bernard M. Gordon Mr. D. Reid Weedon Jr. Dr. David P. Driscoll events, and other projects. Mr. D. Reid Weedon Jr.
Intel Corporation Stetson Whitcher* Joanne and Paul Egerman Ms. Lorraine T. Welsh Allandale Farm, Boston’s Last
National Aeronautics and Yawkey Foundation Ms. Carlene Ellis Bose Corporation Stetson Whitcher* Working Farm
Space Administration Gwill York and Paul Maeder Exxon Mobil Foundation Coca–Cola North America Constance V. R. White AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Ms. Y. T. Feng Grand Circle Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Wilson Barefoot Wine
($50,000–$99,999) John and Barbara Fibiger Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Mr. and Mrs. Grant M. Wilson Boston Duck Tours
Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Walter J. Gamble iRobot Corporation Robin and Marc Wolpow Boston Youth Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. GE Foundation The MathWorks, Inc. Eudoxia Woodward Cisco Systems, Inc.
* Deceased Becton Jr. Joan Griscom Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. Brian Worobey and Laura Colcord
** Resigned The Tarrant Cutler Family Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Grossman Philips Cindy Cooper Worobey Corey McPherson Nash
(M) Matching support
Karen and Gary Gregg Harvard University Joseph Worthen II and Teri Henderson
u Corporate Community Fund
Edna and Donald M. Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hildreth Cynthia Worthen HP Hood LLC
Museum of Science ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF 2007
Director’s Office
Director, Information Systems
Steven F. Nichols
Exhibits and Programs
Manager, Discovery Spaces
Lucy Kirshner Brad Washburn 1911-2007
President and Director Director, Interactive Media Senior Vice President Manager, Charles Hayden “He built the Museum of Science.”
Ioannis N. Miaoulis Emily J. Bottis Lawrence Bell Planetarium Operations
Robin W. Symonds
Chief Operating Officer Manager, Lyman Library and Director, Nanoscale Informal Bradford Washburn would have been satisfied with
Wayne M. Bouchard Educator Resource Center Science Education Network Senior Curator,
an obituary containing that single sentence, he told
Inga J. Laurila Andrea Durham Living Collections
Associate Vice President, Lewis R. Stevens The Boston Globe in 2000.
Strategic Initiatives and Marketing Director, Strategic
Collections Projects Group Visitor Services and
Barbara Harvey Vice President Carol Lynn Alpert Operations
In fact, the Museum’s late founding director will be
Cynthia G. Mackey remembered for his achievements as a cartographer,
Manager, President’s Office Manager, Informal Education, Vice President
and Trustee and Overseer Director, Publications Research, and Evaluation Jonathan R. Burke
mountaineer, photographer, and pilot, as well as visionary
Relations and Internal Marketing Christine A. Reich Museum leader. Yet these accomplishments were evidence
Amelia Brock Carl Zukroff Associate Vice President, Visitor
Senior Curator, Collections Services and Membership
of a curiosity that fueled a vision for this institution and a
Advancement Manager, Media Relations Carolyn Kirdahy Heather Calvin determination that enabled him to realize it.
Carole McFall
Senior Vice President Exhibits Director, Facilities
To be determined Manager, Event and Franklin E. Robinson Washburn transformed a small collection of natural-
Conference Services Vice President history artifacts into a major science center, the first to
Vice President, Innovation, Sheryl White Vincent Peter Johnson Manager, Visitor Services
Strategic Partnerships, Aileen Duffy unite all the sciences under one roof. He was inspired by
and Sustainability Manager, Advertising Associate Vice President, his own love of learning. Under his 41-year leadership, the
David Rabkin and Promotions Exhibits Administration Manager, Science Central
Amy Hampe Lawrence J. Ralph David H. Howells Museum became renowned for its hands-on exhibits that
Director, Prospect Research encouraged curiosity and discovery.
and Management Senior Institutional Director, Exhibit Content Manager, Omni and
Rachel T. DeMaster Communications Officer Development 3-D Digital Cinema
Gail A. Jennes Susan Sunbury Cherie Larson Rivers This year we bade farewell to this pioneering leader, yet
28 Director, Corporate Foundation we continue to be inspired by him. The Museum entered
and Government Relations National Center for Director, Creative Manager, Membership
Anne M. Cademenos Technological Literacy Project Management Deborah J. Kulich a new age under Washburn. Today it is in the process of
Janice Crocker another metamorphosis—into a true 21st-century science
Director, Principal Gifts Director Assistant Manager,
Barbara T. Feldman Ioannis N. Miaoulis Manager, Exhibit Production Visitor Services and technology center.
Peter R. Garland Wendy Tatarouns
Manager, Annual Giving Senior Vice President In addition to the work presented in the previous pages,
Tracey Willmott and Publisher Manager, Exhibit Technical 2006-2007 Annual Report
Richard Blumenthal Design For the fiscal year the Museum is taking steps toward realizing this vision
Finance Kevin McEleney July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2007 by engaging with its peers in the museum community.
Vice President, High School
Vice President and Treasurer Curriculum Development Manager, Exhibit Hall Opera- Museum of Science Members of the staff and board have traveled to other
John T. Slakey Cary Sneider tions and Technical Resources Science Park science centers in the United States and Europe to take
Daniel J. MacDonald Boston, MA 02114-1099
Controller Associate Director, 617-723-2500 in new ideas and share the Museum’s own innovative
Leon J. DeMartin Informal Education Programs approach.
Lawrence Bell Director of Publications
Director, Public Safety Vice President Carl Zukroff
Robert P. Colantoni Vice President, Research Paul M. Fontaine Brad Washburn built the Museum of Science.
and Elementary Curriculum Editor
We will extend his legacy by building the science and
Human Resources Development Director, Public Programs Lisa Yoon
Christine M. Cunningham Michael J. Alexander technology center of the 21st century.
Vice President Contributors
Britton S. O’Brien Vice President, Advocacy and Manager, Youth and Tracey Willmott
Educational Partnerships; Community Programs Director, Sandra Mirabile
Manager Associate Director, Intel Computer Clubhouse
Judith Sokol-Herskovitz Formal Education Gail J. Breslow Design
Yvonne M. Spicer OHO
Information Systems Manager, Education and
and Resources Director, University Relations Enrichment Programs Photography
Peter Y. Wong Annette M. Sawyer ©
Vice President © Michael Malysko
Brian S. Worobey Manager, Current Science ©
and Technology
MJ Morse Every effort has been made to review all of the information included in this report. However, errors and omissions may still occur. Please accept our apologies if your information appears incorrectly, and
Printing please bring it to our attention.The Museum of Science greatly appreciates all support and, unless instructed otherwise by you, recognizes contributions in our publications. You may request that your
RECYLE STATEMENT TK Universal Graphix identity not be publicly disclosed. To do so, please write to the Office of Advancement Communications.