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7 QC TOOLS & SYSTEMATIC PROBLEM SOLVING QC Tools as Dr. Ishikawa says is a


QC Tools as Dr. Ishikawa says is a single language that people all across in an organization from the MD to the operator on the machine should understand & communicate with.

The concept of 7 QC Tools are decades old, but never the less the utility of the tools and the innovative ways in which they are being used in conjunction with the other tools is what is important for effecting & promoting fact based decision making across all levels.

Despite advent of power tools such as Six Sigma, the hand tools/ conventional QC tools are more than a handful to solve many a problem in the shop floor. The “Systematic Problem solving” uses the same DMAIC approach as steps towards solving the problem using QC Tools. This is also called the QC Story approach.

The Two-day Workshop on “7 QC TOOLS & SYSTEMATIC PROBLEM SOLVING” aims to provide additional inputs to shop supervisors / Engineers on how to bridge the expectation from the senior Management & need from the people working on the machines for less cumbersome data collection leading to both effective and efficient data collection for solving problems in the shop.


The objectives of the Workshop are to enhance abilities of participant to:

To convert the workplace into a Visual Factory

Escalate, discuss & disseminate problems & Solutions arrived at using QC Tools

Appreciate the link to QC Tools & the ISO 9000 Clause Requirement on the same

Appreciate utility of the 7 QC Tools in variety of manufacturing situations.

Speak in QC Tools language

Ability to solve problems / run QC Circles using the above


The programme covers

ISO 9000 clauses relating to need for QC Tools.

Use of supplementary Tools like Brainstorming, Why Why Analysis, Flow charts etc with Exercises

Understanding of 7 QC tools through Exercises

Steps to Systematic Problem solving

Use of QC tools in problem solving

Work on Hypothetical case study

Prepare a roadmap for an actual problem in the shop by the participant using QC Tools.

A variety of teaching and learning techniques including lectures, individual learning, group work, and group presentations, Videos etc, will be used to make the learning interactive and interesting


Aimed primarily at the Junior and Middle Management cadre which include New Recruits, Shop Supervisors, Engineers ,QC Circle coordinators, Initiative leaders etc across various functions such as Production, Quality, Purchase, Materials etc. having 4 ~5 Years of Experience in operations.


Should have spent at least 4~5 years in an organization and knowledgeable about company operations/ services. Able to relate to operations on the shop


On completion of this course, participants will receive a participation certificate .


The Workshop is anchored by Mr.Shivakumar. Counsellor, CII Institute of Quality having worked in the Manufacturing Industry for more than 15 Years. He has extensive experience in counselling and training assignments in various companies in many manufacturing initiatives in his current assignment at CII.


Amitabh Vyas

e-mail ID:, Phone : 0124 - 4309447

Raj Kuldeep

e-mail ID:, Phone : 080 – 23289391