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Proposed 30-Day Plan

Business Intelligence Practice Director

Week 1

Meet with executive leadership

Receive an update on all current projects

Meet with practice members


Objectives and strategy for the firm and IM practice

Current opportunities, issues and risks

IM practice director role expectations


Scope, deliverables and timeline

Current status, including issues, risks and mitigation plans

Project financials and trending

Where the IM practice director can provide support

May extend beyond week 1 based on team availability and project demands

For each team member, understand

Experience, skills and current role

Interests and career objectives

Any concerns

Where the IM practice director can provide support

Meet with other leads


Other leads’ perspective on the relationship of the IM practice on other areas of the firm

Needs of IM from other areas of the firm

Recommendations on areas for development

Review current pipeline

Review practice financials

Identify proposal efforts that require immediate action

Understand current state of in-flight proposals

Understand business development strategy and activities

Understand budgeted activities, spending and risks

Develop initial plans

Create short-term action plans for immediate priorities

Draft potential 1-5 year objectives and areas of focus for first 90 days; areas of focus may include

Team development and knowledge sharing


Project reporting, QA and support

Planning and delivery methods and tools

Business development

Offering development

Information management strategy and thought leadership

Branding and market positioning

Financial tracking and management

30 Days

Execute action plan for immediate priorities

As identified during week 1 and updated as needed

Includes project issues and current proposals

Meet with key clients and prospects

Confirm areas of focus

Develop, review and finalize 1-5 year objectives and 90 day plans for each area of focus

As appropriate based on project or proposal status

Based on review with practice members and executive leadership

Includes definition of

Opportunities and goals


Roles and participants



Activity-level plans

Engage practice members in creating and executing plans based on career development interests and availability

Execute project reporting and QA

Execute management of sales pipleline and resource allocation

Based on current practices and developed as necessary

Based on current practices and developed as necessary

Communicate with the practice

Conduct town hall meeting / call to share practice areas of focus, objectives and plans

Create ongoing venues to facilitate mentoring, leadership communication, feedback, and knowledge sharing knowledge

May include portal, newsletters, conference calls and practice meetings and one-on-one discussions (as project schedules permit)

Provide a vehicle for team members to share project experience, learnings in IM areas of interest, etc.

Beyond 30 Days

Continue to execute action plans for immediate priorities

Updated as needed

Execute plans for areas of focus

Establish periodic review and update plans as appropriate

Continue to execute practice operations


Project reporting and QA

Financial tracking and management

Management of sales pipeline and resource allocation

Communication with the practice and individual team members

Performance management