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Exciting News and Ministry Transition
Kara and I are doing well and excited for what God has for us in this new stage of life. We are pleased to share we are having a baby!!! We are excited for all the new things we will learn on the way to becoming parents. We are very thankful for your continued support in this season of life. Please pray for a healthy pregnancy, and for the transition that comes with expecting a child. In addition to the coming little one, God has blessed us with a new position as a youth pastor in Aurora, Ohio. This means I will be ending my time at Cru as of August 31st

I cannot say thank you enough for the support you all have given me throughout the years. My time in Chicago has been a blessing, and through your service the people of Chicago blessed me. My time with the inner-city ministry of Cru grew and stretched me as I pursued full-time ministry. I am thrilled by the new direction God has directed us, but I will miss the great people of Chicago. I will especially miss the staff and volunteers I worked with. Please consider continuing supporting the inner-city ministry of Cru in Chicago. God is doing a great work through this ministry. Through your faithful support it has brought the hope of Jesus Christ to Chicago. My friend, Wade, is where I was when first approached many of you. He is a brilliant man from the community who went through the programs we offer before I joined. Now he is a great example of who I wanted my students (pictured to the right) to be. For the past several years he has faithfully volunteered, and now will be joining staff. He needs ministry partners to support the work God has for him in his community. Enclosed is information on how to support Wade Norman. Thank you for your faithfulness as my ministry partners, and the inner-city ministry of Cru. May God bless you for the work you supported. We appreciate your prayers as we move to Ohio and start life as parents and church staff. Thanks again and God bless. 342 W 111th St Chicago, IL 60628 | | (716) 397-2493 The inner city ministry of Cru