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Many outstanding

businesses never
reach their
potential. Not
because they
arent good at
what they do. But
because all they do
is what theyve
always done.

At PHiQ we
encourage our
clients to embrace
a culture of
thats driven by
innovation and
hard work. To rise
above the
competition by
leveraging their
own unique
strengths, as well
as those of
business partners.

Our services are aimed at delivering business growth and exit, business turnaround,
operational efficiency, and wholesale financial solutions.

about PHiQ
PHiQ provides hands-on strategic, operational, business development, risk
management, project implementation, and business coaching services to clients
seeking to grow, finance, exit, or turnaround their business.
Through PHiQ Capital, a fully regulated Australian Financial Services Licensee, and J-M
Capital, a firm authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, PHiQ also
provides wholesale financial services to institutional clients.
Our principals are an elite group of professionals who have the commercial, operational and
financial expertise, resources, and relationships to deliver world-class strategic solutions,
structural efficiencies, and international market penetration to our clients.
While we continue to service large organisations, we actively seek to make our diverse
skills and global relationships available to small and medium size businesses, with significant
potential for growth or improvement.

capital, resources
& facilities


private equity

financial institutions

capital markets

strategic alliances

strategies + services + network = growth



relationships & access











finance &








& PR

relevant experience
As a result of our executive management, institutional banking, and corporate advisory
experience, we are well equipped to work with the board, management team, advisors, and
other stakeholders of our clients to identify the available universe of financial, structural,
and strategic options for their organisations.

We understand that every organisation has distinctive clients, stakeholders, and cultural
dynamics, and therefore design business solutions and strategies by considering all
commercial, political, financial, operational, resource, and systems requirements.
Our value proposition is to continually promote long term relationships by consistently
delivering comprehensive and innovative business solutions and strategies that are tailored
to the specific needs and circumstances of our clients.
Of specific relevance to clients are our experiences in:

the design and risk evaluation of business strategies;

product and business development, marketing, and international commercialisation;

local and international procured manufacturing and/or wholesale model development;

designing, developing, and implementing operational (including online) strategies;

developing service models that compliment product offerings, including delivery


financial structuring and treasury management;

client and supplier relationship management;

intellectual property protection strategies, licensing models, and agency development;


management mentoring.

our offering
there is no substitute for experience
PHiQ has the skills and relationships to assist businesses to identify and access
strategic alliances, commercial opportunities, and financial solutions that might
not otherwise be available to them.
Our core functions include:

functional reviews - 360 degree review of financial performance and operations to

identify issues and inefficiencies that may not be discoverable via financial analysis alone;

business development - optimise product and service offering, and distribution

channels and processes, and introduce related commercial relationships;

organisational re-architecture - optimise business structure, culture, systems,

processes, and supply chain, to ensure efficient delivery of products and services;

financial structuring - design debt, equity, lease, and capital strategies for capital
markets, project, property, asset, acquisition financings, and corporate restructures;

risk management - design and implement risk management solutions for foreign
exchange, interest rate, credit, asset, and operational exposures; and

strategic advice - combination of above functions as enhanced by organic and

inorganic vertical, horizontal, and geographic expansion strategies,

taking into account:

stakeholder goals, requirements, and limitations;

market, industry, and political trends and consequences; and

operational and financial infrastructure requirements and limitations.

PHiQs services are provided via our Strategic Services, Business Coaching, Business
Improvement, China Services, Virtual Enterprise Solutions, and Financial Services offerings.
differentiation is the key to success
Whether businesses are looking to attract clients or capital, their value
proposition is a function of how well their offering stands out from the crowd.
At PHiQ we leverage our
extended relationship networks
to provide businesses with
innovative strategies that map
their specific capabilities to
achievable commercial

There are two distinct phases of the business process that PHiQ assists clients with:

PHiQ assists clients with the design of business development strategies and
supporting documentation for inclusion in business cases or marketing materials, the
identification of commercial alliances and financiers, and addressing various
operational issues. The objective being to position clients for expansion, recovery, or
capital injection, by introducing risk minimising strategies and relationships.

PHiQ assists clients with the ongoing development and implementation of strategic
business and commercialisation plans, commercial oversight of resourcing and
expansion projects, and the ongoing development and implementation of operational
and management processes.

PHiQ generally undertakes services via one or a combination of the following offerings:

Strategic Services, where PHiQ assumes a hands-on role in designing, revising, and
implementing operational, financial, and commercial strategies;

Business Coaching, comprising regular calls, emails, and meetings where PHiQ
provides guidance on the implementation of recommended strategies and initiatives;

Business Improvement, where PHiQ critically evaluates operational and financial

performance, and identifies initiatives to improve cash flow and/or mitigate loss;

China Services, where PHiQ provides turnkey production (including quality assurance
and logistics) and/or distribution solutions in China via its Shanghai office;

Virtual Enterprise Solutions, where PHiQ automates work and cash flow systems and
processes, from marketing to product delivery, via an integrated web-based platform;

Financial Services, where PHiQ engineers financial solutions that concurrently address
the commercial, tax, accounting, legal, and regulatory needs of wholesale clients.


example strategy
A business strategy contemplated by PHiQ might typically involve:

establishing commercial and operational systems and structures, and preparing

supporting materials necessary to access strategic markets, alliances, and/or raise

entering into joint ventures or strategic alliances, or engaging in M&A activity, with
complementary businesses who have an existing production or distribution
infrastructure, relationships, supply contracts, customer base, and diverse product or
service range, that could be leveraged to efficiently distribute broader product and
service offerings, in addition to integrating or cross selling products and services;

establishing a business model that facilitates product development and distribution

strategies that smooth the impact of industry revenue cycles, and provide valuable in
field data for product, market, and business development, that can be leveraged to
confirm market penetration and related product benefits, and aid the sale of new
products and services;

engaging in a business development program to secure direct and indirect relationships

with the broadest possible customer base;

increasing range of products in order to deepen market penetration in line with

geographic expansion;

identifying and penetrating (supply chain and/or distribution) markets in which

competitive advantages exist due to product and operational efficiencies; and

identifying and implementing realisation strategies (eg IPO, trade-sales, spin-offs,

mergers etc) or succession plans.






develop, manufacture,
procure, package,

& debt



branded &
private label

& debt


If you would like more information about PHiQ, or would like to speak to one of our
principals, please contact us using the below details.
Michael Vardavas | Sydney
Michael has extensive credentials in financial engineering, capital structuring, and strategic
business development, gained during a 20 year career traversing corporate and structured
finance, financial and capital markets, risk and relationship management, and business
advisory services.
Prior to founding PHiQ Capital (a licenced Australian financial services company) in 2003,
Michael was a Director of Corporate Financial Engineering at Socit Gnrale, having been
a Director of Structured Products at PwC, and a Manager in Structured Products at
Commonwealth Bank of Australia before that.
This experience, together with a multidisciplinary background in finance, accounting,
taxation, and law, affords him an innate ability to develop, implement, and critically evaluate
highly complex commercial, financial, and legal arrangements spanning any number of
jurisdictions, industries, and market sectors.
mobile: +61 410 521 236

George McElroy | Chicago - New York

George has over 30 years executive level experience as a US attorney, senior banker, and
trusted advisor, and is highly regarded by both international peers and clients for his
professional, pragmatic, and hands-on approach to business.
Prior to founding The Gotham Group (a New York based financial advisory firm) in 2006,
George was Managing Director of and ran PwCs US national structured finance/corporate
finance practice for 6 years, and was Managing Director of and operated Bank of Americas
national structured finance team for 5 years before that.
George has also occupied leadership roles in corporate and financial advisory groups at a
variety of financial institutions including Citibank, Socit Gnrale, and Merrill Lynch, where
he operated a health care fund.
mobile: +1 917 969 7357
Stephen Hubble | London
Stephen is a Director of J-M Capital (a firm authorised and regulated by the UK Financial
Conduct Authority) and has over 20 years of experience in structured finance, including
project financing, tax-efficient debt, leasing, private equity, M&A, and debt placement.
Prior to J-M Capital, Stephen was Director and Founder of Trilogy Financial Products, Head
of Structured Capital Markets EMEA at Bank of America, Head of Structured Finance
Europe at Bank Paribas Capital Markets, UK/Ireland Head of Equity Structuring/Specialised
Leasing at Citibank, and Vice President of Global Finance at Goldman Sachs.
Although qualified to advise on a wide range of transactions for many types of clients,
Stephen brings with him a particular geographic specialty in the Nordic/Baltic/Russian
regions, as well as industry expertise including logistics, transportation, distribution, media,
financial services, and natural resources.
mobile: +44 77 8841 4442

Lester Lao | Shanghai

Lester has over 25 years of industrial experience in corporate management and agency
roles. His success is a function of combining local market knowledge with expertise in
design engineering, procurement, quality control, logistics, and sales, across mechanical,
plastic, wooden, and textile products.
A Mechanical Design and Manufacture graduate of Zhejiang University of Science and
Technology, Lester was a technician at Hangzhou Westlake Drilling Machines, before
assuming procurement roles at Zhejiang Kawasaki Tea Machinery and Hangzhou
Motorcycles, where he became General Manager. He was Vice General Manger
International Trading, Production and Administration at Guangzhou Chuanjin Motorcycles,
before founding Shanghai Sunny Trading in 2003.
By upholding his principals of innovation, quality, integrity, and discipline, Lester consistently
outperforms his peers in providing high quality, turn-key procured manufacturing solutions
in China, for the benefit of trading partners from Southeast Asia, Europe, North America,
South America, the Middle East, and Africa.
mobile: +86 137 0581 5631

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