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TheUniversity of Florida & Morehouse College Proudly Presents The 2009 HHMI Celebration of Undergraduate Creativity in the Arts

& Sciences
Together with Morehouse College, Whitney Laboratory for Marine Science, University of Puerto Rico, Emory University, Furman University, and Louisiana State University. January 11, 2009 University of Florida, Gainesville FL

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NSF REU Chemistry

Agenda for the 2009 HHMI Celebration of Undergraduate Creativity in the Arts & Sciences
January 11, 2009 Morning Continental breakfast for hotel guests at the Holiday Inn University Hotel 9:00 AM Arrive at the Florida Museum of Natural History for poster session setup 9:30-11:00 AM Brunch outside the Florida Museum of Natural History 11:00 AM Poster Session / Creativity Event begins 11:00-12:15 PM Group A posters presenting 12:15-1:30 PM Group B posters presenting 1:30-2:45 PM Group C posters presenting 2:45-4:00 PM Group D presenting 4:00 PM Event ends Evening Depart for home universities or dinner on your own and free time

2009 HHMI Celebration of Undergraduate Creativity in the Arts & Sciences Participants
Faculty / Scientific Guests Dr. Claude Braithwaite, Black Studies Program, City College of New York Dr. James P. Brown, Office of the Dean, Morehouse College Dr. Deb Felix, HHMI Program Director Dr. Catherine Grosdemange, University of Strasbourg, France Dr. David Lynn, HHMI Professory, Emory University Dr. Marianne Pierce, Director of Research, Furman University Dr. Andrew Quon, HHMI Program Director Program Directors Dr. Ben Dunn Dr. Randy Duran Dr. Catherine Emihovich Dr. Lou Guillette Dr. David Julian Dr. Mary Jo Koroly Dr. Adrian Roitberg Dr. Mike Scott Dr. Lisa McElwee-White Arts Judges Theatre/Dance Syd Homan (UF professor) Ani Collier (dancer/choreographer) Visual Arts Coni Gesualdi (Cultural Affairs Manager, City of Gainesville Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs) Rebecca Nagy (Director, Harn Museum of Art) Music Evans Haile (Conductor) John Grisby (Professor Emeritus School of Music)
Posters and Art Exhibits posters numbered A or B will be in the Harn Museum of Art and those with a C or D will be at the Florida Museum of Natural History (FLMNH). Likewise, art exhibit location is noted at left and a schedule of the performances will be posted at the entrance to the Harn auditorium. A14 Michelle Abou-Jaoude The Effect of Crosslinkers on Ophthalmic Drug Delivery through Contact Lenses A17 Bryant Adibe Isolated Profused Kidney Model C17 Timothy Alsobrooks An Analysis of the Molecular Interaction between HIV-1 Antiretroviral Protease Inhibitors and Plasmepsin II and Plasmepsin IV of Plasmodium falciparum C12 Kristin Alvers Generality or Methodology: Response Form and the Development of Contingent Tolerance to Cocaine in Pigeons" FLMNH Rachelle Andone Untitled 2D art

D7 Mehrnoosh Arrar Ligand binding characteristics of Indoleamine 2,3dioxygenase and Tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase Harn Lauren Bailow Penny Candy No. 01 Sculpture

A21 Jena Barnes Studying Defect Formation Energy in PbS2, SiO2 and MoO2

Harn Auditorium

Courtney Baron Measure That Dance

A5 Lisa Barrow Investigating the evolutionary history of Geomys pinetis with historical DNA A9 FLMNH Mary Baugh Apollo-Contra Teaset(s) Ceramic

A15 Lilly Bayouth Response of primary hepatocytes to hepatitis C2 Christina Bonarrigo A18 Edith Bracho-Sanchez Crystallographic Studies of the HIV-1 Subtype A Protease with noncompetitive inhibitors A6 Thinh Bui Several leading theories for the origins of life suggest that life began from simple molecules that evolved to interact and form more complex and organized structures A22 Kaytlyn Burke Determining the specific genes used by Salmonella enterica to colonize oysters (Crassostrea virgincia) C11 Chelsea Catania On Healing Properties of Fibrillar Collagen Matrices in Cranial Rat Defects A2 Jean Cesarius Minimizing Integral of Polynomial Degree N on Interval [0, 1] FLMNH Harn Harn auditorium Meridith Coen Shelter Sculpture

Christopher Coleman Second Chance 2D art

Henry C. Conerway, III -- Sibling Rivalry (duet for marimba and alto sax)

A23 Frankie Costanza Novel Thermoplastics from Sustainable Biorenewable Resources C16 Kelsey Cox The Affect of Angiotensins on Endothelial Progenitor Cells and CD34+ Cells A24 James Crooks Molecular dynamics simulation of omega-conotoxins at equilibrium A25 Katrina Cuddy Control of Actin Organization in Plants Harn FLMNH Lindsey Cull Paynes Prairie 2D art Alexis Cummins Splash 3D art

D8 George Cutsail Studies of metal complexes with purpald and related ligands: synthesis, characterization, and reactivity Harn FLMNH Rachel Damond Fresh 2D art Cyborg Feeling 3D art

Lauren D'Appuzzo


Sarah Davis Amanda Sculpture C1 Amber Deleonardis


Allison Dominguez Untitled 2D art

D1 Matthew Downs Molecular Shuttle Cargo Loading Simulation Harn Kyle Dunn Architecture Building 2D art D9 Joseph Elias Polynitrosated Polyester Blends for Local Nitric Oxide Release in Totally Implantable Artificial Hearts A27 Natalie Elliott Tissue-specific silencing of homoeologs in the Allopolyploid Plant Tragopogon mirus B21 Marty Fernandez Crystallographic studies of HIV-1 Envelope glycoprotein gp120 D10 Cindy Figueroa Interaction between DAHK, HAS, and AAZA40-CuII

A3 Ronald Fikes Molecular Evolution and population genetics of the anti-viral OAS1 gene in primates D21 Laura Fishwick Functional analysis of LRMP Lymphoid-Restricted Membrane Protein FLMNH Elizabeth Freeman Jettison Film

D4 Beck Frydenborg Inducible overproliferation of differentiated cells FLMNH Stephanie Gagliardo Balloon Renaissance 2Dart

B2 Abhishek Gangrade Evidence of Soluble Phosphatidylserine Produced by Apoptosis B3 Brittany Garner A novle approach to assessing the threat and trends of shark attacks Harn auditorium Mary Gatling Pathway Crossing Dance

B4 Mallory Gerace Medical Genomics of Peroxisome Biogenesis Disorders Peroxisome biogenesis disorders (PBDs) D20 Sarah Goforth Cr(III) imidazole complexes as models in the investigation Cr(III)-DNA adduct formation D18 Rafael Gonzalez The Relative Levels of Two Opsins in the Lateral Eye of the Horseshoe Crab Limulus polyphemus B5 Melissa Goude Intravital microscopy imaging of cellular and tissue response to an inflammatory stimulus B22 Matthew Griffin Synthesis Steps Towards Novel N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC) Based Complexes B6 Devon Grimme A Field Study of Alcohol Price Responsiveness And Intoxication Among Patrons of a College Bar District A19 Melinda Grosser Development of Genetic Markers to Validate Organelle Inheritance in Citrus Cybrids D3 Sophia Habibi Synthesizing precursors for deposition on the silicon substrate via CVD D11 Candice Hardwick Effects of Corridors on Trophic Niche Breadth of a Generalist Species Habitat B7 Johnny Harris Investigation of Serine209 in the regulation of human MAO A catalytic activity Harn Benjamin Haselhurst Future Days 2D art A10 Arthur Holtzclaw Beta-Endorphin Regulation of Glutamate in Response to EtOH using in vivo Microdialysis A B8 Daniela Iribarne "Characterization of Tmem16f in vertebrate development" B23 Joshua Jackman Membrane Electrostatics Play a Key Role in the Binding Dynamics of a Secretory Phospholipase A2 D22 Joshua Jackman A Nanoscale Look at the Art and Science of Love Through a Novel Application of Vesicles Harn Harn auditorium Jackie Jakob Lend A Hand 2D art Sasha Jimenez I Married Adventure (Excerpt) Dance D6 Kareem Joshua B9 Courtney Kagan O2, hypersalinity, and Cu2+ potentiate the toxicity of H2S in erythrocytes of a marine invertebrate Harn auditorium Evan Kassof Physics Suite Cello Sextet

B10 Lindsay Keegan The Use of Chemical Cues in Horseshoe Crab Mating FLMNH Harn auditorium Adam Kelley Untitled 2D art Megan Kendzior Etched Dance

B11 Jay Khambhati The Use of Recombinant AAV- Ndst1 Vectors for the Potential Gene Therapy of Hypercholesterolemia B12 Zorana Kojic Can exposure to enriched environment reverse age-associated changes in mitochondrial number and status? Harn Christopher Kristiansen Birds Nesting 2D art B13 Derek Lanuto Transplantation and differentiation of neural stem cells in the cerebellum. D12 Christiana Lee Synthesis of a bridged Porphyrin; a tool towards Molecular Motors FLMNH Alisha Lewis Nightmare on Sesame Street Sculpture Harn Melissa Macarian Anatome 2D art

B24 Raj Machhar Characterization of Plasmepsin 10 from the Malaria Parasite P. falciparum B25 Lauren Mackiewicz Defect Formation Energy of LiTaO3 : Intrinsic point defects are investigated using molecular dynamic simulations B26 Danielle Marciniak Phenylcoumarin Benzoic Ether Reductase and the Production of Eugenol in Petunia Harn Sarah-Anne Marraffino Secrets to an Irish Landscape 2D art

B14 Michael Mavros "Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy: Applications for single molecule detection & cell membrane elucidation." B27 Jorge Medina Entropic ordering of macroscopic particles in sinusoidal shaking FLMNH Alexandra Mills Self, Consciousness Ceramic

B28 Juan Mira Acetazolamide Decreases LYVE-1 Expression in Human Prostate Cancer Cell Xenographs D13 David Moore Electrodeposition of Nanostructured Films Using Colloidal Polystyrene Particles as a Template C21 Shhyam Moorthy Effects of antioxidants on lysosome stabilization in marine animals exposed to oxidative stress FLMNH Harn Auditorium FLMNH Ariella Mostkoff Multimedia

Jessica Mutz Will Be Decided

Ricardo Navarro Hell Mouth 2D art

C18 Cory Nelson Developing new molecular markers for population genetics using the central Florida endemic Polygala lewtonii Harn Romana Newbold Anxiety 2D art B15 Thi Nguyen A4 Clara Nieto-Wire Failure Accommodation for a Tailless Aircraft D5 Matthew OReilly Synthesis of Phosphinoenolate Zinc(II) Complexes for CO2 Activation B16 Miorel Palii Targetting HIV Protease Biologically and Computationally for Rational Drug Design B17 Jessica Pastoriza Exposure to an Enriched Environment Increases Hippocampal Neugenesis in Elderly Rats Harn Hannah Pate Nature and Woman Sculpture A20 Michael Pawley

B18 Jeanette Polcz Knockdown of KCC2 in Neuronal Progenitor Cells Abstract: Tested an shRNAi to knockdown cDNA of KCC2 in 293T cells B19 Gabriella Polyak Tracing The Footsteps of Lost Alzheimer's Patients C15 Akash Prashad The effects of a High Fat Diet on Age Related Changes in Tyrosine Hydroxylase in the Rat Adrenal Medulla C22 Vaishnavi Purusothaman Functional Mechanisms of a Bioengineered Hormone Receptor; Development of a Quantitative Assay for Nuclear Hormone Receptor Translocation. C23 Caryn Quist Isoprenoid Biosynthesis A7 Sara Raiser An Evaluation of Vitamin D and its Role in the Reduction of Blood Pressure C3 Steven Raymond Ultrastructure and immunocharacterization of Anopheles gambiae larval rectal epithelial cells C24 Chelsea Rence Locating VP1 Structural Proteins in Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Serotype 2/8s Capsid C19 Emily Ricq Synthesis of a Novel Lipopeptide with Cell-Penetrating Properties C20 Ryan Riskowski Coherent Control of Azobenzene Isomerization C25 Antonio Rivera-Lopez Living free-radical polymerization with novel RAFT reagents C26 Michelle Robinette Synthesis & characterization of phloroglucinol-derived lactones Phloroglucinol (1,3,5hydroxybenzene) D2 Steven Robinette When a Genotype is a Chemotype: Computational Spectroscopy identifies Signaling Molecules in C. elegans C4 Jordan Robson Studies of field potentials in normal and htau Alzheimers mice FLMNH Stephen Rockwood Backburner: Movement Two 2D art D19 Maria Rodolis Synthesis of Beta-Lactams Harn Auditorium Miriam Rosenberg Co-__________ Dance

A8 Miguel Rovira Photooxidation with Polymerized Flavins Harn Auditorium Crystal Runk Unconcious Accomplice Dance

C5 Debbie Saha Structural Glycan Binding Site Studies of adeno-associated virus serotype 5 A1 Andrew Scheuermann Characterization of Failure Mechanisms in GaN-based MESFET's, HEMTs, and MOSFETs D14 Elaine Sedenberg Self-assembling porphyrins for surface patterning Harn Lorie Setton Window 2D art

C27 Omar Shakeel Minute Virus of Mice strain p (MVMp) belongs to the family Parvovirdae C6 Prashanth Shanmugham Immunoblot analysis of Caspase-8 in Methamphetamine-induced Apoptosis D15 William Shipman Synthesis and Characterization of Cyanide Bridged Coordination Complexes Based on [RuIII (DMAP)5(OH)]2+ Fragments FLMNH FLMNH FLMNH Katharine Shutt Scar No. 1 2D art Laila Simonovsky Flowers 2D art

Morgan Slavens Oneironauts 3D art

Harn Renee Smith Ladybird Series 2D art

Harn Auditorium

Austin Smithson Introduction et Variations sur une Ronde Poulaire by Gabriel Pierne Saxophone quartet FLMNH Tiffany Spall Meant to Become Film

A11 Conner Spencer Investigating the Affinity and Thermodynamics of DNA Binding of Photoactive Complexes of Cr (III) B1 Jason Swails pH-Dependent Mechanism of Nitric Oxide Release in Nitrophorins 2 and 4 C7 Yong Tan Somatic Mitochondrial DNA Mutations in Early and Late Stages of Parkinson's Disease FLMNH David Tarafa Adventurous 3D art

D24 Nabil Thalji Enzymatic Dissolution of Calcium and Struvite Crystals: An In Vitro Evaluation of the Biochemical Requirements C10 Taylor Thurston C13 Bailey Trump Geochemistry of the 2005-2006 East Pacific Rise Eruption: Chemical Changes and Possible Petrogenetic Relationships to the 1991-1992 Eruption D25 Christina Usher Mapping a Novel Transcript in Herpes Simplex One A13 Emily Vuxton Effects of the dusky farmerfish, Stegastes nigricans, on algal communities D27 Corrine Warren Characterizing the microbial composition of the surface mucopolysaccharide layer (SML) of Porites lobata in the presence and absence of the vermetid gastropod, Dendropoma maxima, Moorea, French Polynesia D16 Marisa Weaver Cyclization of Hemiacetals Using Gold Catalysis D28 James Welch Microwave sterilization of bioaerosols in nanofiber air filtration processes D29 Jessica Wittman Pincer-ligated Group VI Metal Complexes: Potential Catalysts for NACM Reactions C8 Huiling Wolff-Koo The effect of ketogenic diets of varied composition on pyruvate dehydrogenase complex deficient fibroblast cells C9 Jia Xu Immunohistological and behavior analysis after injection of rAAV delivered Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) 27 and 70 to the CAG140 knocked-in Huntington's Disease mouse model. D17 Sarah Yost Alligator mississippiensis: hormones, blood, and parasite load across three Florida sites. B20 William Zaragoza Pathogen contamination elimination through inhibition of the highly conserved GacS/GacA regulatory system A12 Angela Zeigler Investigating DNA Adduct Formation of Transition Metal Complexes Using Liquid ChromatographyElectrospray Mass Spectrometry and Gel Electrophoresis

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Faculty / Staff Bonnie Bernau Zacharias Castedo-Rodgers Jane Choi Kelly Donovan Dr. Tom Emmel Zarabeth Golden Jennifer Hodges Tiffany Ireland Dr. Doug Jones Karen Judd Kendra Lanza-Kaduce Megan Kendzior Dr. Lucinda Lavelli Billy McLaughlin Thomas McShane Rebecca M. Nagy Christy Nguyen Jamie Creola Matt Fricano Paul Ramey Chris Roche Edward Schaefer Vivian Thompson Dylan Walsh Tabre Watson Sarah White Tami Wroath Student Volunteers Cassie Catania Michael Gajdeczka Zarabeth Golden Rodrigo Ley Teala May Amy Nguyen Matthew OReilly Jacklyn Selbst Amanda Sucharitchant Karessa White Danyell Wilson April Wu Sarah Yost Momna Younas

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